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Found 3 results

  1. Raider Caltrop here.. Im doing a Casting Call for Fallout Equestria: Dark Days, if anyone would like me to use their OC's in the story, please post down below. If you could as well, please put your OC information down, as well as a wanted Occupation (I.E.: Raider, Trader, Doctor, Wastelander, etc) This would really help me, in more ways than one, and I think It'll be fun for all of us..
  2. Hi, Raider Caltrop here, a.k.a. Caltrop.. I'm currently trying to write my own Fallout Equestria side story, "Dark Days" and as of now, I am out of Ideas for its storyboard. I have the three protagonists laid out as follows: 1. My main OC, Viridian Shadow Bloodmoon, a half bat pony-half earth pony filly that was Homage's assistant at one point.. She is age 11 2. Thunder Spark, a banished Pegasus Enclave sniper with a 70's getup, leather jacket/sunglasses.. He is age 21 3. Toxic, a wayward Changeling Raider, saved by the other two from a gunfight gone wrong, has a birthmark above her right eye and looks more like a Pegasus than a changeling, but can still change.. She is age 25 Viridian's Weapon(s) of Choice: Electrified Machete, Filly-sized prop 12-gauge Shotgun (chambered to use live rounds) Thunder's Weapon(s) of Choice: Battle saddle equipped with dual .50 cal Snipers (silencers included), Switchblade Toxic's Weapon(s) of Choice: Radioactive Rail-gun, Balefire Warhammer (its a super sledge with radioactive properties) Location: Area in and around San Franciscolt What I need from anyone that looks at this is, a few ideas for the basic storyboard for "Dark Days" minor/major locations, minor/major characters etc. Thankies..
  3. You're in need of something lighting ablaze?! Coooome on, ask me anything, ANYTHING! I can burn anything for you too, dunno why you would need my help burning something but I can if ya want!