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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, it's us Rainbow Cloud, we decided to end our last Pony game project Tales Of Equestria because we realised we would not be able to escape copyrights So now most of the team's regrouped to start a new Steampunk Pirate RPG with lovely airships and landscapes and the lot. It's a top down 2D RPG. We're moving along quite well, all we need is a sprite artist mainly to get some actual material into our build and somepony who's pretty darn good at graphics design and who's willing to stay dedicated. We're situated over here and you'll probably know a bunch of the guys from the team already, mostly from here (Kolth, Rainbow Dashey, SteampunkNinja...) And now here's some stuff Story teaser (will definitely change quite a bit by the time we're finished with it ^-^) Feel free to ask any questions P: Whoops, forgot to mention that it's going to be a 2D top down RPG, if we can, we'll want to mix both 3D and 2D elements into the game.
  2. Hi, i'm SinisterBronyz A.K.A SinisterSquid and I am an Admin for a DevTeam named Rainbow Cloud. You may have heard of us when we were creating a pony game named Tales Of Equestria, however considering the copyright strikes on all pony games so far we have moved on to bigger and better things, such as a new game! The game is based around Steampunk Air Pirates (Not my idea) and it is a top down RPG. We are looking for 2D and/or 3D artists who can help! We're an active team who is excited to see this project through. If you wish to join, simply follow the link below and create an account. Then, follow up with making a post in the recruitment tab. We will be in touch, and thank you for considering to join Rainbow Cloud Dev! Link to forum: Link to our OLD forum:
  3. We (RainbowCloud Studios) are creating a MLP:FiM based action RPG called Tales of Equestria (you might've seen us around before, things have changed dramatically again since our last thread) Development's going great, we've just kicked off after a few long months of planning everything! We've got out Devs, we've got our forums, so all we need now are ponies on the forums to help discussions move on. Our discussions have been pretty slow and even with Skype we still need more opinions on a variety of discussions to help us get the greatest ideas and also move on quickly. tl;dr We can't just open up the forums for everyone to see. We need to keep everything safe and secret already had one spam attack (feel free to send hate to the spammer if you see someone called 'tokyoshul' joining up anywhere, be sure to warn admins). So instead, we're having to recruit people into a discussion board. All you are expected to do is Be active and dedicated Discuss and help developers reach conclusions And in return, you'll be able to see all development going on in our forums (right now you can only see part of this website big thanks to Feld0 for that ^-^), we'll include you into our team, you'll be invited into our Skype chat and you may include OCs of your choice into the game. Also you can be in the credits. Here are our rules of Feld0s and Feld0n'ts. Feld0 be active and helpful on the forums Feld0n't be mean or act in a hateful manner. Unity plays a big part in our team (and it's also the engine we're using hohoho! #gottalovepuns) Feld0 tell us if you're going to be away, we're understanding people just notify us before you disappear for a while, we get worried. Feld0n't randomly leave the team without telling us. It's important that I officially remove you from the team list. Feld0 be nice to @Agent505 he's your moderator and a final Feld0n't be shy feel free to ask questions! We're a talkative and friendly bunch. Here's an idea of our game: It's an action RPG, so don't be thinking Pokemon or Final Fantasy, those have turn based battles. We're going for real time battles, such as the Legend of Zelda series. The tale is of a newbie Canterlot guard who's on his first day of his job. He's never been to Canterlot or any fancy places, only ever heard of them, so when he arrives he's oblivious to the fact that the whole town and Castle has been taken over by the Eldriquines (here's some concept art of a Twilight Sparkle inspired one) Once he finally figures out what's up - he quickly returns to town,. Only to see his best buddy, who's just a filly, being kidnapped by the evil forces. He goes in to save her, but is simply batted away. Stricken by grief and horror and confusion he flops into the corner of his now destroyed house. Lonely, weak and saddened, he doesn’t know what to do and decides to rest in the only place he feels safe, in his slumber (the fatty that he is, might as well made him eat his way out of depression as well) The next morning you are awoken by Spike, who tells you what's up. He reignites your desire to save your buddy and then your quest begins I think we've got a good way of telling the story hehehe So if you wish to discuss points on the story, share your knowledge about music and art, or your gaming knowledge, without being completely committed into actually doing anything and also keep updated on an up and coming game, then please sign up. All we want is dedication. Idle users will be banned, we're looking for people who will continue to help us rather than just pop in once and leave. We don't mean be online every single day, just pop in a couple of times a week, heck, half of us are only online once a week Here's the recruitment section Please leave a comment down below! Remember: Everypony is welcome! All you gotta do is sign up