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Found 14 results

  1. I have been listening to a lot of Minor Threat recently just got into them. Love the lyrics in their songs. Does anyone else here like Minor Threat or Fugazi?
  2. Hello, everypony! There seems to be a metal thread, as well as a hip hop thread, but not a punk thread. So I figured,why not start one? Post your punk rock music here! Melodic hardcore, punk rock, hardcore punk-any type of music that could be considered punky! I'll start: Show me what you got!
  3. Having been around the fandom for a while I thought I had heard most of the genres people had made pony themed music from, well I was wrong as I have found some awesome ska/punk music.
  4. StealingShad3Z

    15 Years- A Hardcore Punk Song

    I watched the mini movie "My Little Dashie" based on the popular fanfic. The story was so heartbreaking and touching that I teamed up with SrightryAmiss and we wrote this!!! This is the second song for our debut albmum!!! Since my screamo lyrics or not always the clearest, heres the lyrics: The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go So do you have to go and leave me here by my self Before i found you my life was a living hell You were always my little girl (You were my crutch, you were my world) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me I refuse to let this day end i call up the stairs but you never comedown I know you fear the truth but i know youll come around Just remember theres an open door (you can come in, just tell me when) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me Well can you blame her She finnaly with her kind But dont forget me for this will always be your sky and i will never forget you so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go
  5. StealingShad3Z

    A Punk Anthem for Fluttershy Not all the instruments are done, still need to add the bridge and final chorus and then some bass, maybe some lead guitar and piano, and of coarse vocals, but ill be done with this by next Friday since thats when this project is due in my class lol
  6. Hello my friends! This is the first post I have done in a while here at otherfans work, Still it was here everything begun, It was here that I gathered my first. It brings back some really good memories, does it not. Since I last posted in this part of the forum I have been doing a lot of stuff. While producing some new pmv´s I started to realise that everytime I did not promote my videos here my views was not Increasing as much. So I thought I would show off you my latest two projects, here we go! First up is a bit of pure PonyPunk. A great mix betwheen the blended feelings of teenagers and some really good punk rock. The song I used is "TEENAGE ANARCHIST" by the ass-kicking american band "AGAINST ME" (I REALLY SUGGESTS, WATCHING THE ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO IT CAN BE FOUND IUN THE DESCRIPTION) Next up is something from the more post-apocalyptic spirit, This shows what had happen if Equestria went really,really dark. The song I used is "LOVE IN A COLD WORLD" by the mysterious band "GRAVE PLEASURES" (former known as BEASTMILK) (CHECK OUT THERE NEW SINGLE
  7. idkQuicksilver

    [Ska/Punk] Luna Ticks - Back To Equestria!

    Here's our new track featured on the Ponies at Dawn Celestial Planes album! Be sure to subscribe to me and VaceslaV on youtube to keep up with out latest releases
  8. Not sure how many here like Rise Against but in the past two years their music has grown on me so much. I have bought all their albums and I can always listen to a song by theirs to help me if I am going through something. Their lyrics in their songs are so meaningful and just out of any band I know... their lyrics hit home with me. I love all their songs especially their earlier work from The Unraveling, Revolutions Per Minute & Siren Song of the Counterculture My top 10 songs by them would have to be these. 1.) Everchanging- The Unraveling 2.) Six Ways Till Sunday - The Unraveling 3.) Black Masks & Gasoline - Revolutions Per Minute 4.) Like the Angel - Revolutions Per Minute 5.) Give It All - Siren Song of the Counterculture 6.) Swing Life Away - Siren Song of the Counterculture 7.) The Good Left Undone - The Sufferer & the Witness 8.) Injection/Survive - The Sufferer & the Witness 9.) This is Letting Go/Lanterns - Endgame 10.)Tragedy + Time - The Black Market Everchanging is my all time favorite song by them the lyrics in this song are absolutely amazing. I can listen to this song and it covers so much truth in so many different areas. In this "everchanging life" this is always going to be something to come your way and no matter what it maybe you have to be ready for whatever life throws at you. Each day you never know what will take place so you just have to be ready for the absolute unexpected. Every year things come new to your life and we learn new things. This song is one of my all time favorite songs ever though <3 Rise Against is a wonderful band and this quote by them I respect greatly. "How we survive makes who we are"
  9. So yeah what would the name of your punk rock band be? Mine would be maybe be The Trash Surfers, Drunken Seagulls, or The Lucky Dices So what are you waitin' for Lets Go!!!!

    Your thoughts on Green Day

    I remember about 4 years ago my dad (or maybe my friend, I don't know) introduced me to Green Day by sitting me down and forcing "¡Viva la Gloria!" down my ears. I have been listening to them ever since, so I kinda grew up listening to them. However, for a reason completely unknown to me, I never really googled much about them. Anything I read was on Wikipedia, so there was no opinions. But recently I've come across stuff on the internet, and everyone seems to hate them! I just want to see how many people here like/dislike them. Plus I'm bored.
  11. So to start things off The Explosion were a band formed back in 1998 by Matt Hock - vocals (1998–2007) David Walsh - guitar (1998–2007) (Currently playing guitar with The Loved Ones) Damian Genuardi - bass (1998–2007) (Currently playing bass with My Best Fiend) Dan Colby - drums (1998–2000) Their music was featured in game soundtracks from Burnout 3: Takedown, Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition, and Tony Hawk's Underground 1 & 2 (THUG 1 & 2). I was wondering of anyone on these forums ever remember hearing this band back then? I know I did especially from playing those games from my childhood. Now I have started to get back into this band which is kind of crazy. They disbanded in 2007 but released their last album recorded back then in 2012 called Bury Me Standing. This song was featured in the games : Burnout 3: Takedown & THUG 2 two amazing games :3 If listening to these songs sparked any memories at all post them here or if you remember this band from the past?
  12. White Crow

    Ramones- Blitzkrieg Bob (cover)

    It is been a while since I last played my guitar :/ Plan on practicing alot more as of now. But did this cover a few months back. Really fun song to play
  13. Hello all, this is ADashOfRainbow here to bring you a thread all about one of his favorite music genres, ska. So what is ska? Pure awesomeness. The best I can describe it as is punk-rock with concert band instruments thrown into the mix, like trumpets, trombones, saxes, ETC. This genre was popular in the 90s, but still has quite the underground following nowadays. My favorite ska bands are Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. And now for some tunes: Discuss and post more ska!
  14. Mikael

    Straight Edge

    Hi everypony! Anyone that are into the "Straight Edge" sub culture? For everypony that don't know what it is it can mean many things (but you don't need to follow it all): It's a subculture and ubgenre of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs (this is something you have to follow if you are a Straight Edge). For some it means being a vegetarian and not using caffeine or prescription drugs. I am not a 100% follower, but I do not use alcohol, tobacco or other recreational drugs and I am a big fan of punk rock, punk and hardcore punk. Even though I don't follow induvidualism that are also a part of Straight Edge for many. I know that it can mean many other things too, but these are the main things that the Straight Edge community follows. If there is something important that I missed just tell me, I am quit new to this.