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Found 44 results

  1. On my about me the Video URLs are no longer working. Why?
  2. So I recently noticed I can't access to the profile of some members, like Tholos, Rémi or Frozen Timelord (....) Normally the username of each member is in bold, (and I can click them), but for some members it's not the case. See the difference between Remi and GoldenWaves? And my question is: why?
  3. So.. I have seen many ponies with their background of their profile changed to a picture other then the default mlp forums background. I just wanted to know how I could do this :3
  4. I drew another one of these Photo App ponies! This time it’s Pencil Pouch, the pony you see in my profile picture! I wanted an updated Pencil so I drew a new one.
  5. Answer is very simple. I looooove music. EVERY music. And I love anime. That's why I chose my avatar("That's why they call me Loyalty" :3 ^^)
  6. Well almost. The title sums up what I was suppose to write at length so this will be short. The shortlist is during that time I graduated from College, applied and got employed. On the right track to become an HR Process Owner for IBM here in the Philippines in the next year or so. Took a turn and sought for companionship along the way. Haven't found that one person yet but a love life is a work-in-progress. Kinda lost my interest for Pony for a bit and mostly the brony crowd. But still interested in the fandom that I still came back to this forum after all these years so that must say something huh. Anyway if nobody even reads this it's alright. I'll still try to come back here from time to time and check out what you good people are talking about in every corner I walk myself into After all I'm still a big old loyal Rarity fan up in here
  7. I was wondering on the option mentioned in the title. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to make the navigation bar (I think there was the navigation menu as well as notifications/messenger) follow us as we scroll down - now it seems to be not working. It all stays at the very top and when we want to access our profile, or get back to the home page, we need to scroll all the way up. I've tried ticking that option on and off, but it seems to be not doing anything. I don't remember exactly when, but I think it happened back when you've upgraded to IPB4, but I didn't pay attention to that. So.. does it actually do anything now?
  8. For the sake of creating the greatest profiles in MLP Forums history, we shall rate the above user's profile background.
  9. I am having issues linking gifs onto my profile. What I would normally do is visit, upload a gif, copy its direct link, click on the icon of the photo of the tree on the Edit About Me Page box, paste it into the horizontal box provided, and save. For some reason now, however, this process no longer works. When I try using this method, the gif just shows up as an icon... I have been using my PC for this and always have been. I suppose this may be an issue on imgur's part or I am missing a step considering that imgur changed their site layout, but if anyone can assist me, I would truly appreciate it. A few notes: - This is a method I have been using ever since I can remember. - I am trying to post a gif that has been on my profile before it was randomly deleted and it is the same size as it was before. - I have tried a few different image uploading websites as well.
  10. I would just want to report that my Edit About Me Page button in the settings is somewhat broken. And by that I don't mean the button but the actual option as the things I save end up becoming all messy on my profile. For instance I'm trying to have my whole profile page centered and once I save it only the few parts the profile decides to center actually become centered. Or when I try to resize some things exactly the same things happen. Thank you for your attention.
  11. Hello, I don't know if I'm posting this in the wrong discussion area but how do YOU, create your OC or fan art. I don't RP or even tried (Only in-game ex. Garry's Mod) But I'd love to make fan art if I had a drawing tablet and proper editing tools. Anyways I wanted to know how you created your art. Or what program, tools, tablet or maybe even a scanner from paper. Do you think using the Pony creator is "cheating"? I created my profile picture with a reference photo and made it from Paint.NET, anyways I just wanted to know if that's okay :3
  12. I wanted to link my youtube page to my profile page, but it doesn't seem that I'm able to. See, if you didn't create a Youtube Channel before 2014, then you don't have a custom URL for your youtube channel with your Username on it. I think this might be part of the problem. Could I get some help with this, I'd like to link my main youtube page to my profile for all of you but at the moment I can not. I hope this issue isn't too difficult to solve.
  13. So subs are yellow, sections are pink and so on... would it be possible that once two people are friends could the user's hud (interface) be changed to say green or something? I guess it may help to see who you are friends with and who you are not. So you can scroll though posts and so on and find what your friends are saying for example. Many of us here have many friends and well being able to tell users apart may be rather helpful. Thoughts? (or am I just suggesting something stupid again)
  14. Hello, ever since joining the forum my profile views had been slowly increasing daily. Now one day, it just completely froze and a month later no change. It's not a big issue but i was just wondering. -Thanks!
  15. my profile title has reverted back to basic one, also I can't seem to find the option to change it. Odd since i'm an active sub.
  16. Something that could make people enjoy their own account more would be a custom picture adder for your profile page. Something like a Youtube channel editor.
  17. hi this is the forum where u can request a profile for league of legends I will create it and lvl it up to lvl 30 and send it to u for free and you can pick the username and password and regen also u can request specific champ that u want on there if u want u can tell me the masteries and runes that u want other wise I will leave them blank also I will be creating random ones that you can pick from if u want I will post the ones that are done these will most likely be on the NA regen and to keep the passwords safe they will be sent by pm's and i will get them done as soon as possible
  18. I have been seeing these other people on this forum with these. i want one. If you don't know what i am talking about it's under their name and above their profile picture. how do you get one of those? that's my question.
  19. I'll upload this image (1920x1080px, 244kb) to be my background, and when I go to press "Save Changes" this page pops up.
  20. Hi, I have read the post about what blogs are and how to use them and understand that they can be used for non-pony related topics, but I was wondering if there are general guidelines on how much a blog should talk about my little pony generally here? Also, my profile pic is off the internet. In no way do I claim it as my own and I do not intend it as plagiarism or copyright infringement. Should profile pictures be original to the account holder so as not to violate the rules? If so, I will change this as soon as possible. Thanks.
  21. When you add a background image to your profile, the maximum size is 255kb. That's fine if your image is a repeating pattern, but if you want to upload a single image to fill your background, the 255kb limit means instead of filling the background it appears as a small image in the top-left corner of the screen. It would be great if we could have larger size backgrounds for our profiles. I know it's not really a big deal, thought it might be worth mentioning though
  22. Personally, I think there should be an 'agender' option for the forums in a user's profile. I realize that people don't want a "long list" of genders but it's simply an extra option(s) (I believe genderfluid should be added as well). There's other genders on the list, but using female for myself feels awkward and using 'other' just sounds...kind of disgusting imo, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I know there are other people here who are agender and it'd probably make them feel more comfortable here as well. It's just an idea, and sorry if this type of topic was already made (I did see the more gender options topic but everything was added except agender and genderfluid which sounded skipped over in exchange for the 'other' option). Both agender and genderfluid seem relatively popular so not adding them because it'd be a "long list" just sounds kind of odd to me.
  23. Dear Support Staff, I have a problem with my profile. I see others with a large "about me" section in there's but when I go to edit my own profile to include such, I can't find the section. The upper most is the "community stats" portion. I need some assistance in locating such. Thank you.
  24. Hello! I decided to do a bit of pixel art, and ending up creating this one of Rarity. Let me know what you think of it, and hope you guys like it!
  25. So, I made a music player playlist of my 5 favorite songs and I have no idea how to embed it. Here's the code: <iframe style="border:none" src="" width="395" height="364" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>