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Found 26 results

  1. I've done pieces for the NFL, NHL, and NBA. And last but not least. Here is a piece of the ponies representing all 30 Major League Baseball teams. However unlike the other 3, I went to this sports uniform research site to get the correct color schemes because MLB unis are pretty much either white or grey. However, I did use gimp to put the piece together. Just as a heads up, once again you may see a few repeats in color schemes because I get the feeling a lot of baseball teams use navy, red and white too often IMHO. You can tell them apart however by their cutie marks. Like the other 3, I used General Zoi's Pony Creator to make them. I DO NOT own the logos used for the cutie marks. Same as the others, The alicorns represent the teams who have won at least one World Series Championship in the history of it's franchise. This one contains the most alicorns out of the 4. The pegasi and unicorns represent the teams who have been to a World Series, but have never won it. The pegasi represent the American League, and the unicorns represent the National League. The earth ponies represent the teams who have never been to a World Series ever. Finally, like the other 3, I used a different mane and tail set from the other 3 for this piece: Thoughts?
  2. If you recall the piece I did with the ponies each representing a different NFL team. Well now that football season is over, I figured I'd make one for every NHL team since it is still winter. I haven't included the Vegas Golden Knights as they debut next season. I'm only including active teams. Like before, I used the eyedropper tool in Gimp to get as accurate of color schemes as possible. It should also be noted that the colors do tent to repeat with two or more teams. I DO NOT own the logos used as the cutie marks. Also like before, the alicorns are teams who have won the at least one Stanley Cup. Pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have been to the Stanley Cup Championship but have never won it. Pegasi for the Eastern Conference, Unicorns for the Western Conference. Finally, earth ponies are teams who have never been to a Stanley Cup Finals. You will also notice a change difference in the manes and tails from the NFL one. Thoughts.
  3. I've done pieces of the NFL and NHL. And considering that the NBA All Star Game's tomorrow night, Here's a piece of the Ponies representing all 30 NBA Teams. Just like the last 2, I used the eyedropper tool in gimp to get as accurate of color schemes as possible. And just as before some team color schemes might be the same as others so I have at times swapped the mane/tail color from the coats for different teams with similar color schemes. Like the last two, I created these ponies in General Zoi's Pony Creator. I DO NOT own the logos used for cutie marks. Same as the first two: The Alicorns represent teams who have won at least one NBA Championship. The pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have partaken in an NBA Finals, but came up short every time. The pegasi represent the Western Conference, and the unicorns represent the Eastern Conference. The Earth Ponies represent teams who have yet to make an NBA Finals appearance. One thing of note is that although they didn't either win or partake in an NBA championship under their current franchise home cities or team names. The Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, and Oklahoma City Thunder are Alicorns because the Hawks DID win a championship when they were in St. Louis back in 1958. The Kings won one back in 1951 when they were the Rochester Royals, and the Thunder won one back in 1979 when they were the Seattle Supersonics. Also the Washington Wizards won one when they were the Bullets back in 1978. Finally as you will see I used a different mane/tail set from the previous two pieces. Thoughts?
  4. A while ago I came across an image of 30 ponies each representing an NHL team. So I figured that this sounds like a fun idea for other sports as well. I decided to make an image of 32 ponies each representing an NFL team. I used the eyedropper tool in gimp on images of uniforms and logos to get accurate color schemes of the teams. I do NOT own any of the team logos used for cutie marks. I made every pony in General Zoi's Pony Creator. The alicorns are all teams who have won a Super Bowl at least once. The pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have been to a Super Bowl but have never won it. pegasi for AFC and unicorns for NFC Finally the earth ponies represent teams who have never been to a Super Bowl. Thoughts?
  5. Here's a Special Piece for Hearts and Hooves Day. I made it in Gimp. These are 3 stallion OC's that I created in General Zoi's Pony Creator. They will serve as romantic interests for 3 of the Mane 6 in a future FIMfic. The only things I own are the OC's. I don't own the cutie marks, the text, the mane 3 or the hearts. I hope you like it. You can read about the OC profiles here. Thoughts?
  6. Hello, I am working on creating a 3D render for my OC, and wondered how you load the .obj or .smd files from Pony Lumen's 3D Pony Creator in Sorce FilmMaker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Alright, I figured out what to do to turn it into an .mdl but when I open it in Blender, the texture for it won't load and it just comes out in a random color. What do I do?
  7. Hello, I don't know if I'm posting this in the wrong discussion area but how do YOU, create your OC or fan art. I don't RP or even tried (Only in-game ex. Garry's Mod) But I'd love to make fan art if I had a drawing tablet and proper editing tools. Anyways I wanted to know how you created your art. Or what program, tools, tablet or maybe even a scanner from paper. Do you think using the Pony creator is "cheating"? I created my profile picture with a reference photo and made it from Paint.NET, anyways I just wanted to know if that's okay :3
  8. Many of you already know what Pony Creator is. I am here to tell you about it and give my opinions. Lets start with what it is! Pony Creator is a very well known OC generator by generalzoi on deviant art. As you already know it's for making OC's. I'm going to give you the pro's and con's about this pony generator. (I'm talking about V3.) Pro 1. Very well put together. Con 1. You only have a certain amount of things to choose from. Pro 2. Adults and Foal OC's. Con 2. Can't add a cutie mark in the game. Pro 3. Accessories. Con 3. Accessories for the body is a bit glitchy sometimes. Pro 4. Can save OC to computer. Con 4. Eh... got no con for this one. :/ I honestly love this generator! Yes, there are people who prefer to draw their OC's but, it's also true that not everyone is good at drawing like myself. (Why do you think I take art class!?) It's easy to use! Yes, it is true that you can't import a cutie mark in the generator but, thats not a problem since I make blank flank filly and colt OC's. (I do that because I prefer stories about younger heroes. Thats all for today! See you guys next time!
  9. I've been hearing a LOT of talk recently about how bad the Pony Creator (by General Zoi) is. Would you guys care to explain to me exactly why it's looked down upon so much and maybe show me? Because I literally have no clue.
  10. I don't know you're feelings on the subject but i feel Pony creator is under-appreciated and kind of discriminated against. There have been multiple occasions when my work was thought to be less genuine because pony creator vectors were used. For us non-talented ponies Pony creator is an Ultimate tool, it allows us to creator nearly everypony we could think of. I will admit, there are time where I've said "Pony Creator! Y U NO..." poses can be made but strictly from the side view which is where most issues seem to come from. Art works that used the program are said to be less than great just because it was used. On Devianart most if not all MLP art groups will not accept anything that used Pony creator. If if because that images using it are horrible and poor quality, then that is a misconception. I will demonstrate what can be done with Pony creator, Photoshop(for transparency) and GIMP, as they are tools of Choice and Trade. None NONE of any of these vectors would not have been found nor created without Pony Creator. As i have demostrated Pony creator can serve as a valueless tool of Trade should the artist actually try to learn it. But what are your thoughts on the subject.
  11. Presenting : Sunlight Dazzlescratch! Is she OP? Heck yeah she is! She's the combination of Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Adagio Dazzle, and Vinyl Scratch! She's gifted in Friendship, Magic, Operatics, and Bass-Blasting! And she's also equipped with a force field that keeps Flash Sentry away! (No Waifu stealing for you NOW Flash!) is it ridiculous?...yes. a little clich'e in design?...yes. Did I break some rules?...of course. Worth it?...totally. SunLight DazzleScratch (Final).bmp
  12. Some of you may remember a blog entry I later deleted featuring an OC by the name of Foxy Flash. Well, I've fleshed her out a little bit more since then, although I'm finding it difficult to write her story right now. Here are some details: "Foxy Flash" is her pen name. Her true name is Foxglove Trotter. She is a young mare who lives in Canterlot with her family. Her mother used to be a famous model, Petunia, who married self-made stallion, Salvador "Savvy Sal" Trotter, a business-stallion from a less well-off family who made good as a retailer, in a similar vein to Filthy Rich. She also has a (much lovelier) sister named Marigold, who is married to another stallion. Her best friend is a pegasus stallion named Slipstream, who is the oldest son of a pegasus family of similar social level to the Trotters. Fox's mother wanted her to become a novelist, since her cutie mark (a typewriter) represents her special talent for writing, and a novelist is an "appropriate" career for a well-to-do young mare. Secretly, though, Fox has always wished to be a writer and columnist for The Canterlot Chronicle, a newspaper which is known for printing the truth, no matter how embarrassing it might be for any rich and powerful ponies. Knowing that her mother would never condone her daughter writing for such a tawdry (in her eyes) publication, Foxglove hides her other life from her, remaining anonymous as she sends in her pieces for the newspaper. The setting is mainly Canterlot and Ponyville, in the current time of the show. I had intended for her to relate the adventures of the Mane Six from an outsider's perspective as she write columns about them, while having her own adventures in between. Foxglove tends to take after her father, rather than her mother, in looks and personality, so she isn’t particularly pretty. She’s a bit of a daddy’s girl. Traits – stubborn, headstrong, tenacious – not quite ruthless, but willing to go farther than is perhaps wise for the sake of getting a good story. Her personality is still developing, and probably will continue to change as I write, but that's the basic outline. Do you have any comments or suggestions? I'd love to hear them.
  13. ok so, let's try something, new... using the pony creator, lets see if we can get this pony to look good, but you can only change one thing at a time. step one: copy code into the correct are thingy: 421J273400DD72AEF994B13265168355C2N1837000211000410BB3F4BD48B531016DCCF355637E step two: change one AND ONLY ONE thing, be it a color, height, whatever. step three: post the code back here now here is the catch, there is a limit. every 25 posts, the final product will be posted and we will start with a new pony
  14. Since I only used generalzoi's pony creator, I think it'd be more appropriate to make a blog about it instead of a thread in Octavia's hall. So yeah, I've been having other OCs in my head for some time now but never really got around to really bring them to life. I don't have names for any of the others nor do I ave their designs really figured out. Though today I have the design of one of them more or less figured out. Still need to think of a name for her though. This is still a prototype. I've always thought of her design as having a lot of blue but wasn't sure if I'd make her coat darker than her mane or vice-versa. I think I'll be switching colors just to see if I'll go with a darker mane after all (and hope she won't resemble Twilight's dad too much). Maybe the yellow eyes are a little too piercing... I'm quite happy with the mane however. I seem to like wavy hair it seems. As for her tail, let's see if I find something that'll better match. Oh right, her cutie mark. That thing in the middle is intended to be a concave lens. What concave lenses tend to do is diverge coherent light into scattered light and diverge convergent light into coherence. The lens represents her ability to perceive where she sees the whole of something -- represented by the single large star to the right -- for its interconnected but seemingly scattered pieces -- represented by the smaller scattered stars on the left and vice-versa. As for who she is, I'm not too sure what her occupation is as of yet but I do know that she is a mother of two; one son and a younger daughter. She and her husband live together. Her son likes to help out with his father more because he wants to learn more and be more like his father while her daughter just does what comes naturally to her while being mostly under the care of her mom. For her personality traits, she tends to be observant of her surroundings and might come off as knowing more than she lets on. She also has this knack for disappearing or appearing at the right place at the right time. She's the first person her daughter turns to for advice and is almost always satisfied with the answers she gives. Fun fact: this is my first pony OC. The first two are both donkeys with the second being a rule 63 of the first.
  15. So, I was creating an OC, and I put a random code into the ponycode thingy, and THIS happened! Weird! Right?
  16. Hi everypony! I hope everyone is having a great day. I'm wondering if you could help me naming my new OC. I just can't think of anything, let alone a cutie mark . So any suggestions would be appreciated. I think he looks better with the glasses, maybe he would be working in the Cloudsdale library, or maybe be a Scribe or Historian.. So what do you think?
  17. So I decided to make an OC. I never made one before, and I can't draw very well, so I used pony creator. I want your opinions on how he looks and his persona. Here are the images I have of him: His name is Shocker, he is a pegasus who loves playing with lightning, mainly to play tricks on people, and his cutie mark is a storm cloud (though it doesn't appear in the pony creator images). Shocker grew up an orphan, he has never seen his parents, he doesn't know who they are. During his younger years he was in an orphanage, and he hated it, he wanted to live on his own to be independent, but he had no way to do so, as it is illegal to let a pony under the age of 18 to live on their own in Cloudsdale. He had very little friends, since he rejected most of other ponies' company. When he finally did turn 18, he decided to fly off and live his dream, be independent, so he left behind his past, and he came to live in Ponyville, where he resides to this day. He still does not have many friends, and he only communicates with the other pegasi who work at the weather facility. Right now he's just getting through life, trying his best not to sink into depression out of lack of interest in living his mundane activities. The only thing that keeps him going is his collection of storm clouds, kept at a secret location only he knows. The collection gives him passion, for now at least. So, what do you think? Is it good enough to call my OC?
  18. Okay, I think it's time to do another adoption. So, here is a new OC I just made that's up for adoption. Basicially, the first person to post that they want the OC gets all rights for the OC. This can be helpful to those who aren't good with design, or just don't want to put a lot of effort into an OC. Anyway, here is the OC. She currently has no name, and no cutie mark. Whoever the owner ends up being will be in charge of doing that. Anyway, first one who posts they wants the OC gets it. So, be quick about asking, or you may miss your chance. OC HAS BEEN ADOPTED BY SPIRITUAL NIGHMATRE, AND IS NO LONGER ABLE TO BE ADOPTED.
  19. So a few weeks ago I started making comics about my friend Jean I have no artistic talent so I used Pony Creator to make the characters and recreated his pony he has on Facebook that was made by a professional. I have remade my pony twice now the 1st one was never me the new one is me lol. Sorry if the image is a bit big i made it on a US A size canvas. I have a few more of these somewhere just need to dig them up lol Found another one Here is the updated me
  20. I'm only aware of the one that Hasbro put up on Facebook as an 'app' where you can easily make a pony oc of yourself but I recently found some that...look a far bit more elaborate than the dinky one I made. I don't draw anymore so I can't make one but if there's another way to go about it can anyone link me to it?
  21. (Postin here since there is no Media Section) Hello everyone! Being this our first post in the community we wanted to bring you one of our videos made a month ago, its an animated PMV based on the song B.Y.O.B by System of a Down. (Must say that it contains some sad scenes and things that dont fit at all with the "Ponyworld") This was actually a "test" video to see how good the Ponycreator is for making PMV´S And yes, we used OC ponies for it (But they are not the "ponyfications" of the soad members) since well... we tried to Ponyficate Serj Tankian & Daron Malakian but the ponies looked horrible... Yes, we know it sucks, but this was the first time I ever used After effects Hope to get better with the time! Any kind of critics are accepted, and happy holidays!
  22. Hello everyone! Being this our first post in the community we wanted to bring you one of our videos made a month ago, its an animated PMV based on the song B.Y.O.B by System of a Down. (Must say that it contains some sad scenes and things that dont fit at all with the "Ponyworld") This was actually a "test" video to see how good the Ponycreator is for making PMV´S And yes, we used OC ponies for it (But they are not the "ponyfications" of the soad members) since well... we tried to Ponyficate Serj Tankian & Daron Malakian but the ponies looked horrible... Yes, we know it sucks, but this was the first time I ever used After effects Hope to get better with the time! Any kind of critics are accepted, and happy holidays!
  23. Akemi Homura

    My OC!

    So, I just made my very first OC! He's super awesome and powerful and everything! Black Sunshine was born into wealth in Princess Celestia's royal family, and he quickly established himself as one of the most powerful beings in the universe! Not only is he about to ascend the throne, but he's 10000x faster than Rainbow Dash, 10000x more powerful than Twilight, Celestia, and Luna combined, but he's loved by everybody and has mares all over him. He's super nice and everypony is his friend! He does sonic rainbooms in his sleep, and strikes fear into the hearts of villains all over Equestria. So yeah, he's awesome.
  24. Should I make a ponysona (or whatever it is called to make your own pony) or stick with Rainbow Dash? Because I want one but I really like my avatar.