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Found 4 results

  1. I have been thinking about the Tree of Harmony and how Celestia and Luna took the Elements from it 1000+ years before the Mane 6 ever existed. The Elements were each shaped like the cutie marks of ponies that would not be born for over a millenia. Does this mean they were, in a sense, prophesied by the tree itself? The tree shows some level of sentience, so I have to wonder if the tree helped to bring them into existence or possibly worked unseen to manipulate the events that helped form their characters. There is no way this is a coincidence. There are far too many factors and far too many years involved to dismiss it as something that "just happened." I thought maybe it could be like a Legend of Zelda-type world, where the characters continue to be reborn so that they can continue to play the same roles. Thoughts on this?
  2. A great fear will drive people apart. Fire will rain from the skies. Only a scientist's hatred will save the people. ... And they will scavenge with the emerald paladin. --Now it's your turn! Say something enigmatic and confusing
  3. I thought it could be interesting, to write a story about Sombra´s rise to power (and fall to evil) from his own perspective. This FanFiction will play during 13 Days, starting on the day before his father died, ending on the day of his coronation. There is a risk in interpreting prophecies... And since I´m from Germany, my grammar may be not that good or a bit complicated at times. I apologise for that. Enjoy. Day 1 Day 2
  4. Several weeks ago, I was watching one of my favorite anime: a series of OVAs called Karas. Think of what might happen when you cross Batman with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Mix with a lot of blood and add plenty of dazzling animation, and you pretty much have Karas right there. Somewhere down the line, I started wondering what MLP would look like if it was made in the art style of Karas. Then, I started wondering if anybrony on dA or FiMFiction or any other place had beaten me to the punch. Nothing. No My Little Karas, nothing. And that was when I realized I could be onto something promising here. Last week, I started laying the groundwork for what is possibly the first-ever crossover with Karas and FiM. (Well, I dunno about a crossover--the way I have it thus far, its like Karas with ponies, but eventually I want to put enough elements of my own in it to where it can hopefully be something close to a stand-alone work of fanfiction instead of some rip-off of a fantastic work of animation.) Anyway, at the time of posting, I've got two rough chapters and a modified screenshot from the OVA that I probably won't be using as the cover art for very much longer (because I can't hardly draw for *squee*), but in the interest of completeness, I'll be posting it here too. Here's a synopsis of the story: And attached is the poor, poor excuse for cover art I've been rolling with: TL;DR I am in unfamiliar territory; is anybrony willing to offer me some suggestions here?