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Found 7 results

  1. I made a little review on Princess Spike! If you enjoy my review, please leave a like on the video page! It really helps out. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on this episode, too.
  2. After the latest episode Princess Spike it brought back something I have been thinking for a good while and it is that it seems that the ponies rely far too heavily on the princesses to solve their own problems for them. 2 delegates arguing over a room/scheduling mix up, a couple of maintenance ponies who apparently didn't even bother to try and ask for proof of Spikes claims of acting on Twiligth's behalf, Fancy Pants asking for special favors and more. Frankly nearly everypony acted like a bunch of idiotic children who were completely and utterly incapable of solving even the most basic of problems without having their hooves held by a "princess". It baffles me exactly how Spike is the only one being blamed when what happened is pretty much everyone's fault except for Twilight, Celestia and Luna. Cadence knew something was up yet didn't really do anything about it. Granted some of this comes with the territory of being in power but this episode makes me wonder how Equestria is even able to function at all.
  3. When Discovery Family doesn't show a teaser at any point throughout the week, that proves a complete lack of confidence they had for it. Even Appleoosa's Most Wanted had a teaser. After torturing myself to finish Act 1, I can see why. Besides all of the unnecessary exposition, the annoyances Spike had to deal with were incredibly painful to sit through. Rather than have the conflict flow naturally, contrived cartoon logic creates a ton of nuisances just to make Spike's assignment more difficult. Every joke fails because Spike is just trying to do his job. Spike has been a stagnant butt of jokes for five seasons now! Jesus Christ, can we actually have another Spike episode that treats his character with some level of RESPECT?! I prefer to watch an episode and feel bored than watch an episode and cringe at so-called "humor." At least if I feel bored, I can watch the episode and catch some extra shuteye. I can't muster any strength to watch the next two acts because the stupidity grates my ears. Source: S05:E10 - Princess Spike
  4. Their are plenty of things that irritate me about the episode "Princess Spike" and one of them is during the scene were Spike is in the bedroom chamber Princess Cadence comes barging in and slams the door into Spikes face...without even apologising which I thought was totally rude and un princess like. She's meant to be Twilights sister in law and she totally just slams the door in Spike bloody face...doesn't apologies and has the cheek later in the episode to tell off Spike for his mess up. Do you think that what she did was rude?
  5. Remember when the Spike episodes of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic were always bad? You will. To subscribe:
  6. From newest My Little Pony episode, please welcome princess Spike (: ! Another new vector from new My Little Pony episode (: . -- Deviantart link - . --
  7. Oh look, an episode of season 5 I can say that I didn't like. Yeah, I'm not one to get too negative in reviews. I tend to be mellow when it comes to story flaws. Heck, I somewhat liked Tanks for the Memories despite some debatable flaws with Rainbow Dash. However, this one here, I just couldn't get myself to like. Granted, I went into this one with very little expectations considering that the whole plot to me seemed like a recipe for disaster but that still doesn't make it any better. Now there are multiple problems here but lets get out the big stuff first. As you can tell, this is a Spike episode. Now, Spike episodes seemed to have a history of not being that good. I can only say I really like about 3 of them (Secret of my Excess, Inspiration Manifestation, Equestria Games). The rest to me are either okay or mediocre. This episode falls into the latter. The problem with Spike episodes seem to be that the writers only know how to write him as two things: an idiot or a punching bag. Neither of which are interesting to watch. All this episode teaches me is what characters the writers can work with in what setting. For example, the writers seem a whole lot better at writing Pinkie Pie when she is main role rather than a supporting role. For Spike's case, that seems to be the opposite. In episodes where he is a supporting role, they seem to write him as either playing off of Twilight's jokes, or to keep Twilight in check. So, how is Spike written here? Well it seems to have both of the Spike episode tropes. The episode starts out by having Spike be a punching bag by trying and failing to keep Canterlot quiet well Twilight is sleeping. The thing is Spike didn't do anything to deserve the punishment yet. It would be a bit more understandable if they saved the torture for after Spike gets overly greedy. Then it makes at least the torture part seem justified. Some of the ways Spike gets tortured seem pretty contrived. For example, there are apparently trees that make dragons sneeze. Why would a tree like that exist? Why would the tree make specifically dragons sneeze? Why would someone plant it there? Why is it in Canterlot of all places? I could understand if it was just Spike that was allergic to the tree but no, it's literally a tree that makes all dragons sneeze. After the punching bag Spike portion is over, they move into the Spike is overly greedy part. It basically plays out like those ones do where Spike gets overly greedy and that becomes his downfall and he learns his lesson. The issue here is that we've already done this twice. In Secret of my Excess for example, it works better there too because an outside force causes the greed, and doesn't involve having to retread what Spike has learned since Owl's Well that Ends Well. If I were to say one positive thing about this episode, it would be that the designs of some of the ponies are pretty impressive and full of variety. Too bad that has nothing to do with the story structure of the episode. So yeah this episode is not good. Final Score: 4/10