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Found 114 results

  1. So I have been making pony art and have posted them as status updates but I just decided to have an actual topic for myself for these things similar to my cutie mark topic. Here we are first down the runway is the first piece I did once I got my computer back Happy Script Chime! Speedpaint for this one here Next is a dark side for Script here named Elusive Shadow well one rendition of her anyway Next up is a demon edgelord who is the boyfriend of a roleplay character give it up for Shaded Fang Alright I'm done with the "fashion show" gimmick anyway next are to characters who love each other dearly this is Delightful Sweets and Cunning Claws! Moving on is the darkest yet supposedly happiest moment of my life. The day I earned my cutie mark Next is kind of sad. Its two characters once enamored with each other getting the punishment for that love. For something on a lighter note here is something based off a person at my job. She has this aura of just cuteness and the constant inability to hate her on her side so I drew this out to show how I felt Speedpaint for this is here And finally the most recent work Flank Sinatrot singing. Yes that's a pun and no I don't feel ashamed. I love the music he sang and I had wanted to make the piece for a long time and I finally got the time to so here we go The speedpaint for this is here Hope you like this!
  2. Im doing a small series of the mane six with their human counterparts (or vice versa). Heres my other accounts: Starting off with a drawing of human and pony Fluttershy in a reading Nook:
  3. I’m going to be posting art here, asking for criticism and ideas! Deviant Art: Tumblr: Ponies in my Head
  4. Here is a Crystal Frost in different poses. The one where she is curled up is ther newborn look. The not finished making her outline work dark. this was one I worked on last night and finished off on the morning. More on the way. and yes im working on her story line that will take time to do
  5. hope you guys like them !! thank you for all the encouraging comments!!
  6. Just my sketchbook I will post all non-request related work on. Feedback is appreciated. If you want a request, please do not put it here. Check my request thread.
  7. I am seeking digital art preferably of my husband and I's pony fursonas. Sorry I haven't really updated the wedding bands, theres not a huge difference. Mine is on the right, some key notes: -blonde hair with teal streaks -has wedding ring on horn, ring is a white gold/rose gold twist, with another whitegold band -periwinkle body -blue eyes -has blue pen/tablet pen with drawing a rainbow line cutie mark -has dark brown frame glasses his is on the left, key notes: -strawberry blonde hair -white gold band with center rosegold band -white body -green eyes -has a magic alchemy symbol for cutie mark -optional pink lily in his mouth (cuz he usually gives me them) Reference: other references: I can offer digital works like this:
  8. Hello my name is Sara, i just want to show you my art I would love to know what ya'll rhink about it. I am open to constructive criticism, cause i would really like to be a better artist! If you like it here is a link to my DA account: Enjoy
  9. Hi guys! I'm a little new to Blender (still trying to figure out how to achieve certain looks and how all the tools work ), and I'm working on a low-poly cubic model for a pony base. I'm trying to make it as close to the style of the game Crossy Road as much as possible, but I'm just not sure how to achieve that with a cube- almost everything makes the pony either look bulky like they're wearing armor, or just makes them look kinda goofy. In this picture I feel like the shape is too alpaca-like...any suggestions on how I can improve?
  10. LordBaleful

    My Oc

    Greetings mates! I decided to stop being lazy and try to make a pencil drawing of my oc. I am still a scrub here so tell me if I did something wrong. I may do more in the future if I can get motivated. I may color him, I was just lazy. (He's a unicorn I just forgot the horn.)
  11. Today I randomly felt like starting to draw a pony OC. It was my first time drawing a pony and isn't a final version. I wanted feedback on the drawing and anything else in general. Here is some info about my OC. Also, I drew this on a sticky note ;3 Name: Serena (For now. What do you guys think of a name like this for a pony?) Race: Alicorn (Well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I like the idea of her being an alicorn. :3) Backstory: None at the moment. Since I'm being that guy who makes his OC an alicorn I don't plan to give her a backstory of lolipops and kisses. I have to compensate some how. Can't have a perfect pony after all, they just don't exist. If I ever get into writing maybe I could make a fic of her backstory ;3 Color Scheme: I planned on making her black but then it hit me... luna. So I think I'll make her either gray or a dark cyan sort of color. Her mane is going to the other of the two options, most likely. Things might change. Cutie Mark: No clue. This will most likely come after I've written a backstory. I need something to base it off of. Plans: I for one know I made her too long. This was my first time after all. I plan to make her not as long aswell and (maybe) adding a jacket. I like the idea of a jacket but I'm a noob drawer and am not sure whether I can pull it off. I'll see later ;3 ---- So yah feedback appreciated. Also, I would like to draw on my pc (photoshop) but I don't know a good technique. Drawing with the mouse always ends in horrible lines. Anyone here who draws on pc have any tips? Thanks!
  12. Hey everypony, I thought I go ahead and make a gallery to show off my work. Ive been getting better and better and I though why not show off the hard work and see what everypony thought? This one I messed up the eyes a little but for the most part it turned out all right This my OC, Sundream and her secret special somepony Rainbow Dash. I had to lol I wanted to make this my signature but I don't have the programs to do it right. Anypony wanna help? These are just a few, I have more on the way so let me know what you all think
  13. Come join the madness In a few moments im starting my live stream on Picarto.TV. I would be ever so grateful if you stoppeed by and said hello :3!! Here is the link: And if anyone is interested in hearing my voice while i draw i can talk to ya'll while drawing It would mean the WORLD to me to see you in there! Huggels and kisses SaraEH
  14. Hey all, I've been doing alot more MLP related illustrations lately do I thought I would collect them all together under one post to show everypony I would love to hear what you think and any critiques you might have. Hope you enjoy! Filly Spike OC Portait Brony Autobiography Comic
  15. So I've been drawing these square tsum tsum style ponies, take a look and tell me what you think!
  16. The Poniverse Newsletter As some of you might now, we started a project some time ago; a newsletter with information about Poniverse and its sister sites, as well as some other enjoyable things for you to read and look at. The newsletter was created to give you information about recent and future changes that you might have missed reading about here on MLP Forums or which you maybe not even knew about. With sections about Poniverse, MLP Forums,,, The Last Stand of Harmony, PoniArcade, featured content and more, we try to make the newsletter as interesting as possible for you. This little project fell by the wayside, however the team has been rebuilt and the Newsletter has been resurrected. We are back! We just released the 5th issue for the newsletter via email. Hopefully you will like it, however there is always room for improvements and new ideas. Therefore, we would like to hear your opinions on this. If you have any suggestions on how the newsletter can be improved, please tell us below in a post. The Poniverse Newsletter team consists of: @Jeric - Project Leader, Writer @Rainbow Skywalker - Editor, Writer @Lightwing - Writer of the Giggles - Interviewer - Community Writer - Poniverse Public Relations Head If you find any errors or incorrect information in the newsletter, please Find the newsletter here: Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5Issue #6 Issue #7 Issue #8
  17. This is my Ponysona GagiePie! I made my own base for him so it would look more show like. This is GagiePie; he is an optimistic, creative, and energetic child who loves to help ponies in town but also create. His love for creating started whenever he was three; as a young colt. It carried on with him for awhile until his mothers side of the family discouraged his art... and he stopped. Of course, he still drew every once in awhile because all artist know... "Once you start art you can't leave art." He tries to keep a smile on his face everywhere he goes and helps who ever may need it. Of course, he has his own flaws just like every pony else. He often "hates" himself and never fully accepts compliments as truth because he thinks they are all lies. When he makes something, he may think it looks good; but whenever someone compliments it he takes it as some pony putting pity on him so he won't feel bad. He also tends to speak out of turn and often miscommunicates when he doesn't mean to. He often goes into depression but keeps a smile around every pony who doesn't know him and even more around the ones that do. He likes video games, and would love to make one one day that would actually entertain ponies. He wants to see smiles on peoples faces, and he wants to entertain them. He makes a lot of the things he has by doing favors in exchange for money around town. He has a chip tooth he got one day when he was running and tripped over a rock. He doesn't want it fixed because he thinks it looks cool. His design is heavily based on Button Mash but I'd say his hair is a mix between Big Macs bangs and Scootaloos... Hair that's below the ears...?? When he is nervous or scared he chews on the candy necklace around his neck and scratches his hair with his front hoof. His father is very supportive when it comes to things his son wants to do; his mother supports him by keeping a roof over his head and giving him food and a warm bed to sleep in. His father lives in Cloudsdale and works as a snowflake maker while his mom works in the local Ponyville hospital as a secretary. His dad is a bright white Pegasus that earned his cutiemark in music but it didn't work out so he had to get a job else where so he could support his son. His mother is a Grey earth pony with brown strait hair. She isn't always around so he just walks around town looking for task and crusading for his mark. He'll get it one day, he just knows it! That is about all with this little guy. Full Character Sheet: Gender: Male (But why does it even matter?) Sexuality: Pansexual Cutie Mark: He's still crusading for it! ^-^ Age: 14 (Hear me out! The CMC are foals in the show and they were in the High School! That would make them freshman! So..... they'd be 14 or 15) Bio: He's 14.. hasn't had much happen to him... But the short is his parents divorced when he was young and they separated. His dad got weekend custody and his mother has him during the week. While his mom is at work he goes around helping other poines and when he is not doing that he is drawing; it's difficult because he has to do it with his mouth or hoof. He usually tapes a pencil to his hoof. Extra: He is not actually part of the show; but he does live in Ponyville. And of course Pinkie knows him cause she knows everyone. Favorite Color: HE LOVES ALL THE COLORSSSS PLEASE TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CHARACTER; PWEEEEEEEEEZ! Thank you so much~<--- Original Picture
  18. Hey guys. So Basically I finally made my First OC! * Yayy! *Party Cannons Explode* ..and I've made everything, from her design to her personality for the last 4 hours; (I lost track of time after the third cup of coffee). Yeah, so I was wondering if somepony could assist me in finding a name? --> Here is her description: Name: Something related to winter, like Blizzard (hey, that's not a bad one ) Age: Not sure about this one, about 17-25? How do you even count pony years? :scoots: Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Appearance: She has a white coat, yellow and Periwinkle-Blue mane and tail, and a cutie mark resembling an Ice cream cone with sprinkles (Yum!). Her eyes are Violet colored as well. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a turquoise colored Ice cream on a waffle cone, with chocolate sprinkles on top. (Don't ask me why; Apparently, I was craving ice cream). Personality: She has the combined traits of the Mane 6. She is brash and reckless like Rainbow Dash, she loves having fun, playing games, and eating sweets like Pinkie Pie, and she loves costumes! Lots and lots of costumes! I'm sure Rarity would be happy to help with that! As depicted by her cutie mark, she favors winter over the other seasons and is part of the Pegasi winter team. She resides in Cloudsdale but regularly visits Ponyville. She is also a little clumsy and forgetful, and kind of an accident-prone. I'm having some trouble thinking of a really sweet name lately.. Really Really appreciate the help guys! =) ..and you're always welcome to give feedback or opinions, I'm always welcome towards critics, really I am!
  19. Hello I am Emerald Meteor and I have decided to make this as a place display the My Little Pony artwork I have and plan to continue creating. A little about me. I have been making art for 12 years now starting in first grade but I was never really all that serious about my art until high school. After high school I stopped making art all together until fairly recently when I became a brony and the show has changed me in so many ways not only as an artist but as a person and it has inspired me to create art again which is something I never thought I would do. Now that I am done rambling on about my life story without further ado I am proud to present my MLP fan art, please brohoof to let me know you enjoyed it. Probably my rough draft of Pinkie they are still kinda part 2 dimensional.
  20. I herd you like art. I've been drawing ever since my teachers in kindergarten put in a pencil in my hand. So please Rate Comment and <3 Love <3 "Rainbow Badass" "Pull" "saved" Their would be more pictures but, its kinda all porn... and I don't think that's allowed.... sorry. *Old* Tumblr: *Warning NSFW* DA: Other post without any ponies in it Pencil Drawings on Paper
  21. Dusty


    Hello, everypony! It's time I show you my newest OC, Nettlekiss! Nettlekiss is a female batpony that takes her friendships seriously. She is very kind hearted and loveable. Nettlekiss is well known for her wise words and compassion when it comes to strangers. She stays secluded in a cave all alone but she loves having visitors. Hope you fellow ponies enjoy my creation!
  22. Well, hey there, everypony! \^•^/ This, as you can see, is Magic Potion. Otherwise known as Demosthenes or "Demos" for short. This is a fan art drawn by me for my best-friend, The Cerberus! <3 This is my first time drawing a pony OC. So please, I know it sucks, but don't judge. I tried. XD. He also wanted me to give my personal opinion on him as well. So.... Demosthenes is a very noble pony and doesn't seem too careless about helping others. Oh. And best potions a pony can carry. (See what I did there? c;) at any rate, I hope you all enjoy this art! if you notice anything off, please, let me know! P.S You're welcome, Cerberus! I tried my best!
  23. This is where I will post all of my pictures, here are some I prepared earlier... (I was very tired so they may be a bit rough for my liking)
  24. You can read about them in the rp character database ouo Chamomile: Star Catcher:
  25. Hello fellow ponies! I decided to start a thread that'll feature the pony work I do. I'm afraid that pony stuff is a very VERY new subject for me. Once I get the hang of it, I know it'll vary from what I first did. (I'm typically a very detailed and full paint kind of artist, so this kind of stuff is kind of difficult for me!) Kind of get my own pony style flair, but for now it's pretty basic until I learn a bit more. MOST RECENT: Here's my most recent piece of Shadelight! I changed her around and designed her a bit more to my liking. This has been her set design for a while now. My first pony drawing is of my OC, Shadelight. Thank you for looking! UPDATE!: Alright, so I went ahead and did a full out illustrative approach to a pony. As you can see.. it's INSANELY different than my first little dinky drawing (Which was basically more of a simple image to just rough out my OC!). Get the basics down first, then go at it I suppose. I'll be posting more as I get to them. My pegasus, Skywing! She loves to dance and play, being a very active individual. She doesn't use her wings often, but will use them if needed. She prefers to run around on hoof! She also loves fashion, and will do her mane an tail in various ways. Featured in the drawing is just her simple work out clothes!