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Found 43 results

  1. so yeah in your opinion what is the best pony race? these include Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth pony, Alicorn, Bat pony, Zebra, changeling and even Griffon
  2. I been thinking about this one for a while and I was wondering. Should their be a demon pony race in the next generation? The reason why I asked this is, because I've noticed 2 brony youtubers who's OC's are demons. The 2 youtubers are Sparrow and Aeonofdreams. My OC is also a demon, but he is half demon and half pony. I also mean as long as their friendly. What do y'all think?
  3. I would make a poll, but no I can't do that, cheers forums there, anyway the title is for everypony. What do you most associate with as a fan of MLP? Are you a Earth pony, pegasus, Unicorn, griffin or a dragon? I thought i'd create this topic to see what people associate with maybe i'll make a vid on it. anyway this song made me think of this subject the above song (answering my own question) made me proud to be a Pegasus. what ever be your race or reason
  4. Personally, here's my list: English Irish Scottish French German Native American Italian Dutch And I think that's all of them. How about you all? Artemis: Added some tags to improve search results.
  5. EDIT 11/2/18: With the MLP holiday special "Best Gift Ever" presenting reindeer as canon species this fan club has now been expanded to include them. As it stands both the deer as presented in the IDW comic arc "Root of the Problem" and the magic reindeer from "Best Gift Ever" fit here; not to mention Velvet from "Them's Fightin' Herds." :p All right, thanks to issues #27 and #28 we now have deer a part of the lore in "Friendship is Magic." Granted we probably won't be seeing them in the show, but their in the lore now. <3 So yeah, we have King Aspen, his son Bramble, and Blackthorn, and the deer live in Thicket. I just LOVE their design!
  6. Okey everyone, I haven't found this one yet, so I think I will ask you guys. I bet there are some Warhammer 40K fans out there so my question for you is... what is your favourite faction and why? I have a huge hard-on for the Eldar. I haven't played the table-top game yet, but I like their lore and they are pretty cool in the video games. I always love mobile factions and classes that allow for a lot of tactical gameplay and the eldar fill that spot perfectly. They are also very mysterious and "Magic" heavy (As in, they use the warp quite well). Their vehicles also look neat, with all of their swift looking models. I guess that sums it up. I also have a special spot for the necrons, because they are bad-ass and a certain love for the orks... because they are funny with all of their gunz and red vehicles xD
  7. What would be good names for a race of monsters?
  8. Yes Twilight why can't you and your friends be more reasonable when it comes to addressing anyBODY, not just anyPONY? Its perhaps just a few folks like me but it rather irks me how the citizens of Equestria and ponies elsewhere choose to address a collective group as any/some/no pony, even if a sizable group of the populace addressed in question aren't in fact ponies at all, or considered as such. So the better question I feel compelled to ask is, who does the term pony apply to and why is it applied? Is it a simple matter of Equestrian grammar and linguistics or is it an implicitly form of racial and national identity, like the terms American or British? Even the non-ponies in Equestria, say for example the Donkey Cranky, use the term applying it to themselves. In fact, someone may correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't recalled the term Equestrian being used to refer to any group of people. Sure for events, locations and places, but not people. This might be justifiable for races species like donkeys, mules, and sentient livestock as well as accepted or assimilated characters like Spike and Zecora, but the use of the term suggests, unintentionally or not, a bias or dominance over other equally worthy beings. Even Princess Celestia herself refers to her vassals as my little ponies, though of course a lot of the times she's addressing the Mane 6 so this might be understandable. I still regard her as probably the most rational and progressive of the characters, as in being open to everyone, considering the many subtle gestures she does for others, but the tone and implications are still there. It would be very interesting to see how Celestia interacts with non pony characters like the bison, Zecora, or even the cattle so I'll be hopeful to see her progress in this and many other dynamics in the future seasons. Yes the show is called My Little Pony, but its also called and its main theme is Friendship is Magic regardless of whether you're a pony, brony, zebra, donkey or even a human (as seen in Equestria Girls).
  9. Zecora has been a part of the pony community, gaining recognition from others. Even though she is a zebra, would she be considered a pony? In reality of course, zebras cannot have ponies, but in the MLP universe, does she consider herself one?
  10. So if you were to base each race in Mass Effect with a country in our world, what would be what? and why. I have been doing some browsing into this question lately out curiousity of what people would say and would like to know what MLP Forums has to say. I look forward to reading each and every one of your replies. Major Mass Effect Universe Races Asari Turians Salarains Krogans Volus Quarians Batarains Vorcha Geth Drell Protheans
  11. Just a quick photoshop I made while I was bored. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are racing! (no wings) With the rest of the Mane 6 cheering them on and an audience in the bleachers in the background.
  12. I just had this random idea while creating my ponysona. Obviously, I had no idea which race of pony I would fit. So well, which race of pony is the user above you? (or me for the first poster...) It can be earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, alicorn, even sea pony! (And try to give a reason )
  13. Do you guys remember the Lego games series before the "Lego blockbuster" happened? I think so. It's almost 13 years ago since the last Lego racer (Drome Racers) and I'm still waiting for a new racer from them. I have both 3 original games for the computer and still enjoy playing them, since most of the current Lego games feel like generic Hollywood copies. Lego doesn't need blockbuster IP's to be good since they have enough original IP's from their own line. Here's a list of wishes for a new Lego racers I like to see: - Gameplay. I really want to see fun, challenging and variating gameplay with multiple tracks, power ups, battle modes and team modes like the Grip 'n Go Challenge: - Building options. Because creating your own racer and car is fun indeed. - Reward system. Receiving new building options and stuff after finishing a challenge. No day one DLC and pre-order bonus bullshit. - Original Lego scenarios. Lego has countless themes of it's own series and doesn't need to rely on Hollywood's blockbusters. What do you like to see in a new Lego Racers?
  14. (I feel like there's already a thread on this, but I couldn't find one when I searched for it ) Sorry if there's already one. ;p ______________ So which pony race is your favourite? My personal favourite is the pegasi.
  15. I would like to know what you all think the mane six would look like if the where humans. Race/Enthicity- Skin Tone- Height- Build( Slim, Curvy, Thick, Muscular) Features-(describe facial features if you want) Now bear in mind Race Does not only equal skin tone. People can be the same race but have different skin tones (eg sun exposure). What I think: Twilight- White, light olive skin, 5'7 slim build Pinkie Pie- White, Peachy, 5'6 , a little on the thick side, Rainbowdash- White, Tanned, 5'7 Muscular Rarity- White, Peachy, 5'8 Curvy Applejack-White Tanned, Muscular, 5'8 Fluttershy- White, very light, 5'8, Slim What do you think I would like to her you own opinions and please no bashing I dunno why but I guess Celestia would be 5'10
  16. Just one of those weird questions; If Obama was a pony, do you think he'd be a pegasus, unicorn, or earth pony, and why?
  17. So that zebra in the avatar box is supposed to be my ponysona. Me as if I was born to Equestria rather than Earth, as I interpret a ponysona to be. The thing is though, Zecora, the only representative of who zebra are in Equestria draws much of her character traits from African shaman culture and her voice actress, Brenda Crichlow is African American (or maybe she's Canadian? Info about her surprisingly scarce.) Whereas my heritage is German and Irish. I chose this mainly because, in real life, I would call myself very spiritual and aside from Tree Hugger who didn't exist when I first created Ezekiel, we've not seen much overt spirituality from the ponies of Equestria. Whereas Zecora shows much in the way of introspective understanding ("Magic Duel") and a commanding knowledge of the more ephemeral happenings in Equestria. ("The Cutie-Pox" "Secret of my Excess.") As well as meditating poses including one where she balances atop her staff while on her head, not too different from certain feats of physical discipline attributed to the Shaolin Buddhist monks. Which brings me to another connection in that I study Kung Fu. So all in all, the Zebra, at least as seen through Zecora seemed a natural fit to me as far as species in Equestria goes. It only occurred to me that this might be wrong because it might seem like I'm trying to "pretend to be black." Which is not my intention in the least, I'm pretending to be a zebra. However, I put it to you, my friends, given what I've said thus far, is my ponysona racially insensitive?
  18. What ethnicities are your ancestors?
  19. Hey, everypony! I was wondering if anypony is going to the Aerial Grand Prix today. The Prix is on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. Come on down! I won't be racing, but I'll be spectating. (Psst! RC people! FliteTest and Charpu will be down there!)
  20. Or teen Dashie... however you want to see it...
  21. So I got the idea for a sub-race/ Subspecies of ponies known as the Prism Ponies, a off shoot from the Crystal Ponies after playing around with making OC's and I kinda like the idea! I have a loose grasp on the basics for the race and history and feedback would be a love or idea of if you want to make you'er own than go for it! I would love to see what you post or have any feed back! Prism Ponies Sub Race/Subspecies Guide Lines Loosely... Coat must be of three different colors that seem to blend to the other and nearly have a soft like glow to it. No black is aloud at all or pure white. Manes and Tails must be of two to three colors but go from a dark to light colors, sometimes they will glitter when a light hits it. The mane and tail shift colors to show the mood of a Prism Ponies: darker is sad and etc while bright is happy and etc moods. The coats of the Prism Ponies will at times cast off light in hues if hit in the right way much like a prism will when a sun ray or light hits it Cutie Marks can not be anything in dark of color but stand out against the fur color of the pony. When a Prism Pony uses any kind of magic, their cute mark will take on a soft glow around it. There are basic range pony races: Earth/Unicorn/Pegasuses. Other Races: Many other races also live in the Valley such as: Small dragons/Bat Ponies/Deer/Griffins/Sprites. There is a ratio of 3 females to two males in the towns. Prism Ponies live in one valley nearly 1500 miles away the Crystal Empire in the Blue mountain : Paradise Valley in Dream-way City n the lower part while Summer-vale town is in the upper. Knowing that King Sombra planned a spell to hide and take away the Crystal Empire, the Prism ponies ancestors cast a spell to hide them away in a Mist and protect them from his magic once he cast the spell, the only way the Mist would be broken is if a pure heart ruler came back to claim the throne of the Empire. Prism Ponies Vs the Crystal Ponies: Over the 1000 years, the Prism ponies over the generations lost the gem like texture to their coats being cut off from the Magic of the Empire but kept a touch of the magic to become like a prism in their coloring and when a ray of light would hit them. With the return of the Empire, the mist was cleared and Paradise Valley once more joined the world but given the Prism Ponies have ruled themselves by used a elected council of ponies/different races that changed every 6 years are now seeking to be recognize as their own small kingdom given they have their ways and culture.
  22. So , how do you make your ocs? Was it a random thought? A pony-persona? A look at a some object or dream? Random made? Tell me how your oc got born? Long or short has no meaning long as you love the oc or ocs you made and brought to life!
  23. I'm really undecided on what I should make my OC.
  24. Season 4 is just around the corner and just like everybody els I have always seen 4 different types of ponys. Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth pony, and Alicorn but if you go on Equestria Daily (like I do) there talking about a Bat pony race! What the heck is that all about? And back in season 3 just out of the blue they introduced a new pony named Ms. Harshwhinny that had a totally different design than any other mare. So season 4 mite be doing something different this year. So what do you want to see in season 4?
  25. The first time that i watched MLP: FIM I couldn't help but notice the similarities of Rainbow Dash & Sonic the Hedgehog. Throughout watching the episodes I have been wanting to see some crossovers... I know that there are fanfics that are really good. But I thought that it would be EPIC if like one or two episodes if the crossed over something like that. Anyways if they were to do something like that what kind of crossovers would you like? Also who would you think would win in a race? Sonic or Rainbow Dash