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Found 6 results

  1. Interested in creating an episode thread like this? Read this first! Title: She's All YakAir Date: May 11th, 2019Written By: Brian Hohlfeld Twitter | Site | IMDBSynopsis: When Sandbar asks Yona to a "pony dance," Yona becomes convinced she must ponify herself to be a good friend, so she goes to Rarity and her friends for a makeover in appearance and personality. Episode Preview Watch Live and chat with us on EquestriaTV in the CMC Clubhouse Episode Links Weekly Comic (Soon) Bingo Thread - Click here to join in (just for fun) Bingo Results this week - The predictions that came true are (Rarity Solo*). Pick a Flaw Thread Highlighted User Reactions - Coming Soon Fan Clubs Generated - Coming Soon User Blog Index - Coming Soon Notable Fan Art - Coming Soon Notable Fics - Coming Soon Possible Reaction and Emote Thread - Coming Soon HOW DO YOU SUBMIT ANYTHING YOU WANT COLLECTED IN THE OP? Send me a PM and I'll review and add it as long as it is within the first few weeks of the episodes airing (or is really really amazing) *I'm counting it ... Yona only sings a few lines in support
  2. I LOVE Rarity, so I drew a picture of her again!
  3. So here is my latest drawing. I did this yesterday when I was feeling very down. Enjoy.
  4. Welcome everypony! This here is the forum mall club where we can all chat be silly and not get in trouble! Rules: No hating Have a good time Be open about what you think. No spamming Flirt with whom ever you want. And last but not least...... don't steal my fireworks!!!!
  5. Well here is one of my short Fan Fics about Spikes' thoughts of Rarity. I have another short fic about Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie called " Birthday Wishes." But let us see how this goes first. Dusk. The sky above was turning a Dark Orange color clouds wafted across high above lazily with no destination merely dancing across the sky to the music of nature. Spike sat alone atop a large boulder that had rolled off a nearby hilltop and toppled down into the empty valley below. Alone with his thoughts' he spent most of his time thinking about her., A sweet pony who spoke her mind and was never afraid to stand up for what was right. Her long wavy mane always in an elegant wavy style shimmering in the sunlight., Dark blue hues that had a light within them that would shine for miles she was indeed special. Though he noticed her she never took a second glance at him but how could he blame her for that?., He kept to himself most of the time silently watching her Graceful movements & enjoying the sound of her lovely voice. Staring up to the orange-colored sky above he laid back on the large boulder to get a better view., He had always loved Dusk it was silent and calm much like himself. Yet he thought some would stop with the Challenges' of their day and gaze upon the sky with wonder and that just maybe somewhere out there in the world somepony else watched it too feeling the same way. He silently thought whether she watched the sunset at dusk as well finding its' beauty calming and enchanting., that perhaps maybe through the daily grind of the busy day she allowed her thoughts to fall to him. Sighing he knew better than that she was his secret a distant thought in the back of his mind that echoed out always never leaving., His flash of light in an otherwise dark world. The sun began to fall into the sky once more vanishing just as soon as it had come., Dusk was over the sky slowly became dark and silent stars' gently coming out to dance in the sky above. And just like that the thoughts of her were gone for another day., She was his light she was everything he wished he could have. A Beauty that was untold to most that showered the world in its' Heavenly Light day after day yet few would stop to appreciate it., While other's would notice it and find its magic entrancing. A Beauty forced to be hidden and seen by few., A love to never be captured but only once a day shared. Be it a passing smile in town , A simple caress of the hoof across the shoulder or the sharing of a laugh between an inside joke. She was his haunting memory. She was his Dusk.
  6. now read the header. what would it take. that means she's not. I'm asking all the other middle ground rarity fans, the non haters non lovers who are okay with rarity. I'm not asking the haters because you already think she's the worst thing ever, and i'm not asking her followers because you'd likely like to see me banned for even making the thread. If rarity characters changed a sizable portion of the show into fashion that would be to girly for me. If art of the dress became the norm. if some how her passion bleed into the other characters, and they stopped being who they were. Hm maybe that's where the hate comes from, the fear rarity personality might spread as if it was a virus. that some how rarity would in fact and make mlp an earlier gen all over again.