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Found 17 results

  1. Halloween is tomorrow (as of the time of posting) and I'm curious to know what your Jack-O-Lanterns look like. Pictures or descriptions are acceptable. I carved Venom into a pumpkin, as shown in my profile picture!
  2. I recorded a brief video of our Jack O' Lantern.
  3. An early celebration of All Hallows Eve descends upon his homestead as deep in the kitchen of number 4, Biggybrony carves his pumpkins. He carves them in dark admiration of the toxic spirits that visited his Gameboy Colour back in the year 2000(ish). He of course refers to the deathly family of ghost-types that haunted the first generation of Pokémon games Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, representing the nocturnal hell he sent to do battle with his rival Gary (except he didn't know you had to trade Haunter to evolve him so he was sent out looking quite sheepish in the face of that Alakazam.) Fillies and gentlecolts, I give you... The Pokemon ghost pumpkins!
  4. A sp00ky Halloween scene I made in Blender Cycles. I've been thinking of doing a MLP version by replacing the pumpkin faces with MLP villains. If you'd like to see that, just comment that you'd like to
  5. Happy early Halloween! More stuff (maybe even Nightmare Night related) coming closer to Halloween
  6. Ask the adorable Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake, Foals of Mrs. And Mr. Cake! (How many cakes was that?) Have fun with your fellow pegasisters and bronys and get a good laugh out of these two little ponies! Watch Pound Cake fly around and dont miss his easter flying show! And ya'll should head on over to Pumpkin Cake, who tells your fortune! =^.^= {Rules} - No bullying - No making fun of blankflanks - No spamming And most importantly, Have fun!
  7. Ask my oc's anything and yes interviews for them are accepted just ask me when. Light Fire's page: Pumkin Seeds Halloween Coustume: (This is the only picture of Pumkin Seeds,Please read the description in there) Pumpkin Seeds page:
  8. Okay, during Halloween, many people carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. If you have done that this year, go ahead and post a picture of it here! This year, I didn't have access to a pumpkin, so I improvised and used an apple instead. I'd say it turned out better than I thought it would.
  9. Hey every pony! I just finished my pony pumpkin (bet you cant guess who it is :comeatus: lol) and I would love to see yours! so, post away! Oh and Happy Nightmare Night to all you!!
  10. Exactly what the title says. Are you going to carve a pumpkin this Halloween? If so what are you carving?
  11. Seeing as it's that time of year. I thought I'd post a couple shots of my previous jack-o-lantern carvings. Enjoy! Maybe share some of your own if you have pics! This one was sort of peanut shaped, so I went with it. And this last one is the annual, big one. It actually says "Happy Halloween" below, but it's sort of hard to read in the image.
  12. So my sister and I are decided to do this, this year, she loves Jack Skellington and I love MLP SO... The King of Halloween and the Queen of Nightmare Night, badaboom! Yes I know these aren't original designs, but come on... we did it free hand I really hope I put this in the right place ^^;;
  13. Pretty easy to understand, Post your pumpkin that you've made, or, if you haven't made one. Look in awe at people who have WAY to much time on there hands. Here is mine:
  14. I know it's no longer Halloween or Nightmare Night but I wasn't on here around that time. These are two of the thirteen pumpkins I carved in 2012. All of the pumpkins I have carved throughout the years can be viewed on my deviantART. I decided to start 2012's pumpkin carving extravaganza with Nightmare Moon... I thought it was perfect to start with something for Nightmare Night! Took 5 hours to carve, my only tools were a nail file and flat head screwdriver, it cost me a blister or two. The second MLP pumpkin I carved was a funny idea I had... Rainbow Dash is so cool and fearless but if she were to crash into something, what would it be? The Tardis! It pops out of nowhere! So I did Rainbow Dash crashing into the Tardis with Doctor Whooves (or Time Turner) walking out. The POLICE BOX PUBLIC CALL text at the top was painstakingly time consuming. I also did my best to make Rainbow Dash's mane and tail to have different layers/shades to look like a "rainbow." It's hard to see on here but you can really tell in person. This one took roughly 3ish hours to carve. The downside to using pumpkins as a medium is that they only last so long and I only get to carve them once a year.
  15. So, for Halloween, do you usually carve a pumpkin? Do you do it every Halloween and how many pumpkins do you usually get? Halloween isn't really that popular where I live anymore and I don't even see anyone who gives a shit about it. But I love Halloween since I am a huge horror fan. So this is the pumpkin I made today.. Or actually I just finished it Merge this topic if it already excists.
  16. This is my first attempt at carving a pumpkin. (I've made simple jack-o-lanterns before but they don't count) I decided to use the technique of only shaving off the outer layer instead of cutting holes. So what do you think about it so far? I'm still working on it but I wanted some input before I finish incase you guys think I should do something different. If it turns out good enough I'm going to enter it in the 8K Brony Pumpkin Carving Contest on Reddit. Lit | Unlit (sorry for the large image size) Finished! Lit | Unlit (with reddit username) At first I cut the white part of the eyes out completely but it was too bright so I put the pieces back in. (derp) There doesn't seem to be a "craft" prefix anymore so I used "visual art" instead.
  17. Hey everypony! I may not have much to contribute to digital art, but every year I'm big into pumpkin carving. It's a family tradition, just like birthday cake art (but that's another subject). Anyway, this year, being my first Halloween as a brony, I decided on a New Lunar Republic pumpkin design. The following are links to my new album showing our progress. Sorry some of the pics are a bit grainy, but it was a cheap camera. Pumpkin: $3.50 Projector: $150.00 Getting my dad, an ex navy vet, to work on a pony project with me: Priceless.