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Found 18 results

  1. You can only choose one of the following abilities: freezing time, reversing time, or speeding up the passage of time. Which one of these would you choose and why? I'm not talking about time travel. I'm talking about time manipulation. PS: Terminologically, there is a difference between time manipulation and time travel. You don't teleport from one dimension of time to another for example. With time manipulation, you're controlling the flow of time around you―the motion of all the matter in the universe―by either accelerating the rate of motion, reversing it, or halting it completely.
  2. Another Equestria Girls commission for someone on Deviant Art , this time featuring Sunset Shimmer. Their idea was that, just after the events of "Friendship Games", Sunset Shimmer's brief turn as "Daydream Shimmer" puts her in temporary contact with her friends' powers. She then gets to have a fun day or so using them to do various things: creating a ballgown, acing a zoology test (with some help from Fluttershy's animal friends) , baking a masterpiece, lifting incredible weights, and winning the 100 yard dash with ease. The ballgown in panel 2 and the cake in panel 4 are my design The extra racers in the last panel were also created by me. Sunset Shimmer's gym outfit in the last 2 panels are the commissioner's design. All other designs/backgrounds are based directly on the show.
  3. Hello again! So I've been dead for lord knows how long and I've not really been working on the story I promised to work on........oops. BUT! I have gotten back into the swing-a-ding-a-ling-of-things and will be writing the story again! For those who do not know: The Solar Script was a webcomic/fanfic I wanted to write. It was about my OC "Gattlin" reading a magic book called the "Solar Manuscript" a spell book that uses solar energy as a way of magic. Well after reading into too much of it, Gattlin comes across a taboo that leaves him with these odd symbols and new knowledge about's not just for unicorns. Gattlin ref: Male Pegasus Main fur: blue Secondary color: bare hoof pattern slightly lighter blue. Mane and tail: black other: glasses
  4. As said, Give the User above you a Villain name and power!
  5. hello i would like to know about your oc's powers
  6. So princess luna keeps the darkness at bay and protects the dreams of ponies, mainly children, while also raising and lowering the moon, and does diplomatic princessy type things Princess celestia raises and lowers the sun and does princessy type things. What ELSE does princess celestia do? Does she have special powers like luna does with the darkness? Or is she just an unusually tall pony that likes bananas and sends people to the moon..
  7. Imagine Kirby, the loveable little pink thing that can gain the powers of his enemies by sucking them up into his mouth, was a transdimensional being who can travel anywhere from Disney worlds to real life. Who would you like to see Kirby suck up and what powers would Kirby get from him/her/it?
  8. "Screwball" is the name of a certain pony floating in the air during Discord's havoc. In fanfiction, some authors identify her as "Discord's daughter". In that case, if she is Discord's daughter, surely she ought to have powers of her own. Can you provide some examples of what kind of powers or abilities Screwball can have?
  9. We've had a wide variety of main antagonists thus far for this pony show, all of them with a different set of powers, personalities, appearances and even species. All these villains are unique from one another, and if put into a room with each other, it'd be interesting to see how they'd interact with one another, and if any fights inevitably sprang forth. I've been wanting to make a topic comparing the four main villains and their powers for a few days now, and I've finally gained the motivation. Please give your own thoughts on the topic and your own order of most powerful to least powerful villain, of which you'll find at the end of the topic, as well. Nightmare Moon: Corrupted Princess of the Moon When this show first started, we were handed a mare of the night, of whom was sealed on the very moon she once controlled. Her back story a sad one, Nightmare Moon emerged from her prison and promptly sought out to ensure Equestria would drown in a never-ending night, so that all her subjects would finally respect and appreciate what she saw as so beautiful. Displaying a wide variety of powers in her relatively short amount of screen time, Nightmare Moon has been shown to be capable of: -Mane Manipulation: Her ethereal mane, though reminiscent of smoke, can preform various tasks and is capable of touching others. It can thus be used for both attack and defense. -Weather Manipulation. She caused lightning to sprout and attack several armored guards that tried to seize her. Nightmare Moon, as a Shadowbolt, was later able to cause the fog to converge and drown out Twilight Sparkle's voice from reaching Rainbow Dash. -Rapid movement & Infection of Objects/Terrain. She can transform into a cloud of purple smoke, not unlike her mane, and can use this form to travel long distances quickly, as well as seep into trees and even the ground to create avalanches and cause objects to change appearance. -Shape-shifting. An advancement of her previous ability, the claw in the manticore's claw and the Shadowbolts are two prime examples. It's also debatable on whether or not Celestia was actually imprisoned or kept somewhere by Nightmare Moon, though Nightmare Moon hints towards it when she mentions that the ponies will 'never see their princess of the sun ever again'. It is also known that in order to be imprisoned into the moon one thousand years ago, Celestia required the Elements of Harmony to do so. Judging by these factors, and her abilities, it goes without saying that Nightmare Moon is a match for Celestia, if not a bit more powerful. Discord: Spirit of Chaos & Disharmony With season two's anticipated premiere came the introduction of the greatest villain to have yet grace MLP: FiM's existence. Discord, the spirit of chaos, disharmony and strife among ponies, is an ancient evil fought by Celestia and her sister Luna well before Nightmare Moon's corruption, one thousand years ago. Believed by many to be a creature that's existed since the beginning of time itself, Discord is a singular entity representing a fundamental law of nature: chaos. Playful yet sadistic in his own right, Discord's raw power is easily the most omnipotent of any of the villains shown on this show thus far: -Warping Reality. With no effort whatsoever outside the snap of a finger, Discord can reshape reality, bend the laws of physics and do feats of magic that others find all but unthinkable. -Removing logic from the world around him. More like an add-on to his previous power; even when he isn't currently present, Discord's chaos is able to spread and develop all on it's own. Applejack's trees and corn stalks, Fluttershy's bunnies, and even the sun and moon themselves *which began raising and lowering at random* were all effected by the Draconequus's chaos when he was nowhere to be found. This points to the idea that by simply existing in the world and causing chaos, his power spreads outwards and effects everything naturally. -Personality Discordation. Through mind games, looking into his eyes or even through a single touch, Discord can turn a creature into their pure opposite, personality-wise. -Shape-shifting. Like Nightmare Moon, Discord is able to alter his own appearance. He put his face into a balloon, turned into butterflies, and even put his own consciousness into a glass rendering of himself. -Teleportation. He's able to teleport. Discord has been shown to possess magical abilities off the scale, of which he can execute with almost no effort. As far as raw power goes, he trumps basically every other character, villain or non-villain, in the series. The only way to stop him is through the Elements of Harmony, which were used by both Luna and Celestia long ago, and the Mane Six in modern times. Queen Chrysalis: Empress of the Changelings And so came the most anticipated teaser Hasbro and the HUB have given thus far. The 'wedding finale' of season two was easily the most publicized build-up MLP: FIM had, and it's main villain, though unexpected, did not fail to deliver. Queen Chrysalis, resembling the classic Disney villain more than her two predecessors, is the leader of a parasitic race called the Changelings. These creatures feed off of emotion, specifically love, instead of blood, and they breached Canterlot and nearly took over, with Chrysalis herself almost gaining Shining Armor forever. Clever and deceitful, all but Twilight Sparkle were fooled by Chrysalis's charade as the beloved Princess Cadence, wife of Shining Armor: -Shape-shifting. Like the previous two villains, Chrysalis can perfectly shape-shift. She uses this ability to take the form of a someone her target loves, then feeds off of that love to gain power. -Emotional Parasitism & Mind Control. Through a spell, Chrysalis was able to keep Shining Armor under her hole-filled hoof, all the while growing stronger off of his love for her costume, Princess Cadence. -General of the Changeling Army. Whether through a 'hive-mind' effect or through a traditional 'leader and subordinate' relationship, Queen Chrysalis commands an entire legion of Changelings, and can get them to do anything with a single demand. -Fluctuating Power. Through her consumption of love, Chrysalis is able to temporarily gain power artificially. She surpassed Celestia in strength due to this, and directly defeated her. -'Banishment' Magic. She is able to banish ponies of her choosing down to the crystal caves, which apparently cannot be teleported out of or gotten out of by other magical means. While Chrysalis does have some skills of her own, most of her power comes from her army at her command, or her ability to feed from the love of others, which, like all parasites, is an assumedly temporary effect. Without the power she's taken from someone else, Chrysalis is probably not as strong as Celestia, and wouldn't have defeated her like she had in the second part of the season two finale. King Sombra: Ancient Tyrant of the Crystal Empire He seemingly took over the entire Crystal Empire by his own will and power, and then proceeded to rule with an iron hoof, practically enslaving the crystal ponies by putting them in chains, until he was eventually overthrown and imprisoned within ice in the Arctic North by Celestia and Luna. Upon his return, he surrounded the entire kingdom within his darkness, waiting for the moment for Princess Cadence Tyrannical and more malicious than any of the three primary antagonists seen prior to his introduction, Sombra is a dark unicorn tyrant who brings another unique villain type to the table: -Dark/Black Magic. As demonstrated by Celestia to Twilight, Sombra possesses intense black magic that seems to also incorporate black crystals, not surprising seeing as this is the Crystal Empire. -Shadow & Darkness. Sombra was turned to Shadow by Celestia and Luna long ago. He now commands a gigantic, seemingly endless amount of black darkness that encompasses his form. This blackness is infectious, and has the power to cause black crystal to emerge from the ground, or even corrupt buildings. -Immensely Powerful Curse Magic. Before his defeat, Sombra was able to put a curse on the Crystal Empire that caused it to vanish into thin air for a thousand years. -Intimidation. As shown by Twilight's interrogation of a specific Crystal Pony, the mere mention of Sombra and his rule causes fear to the Crystal Ponies. This may be how he so easily took over and then maintained his rule over entire empire seemingly by himself. Though he was mostly depicted as a creeping darkness type of villain, he is easily the most cruel of any of the villains we've seen thus far, having actually enslaved the Crystal Ponies. He's agile and can morph his darkness and shadow form to cause black crystal to form out of the ground, and is also capable of vast magical feats outside that, including curses. He may not have had much character development, but he was powerful, nonetheless. Lord Tirek: Power-Hungry Beast King A unique and terryfying creature from a far-away land, Tirek used deceit, thievery and betrayal to get what he wanted; all of the magic in Equestria. He went from a sneaking thief to a demonic deity capable of draining even the great powers of Discord within two episodes, and showed off malice and cruelty that no other villain has shown to the same degree, thus far. From imprisoning all three princesses and the Mane Six, to fighting an OP Twilcorn in DBZ-style combat and holding his own, Tirek left an impression that neither the ponies of Equestria or the fandom that watches them will ever forget. Sinister, completely void of any redeeming qualities whatsoever and more ruthless than any other villain, Tirek's arsenal grew along with his detestable personality throughout the two-part S4 finale: -Magic Drain. Presumably a unique form of Dark Magic, Tirek is able to drain the magical essence of any being he comes into close contact with, stealing their magic and adding it to his own. -Levitation Bind. Rather than a unicorn horn, Tirek uses a foci point inbetween his duel centaur horns to use magic. His dark orange shadow magic allows him to bind opponents in powerful telekinesis. He uses this often in conjuction with his Magic Drain ability. -Shadow Blast. Tirek's primary choice of attack is a powerful beam of energy that blasts from the foci point between his horns, where he focuses magic. This blast increases in size and power whenever he does the same. By the time he duels Twilight, it's a force to be reckoned with. -Portal Summoning. Once powerful enough, Tirek's shadow magic is capable of ripping open time and space, opening portals to presumably anywhere he chooses. He sent the princesses other than Twilight to Tartarus using this ability. -Immense Strength. As Tirek absorbs magical energy, his size and physical abilities increase as well. He was capable of throwing, breaking through and outright blowing up rocks and other solid objects using only his fists or body. Like Chrysalis, Tirek absorbs power from others in order to come out on top. However, because we witnessed him in a weakened form, and he never stopped absorbing until he became all-mighty, we're never really sure what his 'default' power was, when he was shown to be rather large and bulky in the storybook legend. What we do know is, his method of gaining power is far quicker, more straight-forward and outright superior to Chrysalis's method of gaining power, allowing him to trump her with ease in the 'parasite power' category. -- In my own view, this is the list of most powerful villains from most powerful to least powerful. Discord. Discord is a spirit with godly powers. He strolled right into Ponyville, snapped his fingers, and the entire region went to hell in a hand basket while he acted like it was nothing. He's easily at the top. Lord Tirek. Although he absorbs power from others like Chrysalis, he was shown to have some amount of power on his own, by comparing his size from the storybook to his modern forms. Additionally, his method of draining and cunning intelligence means he's far more able to attain that power, and very quickly. He is below Discord, because Discord still has more base form power than Tirek does. At the end of the day, Discord still doesn't need to drain power to be strong. King Sombra. Sombra appears to be immensely powerful for all the reasons I mentioned in their specific section, and they seem to have even greater power than Nightmare Moon or Chrysalis, but certainly not as powerful as the neigh OP capabilities of Discord and Tirek, which effectively puts him in the middle. Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon is at least equal to Celestia if not a little stronger. This puts her next on the list. Queen Chrysalis. Call me racist to Changelings, but come on she's a parasite; without her army and without any artificial power gained from someone else, Chrysalis has little power to speak through only herself. She was surprised she beat Celestia and remarked that ''Consuming it (the love from Shining Armor to Cadence) has made me even more powerful than Celestia!" Key word. 'Made'. She's last on my list because while she can consume power to get more powerful, she doesn't seem to be more powerful than the other three villains naturally, whilst they all are powerful naturally.
  10. A Brazilian man's body left green because he used the wrong type of paint after he tried to become the Hulk.
  11. We already knew and speculated upon what powers will they have if Twily and Ponka Poe got alicorn-ified, but what kind of powers these ponies will get if they became into alicorns? * Rainbow Dash * Fluttershy * Applejack * Rarity * Derpy Hooves * Lyra and Bonbon * Trixie and Sunset Shimmer (Bonus question: how will they rule Equestria, and what kind of commands will each pony order if they became into alicorns?)
  12. I can't find a thread about Misfits (The British television show not the band) so I decided to make one. Anyone else a fan? If so who's your favourite character or your favourite power? Rudy's gotta be the best in my book, when he appears on screen hilarity ensues.
  13. Okay, so before anyone gets mad-this is how this thought occurred to me; In the finale, with the help of Rainbow Power the Mane Six travel through Equestria returning magic to all of it citizens. But, while they are headed into Twilight's castle Discord is seen walking instead of flying as he had in the past; The only magic he utilizes appears to be a result from the remaining Rainbow Power; In the scene where he presents a bouquet of flower to Celestia, they only share the colors of Rainbow Power/The Mane Six; I also do not recall anyone returning his powers to him once they have been 'Rainbow-fied' In addition, it seems like the only practical way to make Tirek a legitimate threat in these episodes without Discord defeating him with a snap of his fingers was to make Discord question his friendship and ultimately betray his friends before have his own magic drained. This-if true, would also appear to be a way to avoid him being able to poof away any future threat and avoid having to make him play the same role in the future for the sake of letting the villain have more screentime and be built up as a threat. Now, I could be wrong-but, there it is.
  14. First Equestria Girls, now this. MLP has totally become a magical girl show. Do you like this change? Are you looking forward to more transformations in the future? (So Hasbro can sell more toys of course.)
  15. ... inside a room with eleven red lights that drain her powers (and with it, her strength), would you devise a situation for her to escape, with these conditions below? (These lights are coated with a glassy/crystal substance that does the "sucking away her powers" thing. They, and all the lights in the space fortress, turn blue if the aliens' Emperor dies.) (Right now, the wicked Emperor is still alive (under heavy guard, in his Palace, with a civil war/surprise invasion looming ahead), and Lauren can do nothing but languish; she could try to lift herself up, or use her horn/magic, but her powers and strength are taken away into the lights to power up some departments of the spaceship. If he indeed dies, the lights turn blue, giving her strength back, and multiplying her powers by the number of lights in the room.) (If you're expecting some ponies/creatures within Lauren's heartily-created universe to save her, they can't: they're currently under the aliens' powerful mind-control system, emitted throughout the Universe. They will torture Lauren and revive her for their amusement.) (Finally, in spite of all this, would you like to create a situation in which Lauren can be saved/the Emperor will be killed?)
  16. It occurred to me a thought... What is my own favorite super-power? Probably invisibility. What's your favorite super-power? Which would you choose if you could be granted one? Above in the poll is a list of common super-abilities I have complied from memory. What is your super-power of choice?
  17. The Weather Mare Chapter 1 Misty was walking through the everfree forest on her way to an old cavern. She had found this cavern many years ago, and it was her favorite place to go. It was so quiet. There was a beautiful waterfall with flowers around it. She was almost there when the wind blew a gentle breeze that smelled of dry leaves and pumpkin spice,the smell of the autumn air. Dry leaves and sticks crackled under her hooves as she walked. She loved autumn. It was an amazing season. The beautiful colors, the warm and cool breezes, the pumpkins she got to pick and make pie with. It was beautiful to her.Her blue and green stripped scarf fluttered around her neck as the wind blowed. She smiled as the breeze came by. She slowly walked along the path, kicking a stone as she hummed a tune her mother used to sing to her. she walked closer and noticed a dirt path that branched off into another part of the forest. The path had dead flowers and a funny smell emitting from it. It was a normal path, but it looked evil. But the thing that bothered her the most was that she was sure it wasn't there before. She had walked this path thousands of times and never once noticed it there. She cautiously looked down it. It led into part of the forest that the light was scarce. She didn't like the dark. It was scary. And she was frightened easily. But she had a lantern in her saddlebag. She pulled out the lantern and hug it from her saddlebag, lighting it. She turned down the path and followed the dirt road lined with flowers that had passed on. The darkness loomed around her, but she saw a light nearby. As she walked towards the light, she looked at some of the flowers. She could swear there was something different about them, but she ignored it. She walked into an opening that had sunlight beaming down into it. It was oddly placed. In the middle of the dark path she had never seen before, just a random clearing. It was exceptionally warm and there were no leaves on the trees or ground. But there was something even weirder than that, something that urked her. A small snowflake landed on her muzzle. It was SNOWING. "Snow? How is there sno-?" She said but was cut off by a blue wisp of snow, different from the others. fluttering past her and into a black cave. It was bigger than the rest of the white snowflakes, and caught her eye easily. She entered the dark cave cautiously, hoping that the snowflake meant something.If not, she would be fearing nothing. There was a light coming from around a corner, easily visible in the dark, along with some muffled laughter and other strange noises. Misty drew closer and heard the laughter clear, along with voices. "Drink it!" She heard from somepony. Then she heard the sound of a spit take. Followed by somepony struggling. "DRINK IT!" She heard again. Misty couldn't hold back her curiosity. She picked up a rock and slowly walked into the room. There was a pegasus strapped to a chair having a chalice filled with black liquid shoved at her muzzle. The liquid bubbled and fizzed with black magic sparks. It looked like a liquid nightmare. The unicorn forcing the chalice was standing there with evil black and orange eyes. Misty threw the rock and it hit the chalice, sending the liquid flying. The Unicorn looked at Misty "How DARE you spill my brew It took me a long time to make that!" She yelled. "No matter. I will just use force." The Unicorn said looking at the pegasus with her horn charged up with swirly black magic. "No!" The pegasus yelled. Misty jumped in between them just as the Unicorn fired two spurts of magic. One of them Reflected off of Misty's lantern, the other hitting Misty in the back leg. Misty fell to the ground, barely breathing as she slowly was drained of her life. The other reflected shot hit the unicorn's horn. "GEAH!!!!" The unicorn yelled. She fell to the ground, reaching up at the air and said, One day....I will...get my revenge....and those powers!" Before falling lifeless onto the floor. The magic restraints holding the pegasus fell off and she ran to the pony who saved her. She was cold, barely a heartbeat. She was going to die. The pegasus looked down sadly at the dying pony. "I'm sorry..." She said. A massive pain washed over her. "Ah!" She grunted. She had drank a drop or two of the poison. She was dieing to. It's not to late for her... She thought to herself. She didn't want to give up what was hers. She didn't want to die, but it had to be. Her body was already doing it. She was glowing and spurts of energy flowed from her into the almost lifeless pony in front of her. Misty opened her eyes to a blinding light. She looked at the pony standing in front of her, glowing and attached to her with some weird strands of light. "What is this!? What's going on!? Who are you!?" Misty asked. The pegasus smiled faintly. "I am Mother Nature. And one of my children has saved me. But now, I must return the favor." Suddenly the white light stopped and the pegasus fell to the floor. Misty ran over and checked for heartbeat. "She's......dead...." Chapter 2 Misty checked for the hundredth time, but was the same. No pulse. No breath. The cave became colder. She could see her breath as snow fluttered around the cave. The soft snowflakes floated gently around as Misty sat there in disbelief and sadness. A snowflake landed on her muzzle and she looked up. Snow was falling from the ceiling of the cave. She shivered as the cold crept on her more. 'Why is it snowing? It should be warmer in here.' She thought. Then just like that, it was warm. There was steam in the air. as the light snow melted. "Wha...what!?" She said as she scooted against the wall.She was panting in fear her heartbeat increased and a lock of her mane fell against her muzzle. A small thunderstorm formed in the cave and lightning and thunder struck near her with a pounding force. She nearly jumped out of her skin. She ran out of the cave terrified, running to the nearest town. Manehatten. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I was walking down the cemented sidewalk with my roller bag following behind me. I hated traveling. It was so annoying. The long waiting to get somewhere with nothing to do. And having writers block didn't help.My agent, Checker, always choose where I went. Never me. He said it was better if he picked where we went. This time it was Manehatten. It was dirty. There was muck and trash everywhere, with the smell of rotting food running through the air and into my nostrils, causing me to scrunch my muzzle. The bugs skittered away as I walked close to them. "This city is disgusting. How am I supposed to get inspiration for writing in this place?" I asked aloud as I stepped on a roach. It crunched and squished under my hoof. I scraped my hoof on the ground to get it off, but to no avail. Suddenly the weather changed. It started raining. Hard. I looked at the dark sky in disapproval and anger. "AWW COME ON!" I shouted. I ran into the closest building. It smelled of rich chocolate and cappuccino. I looked up at the neon blue sign with white letters. The Crescent Cafe. I walked to a table and set my bag next to the chair before cautiously walking to the counter. There were only three ponies in the cafe, but I wasn't taking any chances. I was, after all, a prize winning novelist. I walked up to the counter. "Excuse me miss?" I asked the mare. Her back was turned to me talking to another co-worker. "Just a second honey." She said. "Alright." I sighed. I waited a few minutes, picking up tidbits of her conversation. "Well of I don't! your dreams!......Really?" I was starting to get impatient. "Excuse me." I said again with a hint of an annoyed tone in my voice. "Hold on a minute!" She said not looking back at me. I looked at a nearby door that said, 'MANAGER' "I think I'll go speak with the manager." I said. She grunted annoyed and turned around. "What do you wa- wait a second.....are you....Rispin Windbreaker!?" She asked in awe. 'Oh great...' I thought. "Yes. That's my name." I replied. "OH MY CELESTIA! I have ALL your books!!!!" She said excitedly. "I would have never guessed." I said. "What would you like? It's on the house!" She said. "Medium iced mocha." I replied. "Yes sir! I mean uh...yes Mr. Windbreaker." She said before going to make the coffee. I walked back over to my table and slumped in the seat. It was slightly comfy, but worn down. I head the pattering of the rain on the roof. Outside it was pouring rain. "Great." I said to myself. The mare walked over to the table with a large Iced mocha. "Sorry, only had large or small cups left." She said. I sighed. Maybe I could get something out of her I needed. "You don't happen to know where I could find an umbrella do you?" I asked. "Oh, you can borrow mine! In fact, you can have it!" She said before quickly going and getting her blue umbrella. She returned and set it on the table next to my coffee. "Thank you miss......?" I asked. "Oh! My apologies! My name is Wisp. Wisp Summersong." She said. "Well, thank you again." I said before taking a sip of the coffee and standing up. I clipped the umbrella to a hook on my bag and walked out the door into the pouring rain. Not a second after I opened the umbrella was I rammed into the side by a crying blue mare. At first I only saw my spilled coffee and broken umbrella. I grunted. "Who the buck are you to just ram into me like that!? I mean We all have places to-" I started and then noticed the other pony wasn't getting up. She sat there shivering from something other than the cold and her sobs cut through the sound of pattering rain on the cement. I walked over cautiously.The tone in my voice was gone and my anger disappeared. "Hey,you alright?" I asked. She only looked at me with tear stained eyes before digging her face into her hooves. She looked maybe 20, about my age. I held out a hoof to help her up. She looked my hoof like it was a foreign object and then looked to me. "Come on, let's get out of this rain." I said to her. She looked at me for a minute. "I don't bite." I said. She looked at me for a second or two more before cautiously taking my hoof. I pulled her to her hooves and picked up my bag. Will add more Soon! Tell me what you think!
  18. The Duel of three powers By: LeBrokenSpoon It was all over. She felt it. The Aches in her head were twating away all of her thoughts, clouding her mind in a misty haze. Bouncer got ahold of herself. Why was she this off balance? She was the quickest bladesman in all of her small city in the clouds, LeahBrow. She forgot to knock back the next blow. "Shit!" She yelled as she got her wing clipped by her adversary's warhammer. "Ah!" She yelped as she gritted her teeth. She moved too fast for the Earth-pony, using her good wing to propell herself onto him, her blade plunging into his lower gut. He retched in pain, screaming. She silenced him with ease, her hoof sending three jabs to his neck. All he could do was gargle as his life passed away. She felt his body go limp, she withdrawing the blade, once a shining silver, a crimson. "Pitiful thief..." She muttered to the now lifeless body. She walked to to the nearest town, it now controlled by her new general, Golden-Wings. Still sore from her blunder with the thief, she walked into the General's cabin, then taking a wine glass from the nearby table, pouring herself some red wine. His eyes were upon her body, now gleaming up to her eye level. "We're going to end the war today." He said in his formal, cold hard voice. She was astonished, completely suprised! A ten year war, now over, the Pegasi would rule in peace again, without the two other powers! (Earth-pony & Unicorn) "We're sending you to duel their best swordsmen, whoever wins takes the lowlands and wins the war." She had to smile at that. No one could beat her, she was sure of it. "Then let's go." She said, nodding. Hours later, she was in her royal family colors, Green and silver, her armor sharp and ready as if to take one into a deadly embrace. She was listening to the crowds as she entered the stadium. The other two, the Earth-Pony named Laben, his armor shining in all gold, like the wheat of his people. The Unicorn, clad in a purple tinted steel plate, not known by anyone else. His face was hidden, his horn....was cut off. The crowd gasped as they looked upon him. A horn sounded, she didn't see anything, only the unicorn run right through the Earth-Pony. He fell into a crumbled form, his armor broken and useless on the ground. How did he do that? Bouncer thought as she drew her blade. They ran at eachother, blocking and shoving blows. She did not notice the extra blade. She felt it run down her thigh. She just grunted, throwing into a fury of blows in a storm of steel. Small cuts kept somehow appearing on her body, he somehow getting his edges past her best defenses. "Just die!" She screamed at the unicorn's blank helmet. He responded with a sword thrust into her lower leg. She howled in pain, losing balance and tumbling in the arena's sand. She began to scramble for her sword, he kicking it away from her reach. She looked up at him, his eyes only showing through his helm. He raised his double edged blade, looking down on her. "Goodbye." He mutters to her quietly in a broad voice. She feels it pierce her neck, then everything goes black. Rainbow Dash finished the reading, now looking up in her armor. "We lost that day." Luna Says from behind her, her lunar guards watching over the crowd with the Pegasi guards. "But today we will NOT lose!" Rainbow yells into the mixed Pegasi and Lunar guard army. She smiles up as the moon rises, looking to Luna. "We will fight with the night's army, to take back the lands we rightfully own!" Rainbow yells as the legions chant below her, she grinning ear to ear as her family colors were draped over her: Green and Silver.