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Found 11 results

  1. Sun Ray

    Background pic.

    OK I just need every single one of you to post a good background pic so yay *fluttershy style* cuz all I've got is a bunny goat and planets. Also to make some entertainment what do you guys think of this. *Shoping music starts playing. Ya know with the UNCE UNCE over and over? Ya. Pinkie is that girl who shows off cars in game shows. The music stops and Gangnam style starts playing with all the vocals changed to Fluttershy's voice. A disco ball lowers and Pinkie losses it with confetti* Don't worry, you could win this song by searching for the depths of your Immmmagination. *everything warps back in my head (sorry pinkie)* Or you could just post a background that's fine to......I'm borde.....*I start beatboxing*.......*I stop*......*crickets cherp*...ok bye *end*
  2. Techno Universal

    fan art My first official fan art of my OC

    This is the first fan art that I've officially made and it's possibly going to be my new profile pic. It took me around 20 minutes to do this plus I was referring to the art style of another user as I simply don't know how to draw things like this on my own. So what do you guys think of it as my first MLP artwork I've made? It's of my OC Techno.
  3. Hey there! I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now, and since my studies are done with I can FINALLY get around to it! This is a SIG/AVI EDITING thread: That means I can't exactly DRAW anything - but with the programs I have, I can edit whatever you like to suit your needs! What I will require from you: *Any images you would want used *Any text you'd like *Extra special effects (monochromatic, shadows, etc.) *Anything else can be discussed with me I'm trying to work on my skills with this, so give me some time to finish it - but I'm happy to do my best to provide you all with Sigs and Avis that you'll LOVE! Examples of my editing work Profile Images Signatures I know it's basic but I wish to improve and give everyone lovely images and signatures Current status: Open Que: - Dark Tempest, Youtube Banner (WIP) - - - - Disclaimers!: None of this is my art, I merely do edits (Some very simple ones on occasion) All art belongs to the relevant owners. Oh and please credit me, I want others to see and come here and ask for some work.
  4. What is the worst responce you got on a mlp profile picture? I got kicked once and they said alot of weird stuff
  5. Mentis Soliloquy

    Request Profile Pic request

    Hello I'm looking for someone to do a custom Image of: Idealy I'm looking for someone to give her Royal Guard armour or to simply give her a non pony creator appearance to be used as my profile Image. also here is her cutie mark: I can give more info or images if anyone needs some more info.
  6. Master Intelligence

    Request Shop Photoshop Thread

    Photoshop Thread Hi My name is Carrick Reynolds. I do a bit of photoshopping from time to time and want to hone my skills. So I'm going to be photoshopping Banners,Avaters,Icons for applications,Signatures among other things. I'll do anything as long as you follow the rules. Rules: I cannot make anything that would not be appropriate for the site (So Anything PG15 at oldest and even then I would rather things be nowhere near over PG13) Critique is very much wanted if your not happy with the result. Please tell me it's a massive help. (Wow only two rules AMAZING!) PS:I can source all the images myself. The only time I will ask for a image from you. Is when you want to get a OC involved. any other image I can get myself Examples of my work: Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After ( If you want a non-watermarked version of this image. PM me. )
  7. Treble Sketch

    Cute Treble Sketch

    This is my first ever serious attempt at drawing digitally. The pony that you're seeing above is my OC, Treble Sketch Link to deviantART and Tumblr post. I also post my art on Inkbunny as well, but I wouldn't link it there for reasons. I'm open to all kinds of criticism and comments, my ears are always open
  8. Starlight Aura

    Request Shop Free Profile Pictures!

    Hi! I am offering to do profile pics for free! I attached some of my work, but I do NOT have SAI, which means its not going to look like a masterpiece. Since this is a trial, I'm only doing Profile Pics for now. I am also not doing full-bodies, keep that in mind. I can get it to you within a week. To know what you want, please give me the following: A PICTURE. If you don't have a picture, go on to step 2. DESCRIBE YOUR PONY. Try to be as descriptive as possible. WHAT IS IT DOING? I can make your pony be doing something, (singing, laughing, staring, crying, etc.) NOTE ANYTHING EXTRA. (Text, Background, etc.) For people that need an example: WITH PICTURE (I do not own this work) Name: Melody Sketch Action: Singing Note: Please add a stage-like backround, plz! WITHOUT PICTURE Name: Melody Sketch Coat: White Mane: Brown with red-brown streaks Cutie Mark: A music note (or include a picture or link of cutie mark) Action: Singing Note:Please add a stage-like backround, plz! Now that I explained EVERYTHING, I hope to see you soon!
  9. Sunset's Shimmer

    General Media Forum Pokemon Day

    Is it Just me, or does this Pokemon day happen be a really big flop. I only see maybe about 1/4th-1/3rd, probably even less, of the forum population have changed their profile pic. I also see a good amount of people's status updates, either completely ignore or are in complete confusion about this. Anyone else happen to notice this?
  10. SkullcandyPegasus

    Request OC in a Penguin Hoodie xD

    Would anyone be willing to create a picture of my oc facing the fourth wall in a penguin hoodie? Like a profile picture. :3 Her name is Snow Angel and her cutie mark probably isn't visible from that angle. =P Thanks for reading either way ^^ EDIT: just to clarify, I didn't mean to imply the picture is a profile for mlp forums specifically; rather, the picture is of a similar style, but not the exact format :33 lol
  11. Does anybody want to make me a better version of my OC, preferable digital art so I can make it a profile pic, I'd be really happy. here he is: and his cutie mark: