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Found 32 results

  1. Title says all. I'm looking for racers in both games, so maybe you can kick my ass or I kick yours on the track? Now Regarding heat, please keep an open mind, it is a pretty good game so far, but do give your critics about it or who is into CTR NF (crash team racing nitro fuled)
  2. I've seen a noted lack of discussions for NASCAR and auto racing fans on here, so i'm starting one up just in time for the Daytona 500 next Sunday. We can talk about NASCAR, bur we can also talk about other forms, like Indy, F1, or any other you'd like to talk about.
  3. Racing game photography is a very specific kind of photography imo. i'll start
  4. Racing is a hugely popular sport all over the world. As a result, there are tons of kinds too! We have GT Racing, V8 supercars, bike racing, Nascar, Indycar, Formula 1, even Go-Kart racing as well as many others. With such a wide variety, it makes me wonder what people tend to prefer, or perhaps certain people love a combination? Let's answer that! What are YOUR favorite types of racing? For me, it has to be GT racing and in second place, V8 Supercars. GT Racing is just soooo technical and I love seeing how the drivers handle the huge variety of courses all over the world. I also prefer GT racing in the Forza Motorsport series.
  5. Hello everypony! I’ve decided to make a game based on your/my car knowledge! Rules of the race: 1.You can post a picture of ANY car of any brand,model,and year 2.You don’t have to be specific on dates just the car name and brand (unless you know the date,go ahead and add that) 3.The cars can be from commonly known,to near unknown 4.The cars can be Muscle,import,supercar,hypercar, And so on. 5.The game will advance after the question has been answered 6.Only 3 hints! 7.Good luck and have fun! Ill start This car is NOT a mustang is made by Carroll Shelby Is a Dodge What is it?
  6. Thanks to the Forza Motorsport series, I have become rather interested in the motor racing sport, more particularly to GT Racing and V8 Supercars. With the awesome tracks that are in the world, I love to see how each one is designed in their own path and how that track is raced. So I thought, why not take a shot at making my own racetrack concepts? A quick trip to Photoshop allowed me to create a couple of random ideas. I was thinking, perhaps some of you also have made racetrack concepts? If you have, you can share them here! ^__^ Racing fans unite! Since Indiana is sorely lacking in good racing circuits, I decided to make a couple and here they are. These were ones I was fiddling around with, but still, I think they turned out pretty sweet. Now if only the state could actually make these...We need more circuits here! Florida has like..3, that I know of.
  7. Apparently we're getting a new arcade racer for the little monkey and his friends, but without Banjo and Conker .
  8. Does anyone have any Racing music they like to listen to while zooming up and down a path on their Minibike or GolfCart or whatever?
  9. I searched through a number of pages of topics and found nothing for NFS. Which is a shame since NFS is the pinnacle of all gaming (in my opinion). I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can talk about likes and dislikes about Need for Speed games and the franchise itself. This thread will also serve as a great place to exchange PSN names and whatnot. So I guess to start off, I got Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Not the newest of the series, but still a darn lot of fun. Surprisingly, the world and the flow of the roads are superior to Rivals, the newer version of Hot Pursuit. Aside from Slightly delayed controls and the online pass fee, I can't really think of many reasons why one should buy Rivals over it. Truly a brilliant game. Edit: The race called Vanishing Point is being stupidly hard to get gold... I might have just started the game, but when it comes to Need for Speed, gold is the only satisfying acheivement. Edit: Finally stuck gold on that challenge. Apparently I was only 0.36 seconds off from gold in the first place, cuz 1:22.00 is gold, wheras 1:22.36 is not.
  10. With the 2016 Formula 1 season kicking off March 20th, I thought I should start a thread on Formula 1 Post anything Formula 1 here from any season or race (just anything formula 1!)
  11. Anyone want to form a brony exclusive club in GT6? I want to be in a club and I thought this would be a great idea. If you just want to friend me and race me outside of a club my psn is newspeed12 but, I just restarted the game so I only have slow cars.
  12. So after the sad death of Jules Bianchi yesterday. I was thinking, should F1 have canopies(Closed Cockpits) or not? Here is the reason why I think so. Bianchi, Senna and Tom Pryce's(unfortunately, even if he did have a canopy, that Marshall would have still died) deaths could have been prevented if they had a canopy, as a Foreign Object entered the cockpit area and hit them on the head. Other drivers whose accidents could have been prevented with Canopies are Ratzenberger, Maria De Villota and others. As for drivers who survived these accidents, Massa's accident in Hungary 2009 could have been prevented had he had a canopy, and so would a lot of other drivers. Anyways, the only cons according to a lot of people is that the Canopy is too slow to come off in the event of a serious accident, so why not an ejection system where it ejects the canopy only? This could have safety issues. Or at least a fast Canopy open system. If F1 keeps up, I expect one death on the same day as the race by 2020. Death still haunts the circuits, and there will always be risk, even with canopies. Refuelling may return in 2017 as well, increasing risk as fuel can be quite flammable, remember Jos Verstappen's accident in 1994? That could have been prevented with a canopy, as the area around his eyes burnt. Like I said, even with canopies and closed cockpits, death will still haunt motorsport, Dale Earnhardt for example, died in Nascar with a closed cockpit. And Keith O'Dor in the British Touring Car Championship died when a car T Boned him. Here is one more thing I need to post before you start chatting about it. A reminder of these people's deaths, and that there will always be risk.
  13. I was just wondering if there were any nascar fans here in the atlanta area that planned on going to the race in two weeks. My (non-brony) friend and I are going that sunday, and if anypony else was, would love to hang out and make some new friends!
  14. Anyone here play nascar 2003 I am looking for you. To do are own online races. What you will need. Nascar 2003 Skype Tunngle
  15. Speed is where it's at for me, and racing video games are my favorite genre in video game because of it. The sense of adrenaline, skill, and speed in those video games never cease to amaze me. I'm curious, which is your favorite racing video game series? For me, without a doubt the WIpeout series, no not that lame and stupid game show, the kick ass fast future like racing video game where you control ships of the future with weapons and gravity mechanics! It's so fast, so difficult, and so insane, that I only recommend this to the hardcore gamers with extreme skill if you want to master this game.
  16. You know, like, that game? That racing franchise that is better than Gran Turismo? Yeah, that? Umm, this is that thread for that. Sooo, I actually like 3 the most of the series. So, yeah. What's your favorite/why? (I don't KNOW why, but 2 is my next fav.) And also, Forza Horizon 2 is coming out soon, AND ITS COMING OUT FOR X360 AND XBONE! YAY! (I haven't an xbone yet, neither do I plan to get one.) Are you guys excited for it?
  17. This may be a little more unusual than the standard artwork around here, but hopefully it still counts. To compete in an event called Power Racing Series, you need a custom go-kart built out of a childrens toy like a Power Wheels car, and it has to fit all of their rules to be allowed in. If you're interested in more details the link is in my signature. Half the points are from speed and half from crowd votes. I thought, what's fast and could draw a bunch of crowd votes? --- Not my art. This thread is to track the process of the Sonic Rainboom kart from Team 20% Cooler (link in signature as well). Feel free to ask questions, or if you see me making any newbie mistakes I welcome you pointing them out. There may be a Fluttershy car as well... if there's enough Brony support. This is the pedal car body I chose to start out with. It's pretty small for an adult to ride, so I'm going to do some chopping and stretching. Here's the current progress on the design. The front half will be skinned with velcroed-on blue fur, the back half with rainbow fur, because of course I'm taking this seriously. There's already been some anti-Brony sentiment, to the point where they discussed not letting me compete because I'd possibly have an unfair advantage with the crowd vote side of it. In the end, the organizer allowed the design but offered a 300 point bonus to anyone who makes a car from a cartoon he chooses... When it comes time to race this early next year I'll need some Bronies in the crowd pushing the button that is 20% cooler than the rest. Here's a video of the event this year for some idea of what Rainboom will be competing against.
  18. Hello everyone, New year, new challenges. I must approach them with confidence. I signed up with a professional simracing team to attend in the Formula Simracing league for the 3rd time in a row. I needed a new helmet design, and I wasn't able to improve my old design, so I thought, why not create a completely new design? Then I asked myself, "how would a Vinyl Scratch helmet look like?" This was my answer: At first I planned to use some dark colors instead of red, but then I thought the red would represent the base color of Finland's coat of arms, so I used that instead. I also creatively added a strap for her goggles as if they were snowboarding goggles, a reference to my winter hobby. The strap also serves as a stripe as a reference on the Finnish flag. This took me the whole yesterday to make, and the idea of the design popped into my head the other night. I will add a picture of the 3D render on this topic when it's done.
  19. Since the last horse won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes in the 1970s, about a dozen horses have won the first two races only to come up short in the third. The owners of those horses took the loss with grace and humility. Instead, they said they were grateful their horse just had a shot to rewrite racing history. Steve Coburn, the owner of California Chrome, isn't taking it lying down. Instead, in a dramatic outburst, he called out the flawed practice of allowing fresh horses to compete in the Belmont after the Triple Crown hopefuls are already tired from running two previous races close together. Tonalist, the Belmont winner, didn't participate in the Kentucky Derby or Preakness. Unless the rules change, Coburn doesn't expect to see another Triple Crown in his lifetime. I don't either, to be honest. The current drought is longer than the one between the '40s and the 's70s and there is no end in sight.
  20. Mario Kart is a fantastic game, in my humble opinion. It is not perfect, though, no game ever is. Let's get the bad outta the way first, so that we can talk about the good. Every time you earn a gold medal you are rewarded with a random unlockable character (there are fourteen total), and you can earn customization options by collecting copious amounts of coins. Some people will likely be disappointed by both of these being random. For example, say that I want to unlock Rosalina and I didn't care about anyone else, I theoretically might not unlock her until I've gotten my fourteenth gold trophy. This goes for kart customization options as well, but I personally enjoyed the randomness of it all. I still felt rewarded for my efforts in the game, so it didn't annoy me. Something that did annoy me however was how botched up Battle Mode is in this outing. Instead of being placed in a battle arena to duke it put with one another you now do so on eight of the normal race tracks. The maps are too large to find your opponents, but that's not actually my main issue with it. My main issue with Battle Mode comes from ghost players. Upon elimination you will become a ghost, and during this time you are invisible can hit the remaining competitors with items. It makes it so that matches are often based on who the ghosts decided to target. It's absurd! I never really liked Battle Mode anyway, but this is a major downgrade from previous installments. You can still get some enjoyment out of it, don;t misunderstand, but it feels rushed. Alright, now on to the good! The racing itself is possibly the best it's ever been (minus one possible exploit which I'll address in a future blog). Gliding and underwater gameplay are bolstered by the new anti-gravity sections. In these sections you will defy gravity and can bump other racers, and some obstacles to get a boost. This new mechanic leads to the best kind of chaos, especially online. Anti-grav sections also allow for more variety, and more dynamic transitions to both the aforementioned gliding and underwater segments, preventing any possible bland level design that Mario Kart 7 had. The items have also all been re-balanced and tweaked to be more fair. The Blue Shell is more rare, and now only causes a single flip, it can be destroyed with the new item called the Super Horn, Triple Bananas now circle the player like shells do, holding an item out behind you no longer counts as using that item, etc. I think the only possible misstep is the Coin item, but even that has its uses. All of the heavyweights, middleweights, and lightweights feel like their namesake, but it is not flat-out said who is in each of the seven classes. I have a convenient list of who's in each class below. -Featherweight: The Baby Characters, Lemmy, Small Mii -Lightweight: Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa, Larry, Wendy, Lakitu, Toad, Toadette -Lower Middleweight: Peach. Daisy, Yoshi -Upper Middleweight: Mario, Luigi, Ludwig, Iggy, Medium Mii -Heavyweight: DK, Waluigi, Rosalina, Roy -Metal Class: Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach -Super Heavyweight: Wario, Bowser, Morton, Large Mii The track design is also unique and creative. In fact, on top of that it's down right gorgeous. Everything runs in 1080p at a smooth 60 fps (30 fps with 3-4 player splitscreen). The locales are gorgeous and varied, from racing up and down waterfalls, to driving across a space station, to racing nearby by a volcano, the game nails the aesthetic appeal of each level to the tiniest details. In Royal Raceway the hot air balloons actually activate their burners, in N64's Rainbow Road the Mario-equivalent of the Statue of Liberty can be seen far in the background, that same statue appears in the stage Toad Harbor effectively linking the two. These touches aren't noticeable most of the time, but they do manage to make the world feel more alive. Oh,and don't even get me started on the fantastic musical score, just listen to Shy Guy Falls, Dolphin Shoals, or the N64 Rainbow Road remix and you'll understand, what I mean. On top of fantastic aesthetic design, Nintendo has provided some creative pathways fitting of each stage. For example, in Sunshine Airport you can do a trick off a luggage belt for a boost of speed, you can also chose to go across a plane's wingspan, or go underneath it instead. Neither way is truly a shortcut either, which is great in my opinion. Most true shortcuts in the game require a Mushroom or Star for access, probably to give those in the back of the pack a better chance of catching up, further playing into the balanced approach to Mario Kart this game brings. This game is another great entry in one of my favorite video game series. It gets my personal rating of "LOVED IT!" and it's definitely a must-have for any Wii U owner >LOVED IT! LIKED IT! MEH DISLIKED IT! HATED IT!
  21. Hey guys what do you think about my idea for a Roguelike rally racing game? With Persistent(Non randomly generated) Tracks. And Permadeath. Basically your driver can suffer physical and psychological stress. And that if he sprains his arm you can still race with lower steering sensitivity. And if he suffers a foot injury he has lower acceleration sensitivity. If your driver suffers a major injury such as an Arm fracture. He will not be able to race for a certain amount of months. If he gets Amputated or Dies it's Game Over. Your car can explode as well which can cause death or disability. It may sound gruesome but what do you think?
  22. I just made this Lexus with Canterlot High Wondercolts vinyls earlier and I wanted to know if you like it. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me!
  23. OK. So i would like my bedroom with a proper racing rig. But i need to ask. I Already have a 32'' Television and my bed is a bit too big for a rig. What bed should i buy? And what do you recommend? I Want a PC About £300-£400. What do you think?
  24. Anypony here a fan of NASCAR? Who's your favorite driver of today or of past & why. Do you prefer a certain type of car (Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge-which is now no longer in NASCAR) Have you gone to any races? To those who dislike NASCAR, why do you dislike it? What do you think about the most recent major accident causing 28 fans to be injured? __________________________________ Carl Edwards is my #1, then Matt Kenseth. Carl has a great attitude and is honest and fun. Oh, and look at him shirtless... (I liked him before I found out how great he looked!) Matt is from my state, Wisconsin. I also like his style For past drivers, Alan Kulwicki and Rusty Wallace. RIP Alan... he did what no one else attempted, came from up north... he was a Wisconsin driver, started from nothing, turned down big teams to drive for himself... won the championship in 92 as the Underbird as they changed the car's name to... Died in 93 in a plane crash. Rusty is just a great guy and driver... plain and simple. Was always cool to watch him race, he also makes a good announcer. I'm a Ford girl... so I AM disappointed Matt is no longer with Ford Racing. Never been to a race... want to though. This last wreck was just horrible... I really hope the fans are okay, they go there to enjoy a race, not get hurt... although they do assume some 'responsibility' in going to the races knowing a freak accident may happen... and this one mirrored the Edwards/Keslowski wreck in Talledega a few yrs ago... So everyone knows there IS a risk. Even though I don't like Stewart his reaction was real good and classy... he didn't celebrate his win, he was worried for the fans. As for Keslowski, part of the accident does fall on him, he knew Regan would block and never let of the gas. bit similar to the Talledega one, but in that video Carl blocks him but he also moves up into Carl... I do dislike Keslowski a lot though... he is a punk of the sport... shown it in interviews and how he drives. -_- (not just talkin bout these 2 wrecks I mentioned.) Also I really love this sport, there is much more to it than "driving in circles & left turns" as many see it.. There's so many things to it! Strategy, passion, speed, cars...
  25. Hello fellow bronies. I was just looking for a few opinions on my new racer OC. What can I do to make it better? Or is it good enough? I made him an earth pony simply because that I felt like he didn't need wings or a horn. Leave your opinion and suggestions please! No hate either. I am still working on a back story and name.