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Found 19 results

  1. Puns don't make me cringe, I find them to be quite humorous!
  2. Hello and welcome to the great pun war of 20XX! This is a game where you search for or think up a pun in reaction to the one above you It can be an image, or plain text, but it must be in pun format. Funny or no, let's keep it clean, this is a PG forum Starting off:
  3. Its simple, all you got to do is make a pun or joke about the person above you based on their avatar or name. Play nice and have fun. (*u*)/
  4. Hey everyone, in this thread I want anypony who can to post all their jokes related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It can be any length and about any character, format, be it lame, or just silly, good fun... Whatever works! Okay, I'll tell mine: Twilight has just gotten done with a cram-school like session in her library and decides to take a walk around Ponyville to find a friend to hang out with. She stops by Rarity's boutique, Fluttershy's creature-packed home, Pinkie Pie's candy-centric workplace/apartment, and the rest of the gang's usual hanging spots. However, her search goes in-vain until she ventures onto Apple family premises. She looks around, hoping to spot Applejack this time around, but then sees a sadistic Apple Bloom throwing a rock repeatedly against Applejack's favorite tree. On the ground, Twilight sees not to far from her Apple Bloom's Cutie mark crusaders cape and emblem on the drifty dirt beneath their hooves. Troubled, Twilight goes in closer to Apple Bloom, delivering her disgruntled "Hello," to an angry AppleBloom. Apple Bloom replies, "Oh, Hey Twilight--" BONK, the rock hits her on the head and she is disoriented for a brief moment. Twilight consoles her head for a bit, and then inevitably asks, "What's all this Apple Bloom? This is your cutie mark crusaders cape and badge, dirtied up on the ground. What happened?" Apple Bloom resentfully turns around and begins throwing her rock again, taking her rageout on the tree. With moderate success, she knocks another object onto her head to choke away the rest of her luck. "What's zit' to you, Twi--" she grunts, stomping the remnants of the torn drapery and then throwing them again. "Did something happen between you, SweetieBelle, and Scootaloo?" Twilight pressed on, squaring her jaw while once again sampling the cloth. "Yeah, maybe... Let's just kindly say that I am no longer "a-filly-ated" with the girls and their crusadin' jive." Twilight: *Blink*
  5. Took me a few minutes to draw this. I call it Sockrotes. I love puns
  6. Not sure if there's a topic like this, but... Alright, has anypony ever looked at a character from a random show and thought 'I can totally make that name into a pony pun.' or something? I know I have! For example... Toph Neigh Fong! (Yeah, it's like they set it up for that! ) If you've thought of a character who could have their name (or other aspect of themselves, if you can think of a way to make it work) turned into a pony pun, go ahead and post it here! (With a pic of what you think they'd look like as a pony, if you want.) If you have more than one, all the better!
  7. I know the show has had puns for places like 'Mane' Hatten, but what about countries? We've heard 'saddle' arabia, and i think i saw ger'mane'y and one point, dunno if it was fan-created or not though, and ofcourse, america would be a'mare'ica, but i'm having trouble thinking of any for countries like Japan and Italy and such, so have you got any good country-specific pony puns?
  8. I'm helping edit a fanfic, and the author references Charlie Chaplin. What would a good pony pun for his last name be?
  9. Well, I was browsing the applejack fanclub thread when suddenly, a wild pun appeared! The exact words were: "what's the best thing about being a unicorn? being 'horny'" -Delzepp Thank you Delzepp for making my day better!
  10. So, Great Britain in our world is made of England, Scotland, Welsh, Ireland and Northern Ireland. And here's what I came up with; Great Britain - Great Bridle(word bridle sounds and looks like Britain) England - Engband Scotland - Scotband Ireland - Ireband(because actual bridle is made up of many bands, so switched up 'land' with 'band') Wales - Reins (rein is a part of bridle) What do you guys think? Yay or neigh?
  11. Cursing is something that we tend to do under certain circumstances. I know that kids shows should not promote cursing, but sometimes it's the only option in order to drive a point across. Aside from the usual somepony/anypony puns that we get in every single episode, on the rare occasion we'll get the ponies to replace strong language with horse puns ala: What the hell = what the hay Nobody gives a flying (*squee) = nopony gives a flying feather Congratu(f-ing)lations = Congratu-Pony-lations! So my question to all of you: What are your thoughts on the show staff getting away with using strong language by inserting pony words instead of the actual curse word? Also, what curse word would you like to see ponified? I'm curious as to see what some of you will come up with (just try not to go too overboard with it, since I don't like promoting the idea of cursing in this kind of show .
  12. A friend of mine drew a picture of my head on a Shaymin's body so I did the only logical thing I could and redrew it even more fabulously on SAI. Also comes with a side of bad puns. Enjoy.
  13. So I made one of those mlp montage videos with the random puns and all- It hasn't been getting very many views (I'm really new to this whole digital editing thing) and I just wanted to know- Did I do this right?
  14. Sup guys! This here video is the second installment of my now on-going series known as "My Little Punny" This time it's Pinkie Apple Puns. Let me know what you guys think, and I hope you enjoy. . .
  15. PUNS!!!!! Happy Holidays, everybody! Also, DeviantArt.
  16. This of course is a show that's loaded with puns, particularly horse themed. Usually they're place names like "Ponyville" or "Saddle Arabia" but sometimes they're something else too, a la "The Mysterious Mare Do Well". What are some of your favorites? For me, my personal favorite is easily "Cloudsdale". Why? Because most puns mix two concepts. Saddle Arabia for instance, mixes - "saddle", the thing that horses wear with the country of Saudi Arabia. "Cloudsdale" on the other hand, mixes *three*. "Cloud" is obvious, since it's in the clouds, and the ending "dale" indicates a town (Riverdale, Sunnydale, etc.) But then the whole word itself is a pun on "Clydesdale," a type of horse. Put that all together, and that means Cloudsdale= "horse town in the clouds".
  17. so i made dis beautiful lil pone bcus flooters is adorabl i gues u cn cal her qtshy ahahahahahahahaha pls kil me Feedback is appreciated. (Apologies if the way I typed the majority of this is annoying to you, I am simply typing like this because I feel like my avatar forces me to do so. A little difficult to explain. El que entendió, entendió.)
  18. This thread probably won't last very long /b/anana /co/lonist /v/andal /a/ardvark your turn!
  19. Come on! Hit me with your best Pokepuns. Doesn't have to be original, just no doubles (the same pun twice in two different replys). Here's one: Guy 1:"Hey that guy just stole my rake!" Guy 2:"That sucks man" Guy 1:"Yeah I know! That gift from my aunt!"