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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 13 results

  1. Wow, this blog kinda died, didn't it? I've been busy with IRL things and unfortunately have not kept up with my intended drawing schedule. So, my skill has not increased that much. I have drawn some doodles, though. There are more, but these are the ones I consider presentable. Please note, these are very rough and not intended to be finished drawings. I'll probably make one of these into a full drawing, but only later when I have improved dramatically. Anyways, here are the doodles: Inspired by random things I've seen. Enjoy!
  2. fuwafuwakitty

    Digital Designs And Ice cream

    My bf's ponysona, Digital Designs with rainbow ice cream XD
  3. fuwafuwakitty

    Bubble Tea Pone

    Original Pone named Blue Taro. (Because I love Bubble tea so I had to make a bubble tea pone XD )
  4. fuwafuwakitty

    Floofy Ponies Comission Shop

    I now have a commission shop open. If you love my fluffy pones and want one for yourself here is my store ---> Some examples of my work:
  5. fuwafuwakitty

    Lunabelle [OC Pone]

    Lunabelle saving a kitty :3
  6. Satsuki Kiryuin

    Otarine - A Night Out

    Hey guys! I've just recently released a gift song I had made for the awesome laserist, Las3r! It was great working on it, and I hope you enjoy! Finally, new music! Otty~ --- --- Download (Bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : @officialotarine Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  7. FugNiggurs

    Who's Your Pony Waifu?

    If you could go to Equestria, and you had the chance to fall in love with one pone, and one pone only. Which pone would you choose and why? Personally, I would choose either Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie. They're both absolutely adorable in every way shape or form. Who would you choose? :3
  8. FugNiggurs

    Wanting to go to Equestria

    I recently jumped back into the fandom, and ever since I did my love for the show has grown even larger than before. I've found myself desperately wanting to leave behind my life here on earth and go to Equestria. My logical side of my mind keeps telling me it's not real, but I just get this strange feeling in my heart and the pit of my stomach that it does exist. Anyone else feel this way? What would you do if you got one chance to go to Equestria?
  9. Wind Chaser

    Favorite spelling of "pony"?

    Ever since the fandom started, taking liberties with the spelling of the word "pony" has become a thing. Which variant is your favorite?
  10. Satsuki Kiryuin

    Entertainers Don't Need Friends (Trixie)

    Hello! I am back again, with a gift for Christmas Eve. It is the time of giving to others, and sharing your happiness with everyone around you. Unfortunately, this song does the opposite. It attempts to convey sad emotions that come with the difficulties of working in the entertainment industry, while still being danceable, something that I've related to Trixie (poor Trixie :c). Anyways, Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy my new song!
  11. Lisa

    dat flank [Wallpaper]

    As I was looking for a vector for my other Flitter wallpaper, I came across this vector.. and thought that I just HAD to use it in something. Well here it is, for the perverts. :3 Resolution: 1920x1080px Vector by: Font used: Simplicity Note that this wallpaper was a joke. If it doesn't look as good as my other wallpapers, it's because I barely put any effort into this. For everyone to use. :3
  12. Hello, and welcome, everypony, to this topic I just made! I am here to show you my second ever pixel art drawing of poni! Anyways, here it is: His name is Lorenus Artid, and he is the ponification of my third and fourth personality flaws: Submission, and Lust. Basicly, I am making OCs for each personality detail I have. So yeah... Share your opinions!! (\___________________________________________/)
  13. Killian Jones

    Flicker Sweet OC

    Last one, i totally forgot to post it, I DeviantArted it. But I never posted it here. This is Flicker Sweet, he owns a sweets shop, and keeps some merchandise in his hair. Like the other two, I did the colouring, commissioned PeachPalette to do the lineart.