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Found 5 results

  1. Who is your favorite princess in the show? Celestia, Luna or Cadance? My favorites are Cadance and Luna, but I like Celestia too.
  2. So, here's a question. Assuming that Shining and Cadence's kid is an alicorn, what "domain" would you have her overseeing? Luna oversees the moon/night, Celestia the Sun/day, Cadence love and twilight friendship/magic, so what would you think would be a good one for Skyla?
  3. Assuming the Alicorn Princess Skyla is Cadence and Shining Armor's child, I would think of this: what if she became Queen/Empress of Equestria in her later years? In this proposed fanfic, set in a time 2 to 3 millenia after the events of MLP:FiM, after the deaths of Celly, Luna, and Twily of either battle or old age, Equestria is now an empire, with an adult Skyla as its Empress. Her aging empire had to face enemies within and without, ranging from billions of dissidents to a resurgent Crystal Empire. Can you share me some tips and ideas for the fanfic? Otherwise, I shall rather abandon it.
  4. If she is real and not a fanon there is a chance she could be rude like Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon, or she could join the CMC. Anything is POSSIBLE. What do you guys think?
  5. Cadence and SA invites everybody to the crystal kingdom(Not everybody but you know what I mean). They say they have a suprise. It is stated its been 9 Months since there wedding. And then they reveal a Baby Princess Skyla. As everyone is suprised Some New Pony appears and Kicknaps Skyla and this Pony is none other but Cadences Mom/Dad. Who is trying to take their grandchild with them. Would this work?