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Found 11 results

  1. Earlier ago today, I just captured this new (and very rare), lightly circulated Series 2013 $100 bill. Now, usually, most $100 bills we see are Series 2009A, but this one's not one of them. In fact, according to the BEP reports, it's a May 2017 printing, based on its serial number. Also notice the letter M at the beginning, and the fact that all Series 2013 notes always start with that letter. This pretty much implies the fact that as of sometime earlier in late 2017, the Series 2013 $100 bills are now in circulation today.
  2. What are colors you haven't seen/not seen much of for ponies? I think red is actually not that common, since the only character I can think of is Big Mac. Green is not used often either, but a few characters have them.
  3. What does it take for a merch to become a collector's item? And what pieces of pony merch have reached the status of a collector's item and for what reason?
  4. Just listen to this theme as you lie down on your bed and i promise all of your troubles will flow away like they are nothing.
  5. Probably the biggest surprise from E3 2015 for me, besides Xbox One backwards compatibility and FF7 Remake, was the announcement of this, Rare Replay, which is a collection of 30(!) games spanning all of Rare's years of existence. This is a celebration for their 30th anniversary and it will be priced at $30(!). This has to be one of the greatest deals ever in gaming. 30 games in one huge collection all for $30, which means you are getting 30 games for $1 each game. That is crazy. Plus the selection is pretty awesome, ranging from their 8-bit origins to modern day classics. This is like if Action 52 for the NES wasn't horrible. It comes out in August for the Xbox One and I cannot wait. :3 Anyone else excited for this? What games are looking forward to the most in this collection? Me, it's probably Conker's Bad Fur Day, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, the Banjo Kazooie games, Killer Instinct Gold and perhaps Kameo. The rest are pure icing on the cake.
  6. I found online people saying that Ocarina of Time 3d is getting expensive becasue apparently it's not printed any more. I happen to own a copy of the game... a PAL version to be exact. WOuld that be considered as valuable as an NTSC copy? (Satoru Iwata, you will be missed
  7. So today in one of my many visits to the forum i like to look at avatar icons and what not, but this one time how icons got assemble was both weird and coincidental i guess xD post your own weird things while browsing on mlp forums Hey baby, I'm you're hero
  8. So, I just recently got my hands on a game for the xbox 360 called "50 Cent Blood on the Sands". This game isn't the most.. well.. mass produced of games out there and I'm pretty lucky to have found a copy at Best Buy for 10 bucks. Aside from this little "gem" I also own a copy of Star Wars Bounty Hunter for the Gamecube, which is pretty rate. An un-used copy selling for a lot of money. Along with that I also own a copy of the Mortal Combat Trilogy for the N64 UN-OPENED and still in it's plastic wrap stuff. Anyway, I was curious what kind of stuff everyone else has that is rather rare?
  9. *chomp, chomp, chomp* </Pac-Man> <--- Link to the artist.
  10. I just did some research just now to see how much my games were worth! I used NES - Mega Man 5 NO BOX Genesis - Moonwalker NO BOX SNES - either Kirby Super Star NO BOX or Super Mario World NO BOX (depends on rarity scale) N64 - either Dr. Mario 64 NO BOX or Super Smash Bros. NO BOX (depends on rarity scale) If that's the case then let me revise: NES - Pac-Man GREY CART Genesis - Pinocchio (Seriously, Moonwalker is less rare than this! WHY? It should be Moonwalker!) SNES - Bubsy 2 (rarest I got, poor me) N64 - Superman (how can this be slightly more rarer than all the other games I've got?) (BTW game sucks)
  11. Hey there everypony! Yup... another Thread. I figured out how to finally view my stats on black ops without actually having to be in-game. If you play Black ops on the PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii. Why not show your stats? Here are mine... Just don't look at my side-arm statistics. You'll yell at me. XD Also! You must rate between 1 - 10 to the user above you. Stating what it is you like about their emblem, weapons used, streaks and etc. This isn't meant to be a forum game, but a way to express every-ponies gaming capabilities. Hope you all enjoy! > w<