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Found 72 results

  1. Who is your favorite princess in the show? Celestia, Luna or Cadance? My favorites are Cadance and Luna, but I like Celestia too.
  2. A friend of mine recently drew a Spider Pony OC and we're having a bit of a disagreement. I enjoy their art but it seems rather similar to a certain pink princess we know quite well by this point, meanwhile they think it looks nothing like her. Here is a headshot unedited. An image of Princess Cadence with a ponytail. And finally their drawing once again but I've taken the liberty of sloppily coloring some of it in. Once again, I like it! They just seem eerily alike. Waht do you guys think?
  3. With "Rollercoaster of Friendship" recently airing, the redemption at the end of Vignette Valencia, has gotten everyone talking again about how redemption should be utilized in both shows, when it comes to redeeming certain characters. And apparently Vignette's didn't sit well with a majority of the fans. And from what I understand, is for good reason, 1. the way she was portrayed throughout most of the special, seem to not really warrant a redemption or for fans to feel sympathy for her. And 2. Her actions spoke and showed that she's a character that needs more development before a proper redemption. But here's the thing, the writers/creative staff, they may write a good to great story for an episode/Special/Movie for EQG or FIM, but at the end of the day, they don't have the final say on how it's presented, Those above them at Hasbro, and DHX have the final say. Don't believe me, ask M.A Larson, he discussed this during a panel last year, when it came to how "Fame and Misfortune" was presented. For example, if it's decided that Cozy Glow gets redeemed at the end of this current season, despite what she has and will do, that's going to happen. If it's decided that Principal Cinch or Finch in Friendship Games gets redeemed in a future EQG Movie/Special, despite what she's done, it's going to happen. Same can be said for Cryissy, Triek, Lighting Dust, Wynn Rider, etc.... The point is, wither we as fans or the creative staff themselves feel a redemption should happen or not, in the end, it's the heads at Hasbro and DHX that have the final say on that decision. A good outside example of this, is WWE, and how despite everyone telling them otherwise, Roman Reigns is still getting pushed down all the fans throats, and getting a possibly rematch at the upcoming WWE SummerSlam event against Brock Lesnar for their Universal Title. And why is this happening, despite everyone outside and inside WWE saying otherwise, because at the end of the day, despite being able to book and write a good show, the creative staff don't have the final say on who should be pushed, Vince McMahon does. And in a strange way, the same can be said here. Because again, even if the fans and even the creative staff believe a redemption is needed or not, they don't have the last word, those above them at Hasbro and DHX have the final say. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that, let me know what you think about what I had to say here. Take Care and God Bless.
  4. Twilight Sparkle wanted nothing more than to see the Northern Stars on the Zeppelin Cruise with her family. But thanks to Iron Will, who was running the cruise, her dreams are smashed into pieces. Saddened by seeing Twilight's heart broken, her family does everything they can to try and console her. Author’s Note: This story is to serve as how Twilight’s family SHOULD have approached the situation when Twilight started sobbing after missing out on the Northern Lights.
  5. Princess Cadence may have married Shining Armor, the stallion of her dreams and is now ruler of the Crystal Empire, but the events of the Changeling Invasion haunt her to a point where it concerns all those who care deeply about her. Now Shining Armor, Twilight and her aunts must help her confront her fears and put them to rest forever.
  6. This was just a small drawing I did involving Princess Cadence's list of things to do for Hearts and Hooves Day. Some of which sound much eviler than you may think.
  7. I know this is a video but it's just a still I made that I turned into a puzzle. Anyway, seriously, it's a good thing she got R2 those plans...
  8. Welcome to princess fan club Rules of this thread ~No spamming post to become biggest fans ~This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate ~Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. ~Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" ~I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. ~All of MLP Forums rules still apply. ~This is not the place for discussing a critical or otherwise negative opinion of the characters. This is a fan club. Its primary purpose is for fans of the character to enjoy themselves in their glorification appreciation of said character. Any negative comments will be considered off-topic or flame bait and you will be subject to MLP Forums Global Rules including but not limited to removal from being about to see and participate in this topic. This is the princess fan club, please only post the princesses.
  9. Here is my theory that makes me think he is: The first thing that makes me think this is flurry hearts birth, how was she an alicorn? I thought about it and thought, what if genetics had something to do with it? Remember how when you're born you are a combination of your mum and dad's personality and physical appearance? I think the alicorn gene was passed onto flurry heart from cadence and shining armor because what the mlp writers don't want you knowing is that shining armor is an alicorn. Because of the exact same personality trait (or physical?) the alicorn genetic was passed on down to flurry. Equestria didn't have an alicorn baby because there might have not been 2 alicorns in love with each other that they knew about. Luna and Celestia are both girls, making it impossible for them to make a baby. Another fact that support this theory a fact is the way flurry heart is seen, she has a pink body and her eyes are a bluish color, the same color of shining armors eyes. Does it remind you of anybody? Cadance? Shining Armor? Are the MLP writers possibility hinting at genetics? Alicorns have wings! I hear you cry... We have never seen Alicorn prince's in the show. What if they don't get wings? It might be a possibility And remember shining armors ability to protect Canterlot in the season 2 finale? A massive big shield to protect the city. Could that be possibility hinting at shining armors magical capabilities? (UPDATE 16/06/2016: This theory sucks, disregard everything I just said)
  10. Ok... So... We need guesses every pony, brony or pegasisters! We have Princess of the sun , Princess of the night , Princess of love , Princess of Friendship ... But what is this? Thought Skyla was coming as unicorn or pegasi, but we have Flurry Heart and as an alicorn? So anypony guess what Princess does she refer to? Princess of Innocence maybe? Comment your guesses everypony ! Hmmm... Looking serious to understand, spent 8 weeks thinking about it... :diamondtiara:
  11. This is my SFM poster of the first four villains against there good counterparts. well at least my version of what i think there counter part is. Just looking for an opinion but feel free to say whatever you feel like
  12. I'm relatively new to this fandom. I've just finished season 2 and bought some trading card packs. I got Princess Cadence and the back of her card had something rather peculiar on it... It says "Element of Harmony-Love". After looking at this, I went back to that episode and watched Chrysallis get defeated by Cadence and Shining Armor. And sure enough, her eyes did the same thing Twilight's did when she used the elements.
  13. Princess Cadence is such an underappreciated character. Celestia gets all the troll memes. Luna gets all the fan love, because redemptive characters are like a tractor beam to fans. I know they are to me *cough* Sunset Shimmer *cough*. Twilight is well... the main character of the show, what more do you want me to say? But I think Princess Cadence is still a really cool character, she's funny, and laid back, not a stuck-up I'm-the-most-important-person-in-the-world type princess. -She bowed to Spike when he needed the support, even though she is of much higher rank and status, just to make him feel better. -She let her husband throw her at a raging shadow tyrant. (that's pretty badass if you didn't know) -She does that weird jumping/singing thing with Twilight like they were still young. -She joked about being super formal during Threes a Crowd Maybe she doesn't have a whole lot of character development (neither does trollestia), but that doesn't stop her from being a thoroughly enjoyable character when she shows up. In my opinion she is an underappreciated supporting character. Lets show some love.
  14. This is my second MLP drawing, much better than the twilight one. (I traced an image bc last image showed how good I am at predicting how big the image needs to be) Is this an improvement?
  15. So...couldn't get this one uploaded to for some reason... Anywho, this is a special track that is dedicated to my lovely waifu and first tulpa, Cadence! It follows a beautiful love scene between Cadence and I. Bliss- A Song To Princess Cadence, My First Waifu.mp3 Happy Hearts and Hooves Day everypony!
  16. I would like to know what you all think the mane six would look like if the where humans. Race/Enthicity- Skin Tone- Height- Build( Slim, Curvy, Thick, Muscular) Features-(describe facial features if you want) Now bear in mind Race Does not only equal skin tone. People can be the same race but have different skin tones (eg sun exposure). What I think: Twilight- White, light olive skin, 5'7 slim build Pinkie Pie- White, Peachy, 5'6 , a little on the thick side, Rainbowdash- White, Tanned, 5'7 Muscular Rarity- White, Peachy, 5'8 Curvy Applejack-White Tanned, Muscular, 5'8 Fluttershy- White, very light, 5'8, Slim What do you think I would like to her you own opinions and please no bashing I dunno why but I guess Celestia would be 5'10
  17. Who is hottest Princess? Princess Celestia, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence or Queen Chysalis. I like Princess Celestia the most and totally would be her xenophile Human Commander Shepard husbando, in an alternate universe. Edit: Queen Chysalis added.
  18. I attempted to draw Princess Cadence, I know it isn't perfect. Constructive criticism would be appreciated
  19. I made this late last night after coming home from a day out with my boyfriend. I thought it would make a good thank you (sappysappyromancy-gush). Anyway, I completely just lovelovelove Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, so why not do a drawing of them?
  20. I'm making a video where Shining goes on a Zelda-esque adventure and I'm looking for Cadence's theme music and all I could think of for her is this one: Does anyone know of a tune that would suit her better or should I go with something else?
  21. I've heard a lot of flack about their canon shipping. Things like "It's the worst thing about there character" or "One is too good for the other", and that got me thinking: Do you think the same too?
  22. Been working on these two for some wallpapers and other stuff on the side. Took to more simple black and white with Sombra in holding more to his smile shown and outline of his armor in white. Kept the aura from his eyes just due to it makes him stand out and we all know him for that. Adding in soft glow effects in a few places lightly in highlights. Cadence was fun and a bit more harder to do given her coloring. I made her all while minus the hair and mane and her outlines! The outlines in more pinksih and purples and kept the glow around her horn in use of magic and added in some glow effects and soft light ones on the side. Once more the cutie mark stays and the crown and armor of the Alicorn, All done between Gimp and programs: