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Found 22 results

  1. It's been a while since I've made a Ponies IRL artwork. Here I decided to have the ponies visit various parts of one of my favorite cities, Kansas City, Missouri. I used Gimp to make these. I DID in fact take the first 5 pictures of Arrowhead Stadium, Riverfront Park, the World War I Museum Liberty Memorial Tower, The Kansas City Skyline from the WWI Museum, and the Truman Presidential Library. I do not own the pictures of the fountain, the Worlds of Fun Amusement Park, The Art Museum, or the Zoo. I don't own any of the ponies in the pictures, and I don't own the football used in the first picture. Applejack and Rainbow Dash playing football at Arrowhead Stadium. The Mane 6 picnicking at Riverfront Park. The Mane 6 saluting at the National World War I Museum. The Apple Family in the Kansas City Skyline. Twilight in front of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library Rarity in front of the JC Nichols founatian Twilight and Rarity in front of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Pinkie Pie at the Worlds of Fun amusement park Fluttershy at the Kansas City Zoo
  2. Just finished my latest hiking video. We did a 6 day trip in the Mount Adams Wilderness in southern Washington state. We started on the west side of the mountain and finished on the northern side. It was an amazing trip! We camped at Riley Meadows, Crystal Lake, Divide Camp, and High Camp; with an extra side-trip up to Glacier Lake. This was also the first time we did any significant off-trail, cross country hiking, too. Video: Narrative of Our Journey Our first off-trail hiking section was to Island Lake. This was extremely tough as the route was steep, convoluted, and littered with burned fallen trees to cross over. We camped at Riley Meadow for the first night, set amid lush subalpine meadows, subalpine fir, and an incredible vista of Mount Adams. The next off-trail section was hiking up to Crystal Lake on the second day. This was short, but very steep. There was one particular section with hand-over-foot climbing to get to a "pass" of sorts. The lake was absolutely incredible! It was situated smack dab on top of a ridgeline–so on one side of our campsite was the lake; and on the other side––Mount Adams looming above a steep canyon and drop off. :-o On the third day, it rained hard and we got down from Crystal Lake and made our way to Divide Camp via the Pacific Crest Trail. We crossed the Mutton Creek Lava Flow, which was quite interesting. By the time we neared Divide Camp, the trail was absolutely flooded and we were soaked down to the bone. We made a fire and dried off at camp. Thankfully, since camp was located further down the mountain, the rain died down as descended. The third bit of off-trail hiking was our biggest one yet–our fourth day! First, we crossed the raging Adams Creek, then we deviated off of the Pacific Crest Trail and made our way up to High Camp. The off-trail section here was over one mile of hiking through semi-open forest, wildflower meadows, rocky terrain, snowfields, and one particularly difficult section over a steep boulder field. All in all, though, it felt rather easy going (maybe the adrenaline of the moment ). We stayed at High Camp for two nights. The last section of off-trail hiking was hiking up from High Camp to Glacier Lake, below the foot of Adams Glacier. This was pretty straight forward, but epic nevertheless. We hiked over vast plains of alpine tundra, krumholtz trees, boulder fields, and snow and ice. After the hike, we returned to High Camp for the night. On our last day, we hiked down from High Camp–via all trails this time. But... it was over 14 miles for one day. As we made our way down the High Camp Trail, we crossed one particularly sketchy section. One false slip on the loose scree and rock meant we'd tumble down the mountainside for a few hundred feet. We took it slow and easy, haha. Once on the Pacific Crest Trail, we hiked east to Killen Creek Meadows to burn our trash in a campfire, then took a detour to an unnamed large lake. I'm henceforth naming it Fluttershy Lake!!! From one end, it provided a beautiful reflection of Mount Adams––on the other end, Mount Rainier. It took some off-trail navigation to regain the PCT, then we continued down the mountain. Once we reached the Muddy Meadows Trail, we turned left. More hiking through thick forest, until finally reaching giant Muddy Meadows. From here, Mount Adams greeted us, looming over the meadow. We crossed the Muddy Meadows Trailhead (a few cars parked here), crossed Forest Road 2329, and then crossed into Keenes Horse Camp. After taking the wrong trail for about a mile, we realized our error and hiked back to the horse camp. After a short bit of searching, we found the correct trail, Killen Connector Trail, and took it all the way back to our car waiting at the Killen Creek Trailhead. The reason for us ending at Killen Creek Trailhead rather than Muddy Meadows Trailhead was because there was an impassable washout on Road 2329 that wasn't suitable for our low-clearance vehicle. (And.... yes, there was the Killen Creek Trail, which would have cut our last day by at least 10 miles, but we wanted to go the alternate route anyways, so..., yeah. ) Hike Stats Distance: 34 miles Time to complete: 123 hours / 6 days Elevation gain: 8,000 feet Min: 3,600 feet Max: 7,510 feet Photos Day 1: Riley Trail to Riley Camp (Riley Meadow). Day 2: Riley Camp to Crystal Lake via the PCT and off-trail hiking. Day 3: Crystal Lake to Divide Camp via the PCT (in the rain). Day 4: Divide Camp (Divide Meadow) to High Camp via PCT and off-trail hiking via Adams Creek. Day 5: Day hike up to Glacier Lake (off-trail hiking). Day 6: High Camp to Muddy Meadows Trailhead via the High Camp Trail, PCT, Killen Creek Meadows use trails, Muddy Meadows Trail; then to the Killen Creek Trailhead via Killen Connector Trail (and an accidental mistake of taking the Keenes Trail).
  3. "Another day, another dungeon!" –Daring Do. I have had a lifetime passion for the outdoors, hiking, and the mountains. That led me to create the "Pony Northwest: Ponies Around the World" video (a.k.a. 'Massive 2-year Pony Hiking Project,' as called by EQD). Later on, I organized the online brony hikers community, Everfree Hikers. Combining my love for My Little Pony and hiking can be tricky (being seemingly unrelated subjects), but I found that bringing and taking photos of the ponies along on my hikes helps to connect them together nicely. Map of all my hikes in my lifetime. 2015: Purple 2014: Green 2013: Gold 2012: Red 2011: Blue Pre-2011: Pink Here are just a couple of the photos I've taken on my hikes and travels. I have hiked in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Alberta, California, and, (soon to be this summer), Idaho. I can't wait to get back from college to go hiking! Garibaldi Lake; Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Three Sisters from McKenzie Pass; Willamette National Forest, Oregon. Bird Creek Meadows; Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Mountain Goats on Burroughs Mountain; Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. North Sister from South Mattieu Lake; Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon. Purple Trillium on Little Huckleberry Mountain; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Mount Adams from Sunrise Shortcut Trail; Dark Divide Roadless Area, Washington. (Read about the current threats to the Dark Divide here.) The Adams Glacier tumbles off of Mount Adams' northwest face; High Camp, Mount Adams Wilderness, Washington. The Painted Hills; John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon. Dry Creek Road; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Between the summers of 2014 and mid-July of 2015, I created a little video featuring nearly all of the places I've brought the ponies along. This summer I hope to film a timelapse video featuring the ponies in beautiful landscapes for EQD's annual Ponies Around the World event. I love sharing these adventures with people, especially helping others find new and exciting adventures. I love helping by providing recommendations for good hikes–especially those around Mount Adams, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and the greater Washington state area. Mount Adams Reflection from Takhlakh Lake; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Daring Do at Moraine Lake; Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. The Mighty Robson Glacier; Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Newberry Caldera, Paulina Lake, and East Lake from Paulina Peak; Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon. Emperor Falls along the Berg Lake Trail in the Canadian Rockies; Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Mount Robson from the Berg Lake Trail in the Canadian Rockies; Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Mount Jefferson from Triangulation Peak; Willamette National Forest, Oregon. The Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Mount Adams, Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Hellroaring Overlook and Mount Adams; Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Columbine on Little Huckleberry Mountain Trail; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Iceberg Lake and the Mazama Glacier on Mount Adams; Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Cascade Pass; North Cascades National Park, Washington. Mount Adams from Muddy Meadows; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Lower Falls of the Lewis River; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Paulina Lake from Paulina Peak; Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon. Tatoosh Range from Panorama Point; Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. Mount Adams from the Goat Rocks; Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington. Mount Adams from the Highline Trail; Mount Adams Wilderness, Washington. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. And finally the prettiest element of nature, Fluttershy. Art by Alasou.
  4. Here is another piece. I had done this before but haven't posted it online yet. It is one of those Ponies In Real Life pictures with them as giants in city skylines. This one is in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin with the Mane 6 in the skyline. I do not own any pictures here, as I have not been back there for sometime. Though I wish I was back there now. I'll probably do more of these sorts of Ponies IRL pieces in the future. What do you think?
  5. Hi everypony, wondering if you could comment and critique my art, you can find it all here: Thanks! love you all
  6. Aside from watching the show and often drawing, I also take pictures of my blind bag ponies for my tumblr blog. I thought I'd post some of my favorites here.
  7. One of my friends, Tiffany, looks like Fluttershy. She has a quiet and shy voice and she has blonde hair. She's pretty cute tbh. Anyone else?
  8. While I was watching one of my favorite episode,a question kind of pop into my head. What if your favourite pony came into our world and for some odd reason, was afraid of you what would you do? Me on the other hand, I really don't have any clue in what I would do. It's so confusing.
  9. Love is magical. Love is risky. Love is a challenge for the user and the giver alike. I woke up one morning to a knocking, it was usually the rain but, this time around I decided to trust my gut,in which I knew it was right. I headed to the door,opened it,and....... that's when I froze. It was raining indeed. I looked down only to see a small basket right below my feet, ontop sleeping right above laid two baby ponies? What was happening to me? Was I dreaming? "Hello" I looked up to only be face to face wit a pair of blue eyes, "hello" I said back. The figure gave the basket a gentle push with his no where to be seen feet,the foals on top wiggling about on top,siring from their sleep. They looked little,tiny,but, at the same time cold,and the alone. I bent down, taking in a full view. They looked the same besides their two different hair styles of course. The figure laughed "Would you like them?" The voice asked I looked back down they were twins,two of a kind They looked like Flim and Flam. "What's the catch?" The dark lone figure chuckle once more "you raise them,watch over them, make sure they have a happy childhood, and then and then only will I grant you one wish" I thought, it didn't sound like a bad deal "okay" And with that the figure disappeared, leaving me alone with the two colts Leaving me alone with my new future.
  10. Your at school minding your own business,when out of nowhere here comes running in the school's top notch bully that everyone is terrified of.He starts calling you names and making up a brunch of lies about you and your family then out of nowhere once again here comes your favourite pony, trying her/his best to fight off but, also at the same time protect you from him. What happens next? Does your pony win or lose? Who is this pony? And how do you thank them if they do win?
  11. Picture this. Your sitting at home when out of nowhere you hear a knock on your go to open it only to found your favourite pony sitting on your doorstep.They're injured,they're hair is a all time mess,they're crying, and now they're begging you to let them in. Who is the pony at your door? and explain why. What would you do next? Here's mine-My pony is Cheese Sandwich why? Because he is my favorite pony of all time And what would I do next, I would go head and let him in,get the first aid kit and fix all his cuts,hug him and whisper "everything is going to be okay",and then we would both sit down together and have a nice dinner.
  12. The other day I was looking at my new Doctor Hooves figurine and was inspired to write a story in which Hasbro is this evil corporation that has a hold on the government and somehow aims to control people using ponies. Of course, for this evil plan of theirs, they steal ponies from Equestria, clone them, and sell the pony clones as toys. A group of super average humans (because in this world, the government sees civilian intelligence as a threat, and so the general population of humans is a little on the dumb side) discovers a few ponies who have managed to escape and must figure out how to help them rescue all the other ponies and save both Equestria and Earth. I still haven't decided whether or not this is going to be any good. If anyone's interested in reading the first chapter, which is all I've got written so far, it can be found here. (The password is "Grammarshine.") Also, if this story does any good, I might add illustrations. Oops. I accidentally typed the wrong password. It is "Grammarshine."
  13. This thought suddenly came to me when I watched the first movie the other night, and imagined it that everyone had been ponies! I mean how crazy would that be? Would guys have watched it?
  14. Hello, I have done this along time ago but just wondering what you guys think. here is the first verison i did here is the second one i have done What do you think i should do next for one? I had in mind that me and dash are playing some video games but i keep beating her at them, then she smacks me across the face lol. Thanks for taking the time to watch these! -Damonater
  15. Okay, so for the past few days on here, I've been topics like what will you do if all ponies were transported to Equestria or if you met the Mane 6 and who will win in a battle of FiM vs human being and other stuff related to that and being attracted to ponies, so here I'm gonna make a topic explaining all of this. This is a big thing I have always been iffy about and had many theories on how it will play out. This is kind of a dream I've kind of been wanting to write about sooner or later, so I'm gonna ask you guys and hope I get a good amount of replies. Everyone seems to find lot's of good and positive views on the show and enjoy watching it. They even see it as a perfect place with lot's of adventure and happiness all around where everyone is always kind and nice to each other. So I'm just gonna hurry and get to the point, from looking at and reading all the post from about ponies being in real life, being attracted to ponies and ponies being able have some violent actions and if all the Bronies in the world been transported to Equestria. If Celestia and Luna wanted to spread their civilization across the other worlds and then saw that some human being was flawed, evil, hateful creatures, and they decided to go to war against the humans, who you think would win? Would the FiM ponies be able to convince many Bronies to join them and fight with them? FiM Ponies Advantages : Unicorns and Alicorns: Magic, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Elemental Magic. The Unicorns and Alicorns possession of magic may be their biggest since their are so many possible with magic and in many stories, folklore and myth, magic have been one of the most powerful concepts and things to have as an advantage over your foe. Pegasui : Weather manipulation, speed, agility, weapons (since they descend from a proud warrior society), fighting tactics and maybe knowledge in combat. The Pegasui can probably maje it ran acid rain and kill all the trees and plant have the humans get weak and sick as well as make lighting strike on them and cause major storoms. Earth Ponies: Earth ponies have very good strength (Appejack's applebucking and big Mac pulling a house) They have good stamina and can do much hard work and have a better physical level and what not. All Ponies: The ponies can have magical weapons and medieval weapons like, canons, spears, swords, bombs, and other such. Clans and Faction: Now everything we come to love about MLP:FiM, what if the New Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire are actually real and they joined forces against the humans to win. They both have powerful factions and would hold up in a war. The royal sisters: Not to mention Celestia and Luna. They both have control over the sun and moon and if Celestia takes away the sun, game over and if Luna takes away the moon or move it, it could possibly caused tsunamis and tidal waves on cities, humanity will have no choice, but to surrender. Humans advantages: Weapons Guns Haters... Tanks Technology Advancement Nuke Bombs (which they probably would not use since they didn't use any nuke bombs on the zombies in World War Z) Now, the only question that is left is this, Which side will you choose? Who you will pledge loyalty to and hopes of a new future. A new better world that Celestia and Luna can bring about or the human world were everything is already flawed and corrupt. I know what side I'll be on
  16. From EqD: As some commenters have pointed out, it would cost the Canterlot treasury to register .ponies/.pony/.pon as a TLD, but I went looking for other domain solutions and there are other ways you could have a ponified domain. Sadly, most of them are taken. The ones that are available to register are in green below. I've also provided links where sites exist for those domains. (Celestia Radio) (Anonymous Free Radio) (useless page with one single image on it) You know, I think some of these domains may have been registered by trolls just so bronies can't have them.
  17. Alright you guys. This particular piece of work took up 4 hours of my sleep just to make this: So If there's any feeback you want to give, go ahead. :3
  18. This is hilariously adorable. Props to whoever thought that up. And before you ask, the name of the song is "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac. An oldie but a goldie.
  19. ...I rented the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and I saw Sherlock Holmes riding a black pony in a humorous part of the movie. Apparently ponies can actually carry full-grown humans. Their bland manes that hang down in a sheet,and long faces and rounded snouts make them cute like ugly puppies. An early memory in my life of when I though about ponies was when I watched the first Toy Story, and Sid Phillips said "I want to ride the pony" in a tired daze.
  20. In real life, colts are castrated at a young age. This decreases their aggressiveness towards mares, and generally breaks their spirits, making them easier to break. MLP doesn't necessarily have an abundance of male characters, (which is fine by me, because, you know, plenty girrrrrrlllsss to go around, amirite fellas? girrrrrrllllssss.) I've also noticed most stallions mostly do physical labor, and many don't take wives. There also isn't much sexual abuse in equestria, so maybe all the colts could be neutered at a young age? Maybe long ago, equestria was ridden with crime and they thought if they castrated the colts there wouldn't be so much. It may have worked, but they also doomed their entire race. Maybe they are simply paying so much attention to friendship between the mares because the entire species is in denial that because of their foolish act, all ponies are doomed to be extinct in the next few years? Or maybe only the most handsome and well 'Endowed' stallions are allowed to mate. (What a life that must be! Fucking mares all day!) well you cant determine how genetically fit a being is to mate a young age, so maybe they just use male chastity belts. Or maybe there are pony abortions. Maybe there is aone-child policy in act, I DONT KNOW! ITS JUST A KIDS SHOW SEXUALITY SHOULD BE A PROBLEM! But anyway, how does the population is equestria get controlled?
  21. So, one of the Women's choir pieces requires a cello, and I knew just the mare to ask. I took a picture just before the song started. ((Frankly, Octavia didn't come out as well as I'd hope, but working that small is pretty difficult to fine tune.))
  22. I managed to convince Fluttershy to try and conduct my choir today. Unfortunately, I forgot that the Freshmen and Juniors were testing, and I'm the only Sophomore in the choir. But the look she gave me when she asked where the choir was was so freakin' adorable I took a picture. Here's a link to a higher quality version -