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Found 27 results

  1. What do you think of foxes? I find them very cute, beautiful, smart, and kind animals. They are my favorite animal of course, but I am wondering what anyone else thinks of them.
  2. I happen to be a fan of the Power Rangers franchise. I was when I was a kid and thanks to Linkara's History of Power Rangers series, I got back interested in the series. Now I want to know which are your favorite and least favorite Red Rangers. I consider Forever Red one of my favorite episodes and seeing all those Red Rangers from the past was a lot of fun. So, Which ones do you like and dislike the most?
  3. They have arrived! The classic Gameboy games, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are out now for the 3DS! With wireless functions! That's pretty cool. I have downloaded Pokemon Yellow so far and I named my Pikachu Meepshkee. :3 So far I have caught a male Nidoran and a Mankey, still very early in the game. It brings back so many memories. ^__^ Let's discuss it! Any of you have any of the games on 3DS? Current team? Nostalgic joys? :3
  4. Hey guys! I need help creating a ponysona based on my own personality. I love computers (and building them) and am very studied on computers. I also love Nintendo, especially Mario and Star Fox (the Arwing is amazing!). I love Linux and Windows, as well as math and science. Now, my favorite colors are red (MY NUMBER 1 PICK), cyan, and a hint of mint green (Linux Mint FTW!). I would like some help with a name for my OC, as well as seeing potential visual designs. If you want to try and design a cutie mark, be my guest! Thanks in advance! -Mario3D13
  5. Pokemon Red, Pokemon, Blue, and Pokemon Yellow. Those old Gen 1 games that blew the gates of success in the Pokemon Franchise wide open with 10 tons of dynamite. Unfortunately, transferring from G1 to G2 (Gold & Silver) was never made possible, back in the 90's so the classic Pokemon from those beloved oldschool games could never travel through time and wind up in Pokemon X, Y, or ORAS, after a lot of pain of trading up through each generation- only with the right equipment- specific consoles, cables, ect. So what say you guys to Nintendo putting the original Red, Blue, and Yellow back on the market for the 3DS, tweaked only with the ability to deposit Pokemon you obtain there into Pokemon Bank, so they're able to be passed into newer gen games?
  6. Hey Guys. So here is a painting that I did recently. I do have more, but unfortunately they are in storage, so I'm going to have to take a rain check on those. Anyway enjoy.
  7. I've recently redesigned my ponysona (yet again, but I believe this one will be more permanent) and thought I'd show it off here. Here she is: (Note: It is not a vector or a trace. Hand-drawn.) If you wanna know more about this pony, here's her character database page, newly updated.
  8. Ponymon: Red Version! ~~Staff~~ NightGuard ~ ROM Hacker Banditmax201 ~ Spriter What I need right now is (3) ROM Hackers and (2) Story Writers. ~~Progress~~ 12% Percent Progress on Version 1.0.1 83% Percent Progress on Sprites for Version 1.0.1 ~~Sprite Previews (There are more Sprites but here are some..) ~~ Canon Ponies: OC Ponies:
  9. Ok so, this happened, I was once with my friend discussing 'The Crystal Empire' when we got into Sombra, I said, "What is he was brought back in season five?" so my friend asked, "Would he still be evil?" I thought about it then said, "His horn could've been accidentally put into a stew for a sickly pregnant mare, who drinks the brew and gives birth to Sombra." my friend and I thought about it, so we started coming up with stories, anyway, here is the art I drew just a few moments ago, with my shaky self from being on the boat.. It took a while, but its done. PS: Evil Sombra is Sombra's shadow. Which is weird because I just said, Shadow's shadow. (WHAT?!)
  10. ... inside a room with eleven red lights that drain her powers (and with it, her strength), would you devise a situation for her to escape, with these conditions below? (These lights are coated with a glassy/crystal substance that does the "sucking away her powers" thing. They, and all the lights in the space fortress, turn blue if the aliens' Emperor dies.) (Right now, the wicked Emperor is still alive (under heavy guard, in his Palace, with a civil war/surprise invasion looming ahead), and Lauren can do nothing but languish; she could try to lift herself up, or use her horn/magic, but her powers and strength are taken away into the lights to power up some departments of the spaceship. If he indeed dies, the lights turn blue, giving her strength back, and multiplying her powers by the number of lights in the room.) (If you're expecting some ponies/creatures within Lauren's heartily-created universe to save her, they can't: they're currently under the aliens' powerful mind-control system, emitted throughout the Universe. They will torture Lauren and revive her for their amusement.) (Finally, in spite of all this, would you like to create a situation in which Lauren can be saved/the Emperor will be killed?)
  11. "Alright, the imposter me is gone so ask me something! Seriously! Please? O-or ask Steel!" "No! They'll find out the secret!" "Oh, okay... well just ask me then! Don't be shy!"
  12. Flicker Sweet

    Ask Red

    ask away. I'm opening up to questions again. I won't be as friendly as last time though.....I've turned into more of a grump now. Still, ask away. If it's advice oriented, you need to go to Life Advice.
  13. So pretty simple question, I just figured i'd ask, whats your favorite flavor of gatorade? There is plenty of flavors around, some are more uncommon, some are more common, i'm just gonna go off the ones that haven't been discontinued, and hope I don't miss any. So yeah I'll try and include as many as possible in the poll, if i miss any please tell me and i'll add it ASAP ok? Anyways, my personal favorite is orange, dunno why, i just love orange it tastes so good, despite being a bit harder to find for me, i don't drink it as common as i do blue and red, but its just.. idk gatorade and orange mixes well i guess. . Ps.(I didn't know half these flavors existed , wikipedia be my guide!)
  14. So I went into 's vector request thread and since it was in the middle of the night, I had nothing better to do so, evil as I am, I stole a request. (He's ok with it though.. At least he said so... I hope so ) Anyways the OC is @GaleFenrir's "Curious" He provided a color palette but I hate those things cause I'm lazy and shit so I hope this will do. This is a vector of a drawing, btw. And here's the HQ version... usual
  15. *post* Pokemon Blue - 150 legit through playground trading, then 151 by GameSharking Mew in I was in 4th grade so 1998-1999 I got it done?
  16. Oooh...I keep telling Butter Bean not to post picutres of me on here! >//< Oh, little sister...indeed Butter Bean did! You're a monsta! Teehee!
  17. Motion Spark


    Hey ! this is the least I could do, so this is your belated birthday present! I hope you liked it. I changed him a little bit to make him a bit more like how you look like, because it's completely obvious that this pony is your ponysona, so here it's Note guys, it's not a vector, is a bitmat picture made in SAI and it's not for vectoring.
  18. Yep. I hope Red likes it. Also that's his tongue not his teeth >w< the light pink wash is hard for the scanner to pick up. His hair was colored using a lower quality set. Red was done first as the other the pics where being done in a computer program that I need to re-buy for my new computer. I think I will just re-make all the pics like this but I'm not sure. Do you think that watercolors, are an OK media for scanning or looks good? Also, I'm sure you now know my grammar is horrid, I am vary sorry about that >w<.
  19. Using pastel, I attempted at Big Mac. He is a very cool pony, even to draw. (Totally in my opinion) I had a lot of fun doing so though. Hope you enjoy (:
  20. So, I have a really good friend on here, . He has his OC, Red, right? Well, Red has no Red art. So... Here is some Red art for Red! I did my best to get him accurate, but I had some issues. Here he is, green eyes and all. I had problems with head, horn, and eye shape. I hope you like it!
  21. Flicker Sweet

    Ask Red

    Got questions for me? Post 'em here! This is meant for general questions about me or my life. Please, if you're going to ask for advice, post it in the Life Advice Forum or send me a PM. Keep it clean! And please try to be serious.........
  22. Just wondering... where can i find and buy a large quantity of glow sticks, i mean just enough to cover some of the walls a little cause i think that would be cool and maybe i would hang them from the ceiling cause my new room is boring its just plain white with a bed and a bunch off speakers and white furniture in the corners and a computer i need stuff to liven up my new room any ideas.. i can use the help.
  23. Here she is again! Her name is now Cassie Crimsion (Credit to Xero1 for the name) I have no idea what her cutie mark means but enjoy or whatever and comment
  24. WARNING! CONDITION RED As many of you know, the state of the world economy (especially the condition of the United States) is in condition red. But that is not exactly what this short blog post is about. The condition red stands for two things: the state of our economy, and the state of our declining moral values. Especially when it comes to sex (another symbolic example of the condition "red"). As a nation, we no longer seem to have any moral values when it comes to sex. In fact, America seems to be obsessed with sex. We no longer seem to worship a divine figure, but our worship lies with money, sex, and anything else that "feels goods". So, why is this a problem? Well, to put it simply (even regardless of ones spiritual beliefs) a nation that is not able to control itself morally, will never be able to find stability. In fact, a historian did a study on 83 to 87 past nations and societies that eventually became obsessed with sex, and refused to recognize a moral guideline for it (especially Rome). When compared to other nations that found revival and re-established their moral values, that scary part is...all 83 to 87 societies that became addicted to sex and other immoral acts...failed. And that brings me to the main topic! If we don't re-establish what morals we are going to live by as a nation, how are we going to be able to sustain ourselves! This is the path of the nation, if we do not make a change: 1. From bondage to spiritual faith 2. From spiritual faith to great courage 3. From great courage to liberty 4. From liberty to abundance 5. From abundance to selfishness 6. From selfishness to complacency 7. From complacency to Apathy 8. From apathy to moral decay 9. From moral decay to dependence (RED ALERT!) 10. From dependence back to bondage. Now folks, there is hope! Also, this blog is titled "Reflections of Passion" and I am very passionate at attempting to find others that agree...we need a moral revival! This is a very short entry and I hope to elaborate on it much further, but for now, we need to recognize the problem before we think of ways to fix it. And this is the basic idea of the problem. Everypony, we are in CONDITION RED! And it's time to act.
  25. Yes, so this is one of me. I like it a little. Do you? Let me know!