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Found 6 results

  1. A profile picture for my cheerful wonderbolt OC character: Windy Breeze! Note: This pic will be soon use by a user with the same name.
  2. OK I just need every single one of you to post a good background pic so yay *fluttershy style* cuz all I've got is a bunny goat and planets. Also to make some entertainment what do you guys think of this. *Shoping music starts playing. Ya know with the UNCE UNCE over and over? Ya. Pinkie is that girl who shows off cars in game shows. The music stops and Gangnam style starts playing with all the vocals changed to Fluttershy's voice. A disco ball lowers and Pinkie losses it with confetti* Don't worry, you could win this song by searching for the depths of your Immmmagination. *everything warps back in my head (sorry pinkie)* Or you could just post a background that's fine to......I'm borde.....*I start beatboxing*.......*I stop*......*crickets cherp*...ok bye *end*
  3. This is the first fan art that I've officially made and it's possibly going to be my new profile pic. It took me around 20 minutes to do this plus I was referring to the art style of another user as I simply don't know how to draw things like this on my own. So what do you guys think of it as my first MLP artwork I've made? It's of my OC Techno.
  4. What is the worst responce you got on a mlp profile picture? I got kicked once and they said alot of weird stuff
  5. This is my first ever serious attempt at drawing digitally. The pony that you're seeing above is my OC, Treble Sketch Link to deviantART and Tumblr post. I also post my art on Inkbunny as well, but I wouldn't link it there for reasons. I'm open to all kinds of criticism and comments, my ears are always open
  6. Is it Just me, or does this Pokemon day happen be a really big flop. I only see maybe about 1/4th-1/3rd, probably even less, of the forum population have changed their profile pic. I also see a good amount of people's status updates, either completely ignore or are in complete confusion about this. Anyone else happen to notice this?