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Found 22 results

  1. I thought this would be a nice topic to start off. Basically you have to say how famous/popular E.C.T you are on the forums. I think it will be quite cool to see what people think about themselves! So the rules are say how famous you think you are, and there is an option to say how famous the person above you is to! I think I am average, I am only a bunny and people don't see me that much. I would rate myself 7.1/10
  2. Do you think Princess Luna is more popular than Princess Celestia in the eyes of the ponies of Equestria? I think that Princess Luna could be more popular than Princess Celestia due to the fact that ponies still sacrifice their candy to Nightmare Moon even though it's been at least a couple of years since Princess Luna's return*. *My argument isn't very good.
  3. "Back to pony!" As they say. This is the official beginning of "RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails: Season 2", and I am glad to be back. After a month and a half, I'm finally going to release part 2 of, "My Interpretation of the Brony Fandom". It's been a while, but I'm glad I waited because while surfing the web, I discovered something that I thought I'd share. Last time, I talked more about why the fandom is dying and how it's nothing more than a perception of what we think of it. This time, however, I've got a little more up my sleeve. Something that really bends the behind-the-scenes. Now, originally, I was going to pin everything down on EquestriaDaily, but I suddenly realized they weren't at fault. Someone else was. So let's return to our original question: "Is the Fandom Dying? If so, how can we save it?" Now, why is this fandom different from all other fandoms? What many believe is that we are all together no matter what. We'll stick up for each other because we have been seen putting the morals of Friendship is Magic to heart. While this may or may not be true, we're not all together. As I said in Part 1, in order to save the fandom is to create content of our own, but here's a contradiction: "How can we save the fandom, if nobody watches our stuff?" I'm going to talk about something that is relevant one way or another. Whether or not you want to be one of these people is completely up to you, but it still decides our fate. I'm talking about Horse-Fame, a level of respect gained in the Brony fandom. Horse-fame is depicted by the amount of content and attention that person is getting and whether or not they can keep up. The problem about Horse-Fame is that it's been established since the dawn of MLP Season 1. We all know who LittleshyFiM, KP, BlackGryph0n, EurobeatBrony, and TheLivingTombstone are. Sure, they weren't horse-famous overnight, but it was a lot easier than what many of us have to do today to hit that first thousand views. With those big names set in stone, who are we to argue with the big leagues? How can the fandom survive if they disappear? Now, the reason I was going to give EquestriaDaily the blame was because I thought they only posted "big names" and their work. No, that is wrong. EquestriaDaily is the one promoting smaller bronies and their written work. However, there are some groups that continue to promote the more popular ponies instead of turning to the surviving talent. Yes, people are growing day by day, but there is much more talent going around than we appear to see. We can't stand in the shadows of those whom cast them. We have to create a name for ourselves. Write what you have on mind! Play the songs that appear in your head! Be inspired! There is nothing wrong with Horse-Fame, but when it is used as an exclusive club to promote themselves, then it is at fault. What does this have to do with a dying fandom? Everything. With our figureheads stepping down from their throne, only to leave a legacy, it makes us all turn our heads and think. When the empire falls, so do the people. We need to create figures of our own; we need to decide. I have seen many underrated works in this community, the MLPForums, but they don't receive the attention they deserve. Music creators all gather here and share their works; they collaborate. Writers come here to show off their work and help others to edit. These forums have an entire section devoted to helping those in need. If brony community is generally known to help others, where are the Horse-Famous ponies when we need them? -RealityPublishing
  4. Many of the episodes that have been heavily criticized also have people in the discussion polls saying they liked/loved it, so there must be unpopular episodes that people here like. Which do you like? Personally, I like Princess Spike. I know, objectively speaking, there are a lot of problems with it, but it's so ridiculous and funny I can't help liking it anyway.
  5. twiia

    Okay, I suck

    Okay, now I definitely suck. Popularity and reputation are still getting to my head. I've been told to try to be a fan in my own way. But now... ugh I'm just so jealous. I definitely suck. Even my very crappy fan art isn't enough to show my devotion as a Twilight fan. In fact, the only thing I did was piss people off. "I'm not the queen. Maybe I was gonna be, but now..." *sighs* stupid mind of mines. Popularity shouldn't be important, but it is for me.
  6. Recently, I've been acting sorta 'weird.' I am nearly everywhere, looking at most threads, posting lots of stuff. I've just been wanting to stay ahead of several newbies in post count and popularity, well, because I joined before them. And because of that I think I may or may not have pissed people off. I suck. I am a Twilight Sparkle and TLK fan, but I feel that theres so many fans already, and I'd never 'make it to the top.' I keep thinking about these things. Wonder if Twilight Sparkle the Pony Queen will become a thing. *glances at my own sig and profile* I became obsessed with counting every post and profile view and keeping track. Do these things make me a bad person?
  7. Okay so, I've been thinking a lot on this and want to know others' opinions. Firstly, let me preface this with - I know many people perceive the fandom to be dying. They have since season 1, and we're all still here; there are plenty threads for that discussion, and it's wholly irrelevant to the topic at hand. ^^'' Long story short, we, the pony crowd, are getting referenced all over the place lately. Robot Chicken, Deadpool, that awkward Christmas movie The Night Before's Trailer #1, lots of cartoons like Gravity Falls, Power Puff Girls and Teen Titans Go, etc, etc, etc. In addition it's made headline news when a celeb like Will Shatner "comes out" as one of us, even though almost none of the celebrities themselves seem to think it matters much. So my question here is, has pony become a niche little piece of the wider pop culture or not? Is it in the middle of that? How would the 2017 movie affect that? Any evidence to add for or against my little theory?
  8. This isn't just your basic, "do you like EQG" topic. I knew how much the EQG fanbase has grown, but I want to know exactly when it grew. Check the box for the one that best fits you, and comment below why that particular movie/time took you over. If you don't think an option fits you, feel free to comment below as well! If you still aren't sure on the Acronyms: -EQG = Equestria Girls -RR = Rainbow Rocks -FG = Friendship Games
  9. So, If you had the option to turn heads or break heads, which would you prefer? Be honest. Personally, I choose brains. Let's not kid ourselves, all of us are conceited one way or another, so let's not play Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. Anyways, I would choose to have brains over looks, and i'm not just saying that to make myself look good. I'm saying this because I feel that grades are a little more important to me than looks most of the time, and with me being a chick, yes I definitely do care about my looks as well. Having brains gets you somewhere in life, ya know. I'm not downing anyone who chooses looks, no judgement here. Just personal opinion.
  10. Hey everyone, 4 seasons have passed already and I wonder how the popularity of MLP is nowadays. I'm only know the show since 1,5 year so for me it's difficult to say which season the hype was on his top (or maybe it became ever bigger?) I have the feeling the hype, popularity and fandom is already over it's peak, but I might be totally wrong. I'm curious to hear your thoughts, and maybe you can also say if your interest in the show is as big as ever, or becoming less.
  11. So, we all know that some people are just charismatic. They just have that certain "gift" which makes them popular, attractive, and desirable to associate with. Recently, I have been wondering what the opposite of charismatic is? Is it merely just not having that special "stuff" which makes one attractive, or is there perhaps a "gift" of negative charisma, where you just have this innate ability to repel people? Thoughts?
  12. Alright guys, I know this looks familiar, but it's NOT just some who is best pony thread. It's a who is the most popular for fans among the mane 6. You all get one vote and also get to post a prediction of who you think has the most fans. I personally like dashie the most of course, but despite that I think either rarity or fluttershy will win. And also, Please don't go around rounding up your friends who agree with you just to get your favorite to win, I want this to be a 100% accurate poll for the forums. So please enjoy, and don't forget to vote and post your prediction on the winner :3 (Also, I wasn't really sure what section to put this in so sorry if it's wrong.)
  13. Am I the only one who would love to see more griffons in the show? I have watched almost every episode of the show and I'm fairly sure gilda is the only griffon ever shown. There arent even that many griffon oc's, and even less fan art, fan fiction and respect in general. If anyone else agrees with me, then help me start a griffon uprising with your griffon oc's! Muahahahahaha!! But seriously, if you guys agree with me, then post it! Calling all griffon fans, I wanna hear your guys opinions, theories and reasons for lack of griffons, and how there should be more.
  14. Hi guys! I was asking this quick question about time on MLP forums. So I asked what time when many users get online. Because my problem is that, every time I log in. Only 50-150 users are online in my time So I want a perfect timing on where many people use the forums at the same time. My time zone currently is GMT +8:00 If you're going to post a time in a different time zone. I am going to use the GMT converter. Thanks for your help Lyeco
  15. I'm not sure to either be a little upset, or neutral on the fact that a ton of members, especially guys, say that girls members are more popular on here. I doubt that, since that all I see are a bunch of popular guy members. I guess that's just me. The only time I see a popular chick member, she mostly gets attention because she's hot or something. Anyways, there's my input. I rarely see any popular girl members on here...maybe the same goes for guy members. Opinions?
  16. Revenge Return of the Dashite, Stallions and Gentlemares. Shall we begin? If I am ever to drive a stake through the heart of this fanfic, or the damn subfandom and rabid following it has garnered, I am going to need to stop harping on the negatives. Sun Tzu wrote about the importance of knowing your enemy, and to know this enemy, I will need to take a step back from how horribly it butchered the sacred art of storytelling, and look instead at what the fic did right. My Little Dashie is popular as hell. That's a fact. But why? How did a story so utterly devoid of any saving grace or redeeming value get to be on the top of the fanfic food chain so early in the fandom's history? The answer actually isn't as complicated as you'd expect, and it comes down to three simple factors. Factors that, I will concede, My Little Dashie does very right: Brevity, accessibility, and Tabula Rasa. Brevity is fairly straight-forward. Dashie is a fairly short fic. It's really no longer than those short stories they made you read in middle school, and even includes an hour-long audiobook (and now a movie) to boot. It is an exceptionally light read, and you could literally knock the whole thing out in your lunch break. That's part of why MLD can't be compared to proper fan novels such as Of War and Friendship. It would be the same as comparing Candy Crush to the Mass Effect Trilogy. They are incomparable works which appeal to different audiences in different moods for different reasons. Because My Little Dashie is so short, when good word spread about all "teh feelz" it packed, its prospective audience was neither intimidated by its length, nor did they risk losing interest in the middle of a long read. And, in Dashie's defense, brevity is certainly not a bad thing. Sometimes, 15,000 words or less is all an author needs, and trying to pack in more would only make it feel bloated. I recommend you check out the short story There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury. It's a very chilling, lonely story about human technology in an apocalyptic future. Very fascinating, in my opinion. This transitions neatly into accessibility. Accessibility is how easy a story is to just jump into and run with. Though accessibility is certainly related to both brevity and Tabula Rasa (which we will get to soon), there's a bit more to it than that. Accessible stories are written in very simple terms, and have very simple storylines. No fancy Shakespeare balogna, it's just the same sort of conversational English we all use everyday. Boiling down a major plot point to a two-word description may be a fucking terrible idea to anyone writing to any audience with even an iota of taste, but when we're marketing to the lowest common denominator, that's exactly what we need to do. Contrast Glee with Breaking Bad. Rather than demand your full attention, My Little Dashie simply fills you in on what you missed. It's rather incredible at keeping its audience half-awake and only barely paying attention as they daydream in the background while the audiobook plays. You really aren't going to miss anything important if you zone out, because that's the way the fic was written. If the fic wants to say something, it doesn't go through the trouble of painting you an elegant picture, it just says it and gets it over with. But, again, neither accessibility or simplicity are inherently bad things. One of my favorite movies ever is Star Wars: A New Hope, whereas one of my all-time least favorites is Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. A New Hope is an amazingly simple movie. The storyline is literally a farm boy rescuing a princess and destroying a superweapon! It doesn't get any simpler than that. Meanwhile, Attack of the Clones is a convoluted shitflick about boring interstellar politics and idiotic prophecies. It's far too complicated for its own good. See, here's the reason why A New Hope succeeded, and why MLD will never have that kind of awesomeness, despite being similarly simple. A New Hope may have lacked complexity, but it was swimming in depth. The environments felt alive, the characters were vibrant and easily identifiable, the film's style and substance were just oozing out of every last frame. It was a labor of love from a (then) great director and storyteller. You didn't need to know any backstory, you just had to start watching, and the film would take you on a rollercoaster every step of the way! That's how you make your story accessible the right way. You open it up to both the casual and more demanding viewers simultaneously. You make that connection with your audience subconsciously, and engage them with the depth that they may not have even known they wanted. Dashie, on the other hand, has zero-dimensional characters, no attempt whatsoever at a setting, and utterly nothing in the way of plot. Its simplicity may have garnered it popularity, but it certainly doesn't make it good. Finally, we come to the dreaded Tabula Rasa. Where brevity was a very universally good thing, and accessibility depended on an author's skill level, Tabula Rasa is never, ever, EVER a good thing. If you're like me, and you don't know the first thing about Latin, a Tabula Rasa refers to a blank slate. In the context of storytelling, it's something that the audience can unconditionally project themselves on top of, and live out the story through the eyes of the empty husk that is the audience surrogate. Contrast Twilight to Superman. Dashie's main character is not only devoid of anything vaguely relating to substance, he is purposely that way. If Bella Swan has taught us anything, it's that the LCD doesn't like it when a character has thoughts, emotions, or (even worse) actions. It gets in the way of their wish fulfillment. Hell, I'll even go as far as to say that wish fulfillment as a concept isn't a fundamentally bad thing. The problem comes when it's done lazily, or when you use a Tabula Rasa protagonist. Superman is wish fulfillment, and it's rather blatant at that. Come now, who here wouldn't like to fly around the world faster than a speeding bullet and beat up bad guys with a single punch? But the reason why Superman is good is that Clark Kent himself (spoilers :comeatus: ) is a very compelling character in his own right. He's the last survivor of a dead planet, he crash landed in rural Kansas in his birthday suit and lifted a truck with his bare hands. He was taught truth and responsibility all throughout his childhood, and he lives a double life every single day. Superman is a character who can fulfill the everyman's raging power fantasies, but he's not just some vacant lot to rent out and live in as you please. He has his own personality, his own quirks, his own strengths and flaws. He's a man you can identify with, and that makes him a perfect pair of shoes for the audience to step into. But MLD instead goes the Twilight route. Tell me, what good is it to be able to step into the main character's shoes if the character isn't interesting in the slightest? As a wish fulfillment author, it is your job to sell me this pair of shoes, and you aren't going to do that by advertising them as being bland and uninteresting. If they're a more boring pair than my regular shoes, then I think I'll just fucking stick to my regular shoes. And no, before you say it, Tabula Rasa characters don't work by letting the audience inject their own personality. This isn't madlibs. You can't replace the lines that the author already wrote with ones that fit your personality better. Storytelling doesn't work that way. If an author wants a character to have personality, even if it's a multiple choice personality like we see in video games, the author needs to write that character a personality themselves. Failing that, you have created a dull and boring character who I wouldn't give change if I passed them on the streets, much less take a walk in their filthy shoes which have obviously stepped in far too much bubblegum and would probably give me blisters. In conclusion, exploiting the lowest common denominator is one of the easiest things a writer can do. Even an abysmal writer can look to the common pathos that all human beings share, and exploit it for all its worth. ======================================= Will I do another MLD post in the future? Three's a crowd already, wouldn't you say?
  17. 2 characters who got insane fan reactions in the day following their debut. But who got the most attention? Who got the bigger reaction the day they first appeared?
  18. I feel as some characters in the show get too much attention from the fans for sometimes no apperant reason. I see too many people hype about how amazing Rainbow dash and Fluttershy are based on only physical appearance. I am not saying others don't have legitimate reasons, but it seems they get popular for that reason alone! I feel that the rest of the mane 6 get shunned by other characters because of this, Twilight and Rarity espically. What do you think about it? Edit: I guess I phrased this incorrectly, when I said appearance, I meant to say appearance and nothing else. I do agree that it is a person's opinion whether they like a character or not, But I think a lot of the opinions formed are underdeveloped or not given enough though.
  19. So far the changelings have only appeared in one episode, and the only one who has even been known to speak within the show is the queen... yet, they have still managed to become loved by a large group of bronies. Changeling characters have been made, and some have even been used as fans' "ponysonas." What makes changelings so popular? Do you agree or disagree with Hasbro's portrayal of them as an "evil" race? Do you hope to see more of them in season 4, and if so, what do you hope will happen? [note: I have not had the opportunity to read any of the My Little Pony comics, but from what I've heard, it seems that the changelings in them are still evil; is this correct?] ============================================================================= My personal opinion: Here is an image of a changeling that I made. c:
  20. Another pony popularity contest Get out your ballots everyone, and vote your favorite pony to the top! This is Pony-Show, and it's the game of popularity! This is how it works: Pony-Show is coming back next Summer. Stay tuned! Hall of Fame
  21. Just a poll I decided to make. Please comment and discuss ^^ I made it to get some feedback on various ideas for my own fanfic, but the poll applies so generally, I'll do a discussion on my own fanfic elsewhere and leave this open to more generalized conversation about your own likes and dislikes in fanfic. If there's something you hate to see in fanfics and you see it a lot, this is the place to rant about it xD Personally, I think fanfics oughta follow the spirit of the show. They can be more serious and deep than the show because they don't have to be safe for children, but I strongly oppose erotic work (for ethical and religious reasons) and I just generally dislike very dark work (Past Sins was excellent, but I worked on a darker dystopian fic for awhile, and I'm somewhat displeased that I did that. I'm working on something much more upbeat, now. And it's a little sad, though, because I had such an extremely epic and complex plot planned). I also think changed characters are kinda neat. Writing a character well is always a must, but especially so in this case, so it can get ruined by that easily. Also, I dislike unrealistic stuff. For some reason, I can accept magic rather easily without it hurting my suspension of disbelief. The magic in Equestria is a field of study, like physics IRL, it's "sufficiently analyzed", yet there are still phenomenon that are poorly understood (like SA and Cadence's Love defeating the Changelings, or Twi becoming Twilicorn), so I'm okay with it. It manages to be both fantastic AND realistic, in a sense (it's so much like physics or astronomy IRL). But I prefer an Equestria that has to survive winters, deal with unions and corporations (Super Cider Squeezy 6000), and exist in a geopolitical environment, as opposed to "once upon a time". The show strikes a very odd and unique combination with that, with artificially changing seasons, but it requires what amounts to geo-engineering on a grand scale (the basic concept is fantastic/romantic, but the execution is pragmatic/realistic). Romanticized stuff like that never holds my suspension of disbelief. It's part of my over-analyzing of everything Your own thoughts?
  22. A little while ago i found a topic that discussed weather a rainbow dash spinoff series wolud be successful. I was suprised by the answers, almost everyone said no. I admit it might not be as good if it were just about dash, but I had a different idea. The main complaint is that it would quickly get boring, so what if they made a videogame instead? I'm talking about a quality made game with actual effort, unlike most cartoon to game transitions. Would it be good? I personally think dash would make a great videogame character, what are your opinions?