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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a little taste of a project I have been working during Christmas break and it is finally well almost finally done just need to add a few defining points with crescendos, staccatos, and volume markings. So enjoy this little taste magic as the song will be released on my channel in a day or so. Oh and please leave your responses on how it sounds. Thanks and Enjoy Video is in the link. Trumpet French Horn/Mellophone Trombone Tuba
  2. So I was just listening to some barbershop music like these and it got me thinking... It was never explicitly mentioned, but judging by the single piece they sang in "Got the Music in You" and the group itself, they're a modern barbershop group. First, let's talk about the group itself. Barbershop groups typically have a group of 4 or 5 singing a capella or with piano accompaniment. Aside from the background music, the Ponytones are a group of 4 ponies comprised of Rarity as soprano, Big Macintosh as bass, Toe-Tapper as tenor, and Torch Song as mezzo soprano. Typically, barbershop quartets are either exclusively male groups or female groups because the musical arrangements require all male or all female groups for smooth harmonization, but you can say the Ponytones are an exception for plot purposes. After all, Verdi wrote barbershop songs for SATB in his operas. Barbershop quartets also have a uniform for all its performers. Just see the videos on the spoiler and you'll see what I mean. Here's the uniform of the Ponytones as well. Their green and yellow bowtie and green sweaters represent a neo-Barbershop costume. All you need are the Straw hats and you have the makings of a classic Barbershop quartet! Rarity sure knows how to revive a musical tradition with her costumes! I'd also like to add that barbershop groups also have catchy group names, like "The Chameleon". I personally think "The Ponytones" are catchier. Now, let's move on to the songs. Here's the Ponytones singing "Got the Music in You" quartets sing as an ensemble in a predominantly homophonic texture. In a homophonic texture, two or more voices sing the same rhythm, being in line with one another. So if you and a friend are singing the same rhythm but with different notes, you're still singing homophonically. The Ponytones are matching each other very well when they sing, with the occasional booping (barbershops do that too). Barbershop groups also have to match each other really well because they sing with little to no accompaniment at all! So basically, The Ponytones sing like an ensemble, and since they're singing a capella, it's ever more important that the Ponytones can hear each other's tones and match each other to prevent dissonance. Barbershop groups also sing songs that are very easily recognizable and catchy. Almost everypony is loving "Got the Music in You" because it's so catchy! Even we think it's very catchy! Finally, there's a lot of finger snapping and tap dancing involved with barbershop quartets. The Ponytones can't really snap their fingers, so the background music filled that in. But I wouldn't be surprised if they clapped their hooves during a performance. So now that the Ponytones are officially labelled a barbershop quartet, it would be a dream come true to hear them sing "Home on the Range" to Applejack or "Let it Snow" before Hearth's Warming Eve...
  3. Here's something different. It's the famous Discord remixed by The Living Tombstone put to a piano quartet. This one didn't take that long but it came out really great. Critique is wanted