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Found 122 results

  1. Even with how short it will probably be, yes, I do need to post this. If you somehow got here without knowing, I have been working on a potential design for a tabletop game. Now the game has technically been in development at this point for about 2 or 3 years. All I can reveal as of now about the game itself (I've revealed a lot of this already) is that it's a sort of hybrid between Heroclix and a MOBA with a post-apocalyptic setting (To address concerns about the way that may sound, it actually feels quite natural to a degree when you actually play it, the combination actually works quite well... Though it's had to receive a few tweaks on the way, I think it should work pretty decently right now based on my first impressions. Though, fair warning, there's plenty of things to keep track of). The game right now is sort of on pause (until things get better enough to make it feasible to progress). There are several reasons why it is: I'm having SERIOUS financial trouble, so bad that the power at my house may be cut off in a few hours if my Dad didn't get on to paying the bill... If it's that bad, then i I don't have access to my own printer right now. I can get around this, but Dad will have to be off of his computer and I'll have to be proactive enough to put all the content on a flash drive so I can get it there to print. Which looks like it's not going to be quite that simple, but I can make it happen. I've done it before. This is important because I finished the current patch, but I'd prefer to do my own QA some before I really get it out there, so that way I can sort of judge for myself based on actual play of the game, and also so I can make sure it is playable and coherent. I've not been on the best terms emotionally. This has been the case for a long while now, but it's really compounding it nonetheless. I've had issues with anxiety and depression for a while now, and it's been getting worse because of my current financial situation. It's been causing a LOT of distress. As of now, I'm the ONLY person working on it and the only real interest I've had for the game has been from my older brother who play-tested an earlier version and @PoisonClaw. There have been people who have brought it up a couple of times, but what I mean here is that they show interest in a way that actually CONTRIBUTES to it and helps it on its way. I'll admit I only really NEED the printer and electricity (obviously) to get anywhere at all right now, but to really progress with it, I'll really need to address all of this, and it needs to be remedied somehow or this game is going to go into serious development hell in the near future. But I think that's not going to happen, so... Probably won't get too far after a certain point... But, hopefully, I might be able to get out the patch I actually finished about a week ago soon if things turn out. All I'd actually need to do is get on to printing all of the necessary materials, triple-checking it so that way it comes out as polished as a single person could possibly make such a thing. For now, I am also sort of working on ANOTHER side project that may become a sort of spin-off to this (but is starting to look like it has a better chance of getting scrapped instead, due to it more than likely being overshadowed by an EXTREMELY popular tabletop game that's been around for a while), and other than that just trying as hard as I possibly can to keep my stress under control before it pops by playing an excessive amount of Borderlands 2 and trying to farm every piece of legendary gear in the base game that I have any remote degree of interest in... -__-
  2. I was thinking about creating a realistic portrayal of how language(s) would develop in Equestria. Of course you would have different language families, most likely divided by the different sentient species in their world; the equine languages, the griffin languages, the draconic languages, etc. Each would have their own unique history, dialects, grammar, phonetics, and more importantly lexicon, which would be highly influenced by their culture and way of life. Now let’s focus on the Ponies’ languages, or possibly a common Equestrian language that would have developed with the unification of the tribes. I was thinking they could develop an interesting noun classification system based on three groups; Earth/Terrequine, Sky/Pegasian, and Magic/Monocerous. This classification would not only apply to the types of ponies themselves, but reflect in how they view the world. Their names could take on the appropriate endings depending on if they were an earth pony, pegasus, or unicorn, and all nouns would get classified into one of those three groups; the ‘earth’ group for more earth-oriented things, the ‘sky’ group for sky-oriented things, and the ‘magic’ group for more abstract concepts. This could even apply to a single noun, where changing that noun’s ending or classification would change its meaning. Let’s make a word in example; perhaps la phona could mean “the tree” in earth form, then le phone could mean “the cloud” in sky form, and li phoni could mean “the pony (sentient individual; conscience)” in the magic form. (This is just for example; if I really make this language, there will be much more thought put into making it natural and have historical context with phonetic changes, irregularities, historic spelling rules, etc.) Now historically, among the three tribes, each one would’ve had their own distinct dialect of a “proto-equestrian” language, which would eventually shape the accents, dialects and colloquialisms of their modern counterparts. The unicorns’ language would’ve probably been more archaic and formed the basis for the standardisation of modern equestrian grammar; hence, people from Canterlot and aristocratic unicorns/ponies tend to speak very clearly with a distinct accent and word choice that could possibly sound ‘posh’ and ‘ritzy’ to other ponies. You could even have a similar thing to English where, after the invasion of Normandy, we took words from French, which took on a more pretentious and sophisticated feel as they were used by the aristocracy, yet we also retained the same words from Anglo-Saxon which have a lower register as they were used by the commoners or working class. So words from historic Unicorn language would sound more formal and sophisticated, while perhaps words originating from Earth Ponies would sound more simple. The earth ponies would also develop many accents and dialects of this modern Equestrian language based on their historic language(s), which could be perceived by other ponies to be very ‘country’ or ‘rustic’ (i.e. Applejack and the Apple family). Of course in modern Equestrian times these colloquialisms won’t always hold true solely based on a pony’s type; for example, Octavia is an Earth Pony who speaks kind of poshly or ‘properly’. You could also have unique accents arising in the city, for example Babs’ accent. Princess Luna, then, would speak a very archaic, unicornish form of the Equestrian language, possibly an Early Modern Equestrian language based in Canterlot (comparable to Early Modern English). If I continue through with this idea of documenting/creating a theoretical linguistic background for Equestria and constructing actual languages, I’ll probably post my progress here. Maybe one day we can have actual language courses and an entire community speaking an Equestrian language? That would be amazing. I’ll try to develop this more when I can, and hopefully I’ll have an actual speakable language underway soon. I will, however, probably have to start with an experimental Equestrian language first, before I start something serious, to kind of get an idea of how it would turn out and to get a basis for the whole thing. So what are your thoughts on all of this? Any extra ideas or Equestrian history you'd like to point out that may contribute to this?
  3. Hey guys, I hope all of you're fine. So, this is an art for story trade. You make a picture for me, and in return I'll try my best to provide you with a 1000 words story of your request. I can sometimes write poems as well, so I will do that too. I am going to work on a PMV project, that will be something entirely new for me, and I am hoping to get some help from you artist bronies and pegasisters out there. I need at least 30 art pieces for this project. No need to be done by a single artist. I won't mind them if they're different. You can pick any image you like to do, and in return I'll make a 1000 word story for you. Though I'll prefer if images in sequence are done by same artist. I'll give credits to respective artists, so no worries about that. This PMV is about my three+1 OCs. The details is as follows. 1) Earth Pony/Pegasus/ Unicorn mare (she's able to switch between any of three races), white coat, green mane&tail, deep blue eyes, name: Eden 2)a thestral (bat pony) mare, fangs, white coat, red mane&tail, light green (cat-like) eyes, and black bat wings, name: Rose 3) a human, with almost fair skin, black hairs, nearly trimmered facial hairs, a green hoody and a blue jeans/a gray sweater and black jeans/a blue t-shirt with gray trousers, name: Johnny (you can show him in whatever clothes you like, but when in bedroom he'll be wearing his t-shirt and trousers) 4) a thestral filly, cute small fangs, gray coat with a few occasional silvery stripes on her back, dark slivery gray mane, voilet eyes, name: Dream (daughter of Rose) So here are the images I needed. 1- Eden (as an Earth Pony), and Rose are standing in front of John while both of them are smiling and John is looking towards them and is confused, background: a room without much details 2- Rose's looking sad, and shedding tears while John has kept her in a hug, while Eden (as an Earth Pony) looks at them and pass them a sad expression, background: a room without much details. 3- John's sitting on the couch while both of them (sitting on their haunches) are hugging him from either side and also wrapping their wings around him, while nuzzling his cheeks, (Eden's in her pegasus form.) background: same 4- John's lying on the bed, giving a confused smile, while Rose is about to bite his neck with her fangs, background: slightly darkened room. 5- John's entering the house while Dream grab him in a hug, and other two mares watches with greeting expression, background: room without much details. Next four pictures are in a sequence. 6- Rose with sad expression while sitting on the couch with a thought cloud in which glowing red eyes could be seen in darkness. 7- Dream came towards her with a gleeful expression, with a thought cloud be seen in which "Daddy loves you" is written. 8- the thought cloud on Rose's head from before puffed and disappeares. 9- Rose hugging Dream. Next three pictures are also in sequence 10- Edlen looking into the mirror and instead of herself she sees a digital grid in her shape. 11- then she imagine the John standing beside hler. 12- then she saw her true self in the mirror once more. 13- Dream hugging a gameboy like device (only this device looks far far futuristic), with a speech bubble which is saying thanks. 14- Eden reading a story to Dream from a tablet-like device. 15- Rose lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on but still smiling, while Eden, John, and Dream are standing beside bed smiling at her with a get well soon card on the other side of the bed. That'll be all for now. I'll update this time to time to add details for remaining 15 pictures. Thanks in advance, and I will be waiting for your response. Please don't leave me hanging, I have a lots of expectations for this project.
  4. So, I just put Abedias into the Character page and after a lengthy writing session to get it all out I post it only to find the formatting is completely borked! Any idea what's up with that? Am I just missing something Here? Anyway, on to another subject! I'm currently working on a bit of a project. If you've had any interactions with me it is more than likely that you already know about it but for those that don't, I'm trying to set up a systematic method for interpreting cutie marks that will produce interesting and deep characters based on a cutie mark image. Basically, put cutie mark in, get Awesome OC out! To that end, I would like any help you guys are willing to offer! Ideas, critiques or suggestions are welcome and I always enjoy trying my system out on new Cutie Marks to see how they match the OC you've already got So, anyone willing to help out or give it a try, I've got a post set up in Sugarcube Corner, or you can just PM me! That's all I have for now~
  5. Since I can't really afford a car IRL yet, I decided I'd build a paper model of the car I want while I wait. This is a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria. I have had experience in the past with paper models, but with this one I want to make this a printable model, meaning, I can make as many as I want without having to draw it over and over like I used to.
  6. I'm currently planning on making an MLP audio drama but I need the following in order to make it happen: Voice Actors: I don't know how much we need, but there are plenty of roles in it. Animators: If you don't know what an audio drama looks like, refer to the Daughter of Discord series on YouTube. That's what we need. Editors An extra script writer: My friend and I are planning on making the script, but we'll also need an extra set of hands to help us If you have any questions, you can contact me on skype: israelyabuki1995 Thank you for your time.
  7. My friend and I are still working on a fanmade series but we don't have enough voice actresses for these characters as listed below: Twilight Sparkle Starlight Glimmer Zecora Trixie Lulamoon Princess Celestia Princess Luna Derpy Hooves If you want to help us out, feel free to contact me.
  8. Last week I went to my first Comic Con and had a blast! The last day of the Con, I ran in to an old friend and it turns out that he's a member of the 501st Legion, a worldwide volunteer organization of Star Wars fans that have the best-of-the-best Star Wars cosplay. He was cosplaying as Clone Captain Rex. We got talking on Facebook a couple days later and he sort of drafted me into the 501st...haha I'm trying to decide which Clone Trooper's armor I want to build. Here are pictures of the ones that have made my personal Top 5: CLONE MARSHAL COMMANDER "CODY" CLONE ARC TROOPER "COLT" CLONE ARC TROOPER "ECHO" CLONE COMMANDO CAPTAIN "GREGOR" CLONE COMMANDER "WOLFFE" CLONE DELTA SQUADRON SNIPER "SEV"
  9. Hey guys, I need some help with this project called Perfect Turnabout. It's a sequel to Turnabout Storm that me and my friend are making. But we don't have any animators to help us out. The animation should be similar to Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Also we still need 6 voice actresses since all the male roles are taken (Phoenix Wright might be available but we're not sure yet). So if you would kindly help us out, I'd really appreciate it
  10. I'm looking for 1 or 2 more animators to help me out with this sequel me and my friend are making. It's a 2 year time skip to this fanmade series called Turnabout Storm. Some of you might have heard about it or seen it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on skype: israelyabuki1995
  11. Hello Warlock hear and i have a rely interesting idea for a Halloween YouTube project but i need other youtubers. The project is a scavenger hunt of kind where I am hopeing at least five youtubers will all make different Halloween based videos. they can be scary funny sad what ever as long as there nightmare night or Halloween ish. but instead of posting on our own channel we will each post one of the other peoples so my video would be posted on one persons and theirs on some one else tell every one of us has posted some one else video and the viewers to find the youtuber they started with would have to look at the other youtubers. this way we could gain some viewers and fans that may not have thought to look at us and we gain a small community together to maybe work with in the future. I hope I explained this well. If your interested let me know at least by August 15th. send me your YouTube name and what you want to do. Have the actual video sent to me by October 1st. contact me at
  12. It seems Microsoft is creating it's own NX.
  13. Does some of you remember this game? What really surprised me was the silence around the game after the launch. No big Youtuber made a Let's play of it, almost no news, it's like the game went into oblivion. But I should've expected that since Microsoft's decision to limit it to Windows 8.1 and Windows Store exclusivity didn't help.
  14. Does anyone know any good tutorials on how to make a collages of videos in a video editor or software like that? Planning on making a fan made trailer for the MLP Movie but have no idea how to do what I want to do with it.
  15. Greetings, everybody it is I, MrYossarian. I'm not very good with describing things here, so I'll try to be as clear as possible... So recently, I was messing around with the video game named Brothers in Arms and I tried to look at some editors that would allow me to modify the ressources. Eventually, I've found an editor for this game and then I took my time to see everything that this program could do and then, an idea popped in my head. Since I could easily modify the ressources of the game, I've tough about making a Total Conversion of this game with MLP:FiM assets. So, I've taken a few ponies faces from some RPG Maker games (since they were almost identical) and I've done the editing and, to be honest, I've got quite a good laugh from it. Take a look by yourself ! Oh, and don't worry about the text's language. My native language is French. *THE FOLLOWING CONTENT CONTAINS BLOOD, IT'S MINIMAL, BUT I DON'T KNOW IF IT WILL CLASSIFIED AS NSFW* Now, there's many things wrong in these pictures: - The soldiers aren't ponies. - The view model is made of human arms instead of hooves. - The names are wrong (Matt Baker and Joe Hartsock?) - The germans aren't modified yet. And THAT'S where I'm stuck. I know how to modify the interface, importing models, changing sounds and all, but I don't have the necessary assets for being able to do that. I know how to execute the job, I just don't have the patience nor time to look at the sources. This is why I need the help of the community, because that's pretty much the only thing that will be done if I don't get any help. So, you want to help? Good, here's the many things that I need. Oh and just in case you're wondering what is the engine of this game, it's UnrealEd 2. Casting idea: One thing that I'm sure of is that the US Commander, Matt Baker, will be Twilight, there's no doubt about it. However, I'm not too sure if Dashie should be the second US commander (Keep in mind that Joe Hartsock is the commander in the campaign.) I still don't know what the german soldiers will look like and I'm not too sure if the Generic US Soldiers are going to be Mane 6 characters (Generic Soldiers are pretty much clones) If you want to decide who is who, this is for you. Interface: Changing the faces and the icons aren't a problem for me, the problem is, again, the sources. So, if you feel like drawing or providing faces of ponies and/or icons, this job is for you. Voice: By default, the US Commanders and the Generic US Soldiers have their own voice. Matt Baker have his own, Joe Hartsock as well. Hooper (Rarity), York (Applejack) and Wheaton (Pinkie Pie) have their own unique voice as well. Even tough we aren't sure about the fate of the Mane 6 characters in this mod, it doesn't really matter because apart from the commanders, every soldiers have the same schedule of dialogue lines. However, you better get yourself some water if you're planning to do some voice acting, there's nearly 125 dialogue lines for each characters. So, if you love to do some voice acting, this job is for you. That's pretty much all the jobs for now, I'm aware that there's more things that need to be acheived, but we'll do one thing at a time. Thank you for taking your time to read this post, and I hope you'll help me(us) with this project. Have a nice day everyone.
  16. Now My current project which is almost done a crown made of keys ... figured it would be cool for the DM to wear during D&D nights
  17. So here's a poster I've made for my forensics class! It's a toxicology report and lucky for me, I was chosen to do Methamphetamine! As a fan of Breaking Bad, I just had to draw this! I'll also be making another Forensics Documentary video for the class this Monday OR Tuesday. Check out my YouTube channel by then to see it! Hope you guys will like my poster. Even I was surprised like crazy dude lol!
  18. So the other day I shared a MLP cake my sister made. Over the last 4 years she has fallen in love with crafting homemade cakes, dinners, desserts, and crocheted items. This prompted me to find all the pictures we have taken of her creations, as well as some of the other projects my family members have created. *Unless otherwise stated: ALL OF THESE ARE LEGITIMATELY FROM MY FAMILY! NO JOKE. My participation has been photography...haha and taste-testing! **I've edited over most of the names she has written onto the cakes ==================================================== I'd love to see what other things your families have created, if you have pictures of course! So feel free to share what you can! PIRATE CAKE, Cupcakes, & Cannons This was the first cake that she made so it's a little rough around the edges! We had a pirate party for Halloween 3 years ago (we've actually had 3 now...we like pirates! ) The Captain Barbosa toy on the deck, the masts, sails and string-rail, and flags were the only non-edible parts. My father created the little cannons and cannon ball piles out of various candies (Tootsie Rolls, mini Oreos, Hershey Buttons, Sixlets, Milky Ways and I think Whoppers) ==================== Giraffe *I don't know who Aspen is so I figured I could leave that name there. ==================== 50/50 Split She made this one for some twins: ==================== MLP: FiM - Rainbow Dash ==================== Gingerbread Houses My mom and another sister made these a few Christmases ago:
  19. I started a project for myself as a practice exercise and I've made this thread as a way to spread the idea, perhaps also to inspire other artists to get involved with me here. Every day, I intend to fill one page with mlp fan artwork. Be it OC's or canon characters, anything mlp related goes. I will post updates less frequently here, as I want to use this to showcase the best of what I produce. I have completely filled my book, and will be posting coloured versions of some of my line art now. For those interested in following my daily updates, you can check me out at You can also follow me on! Here's what I have so far. (I need to shake less when I take pictures.) If you want to suggest ideas to me for future days, I welcome you to do so in the comments on my DA for each daily post I upload. Please keep in mind that I won't be doing OC requests, simply because I would be swamped with requests if I did. However canon characters I will do. If you would like to participate in the daily channel, feel free to post your progress here in the comments! I hope to see some great fan art in here.
  20. I've decided to abort this project. Yeah I know I kinda broke a promise, but I'm no longer a Brony anymore, and I just want to pull away from the Brony community. I know I could have done this, but in the end, I just don't want to associate myself with the Brony community anymore. With that said, I've closed this project, probably for good. Who knows, I might come back and continue this, but that's very unlikely now. If I ever do bring this back to life, then I'll let you all know in here.
  21. I am in the process of converting, my old toy room from when I was a kid. Into my own personal office/hang out area. I thought I would share the progress I made in this blog. If you want to fallow my progress I will be updating this blog with any significant changes I make. Keep in mind this is only the start and I have a long way to go before I'm finished. The boxes you see are filed with my old toys that I plan on selling. As you can see I was a spoiled child. XD If you have any questions, feel free to post any you may have below.
  22. i just learned that PROJECT:ECHO has not seen lord of the rings? if there are any others who have not seen it please watch it. and all of us who have seen it have a duty to get everyone else to see it.
  23. Hi, I am looking for some female singers for a new song project! I have been doing this for three weeks now and I still need to fulfill my cast after some have made it to the project. I still need a Vinyl, Lyra and Bon Bon singer. If you have a youtube pm me at AsktheMasterofEquestria, my second channel. I can only message you from there but be warned that I will not reply right away. So I apologize if I miss your message for a couple of days or hours. However if you do not have a youtube, send me an email by telling me yours through to my MLP Forums private messages! I will still not reply straight away because my second channel and MLP Forums are like second party websites for me (if you know what I mean.) An email is required for this and a mic (whether you have a yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.) Because I will need to send you the material you'll need for this project. I need a mic because I will need your lines. I'd prefer a high quality mic without most of the background noise, but if you are willing to edit in your vocals into the instrumental on your own it would be great if you could. But still a high quality mic would be the best mic to use without much background noise as possible. Tip: Please do not be a confused person if you do not know how to use a mic or an email, and please do not bother me with voice acting questions as I am not an expert myself; otherwise I will ignore you. Take tutorials and lessons first before going on major projects. Remember, baby steps first. I do not want anymore singers dropping out because of this. I also recommend voice actors who have Audacity or another programs to mix their vocals into the instrumental as I am not an expert in audio mixing either, and I'd be grateful to have as much background noise removed from your mic as much as possible.
  24. Next up is a statue I made in welding, I used car parts. He's a spear thrower with his spine made from a crankshaft... I call him a spear-thrower with scoliosis Why not I'll include some of my favorite drawings Okay lastly, Because I was bored at work one day... A carpenter pencil crossbow.
  25. If you want to take part of a project that has free entry for anyone just say ``yuuuuuup`` :3