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Found 13 results

  1. As my childhood slowly comes to a close, I constantly wonder how the fuck I'm going to get myself out of this mess. Turning 18 has got to be one of my biggest challenges, behind fucking one of the Kardashians and watching Equestria Girls. And yet, the inevitable is being laid upon me within due time. I have a mere 6 days of irresponsibility left. I'm gonna have to see what kind of Hell I can put people through before the bills start flooding my bank account. 18 years of bullshit. In the meantime, I'll use what remains of my life to watch an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Because that's the American dream. This week, we tackle "Rarity Takes Manehattan". - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I remember having fluctuating opinions about this episode. When I first watched it I hated it for whatever reason, then when I watched it again I liked it, and I haven't watched it since. Let's see what my mood is this time. Also, excuse me if I call this episode "Rarity Takes Manhattan" at any point. It's pretty fucking obvious why I'd make that typo. The episode opens up with the ponies getting on a train going to, you guessed it, the Crystal Empire. Fuckwits. Rarity is entering a [insert convoluted competition title here] in Manehattan and conveniently wants to bring all the other main characters with her. It's at this point in the series that I'm really fucking sick of everyone constantly entering contests to give the plot a reason to exist. The same thing happened last episode with "Bats!" and even in "Flight to the Finish". I've never come across a group of characters so interested in superficial contests in my fucking life, and it's getting really annoying. Alas, that's the whole reason they're going to Manehattan. Also, Rarity bought her friends tickets to a musical. What musical? Who gives a shit, we have a boring, terrible, piece of shit song to endure. At least Rainbow Dash's opening line is hilarious as fuck-all. God, it's times like this when you appreciate the "Bats!" song. This song is so typical it's almost fucking awful. To top it all off, Rarity is being overly generous in this musical number. Like, they're really trying to ham in the fact that she's so giving, which makes her almost out of character. We know Rarity is the element of generosity but she hasn't demonstrated such an overt willingness to give everyone a helping hand unless the plot called for shoving it up our asses. Like here. The odd part is, they don't display this at all anywhere else in the episode. Every other circumstance of her showing generosity seems realistic, and we'll get to that later. I've already spotted another problem with this episode. The citizens of Manehattan......don't give a shit that Princess Twilight Sparkle is in their presence. Like, with Ponyville you expect that considering she's lived there for about a year prior to her upgrade. She's never visited Manehattan and yet the ponies here hardly recognize her. I remember this being a complaint with the early episodes of season four back in the day, and so I just have to assume this is a writing fuck-up. "We don't take kindly to purple ponies 'round these parts. Youse should all rot in Hell!" Okay, back to the plot, after some unfortunate circumstances, the people Rarity helped in the crappy musical number come to her rescue when she needs to get to the hotel for the event briefing in a hurry, forcing the song to be "relevant". Alas, she's still berated for showing up a few seconds early or whatever, as the host of the event runs through the basics. The competitors must set up backstage, and then show their designs tomorrow for a chance their designs to top designers in Manehattan I think. Then, of course, they all strip nude and have a blood orgy, right after murdering the mayor and selling their bodies in Mane Street, right? After Hosty McDouchebag leaves, Raritits is greeted by a mare named Suri Polowhatever, who claims to have met her before. She offers a hand moving Rarity's dresses backstage, where she sees the "glorious" designs in all their glorious glory. Suri asks for a swatch for her own collection, in which Rarity generously gives her a whole reel. I think that's the terminology, but I'm not a faggot ass, so don't pin me to it. As you might expect, Suri uses it to basically steal Rarity's ideas. I'm expecting there's a cease and desist letter coming in the mail soon? Last time someone ripped me off, I ripped them off. Literally. I took their dick and tore it off with my bare hands and then forced them to eat it. Preschool was fun. And...this is an interesting place for Rarity to be. Because, yeah, we've seen Rarity be generous here and there, but not to such an extent that being generous has backfired on her. It might be the inevitable pitfall of her elephant of harmony, but maybe it's about time this was addressed. As you might imagine, Rarity gets pissed and confronts Suri the Bitch, raging about her copying her design as well as questioning her ability to make them so fast. This is where we're introduced to Suri's work/sex slave Coco Pommel, who tirelessly worked on the counterfeits for eons and a day. Rarity goes back to her room to sulk, when the other five freeloaders come in to express their joy of being in Manehattan and also to remind the audience that they're still in this episode. They soon console Rarity about the bullshit that's just occurred, but assure her that this is just a phase and that she'll get over it. She does. Immediately. She comes up with a new line and then manages to get all of her friends to help her make them, almost to the point of slavery. That's......odd of Rarity? I mean, I'd love to make another raunchy sex slave joke here but, it's really odd of her to do this to her friends. Not even the circumstances of Suri betraying Rarity's naive trust in other ponies really calls for it. The out of character moments for her seem to be racing to polar opposite sides. I mean, I can understand enslaving Twilight, what with her being a purple pony and all.... So when the others desire a break, Rarity throws a fit and storms off. This guilt trips the others into missing the musical she got them tickets for (dumbass) as they continue working on the dresses. Rarity then collects them all and storms off without not so much as a thank you. After the catwalk runway show of "Hotel Chic" is a rousing success, Rarity realizes that she's been a lickety prickety dickety fag when she sees her friends aren't at the show supporting her. Then she gazes at the empty seats and her eyes begin to glow in rainbows. The....fuck? .... OH, WAIT, THIS IS SEASON FOUR. THIS IS THE KEY ARC! Fucking hell, I forgot, when the ponies' eyes glow rainbow colors like their on acid, that indicates that a key to the Tree of Harmony chest is about to be earned. So, this is the first key episode. Not bad. But where's the lock-and-key BDSM, huh? This is a Rarity episode after all. That's what I thought. LUCY IN THE SKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYwithvaginas So she goes back to the hotel in search of her friends, when the bellhop she was generous to many eons ago when the earth was flat tells her that her friends headed out this morning. This triggers a gloomy reprise of the "Generous" song which makes me want to create a list of the ways one can successfully commit suicide after hearing terrible music. She goes back to the fashion event to see that her friends are all there, and that they missed the show because they overslept. Of course. At least Applejack acknowledges Rarity was a dick. They all make up there, and when Suri tells Rarity she lost the competition, she notes that she doesn't give a flying fuck, which teaches Coco Pommel that friendship is a side of splooge with green fries. Rarity makes it up to her friends by getting them an exclusive show to that musical they missed, which was paid for by Rarity offering her "services" here in Manehattan for a little while. That's when Coco Pommel barges in like a dickhole on Sunday morning and tells Rarity that she actually won the competition and that Suri was bullshitting. She goes through the whole friendship is magic schtick admitting that she's now quit working for Suri, and gives Rarity a rainbow-colored spindle, which is the first of the six "keys" that no one knows about yet. In return, Rarity gives Coco her job of "servicing" the playwright. Ah, the cycle of prostitution always comes full circle. Insert journal shit here. I'm not sure this key is going to pick her locks. Okay, that one sucked, I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time. And so concludes "Rarity Takes Manehattan". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .....Uhhhh? This episode's kind of polarizing. On one hand, it was interesting seeing Rarity get the shaft for embracing her element, and this episode certainly served its purpose in being the first of the six keys arc. There were no problems with the pacing, moral, or development of...well...Coco Pommel at least. However, on the other hand, Rarity is intensely out of character in two completely different ways here. At the beginning she's way too generous to everyone, and towards the end she's way too controlling, narcissistic, and nasty to her friends. She swings from both sides really quickly without much provocation and in the end we're just supposed to accept that she's back to normal now. I'm no psychiatrist, but that screams bipolar disorder. And Rarity hasn't displayed bipolar tendencies at all in the past. That's Pinkie Pie's mental disorder. If anything else, that whole scene with Rarity slaving the other five into making her dresses was uncomfortable even for me, with all of my indulgence in grotesque imagery. It felt so unnatural. There's other parts of this episode that don't add up, like the lack of Twilight's acknowledgment as a princess in what is implied to be a major city in Equestria. She gets no perks, no paparazzi, not so much as a second glance, but the writers insist she be a part of this episode. So why is she there? Then there's also the shit song, which is kind of overshadowed by this point anyway. At the beginning, I noted that when I first saw this episode I hated it, and then when I saw it again I liked it. Well, upon closer inspection, I find myself disturbed with the parts I once hated but also intrigued by the parts I once liked. All-in-all, I see both sides of the coin now and can honestly say that "Rarity Takes Manehattan" is an overall polarizing but ultimately subpar episode. I'm giving it a 5/10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay, this is it. My next review is on March 10th, which is the day after my 18th birthday, so I've gotta make this ending good so that I can send off my childhood in an epic way. You know, something I can recall years later and ask myself "what the fuck was I smoking?" or "how do I use a toilet?" ...Of course! I'll sum up my childhood in one word! That'll do the trick! Now, what word should I use?..... "Goddammit".
  2. Yes I'm new here, so I hope this okay. But would like your thoughts. Thanks
  3. And no, I'm not talking about the shimmering rainbow thread itself. When they do a closeup on the shelf, they show six spools of thread before the rainbow one: Purple, orange, yellow, white, cerulean, and pink. In other words, the colors of the coats of each of the Mane Six. Do you think this means anything, or is it just a little "easter egg" thrown at us by the animators?
  4. I've had this track finished for a while but never got around to uploading it Hope you guys like it! It's inspired by the 'Rarity Takes Manehattan' episode in S4 And for those interested... BPM: 130
  5. So just something i noticed a while back is that the fabric Rarity had made ( That purpel one) in the episode Rirty takes Manehattan, Looks like the the fabric from the hot air baloon in the intro but with bigger details... Just something i noticed But it was a while since i saw the episode so maybe im wrong, What do you Think? Edit: The ballon actually had stars on it that i dident notice
  6. I have been meaning to do a blog on Manehattan for a while. This won't be the proper analysis although I will touch on it, this is more my general thoughts on the episode. The reason for doing this prelude is that I believe it makes the actual analysis easier by clearing up some issues and potential baggage. Some analysis and hints of analysis is present so if you like analysis you will get your fix. The first is that while I like this episode and think it is pretty good, it does suffer from being bloated. The most salient and most far reaching example is the inclusion of the main cast. The only purpose they serve is to change the conflict from Rarity having her work stolen to Rarity being mean as a backlash to this fact. I understand the writers wanted the ponies' elements to be challenged but they could have done that without the rest of the main cast. Perhaps have the tension be from Rarity trying to rectify Suri's theft alone in an unfamiliar city, causing her to compromise but realize her mistake and then be assisted by the various people she was generous with in the song Generosity. Such a format would be similar the Rarity' previous episodes where the conflict gradually emerges from her character being placed in a relatively simple situation. I fault nobody with taking issue with this as it is my only real gripe with this episode, even though I did enjoy the episode. Mentioning Generosity brings me to the issue of generosity in this episode (quite a leap I know) and the focus of this blog post. It is common for allegedly clever (hopefully this statement will not be proven ironic) to remark that Rarity was not being generous because of the expectations of favors or reciprocation. If this was the case, then yes they would have a point. But it is not. Rarity says, "the best thing about Manehattan is that when you do something nice for somebody, and you never know when they will do something nice for you." This is not entitlement and here's why: For one, when Rarity remarks that Manehattanites (?) repay good deeds done to them she is not expressing expectation or entitlement. She is describing them as possessing this positive quality, and maybe even expressing faith in this quality's existence. This being a rather charitable outlook on people, and not at all inconsistent with the Element of Generosity I might add. Rarity also includes the line "you never know when they will turn around and do something nice for you," which suggests too vague a concept of when she would be repaid and how she will be repaid to support the theory she is doing it out of self interest. In summation, she is not really expecting favors in any practical way but simply feels safe being generous with the Manehattanites because they reciprocate good deeds. The difference between this and expecting favors is that here Rarity is TRUSTING the Manehattanites rather than trying to manipulate them in any way. Trust is the key. Really, this should be argument enough but more is probably required. For one the song's lyrics themselves make it very clear that Rarity enjoys being generous for its own sake. Such as the following: "Oh, Manehattan, what you do to me Such a huge bustling community And there's always opportunity To do the friendly thing." This shows that Rarity is motivated by doing good for its own sake, as does, "If some are grouchy, pay no mind Surprise instead with something kind Lo and behold, you may just find A smile is what you bring." "Generosity, I'm here to show all that I can give Generosity, I'm here to set the bar Just sit back and watch how I live" A little aggrandizing to be fair but still confirms the sincerity of why she enjoys being generous. Remember she believes the Manehattanites are generous themselves so she is not convinced she is better than them. While she is the one setting the bar over the course of this song, they will meet it. Moreover it is an "I Am" song, it's going to be on the nose because it is by design about whatever qualities she possesses. "Some may say, "Rarity, Don't be so big-hearted and bold Treating strangers like they're friends This town's too big and cold" But this is how I play my cards I'm not about to fold Where I see a frown, I go to town Call me the smile patrol" Same as the first two parts. And lastly, "Generosity, I'm here to show all that I can do Generosity, you are the key Manehattan, I'm here just for you Just for you," This shows a commitment to service unto others. Furthermore, if Rarity were simply trying to garner favors, why would she further repay the generosity done in reciprocation with more generosity on her part? She begins by getting Spike a hotdog, repayment for his labor. This was minor but worth pointing out. Then she over-tips the bellhop for his helpful attitude. This causes the bellhop to help her out whenever she needs it, either by delivering her dresses or telling her where her friends went. And in each instance she tips him again, despite his eagerness to help her being in response to her earlier generosity. If Rarity truly saw this as nothing but an economic strategy, it would dictate that she should probably not bother tipping the bellhop again. Maybe, one could argue that tipping him again is simply to ensure more favors but that is a stretch and in disharmony with the aforementioned points about her motivation. But even disregarding all of that let us ask ourselves, "which is more likely?" That she is a clever and conniving emotional con-jobber with rather far reaching vision to be able to predict that she will need the help of others, and spreads token gifts thereby making them indebted to her socially to ensure that they do? Or that she's being as generous as she can but not saying no to their own instances of reciprocation? The latter is the most reasonable. There is more to this pattern but that will be touched upon later. My last major point over this issue is regarding a fair counterargument, one I don't hear as often as I would have thought,is that later in the episode Rarity DOES expect her friends to help her out because of her earlier generosity which lends credence to the entitlement argument. This is an accurate description of her later actions, and I will get more into this in the proper analysis, but if one recalls this was presented as a heel-turn on Rarity's part. Her words, "It was in this magnificent metropolis that I learned that while there are ponies who will take advantage of your generosity, you should never, ever let that cause you to abandon your generous spirit. Nothing feels worse than taking advantage of the giving nature of your friends." It is made clear that by the moral that this is not a way she commonly acts and was brought on by being taken advantage of herself. As such her realization that this was what she had become is presented as a return to form with the moral making it clear that the lesson was to be vigilant against this mentality. The lesson was not that the mentality itself is wrong, as Rarity already knew this but simply failed to see the behavior in herself. Furthermore, this statement reinforces the notion of trust. When Rarity was being generous earlier it was out of trust. When her trust was betrayed she became distrusting and began to use her earlier altruism as a way of manipulating favors from her friends. But then Rarity remembered the value of their contributions and all was restored. Trust being the linchpin between manipulation and a healthy self respect is very apparent here. As a segue to the final item, it is important for Rarity to believe others will repay her generosity in their own way. It is also important that she accepts this repayment from them. Not only because it displays a charitable faith in the general goodness of others which resonates strongly with her element, but also because to not accept their help is rather rude and egocentric in its own right. Largely because it presupposes that only her generosity and good will matters. Bear this in mind. To be fair to those who criticize this episode's conception of generosity; while it is true that while Rarity herself is not be guilty of perceiving Generosity as favors, is is possible that the episode itself still may. And it does, but this is hardly a negative. As I stated earlier, the concept of reciprocal altruism is not inconsistent with the Element of Generosity. In fact, it is a realistic and compelling method of expressing what Generosity means. I say this because Reciprocal Altruism is a concept in human/animal interactions where one will decrease their personal fitness (meaning literally how fit to survive they are in this context) to increase the fitness of another within their pack/tribe. This is done because of the pack mentality and concept of reciprocation social creatures possess. The one giving knows that if they need it the other is likely to assist them, as well as being a way to demonstrate loyalty to the pack as a whole and build social trust (as mentioned early on in this post). And while Rarity did not expect favors, she still fostered this kind of mentality through her actions. Both sides were getting what they liked through mutual generosity. It is not an instance of feeling entitled to favors. Rarity did not expect favors in any practical sense, and the Manehattanites certainly did not expect her to give anything to them. In short everyone is taking the best possible actions for one another, achieving the definition of a harmonious relationship. Which, as I understand it, is the idea behind these Elements and the show itself. In fact it is possibly the best expression of the Element of Generosity since it shows that generosity can be contagious and inspiring to others. Furthermore the idea of community is good depth for her Element and character as it allows her to repudiate the negative sides to not only her character but the also to the concept of nobility while embracing the positives, which is the concept of service unto others in both cases. The Elites from S&E largely exhibited service unto themselves to varying degrees and so does Rarity when she is misbehaving. Whereas Rarity when she is being good and Fancy Pants both exhibit service unto others, particularly those less fortunate. This is called Noblesse Oblige and as such this episode has great thematic importance to Rarity since it is the entire basis for her character's good traits. This is primarily what the analysis is going to be regarding as one can probably tell. Link:
  7. So, as you probably(don't) know, I am very impatient when it comes to art. I often rush through, missing out on chances to add little details, easter eggs and whatnot. So, as a test of my patience, I sketched up a plan for a rather tedious artwork that would require my full attention and dedication. So, here is a work in progress! Critiques and opinions are wanted and greatly appreciated. I'm pretty proud of the hair and shading as of now, so let's hope that doesn't change!
  8. So, as you probably(don't) know, I am very impatient when it comes to art. I often rush through, missing out on chances to add little details, easter eggs and whatnot. So, as a test of my patience I sketched up a plan for a tedious artwork that would require my full attention and dedication. So, here is a work in progress! Critiques and opinions are wanted and greatly appreciated. I'm pretty proud of the hair and shading as of now, so let's hope that doesn't change!
  9. Hello everypony! So, there I am with another song, this time, a remix from the amazing song Generosity Hope you all enjoy!
  10. Move this to Season 4 discussion if necessary. Is that Rainbow coloured spool in ''Rarity Takes Manehattan'' One of the keys to that secret chest that requires six keys to be opened? It seems to me that it is. What is in that box? Giygas? The Dagger of Xian?
  11. After watching Rarity Takes Manehattan a few more times, I started to ask myself questions about the antagonist. When exactly did Suri decide to steal Rarity's designs? Did she only decide it when Rarity generously gave her the fabric? Or did she think she could get something useful out of Rarity, and that's why she offered to help her set up? She did know Rarity, and could have intended to exploit her from the beginning.
  12. Exactly how screwed is Suri? She ticked off the Mane 6, that is bad news. Fluttershy has Discord on speed dial Twilight has some political leverage Celestia and Luna are queens and know Twilight personally Rainbow knows the Wonderbolts Rarity could call in a favor from the Diamond Dogs Applejack could have Babs Seed or the Orange Family do something Fluttershy still has fangs Anything else that would screw Suri over?