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Found 1514 results

  1. Title: The Washouts Release Dates: September 8, 2018 (official US Discovery Family airdate) Writer: Nick Confalone (my mane man) Synopsis: "When Scootaloo becomes enamored with The Washouts, a touring group of stunt ponies, Rainbow Dash is concerned for her safety and worries that Scoot's days as her number one fan are over." Could be alot of feels in this episode, I presume! This is the only episode where Discovery Family hasn't released any sneak peek sketch footage, so we're probably in for a real treat! Episode Link
  2. Hub Welcome to the Rainbow Dash fan club! Rainbow Dash claims to be the fastest flier in all of Equestria, and she isn't just boasting. She is able to break the sound barrier and once performed the famous stunt, the Sonic Rainboom. She likes living life on the fast lane and enjoys adventures. She may be the fastest flier in Equestria, yet she will slow down to help her friends and Ponyville. She likes sleeping and eating and is the element of Loyalty. Kyronea's analysis on Rainbow Dash Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. This is the Rainbow Dash thread, please only post her. If you have recomendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the screen). Fan Art Trophy Case
  3. Note #1: This is one of the episodes leaked a few weeks ago (audio only). If you listened to the episode already, keep all discussion under the spoiler tag until after it finishes officially airing. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) DO NOT LINK OR POST THE LEAKED MATERIAL! Note #2: Over the last month-plus, some content originally leaked (e.g., the Student Six's names, episode titles, some summaries) have been officially revealed, and chances are more will, too. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. Title: Grannies Gone Wild Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): April 14 at 11:30am Writer(s): G. M. Berrow Summary: "Granny Smith and her friends head to Las Pegasus. Rainbow Dash tags along as a chaperone so she can ride the best rollercoaster ever before it closes." DM:
  4. Hello everypony, I was surprised to see that nopony else made any shipping threads, so I decided to make the fan fiction shipping, AppleDash! Please keep this thread PG, no R34. Other then that, feel free to post anything you want about AppleDash. Like fan art, fan fiction links, etc.
  5. Title: Secrets and Pies Air Date: October 14, 2017 Written by: Josh Hamilton Synopsis: When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst. Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies...using pies. Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  6. Just don't call her adorable or cute, she may or may not try to bear hug you!
  7. Well now some of you might have atleast heard of a flight sim called YSFlight.Now I make mods for that sim and this is one of them: Well?I'll post a picture of it in game in this thread soon.
  8. What's your favorite quote or quotes from Rainbow Dash in the animated series? Just wondering. I've found some but I need to hear more. I'm writing a Found Poem using RD's quotes. Example: "It needs to be 20% cooler."
  9. Applejack sounds like country singer Reba McEntire while Rainbow Dash does not. Apples > Skittles Trees > Clouds Trucks > Whatever Rainbow Dash drives. Applejack has a dog. Applejack wears a nifty cowgirl hat. Applejack is best friends with a world-famous pop singer. I'm sure @Lucky Bolt would agree with at least one of my well-researched points.
  10. Who is best pony? That gets asked a lot, and while there are a lot of other popular ponies, Rarity and Rainbow Dash always overwhelmingly top out the charts. So let's try and end this debate once and for all. Between the two of them, who is best pony? I suppose I'll vote for Rarity because I like her a smidge more than Rainbow Dash. Though I'd say they are about even in terms of quality, I do have to make a clear choice.
  11. HUB Welcome everypony to MLP Forum's own Mane Six fan club! Source I'm aware that all of the Mane Six ponies have their own individual clubs, but this is the place for fans of all of the ponies as a group to hang out! Everyone is welcome to join in on posting Mane Six artwork, fan videos, music, comics, avatars, banners, and any other creative media that you wish to share. It can be your own work, or just something you found on the internet. There will also be occasional discussions pertaining to the Mane Six, as well as polls from time to time. These are completely optional, so feel free to discuss whatever you'd like to, as long as it's relevant to the club. - No, you don't have to love every one of the Mane Six ponies to join the club, but I do hope you at least like all of them to some extent. This is for positive discussions, so no hatred for any members of the group please. This is simply a place to come in and appreciate the main cast. - No fighting over who is best pony. Be respectful. Yes, we all have a personal favorite, and you can talk about your favorite all you want, but no arguing over which character is better please. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or ideas, please speak up. I would really like for this club to be successful, so I am all ears. Let's get the ball rolling with a pic:
  12. So, Top bolt came and went, and there's something that's bothering me; according to equestria daily, rainbow dash had more solo songs coming up. But Top bolt came and went, and while I had expected a song due to that, there was none. So here's the question, if they were mistaken there (as I wouldn't be surprised about) and they misheard that RD would sing in LOE or the movie, or they were talking about Season 7?
  13. What's with this ""MANE 6" thing? I only know 5 charaacters: 1. Rarity 2. Applejack 3. Pinkie Pie 4.Twilight Sparkle 5. Rainbow Dash ------------------------------------------------------------ So who am I missing here?
  14. I have said once and I will say again when it comes to any of the mane 6 being in relationships in the show I am neutral, if it happens great so long as it is done right if not than there are plenty of fanfics that have it anway. But there is one argument against that that has been bugging me. It is the argument that doing so would somehow be out of character for most of the mane 6 which is of course an opinion but I am yet to really see anything other than 1 dimensional stereotypes about the characters to back it up. It is out character for Twilight Sparkle because "she is too much of a nerdy bookworm", it is out of character for Rainbow Dash because "she is too much of a brash rough and tumble tomboy", out of character for Applejack because "she is too much of a workaholic". It is true that they don't seek out relationships like Rarity has been shown to do, but the idea that it is out of character for them for those reasons is a little farfetched when you consider that character with similar personality traits have had relationships that have been pulled off well in other shows as well as real life. What I like about this show and the ponies is that they have shattered stereotypes and really made these characters come to life. Twilight was and still is a nerdy bookworm and there is of course nothing wrong with that but she was very anti social in season 1 but though was still more introverted became more open to social situations. Rainbow Dash was and still is a rough and tumble tomboy and does often have trouble showing her emotions but does have a softer side to her that we have seen some subtle hints of throughout the series and we really saw big time in Sleepless In Ponyville. Applejack often overdoes things and has pushed herself too hard but has shown signs of improvement as the series has gone on as she has become less reluctant to ask for help.
  15. The word 'beautiful' is not something people would normally use to describe a confident tomboy like Rainbow Dash. But, in my opinion, I think she's just as gorgeous as Rarity or Fluttershy are often seen as. I mean, I can't take my eyes off that amazing rainbow mane and tail and her purpley eyes, and that scratchy voice of hers is SO ADORABLE. Just because she is more boyish than a lot of other mares doesn't mean she has no right to look absolutely drop-dead stunning. <3 Who agrees?
  16. Last night, I was looking through Sonic the Hedgehog emulators on While looking through, I found an interesting little hack. It was called "Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Rainbow Dash" which is really nothing more than Tails being replaced by Rainbow Dash. Still, it's a neat little novelty. It's so awesome. Link to the hack:
  17. Not only do I think Rainbow Dash is amazingly awesome all the time, but I think she's also awesomely amazing all the time as well. I 100% think she is the best Pegasus pony ever!! Nopony can match her level of coolness
  18. Often times, I ask myself on what kind of people should be offered a second chance. Had they not acted so rashly or even rudely, they could have gone to be more than just some "selfish turd" with no concept of teamwork or friendship. Their desire and ambition to perfect themselves are, as a result, detrimental to those around them and they are often bashed in the end. We get angry, of course, railing on them to watch themselves and harshly criticize them for being "bitches" and other crude terms of the sort. But we often don't take into account on what drives them to behave that way... whether it's fulfilling a life-long dream they had to wake up everyday of the week to work for, or even just in hopes of impressing others. Lightning Dust was coined to be the biggest "bitch" since Gilda from the episode Griffon The Brush Off, tossing aside her fellow peers aside with force in hopes of passing her trials with flying colors. Spitfire coined this as excessive but allowed Dust to stay as she had the tools needed to be a Wonderbolt at the time. This was met with controversy and rightfully so, negative/snide remarks on how her character was deserving to be kicked out of the Wonderbolt Academy in the end - thoughts I would like to shed light onto and challenge. Although Dust appeared to be kicked out in the end, with her talent, work ethic, and if she is given the proper guidance, she can return to form and make the most out of herself the right way. Lightning Dust's special talent lies within pushing herself to be the very best in what she does - flying and flying abnormally fast. She was known to be so fast that she almost outdid Rainbow Dash in an obstacle course in terms of allotted time, and this was with the settings put on the highest of levels. That of course, immediately invoked praise from Spitfire was critical in naming her the Lead Pony along with Rainbow Dash as her partner. Lo and behold, after several trials and more obstacles, Lightning Dust not only promptly showed off her quicks, she also passed these trials with explosive results and in emphatic fashion as well. There are very few pegasi that can say flying is their special ability, as everypony with wings can take flight. But what happens if you do it professionally? You would be considered in the class of the Wonderbolts, if not exactly a part of them. Make what you want of her, but she is definitely talented and it was all too certain here. Spitfire would be insane not to give her another chance should there be another academy session in the near future, if there is one of course. Dust's work ethic overshadowed her talent and made us believe that it is hard work - not natural gift - is what makes you the best of the pack. Her desire to push herself beyond her current level of focus and style of play paid dividends, which is exactly what the Wonderbolts were looking for. As it stands in the real world, hard work and determination pays off in big chunks and she has the skills needed to do just that. There also comes a point in time where professional athletes can feel content with how they are performing, especially if they are performing well, and they tend to forget how they got there - either through their natural ability or their hard work. In other words, they catch what is known as the "couch and video game syndrome" and it distracts them from becoming better and better in what they do. In the professional leagues, one slow step can result in a loss and it will make you remorseful. Fortunately for Dust, she was so locked in that she never did once sway away from her goal, and did not let anything distract her. She may have a militaristic attitude with that line of thinking, but as Spitfire said it herself - she can make amends and learn how to work hard the proper way. In my own lifetime, I've seen professional athletes that are so tremendously gifted in what they do, it's hard to think of them any less or not be amazed at their skills... but there is sometimes one thing that keeps them down. One thing that prevents them from being truly great... their personal lives. As such, they are often referred to the media as bad influences even though they have legitimate skill and would be better if they weren't so immature! As someone who follows these professionals in his spare time, it's quite maddening to think about, especially if they're one of the players on your favourite football team or something. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel for these guys - they just have to look for the right guys to be around and to try to give themselves an opportunity to grow. This is Randy Moss, an NFL wide receiver who's had a hall of fame career... and a bunch of personal issues in his past that made people uncomfortable, doing a lot of crazy things that were either maddening or controversial. Before he was drafted, he had issues with the law which caused his draft stock to plummet all the way to the late first-round of the draft. Why? Because teams were afraid that he'd cause problems among his new teammates. You certainly don't want to go in that direction, right? Off-the-field incidents are a hindrance to professionals and as it stood, folks would not want to be around those kinds of "immature" guys. As it turned out, he ended up having the best rookie season by a wide receiver in NFL history, grabbing 17 touchdown passes and his team was a force to be reckoned with... however, as the years went by, he became unsettled and his off-the-field issues finally came to life. It was disheartening for his team and he was traded to another team at the end of the 2004 NFL season. Unfortunately for him, Moss could not start anew and his issues got the worse of him. He did not appear engaged at all in games and his new team unperformed greatly in the end. At the end of the 2006 season, he was noted to be a "quitter" and a "loser" by a lot of folks... no doubt causing him to feel bad and such. But his fortunes took a turn for the better as he was traded again, this time to a team with a coach that knew how to turn troubled players into world-class athletes. This coach would be Bill Belichick but I am not going to discuss his greatness on this thread. Needless to say, under a new coach and new system, playing with teammates who saw him as family, he had the best season for a wide receiver in NFL history, grabbing 23 touchdown passes (an NFL record, mind you) and he electrified his team's offense. His team went all the way to the Super Bowl, but they lost in the end. However, for a guy like Moss, it did wonders for his personal life and somepony like Lightning Dust can benefit quite a bit if they're pushed in the right direction. Like Moss, she has the talent needed to be a true professional - she just needs the guidance to do it. From then on, you're looking at a low-risk, high-reward type of option going forward. This was all the result of someone knowing that he has the talent to succeed at the professional level, but needed a good push in the right direction to do it. Bill Belichick knew it and even though Moss is nearing the end of his career, he's a much happier individual now all because he has had the right guys to be around with and has really come a long way from being a troubled person. Even though Lightning Dust has caused problems for the cadets in the academy, her desire to win was profound and her talent spoke for itself. They are undoubtedly part of the things you need in order to succeed, but all this time she has lacked the figure to guide her in the proper direction. While Rainbow managed to learn that on her own, some of us need that sympathetic budge and that is perfectly fine. The name of the game is to make friends and have fun with what you're doing, and Dust has also demonstrated that with her time alongside Rainbow Dash, the two making a formidable duo. Under more tutelage, she can learn and she can learn quite a bit. Rest assured, giving someone the chance to succeed if you're willing to take them under your wing will no doubt save their lives if they are willing to work for it, which I'm absolutely sure Lightning Dust is.
  19. So I took a look at this photo and it got me thinking about AJs' parents. Then i thought about how the show would explain the weird match up of Applejack's family on the farm. Obviously I don't think the show will ever go that dark to say they died but i think there is the possibility of a very deep and meaningful episode. But why stop there? I wouldn't mind an episode or episodes where they give background info on the mane 6's families. We have seen some other parents like RDs father, plus rarity, twilight and even pinkie's family. But we haven't seen anything from Aj,Fluttershy And the biggest perpetrator of missing-parent-syndrome, Scootaloo. How do you think the episode would layout? Are you for something like this? Would you like to see it in a dark, deep, sad, so happy it makes you cry, or lighthearted way? I think they could possible do an episode where its a holiday for parents. P.S. Im pretty sure there is another topic like this somewhere else.
  20. I just saw the most hateful and ignorant comment about Rainbow Dash. "Rainbow Dash... who gives a f___ about her. She's is the worst pony ever and I don't understand how anyone could even think about liking her. She's such a trash character and needs to be tossed out now!" I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that. Never in my life have I read something so hateful. Show this blasphemer how wrong they are please!
  21. There is a site that has text to speech voices based off of My Little Pony. They can be found here, but keep in mind that sometimes the site is under maintenance.
  22. I have met so many people, and I can tell that we are ALL AWESOME on here, Why are you awesome? -Thank You
  23. Her jam is "Another One Bites The Dust". Her favorite work-out song is "Don't Stop Me Now". Her pre-competition song is "We Will Rock You". Her victory song is "We Are The Champions". Her favorite friendship anthem is "You're My Best Friend". Her favorite "shower" song is "Bohemian Rhapsody". Her favorite karaoke song is "Somebody To Love" or "Killer Queen". and her favorite song to dance with her firends is "Radio Gaga". Agree with this? What other bands would RD listen to?