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Found 45 results

  1. So the electricity at my apartment is not 100% functional right now because of a storm last night. Thankfully the campus network is still online though, hahaha. Anyway, what does everypony like to do when the power goes out?
  2. If you were to get any super power you could ever imagine that you want to have, what would it be? Me personally, elasticity, hands down! (Famous examples: Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, Mrs. Incredible, etc.) Post here whichever super power you could ever want.
  3. Celestia... ah Celestia. The princess that is the SOLE reason everything in the show happened. Whether it was directly, like giving her wings, or Indirectly, making Discord to try to capture Tirek which accidentally made Twilight lose the Golden Oak. She is someone who rarely ever directly intervenes on huge issues so giving her any class that does does so, like a knight is really unfitting. I was thinking healer but then Cadence came to mind and how she is the one who heals relationships and such. Back to Celestia, it is pretty hard to get a direct class on her. Because of that, I skipped to finding her Sonic class. This was SO MUCH EASIER. 1) She rarely flies. Fliers are known to do it super constantly and in Sonic Fliers are shown to fly when ever, not only to get around quickly but even when idling around at times. IE Tails and Cream. Since we rarely see that with Celestia, we can easily rule this out. Now what about Speed? When have you seen Celestia do stuff super fast? Yes when it comes to certain things Celestia may react fast, like the parasprite swarm thing but we never see her use her speed to the best potential. So Celestia is a Power Types. Now that we have that out of the way, How did I get ranger? Most of the shows biggest problems had Celestia in the back seat. She helped in some way but never directly. Examples: She sent Twilight to get friends, she didn't confront Nightmare Moon. She gave Twilight all her magic to deal with Tirek. So that's all I got. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know below. The image was made by me but the Power Symbol and Celestia are vectors from Wiki (Or rather Google)
  4. In My little Pony: Friendship is Magic there is a character of particular interest to me. Discord. The spirit of chaos, master of random, former ruler of Equestria and... apparently Tirek’s dumb puppet. It seems to me that the series likes to say that Discord has immense magical ability but chooses not to use it. The purpose of my query is this: exactly how powerful is Discord? Is he powerful but lazy or something else? I have always loved Discord; it takes real guts to steal the Elements of Harmony from Canterlot Castle. It seems that Discord’s power is awesome and fantastical but at the same time horribly ignored. In his introductory episode he is not only of stealing the Elements of Harmony from the most defended place in Equestria but also can remove pegasus wings and unicorn horns with minimal effort, a literal snap of his fingers. Instead of immediately wiping out his enemies, however, he chooses to toy with them and make them try to get the Elements back. While they wander through the Canterlot garden labyrinth he chooses to taunt them further and we see that he can taint the hearts and minds of ponies with a touch of his finger. Eventually the Mane 6 power through and get the Elements back and revert him to his stone prison. But why did he just stand there and let himself be turned to stone? He knew what those relics were capable of and chose to sit on his throne while an obviously dooming rainbow arched above and headed straight for him. Outside of his introductory episodes we see he is able to bend and break the very laws of physics, also with minimal effort. He makes houses spin like merry-go-rounds, can duplicate himself and much more. Yet when Tirek confronts him he uses his fantastic magical power and the obvious clues that his “friend” dropped before he made his move and... let’s his magic be drained from him. If my theory holds true then Discord should have been able to draw strength from the chaos around him because we know he can and confront him again but he doesn’t. He is in a helpless state for the rest of the episode. In the circumstance that Fluttershy is threatened, I have no doubt that the crust of the Earth would roll and quake and the heavens would summon clouds to hide from his rage. But we never see Discord in a combat scenario so I’m reduced to scouring the internet for an answer. If anyone can give me clarification or criticism I’m all ears but please tell me if Discord is just powerful and aloof or something! Sincerely, The Pinball King
  5. I was wondering, does it seem, that Celestia, rotates their planet towards, then sun, opposed to her actually moving the sun? It would make more physical sense. The sun will rise regardless, but because ponys are used to Celestia raising it early they will see the sun as rising late.
  6. "Back to pony!" As they say. This is the official beginning of "RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails: Season 2", and I am glad to be back. After a month and a half, I'm finally going to release part 2 of, "My Interpretation of the Brony Fandom". It's been a while, but I'm glad I waited because while surfing the web, I discovered something that I thought I'd share. Last time, I talked more about why the fandom is dying and how it's nothing more than a perception of what we think of it. This time, however, I've got a little more up my sleeve. Something that really bends the behind-the-scenes. Now, originally, I was going to pin everything down on EquestriaDaily, but I suddenly realized they weren't at fault. Someone else was. So let's return to our original question: "Is the Fandom Dying? If so, how can we save it?" Now, why is this fandom different from all other fandoms? What many believe is that we are all together no matter what. We'll stick up for each other because we have been seen putting the morals of Friendship is Magic to heart. While this may or may not be true, we're not all together. As I said in Part 1, in order to save the fandom is to create content of our own, but here's a contradiction: "How can we save the fandom, if nobody watches our stuff?" I'm going to talk about something that is relevant one way or another. Whether or not you want to be one of these people is completely up to you, but it still decides our fate. I'm talking about Horse-Fame, a level of respect gained in the Brony fandom. Horse-fame is depicted by the amount of content and attention that person is getting and whether or not they can keep up. The problem about Horse-Fame is that it's been established since the dawn of MLP Season 1. We all know who LittleshyFiM, KP, BlackGryph0n, EurobeatBrony, and TheLivingTombstone are. Sure, they weren't horse-famous overnight, but it was a lot easier than what many of us have to do today to hit that first thousand views. With those big names set in stone, who are we to argue with the big leagues? How can the fandom survive if they disappear? Now, the reason I was going to give EquestriaDaily the blame was because I thought they only posted "big names" and their work. No, that is wrong. EquestriaDaily is the one promoting smaller bronies and their written work. However, there are some groups that continue to promote the more popular ponies instead of turning to the surviving talent. Yes, people are growing day by day, but there is much more talent going around than we appear to see. We can't stand in the shadows of those whom cast them. We have to create a name for ourselves. Write what you have on mind! Play the songs that appear in your head! Be inspired! There is nothing wrong with Horse-Fame, but when it is used as an exclusive club to promote themselves, then it is at fault. What does this have to do with a dying fandom? Everything. With our figureheads stepping down from their throne, only to leave a legacy, it makes us all turn our heads and think. When the empire falls, so do the people. We need to create figures of our own; we need to decide. I have seen many underrated works in this community, the MLPForums, but they don't receive the attention they deserve. Music creators all gather here and share their works; they collaborate. Writers come here to show off their work and help others to edit. These forums have an entire section devoted to helping those in need. If brony community is generally known to help others, where are the Horse-Famous ponies when we need them? -RealityPublishing
  7. Now, I know I'm on hiatus, but I really wanted to get this one off my chest. Consider this entry as a bonus episode, mkay? I like to stay up to date on all things computers. Whether it be the announcement of the Nintendo NX, or the release of Intel's new 10-Core Processor line. It doesn't matter to me; knowing it's out there is good enough to satisfy my craving for faster Specs. Recently, I received the honor of watching the Apple Conference, who, presented their new iPhone 7. Do I have anything against the iPhone? Yes, actually I do. I despise Apple products and their company. Why? It's quite simple. People, this generation of brats, keep trying to find "slim" products to satisfy their fetish for more space in their pockets. In a way, computers today have become a market of companies who compete to create the slimmest laptop. Why do I have a problem with this? Because it destroys the market! We're turning otherwise great computers into potatoes! Wanna get a Chromebook? Sure thing! Hold on while I remove the fan so it can fit in your pants. Wanna buy a top-of-the-line gaming laptop with 4K compatibility? Sure thing! Lemme just remove the Disk Drive so you can't take advantage of any of it! See what I'm going at? Thin computers are okay, but do we really have to sacrifice performance and capability to make it so? What's the point of a 4K gaming laptop if you can't watch 4K movies, or use install disks? I know people rarely buy physical copies, but I'm the kind of person who likes to have a large collection of DVDs or Game Cases. Sure, I'll buy a couple of games on Steam, but what's the point if you can't have that hard plastic to prove you bought it? Why do I give Apple so much crap? Because the computer market today is evolving and Apple is just holding us back. As I mentioned above, Intel released a new processor that completely destroys the rest. 10 Terabyte hard drives are being developed and Nvidia released one of the most powerful GPUs to date, the "Titan X". With these in mind, Apple is no longer the top of the food-chain. They keep trying to reinvent the same old idea like it's some kind of Call of Duty formula. The world's trying to become more powerful in technology, and Apple isn't helping. Their OS, El Capitan, is crap compared to Win10, and even the critics say so (go on, check the stars rating). Their hardware is about as powerful as my Nintendo 64. Apple 4K? Psh, crap. For a price that trumps the rest, you don't get much. Why we still have Apple is a mystery to me. I'd choose Linux XFCE4 over Apple any day. -RealityPublishing (Yes, I'm working on Season Finale Part 2)
  8. Where do you think she stacks up in raw power against the many other unicorns and alicorns? She is the Element of Magic which may not have been used in the defeat of Nightmare Moon since she seemed shocked that there was a 6th element. If Nightmare Moon >Celestia Celestia + Eoh > Nightmare Moon also Mane 6 with EoH > Nightmare Moon/Celestia Celestia + Luna with EoH = Mane 6 with EoH > Discord Twilight did block Discord's magic near the end of that 2 parter. So where is Twilight in power. Does she have the potential to gain the knowledge to actually overthrow Celestia alone? Would Nightmare Twilight be stronger than Celestia? What do you think?
  9. I just watched the finale today and LOVED IT! but I wanna know, is starlight supposed to be more powerful than twily? it seems kinda weird considering twilight is a alicorn, but who knows, maybe starlight buffed herself up with some other spell we didn't see. also what is starlights cutie mark? I cant tell what it is.
  10. The subject of this topic is self-explanatory in the title. Would you want to possess absolute knowledge? Would you want to know all that there is to know in the universe? I'm wondering if any of you would see it as a curse or if you would see it as an opportunity of a lifetime. Look at the bright side, despite the fact that your instinctive thirst for knowledge may come to an ultimate end, you will be able to quench everyone else's thirst. You would be the greatest teacher to ever exist and your intellect would never be underestimated or challenged. This grand ability would come with omnilingualism, the ability to decipher any spoken or unspoken language in existence, from body language, computer language, and extinct languages. Your understanding of history would be boundless, being able to understand the exact words and dialogue exchanged among every human being to ever have lived or still living. I personally feel that this would be an incredible ability that one could revel in for the rest of his or her life; the thirst for knowledge may end but you would then be able to appreciate having this illimitable knowledge which would undoubtedly be exciting in of itself. Your thoughts? Would you accept or decline the opportunity to possess such a capacity?
  11. So yesterday I shared some of my drawing. Time to share another one! Here's Twilight acting all arrogant and such from having the amount of power she has. Being an Alicorn, I can see that Twilight may want to upgrade the guard armour. I think this took me about 5 to 6 hours to draw. Hope you guys like it!
  12. just a name implies, what superpower you will give to the user above you?
  13. This is a poll regarding this thread. The purpose of this thread is to gauge the power of the unicorns in the series, and try to figure out a sort of "level system". I encourage you to check out the thread and discussion before voting. I just want to see what everypony thinks. And remember, the level system was completely fan-made, so you're allowed to disagree with it. That's what the poll's for! Brief explanation: Magic will be scaled on levels 0-10, NOT 1-5. In this poll, I only included 1-5 levels per character to save space that would probably not be needed. (Ex: I didn't put "Level 10" as an option for Trixie, because there's no way she's that strong.) Got it? Good. Level 1 would be the most basic of basics. Level 10 would the Elements of harmony, the Crystal Heart, Discord, and Tirek.
  14. Were hey? I recently saw a YouTube video (The Brony Notion, I think) about how Queen Chrysalis maybe wasn't as evil as we think. The main reason she wanted Equestria was to feed her subjects, not to simply take over like Discord, Nightmare, ect. So, although she was still evil, it wasn't because she wanted power. Anyway, that got me thinking. What about the Dazzlings? At the beginning Aria mentions, "I'm tired of fast food. I need a meal." Does this imply that Sirens needed powerful magic, or they could eventually starve? Now, we know that real food is a source ("It's Taco Tuesday!") of energy for them, but could they still survive if their negative energy source was cut off? If not, then I think the Dazzling's aren't completely evil. What do you think? ~Amber Out~
  15. So i was thinking and then realized that discords magic is much differnt then a unicorns. So how powerful is discords magic?
  16. It just doesn't seem that Earth ponies and Pegasus ponies have any advantage over the unicorns. I mean, okay.. Earth ponies are strong and resilient with tons of stamina to spare.. Pegasus ponies has agility and speed, with the ability to arrange and walk on clouds.. Manual labor would be nothing to unicorns, since they can move or plow the fields with magic. Unicorns can even speed up the growth with an aging spell (with a unicorn magic that's strong enough).. We've already proved that unicorns can grant flight and walk on clouds(Sonic Rainboom).. and arrange clouds (Rarity had RD's Cutie Mark).. I'm pretty sure if unicorn try hard enough they can make rainbows too.. What do you guys think?
  17. Since reading few fanfics a question was bogging my mind. I would like to hear your opinions on it. What do you think about ponies power level (how would they fare in fight) compared to Bleach characters. To be more specific lets say Twilight Sparkle when she was battling tirek (for sake of place I will refer to her as ts) vs: Ichigo prior to his fight with Ulquiorra (ipu), released Ulquiorra (ru), "vasto lorde" ichigo (vli),Ichigo when he was battling Aizen after he learned final getsuga tensou (fgti). I personally thought ts would be somewhere between ipu and ru. The people I discussed this with think that even ipu would be able to win what do you think? I will provide some evidence why I think that later. First I want to see if anyone is interested in discussing this topic.I don't want to end up talking to my self (and I don't want to effect your opinions before you post them). I know if you try to compare these battles using real world physics its quite problematic since they aren't consistent but we can try to do at least very rough comparison. Please try to keep this civilized and not turn this into rant. (Providing some evidence to support your claim is big plus.) I really don't want to see something which you usually see in YouTube comments. p.s. English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if some of the sentences are awkwardly written but this is the best I can do.(I should also say that this is my first post so there probably will be some formatting issues sorry.)
  18. Welp, God Twilight vs Tirek hands down most epic fight in MLP. Anyways, Was that Luna's, Cadences, and Celestia's "True Power"? Has the fandom merely been underestimating these alicorns? What do you think?
  19. Hey, I did a remix of Kitsune²'s amazing song, Avast Your A*s. Let me know if you like it our not. Thanks!
  20. There's something you want more than you can describe and something evil stands in your way. You aren't gonna let them win! No matter what! This goes beyond rational thinking you just fight with everything you've got. You know you have to protect your dreams and no matter how you're beaten down you just keep getting up until you blast and destroy the heck out of the enemy! It was a hard battle but you won and saved the thing you were protecting or trying to get. And you get all emotional during and after the fight. Oh yeah Ever feel like this? In real life? In a game? In your imagination? Tell me your display of power and skill. Here are a few examples of when this happened to me: Beating the last bosses of Resident Evil 4 (easy and even though it only took 3 magnum bullets I still got a rush of emotion) and Persona 4 (true ending). Part of my Fairy Tail fantasy where I teamed up with Natsu to beat master Hades. Defending Jinx as Leona versus a fed Renekton MY PHYSICS TEST! I SCORED 100 % XD (I'm not a nerd)
  21. What is the capacity of the human brain? Some potential topics regarding mental power. Tulpas. Lucid Dreaming. Tulpas. I dont have one of my own yet, but I think the concept is rather interesting. From what I know of them, they're just basically imaginary friends that are extremely realistic. They can even think for themselves. Lucid Dreaming. I'm getting better at it as time goes on. I can think "Make it hot" and my body will get warmer. I can move my arms freely to swim when I'm in water.
  22. When you plug your device in do you plug the cord in the device first, or into the outlet first?
  23. Yeah, we all know how inconvenient power outages can be, sometimes infuriating. Not only does it depend on how often it happens but also for how long the power stays out when it happens at all. Then there's this question; what's your opinion on your electricity provider's reliability? As for me, those tend to happen about once a or two year going out for maybe one or two hours at a time. Where I'm staying now, the past two years have gone without a hitch. I would say that our power company is reliable enough. Still, when they do happen, it can just about ruin your day.
  24. As one of the last Humans left a demon offers you a deal to give you a chance to defeat TCB Celestia and save Humanity. The Demon speaks in a deep cold evil voice as it's dark shadowy form flies in circles around you. Would you make a deal with a such magical being? (Since the Pony universe is a magical place, you may come in contact with such beings.) As in a being like the Devil, Discord or some other Demon? You will given great powers like that of the Lord of Murder (Bhaal from Dungeons & Dragons) to avenge Humanity (and bring back Humanity) after it was destroyed by Xenolestia. Among other powers you will also be able to summon angry ghosts of fallen Human soldiers that were turned into zombie Newfoals and or killed, whom would help you kill Ponies and have a fighting chance to defeat Xenolestia. As a side effect you will become a little bit of a psychopathic with an insane bloodlust and might just become just as evil as Xenolestia Poll: Make the deal with the demon. Refuse to make such a deal with a Demon, if Humanity is to die here then just fight to end without any help. Then just wish other help would come or in another universe Humanity would defeat the TCB Ponies.
  25. Hello everypony! I decided to make this topic to warn some ponies and tell you what happend, so me and my classmate bought Dinamite Energy Drink, 4 big cans, each got 2 cans...our throats hurt when belching it feels like my throat is burning and there was actually a dinamite on fire in there...seriously! 1 big can 0.49 Ls! Too bad I didn't find a picture with the can to show you, but it's yellow and long, also I tasted other energy drinks like Monster Energy, Starter, On/Off and some others. What energy drinks did you drink?