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Found 50 results

  1. have you ever caught yourself stating into space? I have. when I stare into space, I usually don't think about anything in particular, but at the same time I do but I don't realize it until I truly think about it. like the other day my friends where talking about black rock shooter or bleach and I started to think about some of my favorite songs. none that are too outlandish like leek spin or anything like that, mostly just dub step songs like flight by tristam and braken, or beyond her tomb remixed by TLS. but as I started thinking of these songs I started to remember flight's rhythm of beat, whatever you want to call it and I started to hear rainbow factory by WoodenToaster. I love the song but when I think about the rhythm I start to just loose myself in the song. when this happens I tune out everything around me an only focus on the rhythm of rainbow factory, if someone needs to get my attention they literally need to shake me out of this trance-like state. this has only happened about 3 times so far, but I was curious if anyone else gets so absorbed in the song that they kind of tune out reality. or am I the only one?
  2. Apparently, it got featured on Equestria Daily... I have no idea who submitted it, but thanks! Really didn't think it was anywhere good enough to get there but *shrugs*. It is in the Music of the Day #670 Well I ended up finishing this in just under 9 hours, I kinda like how it turned out, but then there are some parts I think are a little "off" Its up on SoundCloud anyway if anyone wants a listen Oh- its Drum & Bass by the way. Feedbacks appreciated!
  3. Hi. My name is Spectrum Sword, and I am a friend of TheGamerDerpy. I work in the Rainbow Factory, and I want you to ask me anything. My boss cant see this. Believe me, I hacked through the firewalls on the Factory Computers. Anyway, PLEASE ASK ME STUFF!
  4. Heya! I recently made a cover of Woodentoaster's "Rainbow Factory"! I'd appreciate it if you'd check it out <<< Here.
  5. Hey, guys. Been awhile since I posted here, but I need help with a project. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the Rainbow Factory story. Well, the Pegasus Device is the sequel to it, and I'm trying to make a reading of it. Things are going good... but we need a few voice actors. Any help/critique would be appreciated. This is the Google doc with available characters, FAQ, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions. Note: Since I don't often check my feed on MLP forums, it may be easier to contact my email if you're interested in helping
  6. Would you rather die from pinkie pie making cupcakes or being made into rainbows for cloudsdale. Comment below.
  7. The Rainbow Factory has gotten a bad rep over the years. It's actually a fun place to visit! Or is it...? This all spawned from a random idea I had to transpose WoodenToaster's song into a major key. Comments and criticism welcome!
  8. I mean, they control and manage the weather via clouds and know how they should let the weather be. Thus for their actions upon changing the weather, they must know WHY, they change it. Because they studied it beforehand, and they have experience knowing about the subject.
  9. There are a lot of really good fan-made games, like My Little Foundation: Containment is Magic and My Little Investigations. Both of these are really BIG projects that took months or years to complete. Thinking of them made me wonder: Why isn't there a Rainbow Factory game? The story presents the perfect storyline for a horror game. The way I see it, it could be like this: You, the player, are Scootaloo escaping from the Rainbow Factory. You have to navigate through the facility without being caught by any of the guards. If a guard sees you, he or she will chase you and you have to either hide or (later in the game when you find a weapon) fight back. It's your basic horror game, except instead of blood splattered everywhere there's puddles of rainbows. To escape, you have to go through every floor until you find the exit. As well as the guards, there's Rainbow Dash herself, who pops up when you're near the end of the floor and tries to stop you. Since you can't beat her in combat or hide from her, your only chance of survival is to get to the exit before she catches you. Once you see the exit, you'll only have a few seconds to react before she spots you. But once you get into the elevator, you're safe until the next floor. There are also a lot of imprisoned foals all over the facility. You don't HAVE to rescue them, but the more foals you rescue the higher chance you have of getting the good ending. The good ending is where you escape and destroys the Rainbow Factory in the process. The bad ending is where you are just about to escape, but Rainbow Dash grabs you at the last minute and you get a cut scene of Scootaloo being killed. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to make a game like this, but hopefully some people in the fandom realize the potential. So, what do you guys think of my premise? Anything you want to add? Would you play a game like this?
  10. Meanlucario

    2nd OC

    This is my other OC, Ironblade, who is an evil version of Ironhide whose works at the Rainbow Factory, the PMV song, not the fanfic. This is her Cutie mark She works and lives in the Rainbow Factory, and is the one in charge of said factory. While others do most of the work, she enjoys to help with the killing. She kills them differently from the others; she has the victims in a room made of thick one-way mirrors with a wired floor, so that when she butchers them with four oversize cleavers. Also her right eye (your right) is robotic and allows to process what is happening faster. She was an orphan with only one friend. She was adopted by a nice, kind unicorn that was the head of the Rainbow Factory. She then raise Ironblade to take over for when she (the head of the RF) dies. As you can guess, she does after a while and, as tradition, is replaced with her pupil, in this case Ironblade.
  11. I sit quietly in my small shack, bored out of my mind. It wasn't a lifestyle that I preferred, but what choice did I have? My past experiences at the... place that must not be mentioned defined me, molded me. If it didn't exist I wouldn't live here in the Dark Forest, all the way across the northern Equestria border, I wouldn't have to stay in hiding. I had friends in Canterlot. I had family. But, I had to leave it all because of it. All because of it. Everyday my mind thinks about that pegasus, snarls at that pegasus, swears at that pegasus. I could never forget him. A blue coat, the color of a stormy night on the ocean. His eyes, oh, his eyes! Even if you saw him someplace good, not... there, you would know he was evil. His eyes were conniving, mischievous gone wrong. And what he did could never be forgiven, not even by his family. Unicorn after unicorn, after unicorn. I was lucky enough to escape. I remember the day when I was first sent there. It was a Tuesday, and I was only a child. It was a turn of events, being taken there, because we were all rejoicing on my sister's birth. I remember that I was the one that was holding her when... he, self called "Rick" knocked on the door, loudly and slowly. My father opened the door, and gasped at what was out there. *Comment and Brohoof for Part Two!* Be Epik. I made this a long time ago. Also, the song is by woodentoaster.
  12. ((The two watermarks are my main Tumblr accounts, the first being my reblogging account, and the second being my Ask Blog, where most of the art you'll find. Please don't copy and crop out them.)) So today, I decided to finish up small sketch I made a few days ago, from Pegasus Device. I might make more and keep posting on this thread, but otherwise: Here it is! ((Click on the images to go to my main blog))
  13. Just in time for Nightmare Night! Lets all visit the Rainbow Factory!
  14. Well, as my personal favorite holiday is coming up at the end of the month, I thought it would be fun to make some cars themed to the place "where your fears and horrors come true..." the Rainbow Factory! Here are the first three! Please let me know what you all think, and feel free to suggest other ideas for this new series! First up, a CWC (Cloudsdale Weather Corporation) security patrol car, working hard to keep out unwanted guests! Next, sometimes product has to be moved around, so CWC relies on their trusty Spectra Transport! And finally, every factory needs a supervisor! And who better for this job then Rainbow Dash herself? HAPPY HALLOWEEN! More cars can be seen on my deviantART page below...
  15. So Im back after a week off and there has been a change of plans. Instead of reviewing Frozen like I was supposed to last week I'll review Rainbow Factory instead, my current situation does not allow me to get the movie at this time. To make up for it Im going to make two reviews next week, one Frozen and the other can be a request. Enough of that, lets get into this. If you've been in this fandom for any length of time you probably heard of this one, if you haven't there is a problem. I consider it to be in the 'big three' fan fics that everyone knows, and its one of my personal favorites. The story's idea came from the Wooden Toaster song on YouTube about how rainbows are made. So our story begins with setting up the fact that no pony knows where the spectra to make rainbows comes from. As we find out this has been going on for 1000 years, because I guess its normal in Equestria for ponies not to question anything. Our actual story breaks in as we go to Scootaloo's perspective, she is now older and now has the ability to fly, thus destroying several of my fan fictions. She is nervous because apparently all the failures of the flight test she is about to take are never seen again because Cloudsdale is going USSR on us. Orion, Scootaloo's friend, is worried he wont pass his test while Scoots is confident she'll pass because she got tips from Rainbow Dash. Because its not like she flunked out of flight school or anything........right? After some more gloating on Scoots' part they praise Mother Russia, umm I mean the flock. The flight instructor comes in to give the rundown of the flight test, ending with the statement "Clear, Fly, Fall, Complete. Please remember that for me. One author OC insert later and Aurora Dawn nearly passes the test before her wing breaks and she is instantly failed. Orion handles the situation like any rational pony would and exiles himself from Cloudsdale just to help Aurora because no pony else would....seems legit. Scootaloo is obviously upset by losing a friend and as a result she fails too, good job. The three 'failures' as they are now referred as walk down to a carriage that will take them away. Shortly after being met by New Yorker stereotype ponies Scoots contemplates being banned from comment, and thinks that it wont be so bad. The stereotype ponies call them scum for a little bit until the carriage is handed off to ponies in black suits, Scoots notices one with rose colored eyes. Hmm, I wonder who it could be, I have no possible clue who this masked pony is, whatever, its not important. Not. At. All. At long last our protagonists arrive at titular Rainbow Factory where we meet Dr. Atmosphere, who would like to assure us that he's not a medical doctor but an engineer...hmm, he should get some coffee with Doctor Robotnik some time. As it would turn out the factory is kinda a crap hole, wires, pipes and other things are sticking out all over the place. Like most other things its not made clear why, typical. In the next room there is a large group of ponies that came from the other schools and in the center of this room is a large metal device because we all know that metal floats on clouds. Ponies in black suits enter on a catwalk and one begins going on about, "Beautiful, magical rainbows". Oh no, its finally happened. G3 DASH IS HERE TO KILL US ALL!!!! *ahem* anyway, the rose eyed pegasus which I still have no clue who it could be gives us exposition. Celestia at one time made rainbows but after Luna was banished she had no time to make them as a result the pegusi made a device because Im sure the ponies had the technology 1000 years ago to extract colors from ponies. A pony also says, "What did those horrible PEOPLE do." wait what, people? I believe the term is PONIES author, what are these people you speak of? Well the masked pony takes off her mask and *gasp* its Rainbow Dash! What I thought it would be Silver Spoon, really who did not see this coming. Ive seen M Night Shyamalan write better twists. So Scootaloo starts yelling at RD about how she betrayed her and Dash yells back about Scoots being dead to her, all that good stuff. Rainbow decides to make a statement by using the device on Scoots' friend Orion and we get a moment from Star Wars 5 where the two characters say that they love each other. Unlike Han Solo however Orion isn't going to be back for the sequel. So he gets pulled up to the device and they break his ribs beforehand, why you may ask, because potatoes, that's why. Now with Orion dead the other children are next but don't worry, Scootaloo has a plan, guess what it is. Clear, fly, fall, complete. The exact same routine that all the children failed the first time is her plan of escape............logic, what's that? All the kids gang up on the guards and try to kick open the door, the whole time Rainbow is just busy killing children faster than Pinkanima on a sugar rush just to reach Scootaloo. The door finally gives but Aurora cant fly out because her wing is broken so Scoots is left to escape along as Dash tosses her into the Pegasus Device. So now that RD is in a hate fueled frenzy she chases Scootaloo through the halls of the factory, until she escapes down a vent where she cant follow, thus escaping the factory, the end. That's to happy isn't it, so instead the vent takes Scootaloo back into the room with the Pegasus Device, thus dooming her. Rainbow catches Scoots and chains her above the device, and in evil villain fashion she asks her if she has any last words. Scootaloo says "You have beautiful eyes" thus ending the story on a ambiguous note and letting the reader wonder what actually happened.......if you don't count the sequel of alternate endings. So that was the Rainbow Factory, one of my favorite fan fictions of all time, how does it hold up? Pretty well actually, like every story it has flaws but these don't spoil the whole experience. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet read it. Leave a comment or request below, your support is appreciated, see you all next week with Frozen! Final Scores Plot 4/5 Writing 4/5 Characterization 3/5 Enjoyment 5/5 Final Score 16/20 Wanna read the story? Here it is- There is a feature length film being made about the fic! Support them on tumbler-
  16. I read the fanfic but I still don't get it. Can someone please explain and simplify for my tiny half brain to understand the story? Just a short simple summary.
  17. I have only read a handful. Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Cheerilee's Garden, Scarlet's Harvest, and Sweet Apple Massacre. I don't personally think Cupcakes was THAT bad, and I don't think it deserves all the hate it gets. Sure, it was pretty gross, but I think Sweet Apple Massacre was creepier. But, my favorite of these would probably be Cheerilee's Garden/Scarlet's Harvest. They're interesting enough to make you want to keep you reading them, and dark enough to put you on the edge. What's your favorite Grimdark fanfic?
  18. So, if you already know me.. you know that i joined the fandom thanks to the Rainbow Factory fanfic.. i decided to drawn for the first time my background... so here it is.. my ponysona, doctor electron volt, at the Cloudsdale weather corporation
  19. Look! Is me again with more drawings This time, I did Doc's OC, and was fun painting it. I did a background like the rainbow factory, but i guess that isn't very good, because I'm really bad at do backgrounds :V Anyway, I hope ya guys like it. Normal Version: (PS: Sorry for my bad english ;-; )
  20. ok, so after a whole week, I finally did it! I completed my Minecraft Rainbow Factory remake! It took me a REALLY long time, but It is avalible for download at my website: Please download it, explore it, and let me know what you think! DO NOTE-some features are unavailable until 1.8 gets released. feel free to do whatever you want!
  21. So we all know the story of the rainbow factory, if you don't you have been blessed. Anyway in the episode rainbow falls and sonic rain-boom they are interacting with rainbows. now lets say that the story behind the rainbow factory is true, does that mean that during sonic rain-boom when pinkie pie tastes the rainbow she is committing cannibalism?
  22. I know im kinda late but it would be awesome if you listen to it thanks : 3
  23. This looks solid. And this is exactly why the rain bow factory has always been a neat idea. if you've heard the song it's creepy. this feels creepy. I'm kinda hopping it's different from the fic, no dash or scoot, just telling the story with generic ponies to make it more believable vs "rainbow is kiling philies cause she wants a bigger house."
  24. Hello there, I'm Click, I'm a Rainbow Factory worker I work as a Supervisor with Rainbow Dash, I was allowed to answer an questions you give me, I know everything that our head supervisor does, so you may also ask anything accounting to what you would ask Rainbow Dash. Ask away, but be warned it might be shocking.