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Found 18 results

  1. In a fight between zombies and robots, who would win?
  2. Hey you! Yes you! Do you like ponies? Do you like robotic-ish things? Ever want to see them come together or have seen them and want to chat about it? Welcome to the Mecha-Ponies Fan Club! A club dedicated to all posts and discussion about our favorite pastel equines in a roboticized, mechanized, cyberized, digitized or generally futuristic & Sci-fi manner. Crossovers w/ other sci-fi media are even welcomed. Now with any of our fine clubs, there are some rules, so prep yourselves. Rules: 1. Don't spam. Try to keep things relevant (It's robot ponies, how hard could that be?) 2. (This really should go without saying) Don't post images that are graphically violent or NSFW in nature. Let's keep the images to an all ages (or at the very least TV-14) level. 3. Don't come here to post negative comments. (If you don't like sci-fi cyber ponies, then I'm pretty sure you have better things to do with your time than to be here talking smack about them). 4. Forum rules still hold application here (Don't see why or how that would change now). Abide by the rules, and we can keep this club going for a nice long while, and everyone can have a good time here. With the requirements and protocols stated, we can now have some fun. The possibilities for you are near infinite in scope. For a few examples, you can post ponies as: Let your imagination & curiosity run wild! As of Universal Century 1-10-15, the future is now in your hooves. But first a word from our sponsor Now then Run [command] Get to posting my friend's! [/command] .EXE
  3. A nation of clones, or descendants of clones A nation of robots A nation founded by aliens, or populated by human-alien hybrids A nation of mutants
  4. S P O I L E R S Anyway, last night the first half of the round of 16 (or the Sweet 16). It held the fights for the second and (I'm pretty sure) fourth quadrant. This time there weren't really any upsets for me (besides a really small one that I'll discuss later). Starting with the fourth quadrant, Poison Arrow VS Hypershock. This fight I was hoping Posion Arrow would win (Though I wouldn't be too upset if Hypershock had one). At first it seemed Hypershock would win, since they were pushing and hitting Poison Arrow all around. However, Poison Arrow never stopped, and eventually Hypershock was left unable to move (Also, Poison Arrow for some reason decided to use their drone and useless mini-bot, neither of which did anything). Next up, Bombshell VS Red Devil. If you've read my other Battlebots entries, you'll know I hate Red Devil because they beat Witch Doctor in one shot (Mostly because Witch Doctor made a terrible decision, but still, Red Devil sucks). Anyway, In this fight Bombshell used their vertical spinner and a defensive plate on the front. At the start, they started up their spinner and attacked Red Devil. It was a good hit, but Bombshell's spinner quit working. However, this didn't stop them from going on the offensive. Red Devil didn't seem to have that great of a driver, because they didn't do very much to attack Bombshell and messed themselves up a whole bunch. Bombshell shoved them around the arena into hazards and walls, all without sustaining very many hits. In the end it went to the judges, though they all voted for Bombshell. On a side note, the guest judge this time was Micheal from Vsauce, a very good YouTube channel that I highly recommend checking out. On to the second quadrant! To start, Bronco VS Razorback. This fight didn't involve very much flipping, surprisingly. Razorback went with their drum spinner this match, so Bronco brought in their anti-spinner wedge. Razorback attempted to attack, but was mostly only able to drive over Bronco, who proceeded to basically uppercut it in the jaw. The third time this happened, Razorback flipped of the side of Bronco and landed just right and it's side that it couldn't move. Pretty good fight, though not very much action. Finally, Warhead VS Minotaur. This is the fight that I said I'd had a small upset over. Minotaur won, and I was rotting for Warhead, though I'm okay with Minotaur winning. For this fight Warhead kept their new and improved spinny head thing. Both bots started their weapons up and got them to full speed, then collided. Warhead went spinning around as usual, and Minotaur didn't react much. They attacked each other a few more times, mostly with Warhead running over Minotaur. Then, when Warhead was getting off of Minotaur, Minotaur decapitated Warhead. Warhead's head went spinning around and Minotaur beat Warhead into the wall, where it ended up laying defeated and headless. These fights were great, and next week's should be even better. First off, Tombstone VS Brutus. Brutus hasn't had much action, what with Moebius self destructing and Lockjaw turning into a shoving match. However, this fight should be very exciting. Tombstone is one of the most dangerous robots in the tournament, but it's spinner can be defeated by a sturdy vertical spinner. Next is the fight that I'm most excited for: Nightmare VS BETA. BETA is the only hammer bot I've ever seen that is in any way effective, and Nightmare has proven to be powerful and dangerous. If Nightmare can get to the base of BETA's hammer, things will go south for BETA. The next fight seems like it'll be the least exciting of the bunch: Bite Force VS Chomp. Bite Force's fights aren't the most interesting, and Chomp isn't an interesting bot to watch. However, this is an important fight, and is still watch-worthy. Finally, Mega Tento VS Yeti. I don't think Mega Tento deserved to even get the wildcard postion, and it's very stupid that they somehow scraped a win against Stinger. Yeti has proven to be very dangerous, and not someone to underestimate. They also have the advantage of not being too serious. The people behind Mega Tento are in this to win, while the people behind Yeti are in to have fun. Plus, Yeti can hopefully smash Mega Tento to bits. That's all folks!
  5. Still spoilers, blah blah blah whatever. So yesterday's episode marked the end of the round of 32, and we're now onto the sweet 16. There only two big upsets for me, and two minor ones. To start, Stinger VS Mega Tento. This is the largest upset for me, all because Mega Tento won. Everyone in my family was very surprised, because Stinger practically owned the entire fight. Mega Tento did very little damage and did pretty terrible. Stinger hit them around all over the place, and actually lit them on fire. Somehow the judges decided on Mega Tento, which made me pretty annoyed. The second big upset was Captain Shrederator VS Chomp. I don't think Chomp won in the qualifying round, so I really wanted Cap. Shrederator to beat them. Things started out looking pretty good, but then Chomp got in a few hits and Shrederator started to slow, eventually coming to a stop. Chomp was also having problems. Miraculously, Shrederator was able to start again and attempted to take out Chomp, but one more hit took it down. However, Chomp's next opponent is last year's champion Bite Force. This leads nicely into my first minor upset, which was Bite Force VS The Ringmaster. I liked Ringmaster and was hoping they would win, but Bite Force was the better bot and beat them. However, Bite Force's weapon seems to not be very durable, and could very well be their undoing. The second minor upset was BETA VS Overhaul. Overhaul this year was much more likable, and they did well against Cobalt. However, BETA beat them to death. Now for the two fights I was most happy about. The first was Nightmare VS Icewave. Now, I like both bots, but I really wanted Nightmare to win. They didn't show the complete fight (they just showed the more interesting parts and summarized it), but it was enough. Nightmare and Icewave fought, and Nightmare's giant blade thing quit working. However, the impact took it's toll on Icewave, and it was left unable to move. The second fight I was happy about was Lockjaw VS Brutus. I really don't like Lockjaw or the builder behind it, and Brutus is a very cool bot, so I was happy when they said Brutus won. I would have been a but more annoyed that they didn't show the fight had anything more happened than a shoving match. Finally, the remaining two fights. Let's start with Bombshell VS Cobalt. I like both of these bots and would have liked to see the fight between them. However, the summary was enough ti impress me. Basically, Bombshell is a Swiss Army robot. In their first match they used a pretty ineffective axe hammer. This round, they used an adjustable horizontal spinner. Cobalt has an asymmetrical horizontal spinner. Cobalt's plan was to knock out Bombshell's spinner by facing backwards into them. However, this fit nicely into Bombshell's plan. With Cobalt facing backwards, Bombshell was able to get their blade at the right height and tear apart Cobalt. Anyway, with that, the final fight. Hypershock VS Warrior Clan. This fight was a fun one. Warrior Clan brought their drone, Dragon, and actually had a decent plan for it. However, Hypershock had other plans. The Hypershick team fitted a garden rake onto Hypershock, and literally whacked Dragon out of the air. I didn't expect the rake to actually work, and it was hilarious when it did. After that, Hypershock had Warrior Clan went at it for a bit until Warrior Clan was left unable to move. I'm excited for next weeks fights. In the first quadrant we have Tombstone VS Brutus and Nightmare VS BETA. The Tombstone VS Brutus fight will be interesting because, well, Tombestone. Every fight with Tombstone is interesting, and Brutus actually proposes a threat to them. Nightmare VS BETA will be interesting because Nightmare is a very slim bot, so BETA will have to be crafty in order to win, and if Nightmare can get to the base of the hammer, it's lights out. In quadrant two we have Bronco VS Razorback and Minotaur VS Warhead. Bronco VS Razorback seems interesting since Bronco is, well, Bronco and Razorback has proved to be a very tricky robot. I'm more interested in Minotaur VS Warhead however, because this should prove to be a very interesting fight. Minotaur is very dangerous and hard to beat. However, Warhead has proved to be equally dangerous and very unpredictable. This fight is going to be interesting. In the third quadrant we have Red Devil VS Bombshell and Poison Arrow VS Hypershock. I really want to see Red Devil beat for what they did to Witch Doctor, and Bombshell has proven to be pretty dangerous. The Poison Arrow VS Hypershock fight should also prove interesting. Both are drum spinners, and I don't recall seeing a drum spinner fight another drum spinner. Also, Poison Arrow has a drone, and Hypershock has their rake. I doubt Poison Arrow would use their drone, but people make dumb decisions. Finally, quadrant four. In this quadrant we have Bite Force VS Chomp and Mega Tento VS Yeti. I don't know how Bite Force VS Chomp is going to go, because Bite Force has probably the best driver in the tournament, but their weapon might not hold up. Chomp has also proven to be pretty deadly, but since they constantly fall over, Bite Force may be able to take them out. Then there's Mega Tento VS Yeti. Yeti has shown that it is a very dangerous robot that you shouldn't take lightly, and Mega Tento has shown that it is easily pushed around and can be broken easily. I will be mad and upset if Yeti loses to Mega Tento. Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  6. Obviously spoilers, so if you don't want to see spoilers, don't read. So the newest episode just finished and it was great. Plenty of great fights. No upsets for me this time. I was kinda hoping Ghost Raptor would win, but that was just because I happened to like Ghost Raptor more than Razorback. Everything else was either hoped for or expected. Let's start with Escape Velocity VS Tombstone. I expected destruction and I got it. Tombstone absolutely destroyed Escape Velocity in about 45 seconds. Now onto Complete Control VS Warhead. Now, Complete Control is pretty good for a lifter bot. However, Warhead's new head made short work of them. After smashing them the pieces Warhead almost was knocked out, but pulled off a sweet new manuever where it held itself up on it's headpiece. It was pretty cool. Last but not least, SOW VS Poison Arrow. This fight I was rooting for Poison Arrow, and I chose the winning side. Both bots sped up their spinners to full speed and then collided. SOW flew across the arena and was knocked out. It was very cool and impressive, and I can't wait for more.
  7. So, Battlebots! If you haven't seen it, it's a show where people build robots to fight. It's really good and they recently rebooted it last year. Since the second season of the reboot is airing (technically) on the 23, I thought I'd better make something for it. This topic is for discussing anything to do with it. I doubt much'll happen with it though. However, anything can happen!
  8. Who is everyponies favorite cybertronian? Why? Just curious. My all-time favorite is Optimus Prime (cliche, I know, but hey.) Definitely my role model, though I feel more like Grimlock most days.
  9. Who else is in the FRC?(First Robotics Competition) I was wondering so I could find people at competitions and chat with them. If you are, what's your team number and stuff. I'm from 5041, System Overlord Robotics.
  10. Which robotic warrior that fights for the greater good will demolish the other, Megaman or Quote?
  11. Any one remember this movie I think its one of the best movie I ever seen . Also this scene from Space Odyssey is the best. Dave: Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL? HAL: Affirmative, Dave. I read you. Dave: Open the pod bay doors, HAL. HAL: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. Dave: What's the problem? HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do. Dave: What are you talking about, HAL? HAL: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. Dave: I don't know what you're talking about, HAL. HAL: I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen. Dave: Where the hell'd you get that idea, HAL? HAL: Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move. Dave: Alright, HAL. I'll go in through the emergency airlock. HAL: Without your space helmet, Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult. Dave: HAL, I won't argue with you anymore. Open the doors. HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.
  12. When I see the latest robotics being sold for children, it breaks my heart. I'm a robotic engineer and I know that simple motors and a repeated voice recorder is so 90's. It's time to go a major upgrade I want to ask not just you guys but any of the robot engineers in this fandom. "Wouldn't you like a Fluttershy sing you a lullaby WHEN you ask for it? Wouldn't you like Pinkie Pie throwing you a party and bounce around on your birthday? Wouldn't you want to see your OC walk, talk and comprehend as if they actually existed?" We have invented flexible and thin screens, programed robots to walk up stairs like a normal human and we are in the midst of making actual Iron Man suits for the Military. We push for Technology yet we lack to show our capability to the younger generation. I want to brighten this dark corner an advance in toys for children. Of course, I would have to start with OCs (which I'm more than Happy to) to show popularity among the brony fandom and show what it can do for children, but I'm positive it will be a great push for us. Below is a list of features I plan to have it program to do: Official Pony Bots: ~Sing along with Original tracks ~Say it's famous catch phrases ~Teach about it's field (example: Fluttershy and the Biology or Zoology) ~Respond to common questions and commands (send me commands you want it to have and it might pop up) ~Play certain games (limited by certain terrain or other specific limitations) ~Comes with a CD that will have a program to back up the coding and have a special program to add any features I installed on the disc.(It would be easy to understand for those who aren't computer literate. Like the Lego Bots Program.) This would allow you to add songs(ponies wont sing them though, sorry), download any apps from a special store( Apps like Calculus 101, Cookbook stuff, etc.) OC Pony Bots: ~Would have more storage space since pre-programming won't be installed in it's hard drive. ~Will have a different CD Design for you to customize it your way (example: Voice Recording,) The Customize OC Pony Bots may be a little more expensive, considering the outer coat, mane and tail along wit any accessories would cost more to fabricate than the Officials, but I promise that both of them will be only slightly above my costs. Do you want one If I accomplish in building a pony bot. P.S. I won't be able to get them to fly but I should be able to get them to walk, trot gallop and use the stairs like in the show.
  13. So yeah, I spent about a week on this, which was way too long, but it was mostly because I got lazy. When I was drawing the red ponies I forgot to align the pixels correctly, so they're offset on a 1/4 ratio in places, kind of annoying but too hard to fix. You don't really notice it anyways. Does anybody have an thoughts or critique?
  14. Hello, everypony sorry I can't put my other art on here it's explicit adults but hopely you will like my Megaman-x Fanart later!
  15. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) has given me many interesting experiences. When most people think about engineers, they picture a bunch of geeky guys sitting at a computer all day, not a high schooler in a gorilla suit with a comically over sized allen wrench. They don't tend to think of girls either. I've been doing FIRST Tech Challenge for two years now. While I'm still the only girl on my team, I have loads of fun. I'll admit, when I signed on I never pictured myself programming a robot or making 3-D virtual models. At most, I thought I'd put a part or two together. And I never thought I'd take a trip to St. Louis to compete against teams from around the world. Dancing "Cotton Eyed Joe" in a Gandalf costume in front of a crowd was not very high on the list either. FTC is a program for high school students to make robots and compete to complete a task (this year the goal is to pick up blocks and put them in bins). After spending time prototyping, designing, programming, and building the robot the teams from a region get together and see which robots are the most effective. My team had only been around for two years, so I was shocked when we qualified to compete at Worlds. Some people think that they're not smart enough to make a robot. This is rarely true. There's more than just math. Last year, I discovered that I have a certain talent for making digital models. No math involved (though I do enjoy algebra). Some people think that being a robotics kid means living up to the geeky, antisocial stereotype. Ridiculous. We have lives too, very fun ones actually. We play sports, go to parties, and make friends. I've actually made several at competitions, some of which were bronies. The one thing that irritates me is when girls don't join because they're a girl. Being a girl in robotics is no different than being a boy. In fact, girls tend to have better attention to detail than most boys, which has been a help for my team. I'm not bragging, that's just how it is. But the point is that I'm not just "the girl" I'm part of the team. Being in robotics is an experience I would never miss, and I'd highly recommend joining for anybody. It's fun, you make friends, and you learn incredible skills. Plus, you can get some great scholarships.
  16. I was Bored last night and decided to draw some ponies,i drew pinkie pie, fluttershy and Rarity with my friends ponysona cause i was bored
  17. Our regularly scheduled movie night will begin at 4 PM ET and will be followed by random pony videos and episodes. Wall-E Showtimes 4:00 PM ET 10:00 PM CST Iron Man Showtimes 5:40 PM ET 12:00 AM CST Rules Do not spam. That means no <3 <3 <3 <3, johnmaddenjohnmaddenjohnmadden, as;dlfkja;ldkfj, eeyup eeyup eeyup, or anything of the sort. Keep discussion on topic. This event is for watching movies and ponies together, not random chat. Try to keep all discussion at least somewhat related to the video. Do not roleplay. This is not Roleplay World so do not RP in the chat. Do not post spoilers of upcoming episodes. This includes spoilers of any kind, even rumors. If you want to post spoilers, post them on the forums with a spoiler tag in the title. Follow the global forum rules. This is an official MLP Forums event, so all forum rules apply, no exceptions.If you break a rule once, you will get a verbal warning. If it happens again, you will be kicked. If you return after being kicked and still insist on breaking the rules, you will be banned. In the event that a movie can't be shown for whatever reason, we'll just watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact me or any of the other ETV mods if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party!
  18. If you look into the news, you'll notice a lot of News stories that seem to just scream "The world is ending guys!". These can range from Russia trying to create zombies, Scientists predicting meteors and all this, and psychics and such joining in the fun, and not to mention NASA predicting aliens might want to kill us, and internet regulation! So I figured "Hey, why not make a topic about the apocalypse?" And here it is! If you stumble upon an article that contains a subject that might lead to the end of the world, have some predictions on the end of times, or care to toss theories and such on why you think the world will or will not end, feel free to pop those suckers up here! And here is the Wikipedia table on End of Time predictions, think you can survive them all?