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Found 22 results

  1. The soundtrack of the show sounds so generic and generated (without minding alliteration), that I sometimes wonder what computer program did they use to generate their music?
  2. So YouTube is trying to step up their game with giving the people (with YouTube accounts whether you actively upload or not) the chance to be a 'hero'. However it involves reporting comments that would make social justice warriors proud. Not that it's a bad thing mind you. One needs to make accurate reports of malicious comments or one would not receive points. Even if you have to agree to fight 'micro-aggressions' as Google's Anti-Harassment Policy dictates. So that makes me wonder, did anyone else heard about it? Did you already sign up for it? Do you think this is going to go more haywire than Johnny 5 caught in a rain storm? As a YouTuber would say "let me know in the comments".
  3. I want to make a remix of a MLP song, but I have no idea what program to use to make it, can anyone help?
  4. I have both Krita and Inkscape.. as well as GIMP (though gimp is a little limited in drawing compared to the other 2..) But i was wondering if there was a good drawing program out there (preferably free) with the ability to bind Hue/Saturation or Value of the selected color to certain keys on my keyboard.. I ask this because i wanna make some cool backgrounds or art in general, but constantly going over to the color wheel and changing values is annoying when trying to make art efficiently.. I'd like to be able to press NUMPAD 1 twice to reduce the Value of my selected color by 2, so i can continue drawing/painting with darker shades of the color I'm using immediately.. without going to the color wheel.. same with hue and saturation.. Does anypony here know of one that allows this? I'd greatly appreciate it ⁿ-ⁿ Thanks in advance.. ~AURAequine
  5. I was looking for a good program to use, and wanted to ask what programs you guys use. You have experience, I'm sure you all know good ones
  6. Hello! So I have been working on an animation using blender and I am wondering how to make a pony's tail (or mane) have some drag when it moves, for example: If the pony's head moves I want the mane/tail to lag behind it a little bit. Essentially I want the mane/tail to act like real hair. Does anyone know how I can do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. You are informed that they are doing a cultural exchange with earth and ponyville and this is a one time offer you can either go to ponyville and spend a month there or you can become a host family and be able to show one of the mane 6 around your home town for a month but you can not do both. what do you do.
  8. Me and my brother were planning on making a game for DirectX, but I have no idea where to start. Yeah, I know i need knowledge on C++, but I also need to know what software to program and compile that stuff. Do you know any good software I could use? EDIT: Ignore this, I found out. kthxbye
  9. As the title says, do you have any suggestions for a brony (computer) application/program? Not ideas for making one, but existing brony programs and applications that I can download, like digital merchandise that have ponies. For me, I really don't have a lot of suggestions other than a soundboard (I won't download one, however) and maybe a browser extension.
  10. Ok everypony (or everykerbal, I guess) time to discuss, and showcase the stuff you've done related to Kerbal Space Program! Here's my flawed Jool Mission.
  11. Hi. I'm deciding that I should write stories and fanfics and also do digital art. According to what you use and know, which art program would you recommend that I use? I know GIMP, Inkscape, Sculptris, Art Rage, OpenCanvas, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and Google SketchUp. Which one is reasonably better than the other?
  12. Guest

    Game KSP-Creations

    I assume, that some of you are playing Kerbal Space Program aswell. If you are, please post all of your creations below. Here are some of mine ( a lot went missing after updating ) I hope you enjoy
  13. Hey, so as some of you know, I am an artist. Sorta. Anyways, I've been using FireAlpacca a lot, and Im getting kinda sick of it. I need something a little bestter, so I can get a new kind of feel to my art. So does anyone hetre have any good (free) art programs? And yes, I am aware of SAI,, and things like that.
  14. Notessimo is music making website that's so easy even a cavecolt can do it. Basically it's like creating sheet music with different instruments and fixing the tempo and such. There some pretty epic stuff on there such as Bowser's Castle. I only made 1 song from Pokemon Black/White which is the in a pinnch (low HP) music. Enjoy
  15. Hi everypony! So I want to make some more digital art and the programs I have are an utter pain with my drawing style. I would like a program that can accurately emulate a real pencil to begin with. For example, if you go over a line with a real pencil, it should get darker and darker with more strokes or pressure, creating a nice layered effect. You can then shade with light feathery strokes or outline with a pen tool, colour with markers or pencils or what have you. But I have Flash, which doesn't let you do any of those things and photoshop's pencil tool creates jagged pixelated lines that don't layer or respond to pressure. Here's what I can draw with pencil and paper: Ok that one wasn't pony-related And here's what I can draw with Flash: It's okay but not quite as intricate as I'd like. Can anyone suggest a decent program that I can use to make images like I do in my sketchbook? (Or tell me how I can get photoshop to do this as I have no clue) Many thanks
  16. So, today I noticed something on a Youtube video I was watching. It was an icon on the taskbar. (The one in the image) I know I've seen it before, but I can't figure out what it's called. I know it's a sort of strange question, but I really need to know, so if anyone could help me, that'd be great.
  17. So what's the piece of software that you use most and is there a certain one you'd like to learn? Can we exclude web browsers and game clients. Otherwise i think every second response would be Google Chrome or Steam haha For me i use Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Only because i want to be a Visual Effects Artist and it's, arguably, the best thing for the job. Something i want to learn is Zbrush. It's a modelling package and pretty much the best in it's class. Chances are a lot of the CGI characters you have see in movies are made with it. Learning FL Studio would be pretty handy as well.
  18. So latley i have been trying to draw usuing, but Paint.Net is not coroperating with me so i need a new program to use, does anyone have any suggestions?
  19. What do you use to draw/sketch ponies? I sometimes use MSPaint, but most people say it's crap. Since I bought an iPad not too long ago, I have been using SketchBook Pro, and that has been working pretty good for me. Should I just stick with SketchBook Pro on my iPad? Is there any other painting programs for Windows? And tell me, is GIMP still any good? The last time I used it was back in high school a few years ago. If GIMP is still good, is there any way for me to re-learn it?
  20. So for the past really long time I've had the ultra-crappy Mixcraft program. Actually, to be more technical, I had the Mixcraft program that is not free, but I simply re-recorded the music onto Audacity and saved it. But now I'm getting quite a bit annoyed and tired of not only the low quality of the music that comes out of it, but also the small supplies that the program offers. So, does anyone know any better programs that preferably are free?
  21. I'm just wondering what programs you artistic people would recommend I use. I have a fantastic app on my iPhone that has a line smoothing feature called "drawing delay" you can set it from 1 to 30 pixels. You drag your finger and it draws a line slightly behind it making a VERY smooth line depending on how far back its set. I downloaded the Photoshop CS5 trial and surprisingly it doesn't have anything like this at all. It has a little "Smoother lines" check-box but its very ineffective and not what I was looking for. This is a feature I feel like I would need even if I decided to buy an art tablet. So for now I actually prefer the free ArtStudio iPhone app over Photoshop for pony drawings. Are there any other good programs I should try out? I would be shocked if nothing could match up to an iPhone app... Just for reference the app has layers, unlimited undos and redos, unlimited zoom and an excellent line smoother. That's pretty much all I really need.
  22. This is what Jokuc does when he is bored: IT WILL take a long time to download since it contains a .wav file >__> Anyways, my thought was to make like a downloader for mlp videos and songs but right now it just says mlpforums and equestria daily and I got too lazy to edit it. So now it is what it is, Links to the forum and EqD and a music player Also, is there anypony who knows if it's possible to shrink the file size of a .wav without converting it into another format?