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Found 3 results

  1. What are characters you relate the mane 6 to? My comparisons are Twilight = Robbin *Female* (Fire Emblem: Awakening) - They both know magic, they love reading, and are good strategists. Only problem is, Twilight isn't as good at adapting to when things don't go her way. Rainbow = Wonder Blue (The Wonderful 101) - They're blue, they have an awesome talent (RD's flying and Blue's sword skills) They are both extremely over-confident, and often disagree with their leader. Fluttershy = Momoka Nishizawa (Sgt. Frog) - Honestly, I can put any shy character with a dark side on here. Especially since its always the timid characters with the insane alter egos. Fans of Sgt. Frog will be familiar with Momoka's brutal persona, and we've all seen Fluttershy's crazy tendencies and repressed thoughts at times. Rarity = Maribelle (Fire Emblem: Awakening) - Bringing up Awakening once again, both Rarity and Maribelle apriciate fancy living, speak in a light British accent, and come off as snooty at first, but show other sides other time. Pinkie = SpongeBob SquarePants (Seasons 1-3) - I've made this comparison before, but I'll make it again. They're both zany and random, they both love work, they both love making friends, and they both have a child-like naiveté. Applejack = Donnel (Fire Emblem: Awakening) - I know it's the third time I mentioned this game, but for AJ, there aren't many other characters I can compare her to. Anyway, both have strong family values, both talk with a southern draw, and both can be very stubborn and blunt.
  2. A certain topic earlier today accomplished something I have never seen in any topic ever and that was near universal opposition. And so I thought for a second that much of this opposition is due to the fact that people have strong emotional ties to these ponies and to some of these people suggesting something such as suicide even if it is not meant to be entirely serious is seen as almost like suggesting the same for a real person. But there are several people including myself that can occasionally enjoy a bit of darkness every now and then that still have similar ties to the ponies. It is very well known on here that I have a crush on Applejack and am one of the most outspoken fans of Applejack as well as Luna on here and have also developed strong ties to other ponies such as Twilight Sparkle, Derpy, Rainbow Dash and Sweetie Belle all for different reasons. But the reason why Applejack in particular stands out is both because I can relate to her the most out of the ponies, she is the first pony I started to like and the first character in general I started to like aside from Discord (Return of Harmony two parter was the episodes I ever watched) which makes her special for that reason alone. And because she has traits which I find highly admirable and inspirational, the fact that she has was able to survive something as traumatic as her parents dying at such a young age and grow up to be so strong really speaks to me. I have had no shortage of tragedy in my life and my Dad dying is the most recent which really made Apple Family Reunion the episode that really tugged at my heart strings and finally made me decide what my favorite Applejack episode is.
  3. I want to first state that I don't hate or dislike any mane 6 character, there are things I like about each of them but there are some I like more than others. I even made a thread asking everyone to say something nice about their least favorite mane 6 character which you can find here With that said many of us have a few things in common with our favorite mane 6 character, some of us quite a bit but what about the least favorite Mane 6 character? In my case that is Rarity, I am not really into fashion but like her I do have a strong creative side. Since I was in the fourth grade I have wanted to be a writer and have written quite a few stories, some of them good some of them not so good but I improved my skills along the way to where I think I am a fairly respectable writer. When I was 12 I discovered my talent for music when with no prior training or knowledge I simply sat down and starting playing this keyboard and composed my first song. Shortly afterwords I started taking lessons and my skills grew very quickly to where in a few years I was able to play advanced songs that took most people years to master. I joined the jazz band in high school as a piano player which caused my skills to grow even faster as I was made to play some particularly challenging yet extremely enjoyable songs and got to perform a few solos at concerts which nurtured my creativity. I also am a fairly hard worker, sure Rarity is not as well known for this as Applejack but as the son of a former restaurant owner I can say firsthand that running a business is a lot of work. And there is a great deal of evidence in the show to back this up, Rarity is often shown having to follow strict deadlines to meet the needs of her clients and in one case even had to pull an all nighter. Because I sometimes push myself a bit harder than I should I have gotten 3 knee injuries on the job in a years time, you folks ought to see how beat up my knee pads get. I even had the straps on my first pair of knee pads snap off when I was in the middle of breaking down a milk load one time.