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Found 49 results

  1. Equestria found the portal to us guys! Whats the first thing THEY do? How should/would we respond to this? Avoiding that this is basically EQG, this is meant as if anypony or how ever many ponies can rush through the portal into our world not just into some high-school somewhere, but can explore the world and do what they want Alternate thread:
  2. We found the portal to Equestria guys! Whats the first thing we do? Alternate thread:
  3. Still waiting for Portal 3, I guess. This is a parody of Bugplayer's work.
  4. This was something I thought of after I saw the movie. (Okay, well, I saw a comment on a website about it, but I'd think of it eventually!) Both Pinkies knew exactly what happened to Twilight from both sides, so I honestly thought Pinkie sneaked into the Portal while no one was looking. We all know that Pinkie is able to predict the future from her Pinkie sense, but only the immediate future, when something is about to happen. It could also be her fourth wall habits, but I don't think that really counts. Pinkie's explanation for knowing everything is that it's "just a hunch." Now granted, it could just be her radical and strange behavior, but we know how Pinkie loves new things, and curiosity more or less gets the best of her, plus I'm thinking she had alot of concern for Twilight anyway. What do you guys think about this?
  5. So I accidentally came across this game and having played Portal and Portal 2 I decided to try this game. Let the craziness begin. Time to start doing science... while seeing just what has happened. Enjoy!
  6. That moment when you accidentally found another efficient way to go to Equestria. Don't miss a chance!
  7. I want to create a portal to Equestria but i don't know how to, anypony got any ideas? Any kind of portal will do as long as it gets me to equestria (the show version of Equestria) if it is like a portal that would make me go to Rainbow Factory alternate universe or Cupcakes i would be mad because if it is Rainbow Factory i may die from failing. Or in Cupcakes universe i would get murdered by Pinkie Pie, my favorite pony.
  8. Please, don't be afraid to show yourself to other pony else Here's another video of MLP In Real Life
  9. Scenerio: I have a super power to send you to Equestria as any pony you want: Even your ponysona. * But there is a catch, the power doesn't work unless you pay me something. The payment need not be cash. Just something that is valuable to you. Heck, if you are poor a pair of shoes may be valuable. This is not an exercise in what you can get away with. The power will only work if the item is truly valuable to you. Cash always works. Just give an amount that is valuable to you. Ten bucks to a poor human is far more valuable than $1000 to a rich guy. PS: wear a backpack. You can take anything with you as long as it fits in a pack. The backpack will change to saddlebags on the other side. Also this is a one way trip. The power will not work on me. Wah. * Disclaimer: Only Unicorns, Pegasi, Bat ponies, and Earth Ponies. No alicorns, Griffons or other non ponies.
  10. I've just been struck with some intriguing observation I'd like to share with you. It's related to the question of portals between Equestria and other worlds (including Human World). Remember who or what Twilight Sparkle saw as first when she went through the mirror portal in the Crystal Empire's castle and ended up in the Human world in "Equestria Girls" movie? Most people I ask that question immediately say: "Yeah, it was Spike, right?" Well, not quite. Take a closer look on the following screenshot, just when Twilight Sparkle opened her eyes at the other side: Do you see it? A ladybug. You might think: "Well, duh, what does it have to do with anything?" Well, nothing as of yet, until you compare it with these screenshots from "Rainbow Rocks" when humane six were sitting around the portal: The ladybug again! The pattern is starting to emerge, isn't it? :grin2: And it appears only at these scenes with portals. OK, but two occurrences in a row is not decisive enough yet. Is there anything else to back up this hypothesis? Sure there is! Just recall the only other episode from "Friendship is Magic" where any other portal appears: "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies". Look what opens the episode: And the ladybug is seen once again when the mane six returns from the Breezies' world... through the portal! DUN DUN DUUUN! Seems like ladybugs and portals come in one package So if you ever will be looking for a portal to Equestria, look around for any ladybugs. Maybe they will show you the way to the portal My theory is that this particular ladybug is a Slider: it travels between worlds through portals and it somehow knows where to find them, because every time we see a portal in MLP, there's that ladybug somewhere around. I think that it might go through the portal n the first "Equestria Girls" movie and ended up in the Human World, and then it became trapped there when Twilight went back and the portal has closed. It wanted to return home, but it needed to wait for the next time the portal will open, so it is wandering around the portal, waiting for it to open. Or, it could be the other way around: the ladybug is from the Human World, but it went through the portal when it was open during the first movie, then it was around the portal to the Breezies' world, perhaps hoping that it is the portal to the Human World, but it turned out otherwise. Hmm... but that wouldn't explain it to be there in the Human World in the second movie before Twilight went there. So I guess the first version is a better explanation and the ladybug originates in Equestria. Hmm... on second thought.. that would exclude it to be possible for her to be in the Breezies episode, because the first movie was between Season 3 and 4, and the second movie was between Season 4 and 5. Dammit! I don't know how to explain it, unless there is more than one ladybug, or that the ladybug can open the portal somehow at other times, or that there are more portals between Equestria and the Human World and the ladybug knows them. And what do you think? Could the ladybug phenomenon be explained somehow? But there is one thing for sure: ladybugs and portals are strongly correlated in MLP. I wish to know why...
  11. INSPECTME.TXT (Portal To Equestria) A brand new PIRL video! ^^
  12. Ponys and sirens become humans, but dragons seem to become dogs like Spike, what would happen if other creatures went through the portal?
  13. I tried as much as possible to make the voice of the turret from Portal 2) Singing on Russian.
  14. If you can travel to equestria but you woudn't be the creature that you want to be. Let's say: You want to be a pegasus, but if you travel to Equestria you will be a donkey. Would you still do it? I DO! IT'S 10 MORE BETTER THAN THIS WORLD! THERE IS MAGIC EVERYWERE!! NOTE: YOU DON'T JUST TURN INTO A DONKEY. IT'S JUST AN EXAPLE. YOU MAY BECOME WHAT EVER THING IN EQUESTRIA (Any living creature. Not plants or rocks)
  15. Would you invite others and your loved ones, and risk a flood of Bronies pounding your door to join you, or leave it as your own personal secret?
  16. Anyone else 'cept me see that valve have NEVER made a 3rd sequel of ANY game. Ever. Whats up with that?
  17. A portal to Equestria has been discovered by you inside your closet. It can only work once: once you (or anyone from Earth) enters it, it will be closed. Here are two questions found on a note next to each portal: If you have found one in your closet, would you tell others about it? There is a remote-like machine next to your portal. It can only be used once, and it will change the destination of all portals on Earth towards a different world. Which of these worlds will you go to?: 1. Narnia 2. Skaro 3. Canterlot High 4. Valinor, Arda
  18. "The portal to Canterlot High, with its whole parallel universe, was created by Discord for his amusement. It is a parasitical universe that feeds on its main universe with every opening, 'once every thirty moons'. If it were to be destroyed, it could also destroy the FiM universe as well!"
  19. * Flash Sentry may be different between the two universes: the pony one can be more tougher than that Human wimp of a boyfriend. * The Pony-People (colorful Humans in "Canterlotia", or whatever I name it) are not real Humans: if one can compare their DNA with that of an ordinary Human, their DNA is slightly more closer to a Horse's DNA that the Human's DNA. Nice try, Lyra. * The EqG universe is a playful, yet deadly, experiment created by Discord during his reign of terror, created to study about how Humans lived: in fact, it is a parasite-universe that feeds on the main universe, with the portal as something like a "mouth" whenever it opens. However strongly Omnia/Fausticorn hated this very device, she cannot destroy it, but only seal it, allowing it to open (and feed on the universe) only once iin every 30 moons/months. If it were to be damaged, it will cause seriously devastating effects on the main universe (and even the EqG one as well!). * If you are wondering on how did Principals Celly and Lulu know about all that Twily had been, my assumption was that the real Celly and Lulu (being immortal) did visit the EqG universe in secret, guiding its history in various aliases. What do you think? Are there any faults in each one?
  20. I searched around and couldn't find a thread on this Incredible fan series. I also felt the need to make a thread on this fan series, because it's the only major fan project with multiple entries. What do you people think about this series? I like it. Well, the first 4, anyway. the recent one was kind of boring. Here is the first episode for anyone who hasn't seen it yet: And the most recent for those of you who have seen it, but haven't seen the new one:
  21. Doctor XFizzle's "Pick a Flaw" series has underwent an extension, from the middle of season 4 to exploring seasons 1 and 2. Multiple people (including myself, ChikoritaBrony, Captchet, etc.) have published various threads and expanded the series for FIM's other seasons. Rather than merely repeating the same extension into my OP's, I'll be plugging in this portal, which will show all of FIM's "Pick a Flaw" threads and be bumped every now and then, and link the other PaF threads in the bottom of the OP (usually contained in a "spoiler"). Each time one gets submitted, it'll be linked back to this portal. All of the threads are found below the horizontal rule. Season 1: Friendship Is Magic, Parts 1 & 2 The Ticket Master Applebuck Season Griffon the Brush Off Boast Busters Dragonshy Look Before You Sleep Bridle Gossip Swarm of the Century Winter Wrap Up Owl's Well that Ends Well Season 2: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Putting Your Hoof Down Dragon Quest Season 3: Spike at Your Service Season 4: Rainbow Falls Simple Ways Filli Vanilli Twilight Time It Ain't Easy Bein' Breezies Somepony to Watch Over Me Maud Pie For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Leap of Faith Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 Trade Ya! Inspiration Manifestation Equestria Games Twilight's Kingdom Other: The Micro-Series, Part 1 - Mane Six The Micro-Series, Part 2 - The Other Cast & Overall Series
  22. Gourgeist here with a bunch of crap art I'm making more often. Flabebe made in Colors! 3D on Nintendo 3DS: Wood Carving of Espurr: 3D printed Companion Cube: I'll also draw you a pokemon if you want. Arceus THE GOD OF EVERYTHING KNOWN TO MAN Made another one this morning. I haven't made an anime person in forever and even when I did I sucked at it >~< Don't know if I'll make more pictures today. I feel my talent tiring out >~<
  23. Where the "Mane 5" show this face, and you're still a normal-coloured Human, wearing the exact same clothes you wore on the very moment you landed in Pony Equestria. "This Face" :
  24. There are many stories about this form of situation. Would you like to come up with one from your own? (Bonus question: Human 2P wants Pony Pinkie's Party Cannon. Will the human enviously try to steal it? Will fights break out between the two partygoers?)