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Found 8 results

  1. Here is a Christian vocal song I wrote and recorded. Free download on Youtube page. I actually composed the song over a year ago, but I have just gotten around to recording it.
  2. I found it interesting how in the beginning of FiM, Twi went from not caring about friendship to having other ponies show her how significant friendship is. Then in Equestria Girls, the opposite happens: the other five lose their understanding of how valuable friendship, and Twi helps them realize again how important it is. I think this is cool because it's pretty much Twi repaying her friends, whether it be in her own dimension or not. Originally she was sent there to go retrieve the crown she lost, but somehow was able to restore a needed something for those five. Her "purpose", which she does focus on a lot in the show, comes into play here. It's obvious that part of her destiny is to spread the magic of friendship everywhere, but at the end of season 4 she's questioning her purpose and doesn't seem to understand what her destiny is and what she needs to do. But we've repeatedly seen her focus on friendship in the past, and it's she's the princess of that very thing, so why did she question her seemingly obvious purpose? It may be because there's something else she's meant to do. The show focuses a lot on her character development so maybe there's an unseen point she's trying to reach that isn't 100% focused on being there for others.
  3. I wrote an episode Where Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash were sent to Canterlot to represent each species and how they are important to Equestria. Rarity can't find what importance Unicorns have because they no longer raise the sun and the moon. She goes for a walk around Canterlot with Spike, and she starts explaining the history of the buildings. Spike comments on her intelligence and realizes that unicorns are often highly intelligent and could help with the education of Ponyville. After writing that, however, I realized that there are no unicorn teachers, so that wouldn't work. What is the purpose of Unicorns in Equestria?
  4. "The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose." - Richard Leider
  5. I've been wondering this for some time now. What exactly is the purpose of the editing note you get when/if you have to edit a post anyways? I mean, it seems rather superfluous to me. Plus, with me being generally kinda OCD when it comes to small details, the little note at the bottom tends to bug me sometimes. Not all the time, but eh, sometimes it gives me the whole "your writing's not good compared to most other people's posts on here so therefore, you will be labeled :comeatus: " kind of vibe. I don't necessarily think exactly that, but for when and if I want to correct the simplest and littlest error in a post that I make, simply because I like making my writing look nice, I find it annoying that for one little error that I wanted to fix up, I get tagged with this seeming pointless note that just seems to be of little to no value to me or anyone else. I think that for editing it would be easier and a harmless nice change, especially for those of us who can't help but get all riled up over little details, if we would simply not get that editor's note whenever we want to edit a post and fix up a few errors. So I'm just wondering, what you do guys think? EDIT: See what I mean? lol
  6. There is that familiar feeling, a feeling of worry, dread, and depression, hovering on the edge of my subconscious, threatening to overflow into the active portions of my consciousness. But I will fight. What reason have I to be sad or worried? Stressful thoughts hover before my tired eyes but I blink them away. I have no reasons to be feeling this way, after all, I am happy and content, with loving family and great friends. So what could it be? Is it the taxation of the world finally taking affect; the wandering eyes and the loose lips that follow me and murmur as I pass them by, finally worming their way into my brain, telling me to want more? To desire to be something else, other than myself? That it is all meaningless? That I should give up? I have been struggling, it is true. Though I maintain a placid demeanour, the thoughts that parade through my mind leave me with a sinking feeling in my heart, a feeling of lacking, of loss, a fear of everything collapsing around me. "It would be easier to just give it up. Take the easy road; kick back and dispel all of these silly little pursuits, they won't help you find purpose. You have no promises of success, so why try?" whispers the throng around me, playing a funeral procession on my ear drums and heartstrings. But no, say I, for I have faith. Faith in my family to keep me straight, faith in my friends to keep me sane, and faith in myself, to continue being who I am. Faith is not just a matter of religious resolve, it is a matter of trusting assurance. I trust my family, trust my friends, trust myself. Never let me slip please, Lord, for I fear that I cannot survive the fall. So many of those surrounding me are giving up, succumbing to this life and it's empty promises of ease and leisure. Did I aim too high? Have I climbed this ladder of life too fast, just to lose my grip on the highest rung? It is THESE thoughts that I must dispel from myself, keep calm, and carry on. This post may not have much true meaning or insight, but you would not believe how good it felt to type it out.
  7. Somebody was having a conversation with me about this over Skype and I decided to put my view on this subject into this blog. I should start off by saying that I don't believe there is an afterlife, and then I'm going to delve into why I'm okay with that. The way most people describe an afterlife is some kind of realm/world you go to once you die and live in forever. Personally, that sounds like a punishment to me, no matter how comforting. You know why? Because that would mean that even in death there is simply no escape from unhappiness. It would make my existence feel more like a prison than like my greatest gift. It would mean that life never ends. At first that might sound great, but, after enough time, everybody wants to die, I mean, there is only so much time before you start going insane due to the repetitiveness that would be eternal existence, it sounds kind of torturous. He brought up an interesting point saying to me: "But you'd be dead, wouldn't that mean that the human psyche is no longer in effect?" To which I replied: "But, your personality is in large part caused by said human psyche, so without it, you wouldn't really be 'you'." Some people go crazy after a DAY of repetitiveness, forever can't really be that different. And on top of that, this after life would either A.) Feature no other people (Go crazy by isolation) B.) Feature no Real People (Matrix-type scenario, probably drive you crazy) Or C.) Everybody else who's ever died (Feels like a horrible public pool type place until you go crazy) And that just sounds absolutely horrible no matter what way you slice it. An After life would mean that even death is meaningless, and that there is never a way out. I don't want that, seriously, who would? That's why I take heart in the fact that once I die, I'm gone. I just don't exist anymore. In a way, it's quite a bit more merciful than an afterlife actually, because it makes my life that much more meaningful and special, rather than it being like some kind of goddamned loading screen for the real thing (AKA an afterlife). Thank you for your time.
  8. I am 21 years old, going to be 22 on December 20, and I still don't have a job but I am really cracking down on it. My family is having me do more than just submit applications online and wait for a response, but also use my newly-gained cell phone time and call back and impose myself on anything within a commute my sister can handle that is part of an industry that could use my service, typically manual labor, probably in the restaurant industry. I also haven't had real-life friends in years as a result of being too poor to be able to do stuff outside or have a stable living quarters. But if a job is like an extension of school, then making my own money will certainly help. How are your professional and social and personal lives like? Does it ever get frustrating?