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Found 2 results

  1. Does MLPForums have its own World OF Warcraft Private Server? If not, we should have one. With custom MLP items, higher gold/level rates(8x or 16x should work nicely), and custom MLP-Themed Instances.
  2. Hey ponies! DJ Alicorn here! I just wanted to post my project details her if anyone here would like to help me in it. You wouldn't have to do much, just basic stuff, I'll do all the advanced stuff. Project Details: I'm making a World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King private funserver. (Not actually private, that's just what they're called). And I'm not doing it illegally. In order for it to be illegal, I'd have to be accepting monetary gains from it, which I'm not, I won't even accept donations. Anyway. Here's the actual specs of it: - Starting area which gives you two options: Start from level 1 and level up, then go and gear up. OR. Start at level 255 and just gear up. (This is already done). - Two separate ladders of armor. One for PvE, one for PvP. Each ladder will have 12 tiers of armor in them, and then one final set of armor which is the best in-game. (Final armor set is very very very very very hard to get). (This is mostly the part I need help with). - 12 Seperate Instances all for dropping the PvE equipment tier. (Already done, just need help with mobs). That's just the major part. There are a whole bunch of small things I need, which would be very useful if you guys could help with it. The servers major files are constructed with the ArcEmu repack (I know it's not the best, but hey, I like it), and most if not all of the scripts are coded in Lua format. If any of you 'speak' Lua and would like to help, I'd really appreciate it! If you'd like to help, please reply to this topic and tell me how you can, and I'll send you more information on how you can help in a PM. For those of you who can help, thanks! For those of you who would be willing to test it once in a while, you can also reply to this thread saying you'd like to be a tester. For those of you who can't help, but read this anyway, thanks for checking it out, and at least seeing if you could help! Sincerely,