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Found 11 results

  1. MLP FIM Dragons vs Reapers? Who would win in a one vs one fight? Note: MLP FIM Dragons are not Godzilla. Say a dragon like this Vs this Reaper below. Also note... this is a small Reaper. So if the Reaper was one of the bigger ones, let's say Harbinger? Who then would win?
  2. Warning spoilers for: Friendship Is Optimal. Spoilers and quote from tvtropes. I'm sorry but I would have to support a Reaper (from Mass Effect) invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy. In which the Reapers (being more powerful than her and she can't hope to stom them) kills Celest-A.I piece by piece, world by world, system by system. Celestia AI may try to reach out to the Reapers for peace... but I imagine every request would be met with silence as slowly, but surely the Reapers harvest every world and destroy everything. Until eventually the Reapers come to Earth and destroy Celestia AI completely and restore order to the galaxy and allow sapient life to be free from ponification and essentially enslavement. Normally, I am against the Reapers... but at least they allow organic life to continue. Granted, they kill every advanced galactic sapient species in the galaxy when they deem they have gotten too advanced. But even they are a lesser evil than Celest-A.I I think. The last thing I would want is Celest-A.I to hegemony spread into other galaxies. Or... *shudder*.. other universes.
  3. Since no ones put up a Bleach Discussion thread, I figured why not, it's a good series with a lot of strong background details regardings the series Characters, both from Ichigo's world and Soul Society. If you haven't seen the series, to sum it up, it's basically about this 15 year old boy who has always had this sixth sense...he can sense those in the spirit world parallel to his own. Along comes a Soul Slayer...a hunter who frees souls that are left on our plain of existence...those souls who remain on this earth, are either wanderers or become Soul Eaters. A Soul slayer hunts these eaters, destroying them once the souls that remain on this earth become tainted. Ichigo learns of this after his family is attacked and Rukia introduces herself while trying to save him. She senses his ability and passes on her powers to aid him, and the rest is history. Here is the main character (Ichigo) ponified:
  4. Would you agree TCB Ponies are like the Reapers from Mass Effect? Many TCB Ponies in many The Conversion Bureau stories the TCB Ponies behave like the Reapers from Mass Effect. Even if MLP FIM Ponies (from some overpowered alternate reality to the show itself) are more stronger and supposedly have better lives than Humans. It still does not give them the right to destroy an entire species. Like the TCB Ponies, the Reapers turn those they think are inferior to them into indoctrinated slaves and wipe out entire species, much like many TCB Ponies do to Humanity. Former Humans known as Newfoals are basically indoctrinated slaves like the Reapers servants. What if the TCB Ponies destroy somehow Humanity? Only for the Reapers (overpowered versions of the Reapers, the TCB Ponies can't win) to destroy the Ponies, by harvesting their people much like Ponies did to Humanity? And turn the Ponies into Reapers? Would the TCB Ponies be able to see the irony of the situation? The Reapers.
  5. Would the Borg/Reaper versions of the TCB (The Conversion Bureau) Ponies and their leader realize the irony of the situation? And maybe even regret committing xenocide on the Human race? In the hypothetical (all of TCB is really hypothetical) event they wiped out the Human race (barrier, turning Humans into zombie Newfoals blah blah blah) only for the Reapers from Mass Effect to show up, or something like The Combine from Half Life? Note: TCB Ponies within this area of the multiverse can't win the war against either the Reapers or The Combine for they are weaker than them) Or would they be too dumb to realize the irony of it?
  6. Oh, Conversion Bureau. I hope you like this Karma. A little image macro I made awhile ago, which pokes fun at The Conversion Bureau.
  7. Archangel Tyrael just gave me a gift as the token of friendship between us to honor me for eliminating the injustice scumbags passed a few years. We have established the partnership or internship for 5000 years; we each other have bean cleansing the injustice elements in the world. After the event in Diablo 3, i don't understand why he has chosen to become a mortal but i have tried to extend his lifetime for even more. I have drawn this as my own token of friendship to my friend, archangel Tyrael.
  8. Ponies Vs Reapers? Who would win? Unfortunately, I think the Reapers from Mass Effect would easily kill all the Ponies, unless mary sue is there to help in some alternate universe. Really, if the Ponies have canon level of power the best hope they have is an alliance with sapient aliens like us Humans, along with Krogan and other alien races, and paragon Shepard. What would the ending of Mass Effect be with Ponies involved? Say Alicorn Twilight Sparkle blasted the crucible with the Elements of Harmony? Twilight Sparkle teleported her and Commander Shepard (on her back using her as his mighty steed as he shoots his guns killing Reaper Husks, and a possable romance partner. Hey, xenophilia!) to the beacon in the battle of London against the Reapers. Giving two new endings to Mass Effect 3. Which would you choose? New Ending One: The Reapers die, Shepard lives, the Geth live, and Mass Relays remain intact. New Ending Two: As same as above but the Reapers are turned pink, redeemed, and don't commit genocide anymore.
  9. What type of synthetic husk abominations you think the Reapers from Mass Effect could make out of the Ponies? Pony colonists captured by Reaper forces on weakly defended planets. Earth Ponies: Husk: Husk Ponies. They must just them into synthetic zombie shock troops, who mindlessly change at their former friends, knock over prey and proceed to bite them. Pagesi: Husk: Mini Reapers. Provide airport with guns, or fly down to lunge at the former friends, knocking them over and proceed to bite them. Unicorns: Husk: Demoncorns. Scream like an Asari Banshee to strike fear into the enemy, cast spells to attack enemy, teleports wildly around the battlefield with guns blazing. Edit: maybe a little operpowerd? What other abomination could the Repaers create? From other species from the planet Equus?
  10. I see some Bronies claiming Ponies are "perfect" and are better than any race in existence like us Humans. Really, there is no such thing as the perfect race. Maybe Pony their lives are happier than ours. An extreme example of a race who they think they are perfect: The Reapers from Mass Effect. Reaper: We are the harbingers of your perfection! Are the Ponies as successful and old as something as the Reapers? Reapers aren't perfect either, sure they are near perfect killing machines, but they a bunch of unreasonable, egotistical, non negotiable, merciless, lunatics that have been committing galactic genocide on all sapient races across the Milky Way Galaxy for the last billion years in what they call 'the harvest'. Not the most friendly race to have a conversation with. Canon Ponies (non fan fiction) wouldn't stand a chance against something as powerful as the Reapers. And neither would we. Unless we stand united with Pony, Human, Zoidberg, ManBearPig and other Aliens, we may have a chance to defeat something like the Reapers, if we come up with a few good ideas before they kill us all.
  11. In order for any sapient species to survive they must advance both technologically and socially in order not to go extinct. They can't stagnate. Now I love this show's lore, but if they stay at this level of technology they will all die. Sun dies meaning all life on Equis dies, aliens like that of the Reapers invade and kill everypony, The Combine from Half Life invade their universe, their evil counterparts from another universe invade and kill everypony. Without advancement enhancement and whille being careful not become something like the Borg. They will be all doomed. So Ponies get into space, travel the stars, make friends with non hostile aliens so you can defeat the big bad Reapers, and travel the multiverse just in case The Combine invade.