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Found 6 results

  1. A forum game made entirely by me, brought to you here by... me. Basically, you just got to explain what the poster above you is known for on these forums. EX. (let's pretend a mod posts or something here) Next poster: You're known for being a mod. Yeah, it's a crappy example, but you get the point. Make some humorous ones! Make a sarcastic one! A serious one! I don't care, just DO EET. The poster above me is known for being so ninja, he/she doesn't even exist. /inb4I'mnotknown.
  2. Alright, everypony, I just made up this game. You must list your favorite episode, least favorite episode, an episode with your least favorite character in it, an episode with your favorite character in it, and any others you can think of, but you must use an episode that the poster above you used and you may not use an episode more than once. Please write the title of the episode rather than the number. If you are having a hard time thinking of something, write: unknown. Thanks for playing, everypony, I'll start you off. Favorite episode: May the best pet win Least favorite episode: Winter Wrap-Up Episode with favorite character in it: Mare in the Moon Episode with least favorite character in it: Boast Busters Again, thanks for playing!
  3. Hello! Quick and simple, though, hopefully fun and interesting Begin!
  4. I had this idea for a forum game. Now, be nice everyone, but the rules are to make fun of the poster's name above you. Lets take an example. User21 will be our example. User1 will also be in our example. So, for example, User21 posts. User1 posts below him and says something like "User21? More Like LOSER21!" Now, remember, be nice. We're just joking around here.
  5. Here's how it works. I post some silly thing my pet has done. The next person posts if their pet has done that to them, along with something else their pet has done. Get it? Okay. Today, my cat made me think she was outside, where she isn't supposed to be. I looked around, but I couldn't find her. I started to freak out, and then I looked up. My cat wasn't outside, but sitting in the windowsill and meowing at me, as if she was hungry. I couldn't belive I had freaked out over nothing. So, has your pet ever made you think they were somewhere they wern't sopposed to be but weren't even there in the first place?
  6. Welcome to the combining game! The rules are simple and the game is fun! Here's what you do. Take your favorite character and combine it with the pony that the person before you listed. Example: First person posts: Rainbow Dash. Next person's favorite character is Apple Bloom. They post: Rainbow Bloom. Third person's favorite character is Lyra. They post: Lyrainbow Bloom and it keeps going on. I'll start the game. Scootaloo. Thanks for playing, everypony!