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Found 3 results

  1. Note: This about real fallout not the game called 'Fallout' or the fanfictions All of your lives are important to us, now even though nuclear warfare is banned it may return anytime and we just might not know it. Some of us have thought this was just some factional story, no it's as real as Uranium it is the result of nuclear or atomic warfare. If it ever returns please follow the steps to this video. Please stay with the subject and take it seriously.
  2. A Brazilian man's body left green because he used the wrong type of paint after he tried to become the Hulk.
  3. (The OC page, it may clarify some things) Radioactive Tragedy There's an old legend from before the war, says a little bit about a team of four. Scientists that Celestia had working for her. Nopony knows much about what they were doing, only that they speant their lives in a hole. Up until the Fallout; then it's said that two ponies came out of the hole alive. It's said that one pony was a mare, the other was a colt. The mare was a sad pony; it's said that underneath her armor was a blood-stained labcoat, and a broken heart. This is her story. Don't let the narrator hold you up; he means well, but nopony can write my story like me. I'm the only one that can give you the straight and narrow, since Half Note died. I feel mine creapng closer; time is of the essance. My given name, ironically, is Radioactive Tragedy. I prefer Radio; it's more friendly. It's certainly not a great name for a mare, even a unicorn, but I loved it. It gave me the key to my science, and then the key to my cutie mark. I was orphaned at birth; my mom was a unicorn working on an important experiment; my dad was a pegasus with a mail job. They didn't have time, or didn't have fund, for a baby, so my mother signed a few papers and they didn't have to deal with me. That's a different story. A few years after the Discordian Incedent, a rift in time-space openned between Equestria and the human world, known as 'Earth.' The inhabitance of Earth did not know of our kind, or the rift, at first. The first to discover it came through at a trickle; most were happy to follow our rules, or go home. But as their numbers grew, so did their hostility; they began corrupting the environment; influencing ponies to destructive tendancies.Celestia, heart heavy, kicked out all but a select few humans; those who called themselves bronies, who were willing to follow her laws. They spoke of a TV show that featured us, speaking of a whole network of their numbers. Celestia granted them permission to stay as long as they accepted the following conditions; that they become her subjects, that they be subject to a transformation spell, turning them into ponies, and that they stay loyal to her laws. Breaching this contract ment that the brony was sent back to the human realm until redemption, or forever depending on the offence.It is said that occassionally Celestia would enter the human realm and invites bronies into Equestria. I can verify that bronies exist; without them, I would not have a job. Bronies have given us their basic understanding of nuclear physics and capabilities, at Celestia's urding. It was thought that humans would eventually reopen the rift and attempt a counter-strike. Celestia sent me, a mare known as Beaker, a colt mechanic named November, and a brony who prefered the name Eighth Note. Our mission was to create suits that would protect ponies from Radiation, Bio-weaponry, explosions, bullets, electrical weaponry, and magic. The task couldn't have been more difficult. They locked us in a Fallout shelter I had designed underground. At the time I was proud; now I am ashamed however, you will realize the reason later. The facility had an air-filtration system, a plumbing system connected to an underground river, that was filtered at the molecular level, and a small farm with a few assorted vegitables. The facility was made of reinforced concreate, surrounded by a foot of lead and titanium, steel, and magic, while hidden under a mountain. The entrance was disguised as a mine shaft, hidden in a wall. We effectively lived down there, working and testing our suit designs. It took atleast 5 years to make a working, viable suit; 2 years of prototypoe development, 1 year of testing, and 2 more for the finished product. Right when we were about to emerge triumphantly back into the world, the bombs came. Poor Beaker; she didn't deserve to die. A section of the lab that was poorly built collapsed on top of her; she died instantly. November's leg got caught in the initial collapse, When he used magic to move it, the rest came down on top of him. We could hear his screams of pain as he bled out, going into shock, but we couldn't help him; he had locked the doors and broken the terminal with magic. With his own blood, he wrote on the window 'Get out.' Eighth Note and I nodded at eachother, donning our suits. We escaped with the data as the rest of the shelter collapsed under it's own weight, and stood at the entrance of the 'mine shaft'. This is where I stand now, looking at the hell-hole that Equestria has become. I love echos. They make me happy and help my writing; Look, "Echoooooooooo." Hey guys, when you leave comments, it either lets me know what I'm doing wrong, or makes me feel good. So you know, post a coment? For the rainbooms?