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Found 7 results

  1. So here's old news: Someone married Twilight Sparkle. Crazy, right? WRONG. That just goes to show true, freakin', love. That means if you go so far as think about TwiTwi, you're in trouble. It means some men in black suits are gonna buck you against A wall and watch you release sweet raspberry aid from unknown places. (Wow, graphic much?) As I said above, that's old news. How is this a tale? I was looking at it last night; there's your story. I was sitting on the computer and looking at AJ... stuff... when google went off-topic and started throwing lassoed Twilight and tight, revealing, Toy Chica pics. (Seriously, Google, what's up with that?) You know, I actually have nothing against someone having an intimate relationship with a cartoon horse. Just uh... don't touch my AJ. Y-Yeah, don't do that. Marriage with a cartoon character? Go for it! I mean, if anyone will let you, which seeing how old that article was, I take it he did find someone to initiate the bond. Now, as I said before, I have absolutely nothing against having a marital relationship with a waifu, but... this... I-I just can't. (message in attachments below) Of course, this is a touchy subject. And, if he happens to be on this forum, he and I will probably have a long discussion about how much I would rather abstain from violating his pony... wife... oo? So what do I really think about this whole situation? It's... uh... Let's just say I don't exactly approve the entire scene. Now, I know there's going to be a mob at my door screaming, "Love comes in all shapes and sizes", and... that's... kind of true? You know, becoming the husband of a pony princess is one thing, but giving marital advice to those who donate? No. In the message, he clearly states (and it's underlined) that he'd been married for over a year with TwiTwi. In terms of experience, that's kind of cheating when you're literally dragging around a home-made ball of fabric around the Walmart while talking to yourself with a high-pitched voice. I exceedingly doubt that counts as anything noteworthy. If it is, then I'm going to be the next Sigmund Freud. I think the most twisted part of this whole situation comes from the fact that he's not the only one with a hormonal lust for Twilight. There's other peeps who want the same shot as you, dude. I just wonder how his parents reacted. -RealityPublishing
  2. So What does everyone think of recolors? I have a hate for them because I feel they are lazy but I do understand why it happens. Tho I feel taking someones art and drawing hair on it shouldn't count as your " OC". (No idea where to put this topic) XD
  3. I've been thinking and talking with some friends, What makes good OC art? My argument is that Recolor and face-claims are about as original artwork for an OC as a copypaste. Their argument is that people would prefer Recolors and FaceClaims compared to a Generator. Now for those that don't know what a faceclaim is (I'm really sure you all know what a Recolor is.) A face Claim is a thing where a person uses someone else's artwork/OC and tweaks around a few things giving credit to the creator and calls it their own OC. Now the conversation is all down to the basic concept of Generators is to provide those that can't draw the ability to create something original. While this is easily abused some can't draw or get commissions. I'd like to get some more ideas on this from a wider group. what makes a good OC design? Is the OC design not important or does all an OC need is just a name, backstory, and personality, with no real physical appearance?
  4. Just testing if my new computer could actually handle my drawing tablet and since Im a lazy fuck, I recolored a image. I was lazy with the eye and didnt bother with shading. Enjoy my OC without her pet snake or cutie mark. Because her cutie mark is a bitch to draw.. I am also posting it in a blog because I dont know how picky the fan art section is about recolors.
  5. So, after watching a couple of tutorials, I decided to see if I could do something decent (except backgrounds) here it is! I call it Genderbend-Mac-Rarity-Vinyl Pony!, What do you think?
  6. Hey guys! I'm getting a tattoo in a few week probably about the 29th July - 10thAugust around that time ( haven't finalized a date yet ) but instead of getting just the blank symbol i was thinking it would be cool to add an MLP twist to it , but Since i have no Artistic talent i thought some of you guys would help me With it. Please post any ideas you have for me here .
  7. Prince is now a DJ!!! i did a massive recolor and alittle remodel of a vinyl stratch vector and im very glad with the result! any Feedback and Brohoofs are always aprreciated, Thanks for looking!