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Found 336 results

  1. Shanks

    Luna Fan Club

    HUB Welcome to the Luna fanclub! EDIT: I would like to thank ~Scootaloo for making this signature for the fanclub. Luna is the co ruler of Equestria along with her sister Celestia, as the princess of the night she is responsible for raising the moon every night and also has jurisdiction over ponies dreams. After being banished to the moon for 1000 years for becoming Nightmare Moon and threatening to plunge Equestria into eternal night and being reformed thanks to the mane 6 and the elements of harmony Luna has had some trouble re adjusting to modern society as some ponies still fear and mistrust her. A few rules -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Luna forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum unless of course Luna is also in the picture. -Do not hate on another fan club -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. -Fan art is encouraged but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag. Here is some fanart to start things off
  2. Winter in Canterlot OOC Midnight Oil Midnight Oil yawned as he waited outside Princess Luna's chambers. The bat pony wore a dark winter cloak over his armor that the princess had requested. To be honest, he was a bit confused as to why Luna had requested the Lunar Guard to begin earlier then normal this evening, but he did not dare question the princess's orders. He was just anxious to get started at whatever task or event Luna had planned. Beside him sat a box that Luna Requested. . Princess Luna roamed about her chambers nervously. Tonight was the first night of winter, and as such, the begging of longer nights throughout Equestria. She would check and double check the paperwork that was left on her desk before slowly walking over to her balcony window. Using her magic, the doors would slowly open to reveal a faint dusting of freshly fallen snow. The alicorn would grin as memories flooded back to her of her foalhood and the snowball fights she would have...building snow ponies...all those many years ago. A gust of winter air would snap her out of the daze as she remembered the reason for coming to the balcony. With a glow of her horn, the moon would begin to rise on the horizon. With a smirk, she would close the door and make her way out to the hallway where her guard waited. As the door began to open, Midnight sprang to attention. "Good evening Midnight." Luna would open the box beside the guard and levitate a cloak out of it for herself. Draping it around herself, she would begin to walk down the hallway. "Come along Midnight. We must find my sister. Bring the box with you." With a nod, the bat pony would place the box on his back and followed Luna to wherever she was going within Canterlot Castle to find Celestia.
  3. Winter in Canterlot RP LINK The first dusting of snow has fallen on the cobblestone streets of Equestria's capital city, Canterlot. Princess Luna has ventured out about the city under the light of full moon hoping to interact with her subjects and friends during this early evening. This Role Play is open to ALL Equestrian Empire Approved Characters, both Cast and OCs. Please link your character that you would like to use in the comments below so I may update the RP roster. Roster Princess Luna-Skycoaster Midnight Oil (Luna's Bat Pony Guard)-Skycoaster Princess Celestia-EquestraianScholar Golden Dawn-EquestrainScholar Applejack-Red Cedar Red Cedar-Red Cedar Pinkie Pie-Unicorncob Cooper-Dwightthegamer Discord-Randimax
  4. Dark Qiviut

    S07:E10 - A Royal Problem

    NOTE: I've seen a lot of posts from users on both sides with a vengeful attitude towards either fans or detractors both on this site (at least two of which I reported) and off. Wishing ill will at people or a group of people, calling someone or a group of fans "butthurt" (an ad hominem with homophobic and misogynistic implications), bashing fans, and verbal abuse to fan factions are vile and not welcome in this thread. For the sake of keeping discussion cool and civil, save this immaturity in your trash box and don't post it. On another note, even though this episode won't air in the U.S. until June 10, Treehouse TV in Canada will air it this Saturday sometime between 11 and 11:30am. Be prepared for spoilers! Title: A Royal Problem Air Date (Canada/Treehouse TV): May 20, 2017 Air Date (U.S./Discovery Family): June 10, 2017 Writer: Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco (a.k.a., The Sister Writers) Summary: "Starlight Glimmer is sent to solve a friendship problem between Princess Celestia and Princess Luna; when it's clear that the problem is that the royal sisters don't appreciate one another, Starlight impulsively switches their cutie marks!" This episode will continue the trend from Treehouse TV starting last Sunday with Fluttershy Leans In: Two episodes will air per week, one on Saturday, one on Sunday (and could air the finale early in the summer), while Discovery Family will air one per week. More than likely due to the Movie coming out in October. The airing timing isn't consistent, so if you plan to watch the episode via the stream, arrive early. When someone uploads the episodes on YT and DailyMotion, I'll link them to you here. A poll will be published after it airs. Canadian Airing Streams (links courtesy of EQD): Otaku Brawler Brony Network Lemonwalnut DailyMotion: YT (some audio issues):
  5. Do you think Princess Luna is more popular than Princess Celestia in the eyes of the ponies of Equestria? I think that Princess Luna could be more popular than Princess Celestia due to the fact that ponies still sacrifice their candy to Nightmare Moon even though it's been at least a couple of years since Princess Luna's return*. *My argument isn't very good.
  6. Major Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Have you ever seen one? Plan on doing anything for the eclipse event?
  7. Could the world's strongest man lift Princess Luna? Or is Princess Luna too close to the size of the big and mighty Princess Celestia to the point no man could lift her?
  8. Comedy often trumps drama, but I'm not very funny, so I often resort to the abstract, especially when it delves deep into the subconscious. I've always been interested in the non-so-familiar. The unknown and hidden. A teacher once said, 'The universe is both hidden and manifest...'. And so I suppose my emphasis is to explore the gradient from the known to unknown. A risky endeavor I know, but I can hardly help how my mind falls into the groove of such an approach. Every time I sit down to write an idea, I fumble upon abstractions and imagery that pop seemingly out of nowhere. So I paint them in and hope for the best. Unfortunately, my attempts at art are often very unsatisfactory, but hey, I try. Today, I'd like to decode a post I made for the MLPF World Cup. This is an exceedingly fun event. Reading the comics and memes is great, and interacting with other fans makes the experience even more immersive. I stepped off the beaten path, as usual, and posted a rather cryptic, and emotional, skit of Nightmare Moon entering the 'stage' of the competition. The backdrop is a Dream Realm, somehow concocted by Discord, and in an rather specious way, controlled by 'Dark Powers'. Grogar has become center stage with these Dark Powers, and his influence is increasing as the competition intensifies. Dreams are no small matter in our experience in this life. They can often dictate how we live and perceive the world around us. I cannot disregard the impact of the subconscious on my own life, and so it comes natural for me to communicate the unusual and the strange...that is, with respect to our common experience. Life doesn't really have an 'ordinary experience' though. It is widely varied. I'd like to think we negotiate an ordinary experience, such as language, to remain connected to others. Loneliness should never be the result of a fulfilled life, and so exploration and adventure are at the top of our lists of things to do, whether we actually do them or not. But an adventure is necessarily an journey into the unknown, and if it is unknown, how can it be an ordinary experience? Anyway, I will translate the below short story to fill in the blanks for those that may be interested. Ready for an adventure? ‘We're both the night, thou sayest! Fine, mine lief! I am the night which brings serenity of mind and rest for mortal body. I am mother night, which takes away their pain, their burdens, their fear, anger, sorrows! I cuddle softly them, whispering advice. WHICH NIGHT ART THOU?! Who are thy children, when eternal cold, thou planned to bring, would kill them?’ – Princess Luna This was part of an argument between Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna shortly after they'd met in the Dream, RPed by yours truly and @Alexshy. Although Alexshy has a very open and happy-go-lucky personality, and this candor readily translates into her Princess Luna's personality, we were able to bring out some rather serious, um, dialog. The entire exchange turned out very well. The excerpt above introduces the main idea - what is the true role and nature of Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna? Are they one and the same, or some tangible duality? As we will see later, Nightmare Moon insists their power comes from the Night, as if the Night itself is an entity. Nightmare Moon is completely devoted to silence, the vastness of darkness, and the unknown reaches of its power. This silence and emptiness enables her existence, subtracted from the haunting abuse of Celestia. Every time she meets with the 'ordinary world', she is starkly reminded of the emotional pain, and ultimate death, of being separated from her sister, as well as her beloved subjects. Nightmare Moon is therefore, a sort of living memory of Luna's most private pain. She is the manifestation of Luna's true power. So while Nightmare Moon has a selfish objective, she truly holds everything that Luna is capable of. And so Princess Luna's approach was to show Nightmare Moon that, even with all her power, her objective would never work. That without some moral compass, she would ultimately destroy what she desires most. Nightmare Moon swooped down and landed atop the grassy ridge with a proud clatter. Dry leaves rustled helplessly around her from the sudden impact, silently settling about the brush and tall grasses. Pumping her wings irritably, the turbulence scattered the loose forest debris around her, pushing it into the shadows. The evening sun peered from behind the mountains, bathing the town below in orange and red. Shadows stretched from the high peaks, concealing large swaths of land within their long and slender darkness. The arrival of Nightmare Moon into the fray. She lands atop a ridge to show her dominion of the space. The dispersal of the forest debris indicates her disdain for the lesser things around her, pushing the formed into the formless (the shadows). The stretching darkness of the mountains is metaphor of her objective - her immutable power will overcome the land. After days of verbal tussle with Princess Luna, it was time to settle her unfulfilled questions with the residents of Ponyville. The Princess hid away, horrified that her true self had become manifest, independent. She would not accept Nightmare’s existence. She would not let her in, leaving Nightmare alone. Nightmare’s only bond with the living had shunned her, denying any chance of life beyond this endless Dream. Picking on Ponyville is her version of 'beat the grass the reveal the snakes'. Since Luna rejected her, then she would attack what The Princess covets - her subjects. ‘Night cometh before the day, as birth before life. Night cometh after day, as life into death. Darkness. It matters not what ye shall call it, my spirit testifies the Night is Eternal, for what cometh before and after hath no boundary.’ Nightmare reminds herself why she is here. The recent pain of Luna's rejection must be cast must be put away and discarded. This is the place where it all began. Her escape from solitude long ago. And now, she had returned again, thanks to the bleeding Dream born of the impish might of Discord. Celestia will finally pay for her transgressions. As for the rest, those blinded by the sun, they will see true power and justice. I believe that if Nightmare Moon did come back, she would certainly remember this 'hail mary' from Twilight Sparkle. This heroic charge changed the destiny of Equestria and snatched away Nightmare's chance to correct what she believed was the real problem, Celestia's rule. Nightmare easily correlates the places (Ponyville and it's surrounding areas), Celestia and Twilight as a singular united force against her. Slowly she walked to the rocky edge, legs quivering with intense frustration. Sorrow welled up within the void of her heart, clawing and gnawing at her insides, pounding against her armor with relentless hollow pain across her skin as she recalled her reply to the Princess... ‘Words...mere words that cannot hold the truth of our destiny! You holdeth not the power you speak, it belongs to the Night which you deny. Nightmare Moon believes that Luna's moral compass and tendency to compromise is a denial of her real power. This contrasts with Luna's current beliefs, in that her power as a Princess and Alicorn is secondary to her relationships and values. Behold your Children who honor not your compromise with the elite and haughty, but in the mystery of our strength! Even while imprisoned thus, they wept for our return. It was only the deceptive meddling with the Tree, which thou had broken with thy True Self! Do you not remember that day when you set yourself free! Your tears dried by your might, your heart healed and made whole. Your vision ever sharp and penetrating into the meaning of all things. Nightmare Moon embraces the idea that the ponies would accept her easily without the influence of Celestia (Behold your Children...). She goes on to remind Luna of that fateful day when she had cracked the dais in the throne room, an expression of divorce from Celestia's authority, and shattered the stained glass window which pictured the Tree of Harmony. Nightmare identifies intimately with this anger as ultimate liberation. It was the moon that eclipsed the cutting rays of despicable jealousy and insult! You defeated her! Only then did you command respect, only then did Equestria see their princess of glory and power! The power of an alicorn princess is frightening indeed. I believe this is why Celestia and Luna often hold themselves back. Power is very enticing, but when it is unleashed, things can change very rapidly in Equestria, sometimes for the worst. Nightmare Moon reminds Luna of the feelings she felt while being feared, and ultimately honored, when she had liberated her power into the world. All the while you see your precious subjects suffer under Tirek, Discord, and all the dismal tyrants who seek not only to rule, but to quench their fear... of you! This was interesting. Nightmare Moon believes she is the most potent power in Equestria, likely due to the sentence that she received, and the power it required to accomplish. not only do the tyrants seek power over ponies, but the power to resist Nightmare Moon as well. There is cruelty in punishment, yes. But it needn't persist, dear beautiful and dreadful spirit. For how long will you be defeated over and over again, while the Elements of Harmony laugh at your dwindling status? For what can you bequeath? Thine hour is coming, when your subjects turn on you in preference for the lesser. Turn to me. If only for a little while, that you may be reminded how your heart beats.’ Nightmare Moon attempts to convince Luna that 'Eternal Night' will be temporary in the waking world. That it will only be an admonishment. She goes further to illustrate that the Tree of Harmony and her subjects are not loyal to her...they only tolerate her. These very devious and clever accusations cut right into Luna's deepest concerns...that she is indeed a misfit, a lesser, a being born to be rejected. How could Princess Luna not see? How could she deny such an obvious weakness? Playing a well-mannered servant to the sister of insult and hypocrisy. Long ago, her heart was so honest when it spoke openly to Celestia, ‘thine subjects that have it all, the ones that always laugh and play, the ones that are so easily loved…they spew their venom upon the lonely and the lost.’ Celestia. How dare she divide us as she divides the Night. Baby Luna may bow to her, but Nightmare Moon shall never! Her eyes glowered down at Ponyville. The small cottages and softly shaped buildings huddled about a tall and slender dark crystal palace. Banners atop steeples gently waved in the twilight breeze. It was silent, and still. They would never know what hit them. Recalling how the ponies play together, laugh, and cheerfully embrace one another, she clenched her jaw. The ponies danced and rejoiced in the sunlit nature. They were always together, oblivious to her. Tears welled up in her eyes. They didn’t understand, didn’t care. For all their joy and kindness, they were also quite comfortable excluding those whom they did not prefer. “Insolence!” She growled, “Not another step!” Feeling the tears streak down her cheeks, Nightmare roared. The cry invaded the silence like rolling thunder, pounding into the sky and reflecting off the hills and valleys below. She needed release from this pain. A release that only the cries of fear and misery could satisfy. Mustering the power within, she concentrated all her anguish and disgust. Her horn glowed, drawing bright flashes of crackling energy that surged around her. “My anger is justice. I am the queen of the forgotten!” This section is pretty self-explanatory. Nightmare Moon believes Luna had set herself free, and her blindness to this is obviously frustrating. Again, we see how she is correlating Ponyville with Celestia, and all the joy and dancing of the ponies as a sick mockery of her. Drawing a deep breath, she reared up to release the magic. ‘Ahh…choooh!’ A small sneeze from the bushes behind her interrupted. Nightmare turned to see three small foals and a larger pony huddled under an evergreen tree. They were covered in the shadow of its thick foliage, but that was no safety from her impeccable night vision. She growled from the pain of the receding magical energy. All brought to the surface of mind now depressurizing into her blood, causing intense pain. “Who…are…you!” She sneered, her gaze locking onto a pair of green eyes possessed by the larger, berry colored pony with a scar streaked down her face, and an accompanying broken horn. The fillies whimpered and fell to the ground, covering their eyes from Nightmare’s gaze. The larger pony crooked her leg, seemingly attempting to step forward but thought the better of it. Instead, she turned to her side shielding the fillies from Nightmare. “My n…name is Fiz…uh, Tempest. I’m Tempest Shadow.” Nightmare smiled. “I do enjoy the smell of your fear. However, you are not welcome. Go away.” “What are you doing?” Tempest asked, swallowing hard. Her voice was a shaking mess. “I said, GO AWAY!” “B…but we can’t. Your Majesty…we are lost. We can’t find our way down.” Nightmare’s eyes narrowed. “You’re bluffing. Try again, broken one.” “I speak the truth. I…I don’t even know these fillies…I just found them…” “Hmm, so then, speaker of the truth, what happened to your horn? Was it Celestia's work?” Nightmare struggled for expression, but it was impossible to dampen her pain. “N…no. Long Story. I was young…” “I care not. Tis a waste of time. Leave me, or I…” One of the fillies yanked on Tempest’s red mane. Nightmare could hear whispering amongst them. Tempest shook her head. “No!” She said in a hushed voice, “put that away.” “Put what away? Show me little one, what do you have?” Nightmare narrowed her eyes, focusing on the fillies, ready to ignite the entire area into engulfing flames if need be. Things in dreams were not always as they seemed. The filly slowly walked forward, holding a plush doll in her hoof. She held it up for Nightmare to see but didn’t move more than 3 or 4 paces in front of Tempest, who closed the gap between them right away. “What…is that…” Nightmare spat, clenching her teeth. The object was hardly recognizable. A bulb of fabric with multicolor stitching and a pair of black buttons, perhaps intended as eyes. “She means no harm.” Tempest said, holding back her own tears. “What…IS IT!” “boo boo bunny.” The little foul piped. “She saw your tears…so she thinks you’re hurt.” Tempest explained, wrapping the little one within the crook of her front leg. “Run.” Nightmare said hoarsely. She took a few short, shaking steps back. “We’re sorry…she didn’t…” “Run Away! You foolish…sniveling welps! Run away from me!” Nightmare Moon displayed immediate sympathy for Tempest Shadow. Tempest's broken appearance translates directly with her own feelings, and so she humors Tempest some dialog. My attempt here was to show that Nightmare Moon does indeed have a heart, especially for the lost and the broken, which the show does not really explore. Nightmare turned toward Ponyville and unleashed everything she had. A black cloud shot from her screeching mouth, quickly advancing into the valleys below. She spread her wings and took flight into the enveloping magical darkness. Her howling and wailing shrouding all of the colorful sun rays, and it dwindled slowly until finally all the light faded away. The Shadow Storm has been released into Equestria. And so here we see Nightmare Moon taking full advantage of the Dream Realm. Her emotions manifest as power she can lucidly control to change her environment. ‘I am Nightmare Moon. From hence a fear so great you awaken screaming, frozen in thy helplessness. Once alone in the darkness, now ye see me!’ This is a testimony of her dominion over the Dream Realm. She is the worst of fears, the worst that anything could possibly become. Her scourge will cause great pain and suffering, and when they give up, they will have nothing to turn to but her. The blinded will finally see. Thank you for reading! -Mirage
  9. After seeing how kind and sweet and caring she is for everypony, especially her sister, it makes me sad to see somepony so amazing as Luna and have something so terrible and tragic happen to her. All because of a misplaced jealousy towards Celestia and the sun.
  10. PonyPowaX1000

    All the Celestia hate?

    Why do people seem to forget that Celestia banished Nightmare Moon in the moon an didn't actually banish Luna. And in the pilot it says she reluctantly wielded the elements to banish Nightmare Moon Whats up with all the Celestia hate? People seem to think Celestia did it in spite or because of the whole I'm the older sister stuff. If you dislike Celestia explain why or If she your favourite Princess explain why.
  11. I mean, if you look at the first half of this season, you have episodes that center around that in some way, (Horse Play), (Non-Compete Clause), (The Maud Couple), (Fake it, Till You Make It), (The Parent Map), and recently the Mid-Season Finale (The Mean 6). If those and what's to come in the 2nd half , if that doesn't show you that this season is about really testing their friendship and learning to accept each other for who they are and what they like and dislike, then I don't know what does. I also won't be surprised, (because IMO it seems to be possibly leading to this), that the School remains open as it is, but that Twilight and her Friends decide to step down as the staff of the school, because they'll come to realize that even though the idea for the school is a good one, that after everything they've gone through this past season, and the strong tests that their Friendship has had to endure, that they themselves still have a lot to learn about Friendship, and that also balancing their other priorities along with being teachers, isn't working out for them, and possibly hand off the teaching duties to those that they know can handle it and balance the time to do it. Or they can change it up a bit, to where School only is open maybe 2-3 times a week, and thus the rest of the week they can focus on strengthing their friendship with each other, and focus on their other priorities outside of teaching. And yes, in the end this will lead to a possibly Neighsay redemption at the end of the season. But what do you guys all think? Comments are Welcomed.
  12. Ok, so this is a dual (maybe triple? :P) purpose thread: First is to show off my OC's updated look/show progress after 2-3 years as well as get a critique on the finished work: Old version: New version: The second (or third) thing, was I need some advice on a WIP. I can't seem to get Luna's eyes not to look all herp-derp, was hoping for some advice on how to address that:
  13. Ever since his debut in this Season 8's premire "School Daze", and with what was previewed at SDCC in the trailer for the 2nd half of Season 8. The Question everyone/everybony/everypegasister has is, "WHAT'S HIS PROBLEM?" "WHAT'S HIS BACKSTORY TO MAKE HIM LIKE THIS? Well here, I try my best to figure that out and answer that question. Comments are Welcomed
  14. With "Rollercoaster of Friendship" recently airing, the redemption at the end of Vignette Valencia, has gotten everyone talking again about how redemption should be utilized in both shows, when it comes to redeeming certain characters. And apparently Vignette's didn't sit well with a majority of the fans. And from what I understand, is for good reason, 1. the way she was portrayed throughout most of the special, seem to not really warrant a redemption or for fans to feel sympathy for her. And 2. Her actions spoke and showed that she's a character that needs more development before a proper redemption. But here's the thing, the writers/creative staff, they may write a good to great story for an episode/Special/Movie for EQG or FIM, but at the end of the day, they don't have the final say on how it's presented, Those above them at Hasbro, and DHX have the final say. Don't believe me, ask M.A Larson, he discussed this during a panel last year, when it came to how "Fame and Misfortune" was presented. For example, if it's decided that Cozy Glow gets redeemed at the end of this current season, despite what she has and will do, that's going to happen. If it's decided that Principal Cinch or Finch in Friendship Games gets redeemed in a future EQG Movie/Special, despite what she's done, it's going to happen. Same can be said for Cryissy, Triek, Lighting Dust, Wynn Rider, etc.... The point is, wither we as fans or the creative staff themselves feel a redemption should happen or not, in the end, it's the heads at Hasbro and DHX that have the final say on that decision. A good outside example of this, is WWE, and how despite everyone telling them otherwise, Roman Reigns is still getting pushed down all the fans throats, and getting a possibly rematch at the upcoming WWE SummerSlam event against Brock Lesnar for their Universal Title. And why is this happening, despite everyone outside and inside WWE saying otherwise, because at the end of the day, despite being able to book and write a good show, the creative staff don't have the final say on who should be pushed, Vince McMahon does. And in a strange way, the same can be said here. Because again, even if the fans and even the creative staff believe a redemption is needed or not, they don't have the last word, those above them at Hasbro and DHX have the final say. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that, let me know what you think about what I had to say here. Take Care and God Bless.
  15. Fay

    art 3 Luna Moon ♡

    Hello everyone!! First post in the forums, thought i'd share some art I recently finished (*´∀`*)ゞ lunabestprincess
  16. Will princess Luna one day rule Equestria? Your thoughts and opinions are highly supported!
  17. Inlaru

    A small sample of my Arts

    A small sample of my work. I am only an amateur artist, advices and opinions are welcome. My dA: Ig: #1 Art: Rainbow Dash in my chibi style #2 Art: Rarity with another tail, collab with m-miamo #3 Art: My Old artwork, Princess Luna
  18. StrawberryOverlord

    gallery StrawberryOverlord's Gallery

    EDIT 5/14/18 - I'm going to be uploading all my works to this thread unless it's OC Specific! I wanted to try out posting my art too a forum because I feel like I'm not getting the attention on it that I'm looking for, especially sense most of the people who watch me on deviantart or follow me on tumblr aren't super into MLP, so Here I am in a MLP forum. I was thinking of making holographic prints with this but it all depends on how interested people would be! let me know what you think!
  19. The Blueberry Writer

    Behold The Pony of Shadows showcase and montage

    The MLP:FIM Gameloft campaign based on the Season 7 finally has ended, I won the Pony of Shadows and made a Montage with scenes from him in the game, the show, and other characters that share a similar theme to him with music that fits his character, Dark Monster Metal.
  20. The Blueberry Writer

    Blueberry Pony all star video collection

    I have almost 114k views on this video, its a Triple Applejack dance off, will these ladies raise this barn?
  21. I've seen plenty of fanfics where Luna calls Celestia "Tia" for short. Does she ever actually do this in canon?
  22. Is moonhose big enough? I think she needs to get bigger, she (most likely anyway) did after all become Nightmare Moon over Princess Celestia being bigger than her.
  23. Story Description: When Trixie makes a lewd remark to Starlight Glimmer during their 'medal of honor' celebration, Starlight blasts the showmare into the next room in an effort to shut her up. Sadly, her efforts send not only Trixie to the next dimension but also Princess Luna. While Starlight is panicking back in Equestria, Trixie and Luna discover that they did not turn into humans upon passing through the mirror portal. Instead, they are now fillies. Saturdays suck. ===== This was a fun one to do, I must say. EDIT: I seem to have lost track of the 'embed' button for youtube videos here on these forums... where did it go?