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Found 33 results

  1. it seems recently that marriage has lost its importance, and maybe for good reason? People are free to live their lives unmarried if they choose to do so without getting scoffed at. But also, it makes marriage a little more special because people are doing it out of love rather than, say, financial security. what are your opinions? do you want to get married? do you see marriage as necessary? do you yourself want to get married and have wedding plans planned out, or do you want to elope? just to be clear, there's no debate going on here. don't talk about how romance is stupid and there will be no discussion on whether or not certain people have a right to marry, because everyone does (barring nonconsensual marriages, but still) personally, i like the idea of marriage, but if i were to get married i wouldn't want a big traditional wedding. no giving me away, maybe a veil just to complete the look, though my whole family would have to come also there's only gonna be a wedding and a reception, no weird side parties or whatever. or I'll just elope like my parents did
  2. As the title says really. I am curious of how many of you guys are taken I am currently single
  3. All right after successfully paring up users and I decided to make a thread where I give advice on crushes. If you have a forum or real life crush, come to me and I'll give you crush advice on how to talk to them. If the crush is on the forums, you can choose to say their name or just keep the crush anonymous. You might think this thread is similar to the special some pony thread. The difference is this is more for advice on how to talk to your crush or get to second base with them or how your crush life is, So ask away!
  4. hey guys i was thinking that um... will i be single forever or maybe there's somepony out there? you know just wondering >.> <.< or maybe there's no hope at all? because im Single and so other ponies out there which idk if i can talk to them.... and also this is just a question because i been like this since 2013 to 2018 and counting. im just asking ok?
  5. What are yours? 1. Drug use & drug abuse. 2. Drinks alcohol (moderately or heavily). 3. Smoking (moderately or addicted). 4. Criminal history/prison sentence. 5. Abusive or using me. 6. A "two-timing" history. 7. Racist, prejudice, or hates animals. 8. Can't accept that I'm into anime, video games, MLP: FiM, etc. 9. Can't look past my Panic Disorder, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder. 10. Have children.
  6. One of my good friends Jeremy was on this hotline where you chat with random people and he met a girl named Sabrina there and they exchanged skypes and facebooks. Then he skyped with me and he added her to the call and we talked and now we are really good friends have been for a few years. This guy Kevin added me on Facebook randomly because of some issue his friend had with me and he looked at my profile and called me about it because I had my number public (not such a smart thing to do), and then after that he would call me a lot. We met in person, got pretty close and almost dated. I could keep going for a while, lol. I think its ironic how I've been taught not to talk to strangers online but some of the people that mean the most to me used to be just strangers online.
  7. I was curious to see what most people think the Twilight/Spike relationship is most like.
  8. How do men and women romantically bond with each other? THESE ARE THINGS I HAVE READ ONLINE: Women can build incredible friendships and become very close to each other in a way men can't bond, and science shows that women can bond very well with each other. Generally, women are even more social than men are. After something bad happens, a woman quickly rushes to talk to all of her female friends to get support, whereas a man can isolate himself and grief alone. Women tend to be more emotional, more caring, more empathic, more compassionate, more affectionate, more loyal, more nurturing, more understanding, more sympathetic, more sensitive, more kind hearted, more peaceful, more calmer, more gentle, more expressive, more intuitive, and more outward than men are, and thus bond more with other women in a special way that they can’t with men. Men, on the other hand, are not that emotional, and thus can’t bond with other men in a special way. Women are more comfortable being around with other women than they are with men. They have a type of bond that usually men with women won’t really have, or with men and men. Most women like to do affectionate things with their female friends like cuddling with them and holding their hands and be touchy-feely towards each other, while most men would never do affectionate things with their male friends (especially not cuddling with them or holding their hands or be touchy-feely towards each other). Men are usually much lonelier than women are. Men don't often talk about their personal problems with their male friends like how women do with their female friends. Females produce a lot more oxytocin than males do. And that's a reason why women tend to hug a lot more and be a lot more physically affectionate than men do. Women are very unique creatures, and women feel a lot safer in general with other women than they do with men if either is alone with each other, and it is easier for women to trust other women more than it is to trust a man. Women are very sociable with each other, so if something goes wrong, they like to speak about it to each other. This is a way to develop trust among women. Women often relate their problems with other women, which makes them feel more connected in a way. Most daughters have a very strong bond with their mother, while they don’t have one with their father, and most sons don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their mother nor their father. Most females have a very strong bond with their sisters, while they don’t have one with their brothers, and most males don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their sisters nor their brothers. The bond that two females have with each other is the strongest bond of them all, and that's one of the reasons why sayings like “girls always have to stick together” exist. The friendship of males and females can hardly be as good as a female to a female relationship from a woman’s point of view. How can a man and woman have a special strong type of bond with each other if women have a special strong type of bond with each other while men don’t have one with each other? Also, males and females are both mentally and physically different from each other, and that would effect the bonding between them.
  9. We got a thread on which pony would be your girlfriend, so why not a thread discussing which stallion would you date as your boyfriend? Please keep your posts SFW I personally have a hard time choosing between Braeburn, Sandbar, and Soarin haha.
  10. They would share all your experiences from the past, but from now on would have separate experiences as a separate individual. Because of this, they may start to differ from you in beliefs and values. The copy would be of the gender you are attracted to. If you are attracted to multiple genders, take your pick. EDIT: I completely forgot about how likely your children developing genetic defects would be in a relationship like this. If you do this, don't have kids.
  11. My little Relationship Philosophy: At least once I just want someone who I can trust even with my anxiety. For once I want someone I can laugh with and play fight without them taking offense. I want someone who knows me, someone I know. I want someone who knows they can tell me their secrets regardless. I want them to be my best friend, I want to be theirs. I want someone who can tell when I'm upset. I want someone who doesn't tell me to calm down. I want someone who I can rant to. Someone I can send funny pictures and memes to. Someone I can hug. Someone who I know will always be there for me. Someone who doesn't lie. Someone who will never judge me. Someone I know actually cares about me. Someone who doesn't forget things that matter, and if they think they might, make an effort not to. For once I want someone who loves me. For once I want someone that I can love. And when I find that someone... I'm never letting go. But I also want to be that person to someone. I know I'm young. I know it might take a while. But mine as well start looking. Life is short ...
  12. Well, I've really been recently thinking a LOT about love. Why? Well, because I've been having the feeling that I need a man to love. A man I can depend on, a steady shoulder to lean on. I know that I'm not the best candidate for a lover, and I never have been. I'm definitely not a looker for sure, and I have my fair share of issues. But here goes, a description of my ideal boyfriend, by how important the specific traits are to me... I know I already posted most of this in a thread before, but I'm going to get into other things I didn't get into there. NECESSARY He has to love me for who I am. I know it's nice to be able to find a guy who also likes my appearance (well my lack of a decent one may make that a little bit of a challenge...), but it's much more important that he is really fine with dating an absurdly skinny nerd that has almost no dexterity, is more than likely autistic, and has anxiety and depression issues. He has to be at least 16 years old at the moment. I don't want to have to deal with parents that are too concerned if they're dating another dude that's more than 5 years older than they are... Even 16 is iffy though... GOOD TO HAVE He and I should share a few interests. My interests include: Cartoons, particularly Steven Universe, MLP, Rick and Morty, and We Bare Bears. Also I'm really enjoying Hazbin Hotel as of now. Video Games, particularly Super Smash Bros., Mario games, Paladins/Overwatch, and Borderlands/Fallout. Tabletop arena games, like Heroclix. I'm developing my own, you know! Science Fiction, including things like Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. Music. I personally played the Tuba in band for years... So you know I'm more than capable (I'm sick...) Pixar movies. I'm sorry, but if you don't like Finding Nemo or Toy Story, you more than likely won't like me. He should respect my space. I'm extremely introverted and at times I just have to be away from people. Even people I'm really close to... He needs to have a good heart. I couldn't date an intolerant jerk, because I love people that love me. It's just the way I work. He's got to be a little bit perverted... Trust me when I say that I'm very much that way... though it's been getting tamer recently. It would be great if his viewpoints were similar enough to mine. I don't want to have an argument about stuff every 5 minutes. I mean it is nice to disagree on a couple of things, but that definitely has its limits. I'll tell you that I'm a bit left on politics and my viewpoints on things are far from conservative. Although I share some viewpoints with conservatives. He needs to be able to start a conversation with me. I have huge issues with starting a dialogue with other people. It helps if he can make me laugh sometimes. I know that I don't have much of a sense of humor, but I like being humored to a degree. He has to have some level of intelligence. I think that I have an IQ of around 135-140, so I'm not sure I could handle a dope well... PREFERRED PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES (Not that important) A few inches taller than me (around 6' maybe). I don't mean to seem racist, but I prefer white men. I had a crush from a video game for a little bit who happens to be black, though. Not overly muscular. or fat. Neither looks that good in my opinion. Yet again, I'll say this isn't too important so... Yeah. I don't have much of a preference for age, but I'd like a man around my age. Like teens or early twenties. So there it is, I guess... I don't know what else to say here, other than I'm still open to the idea of an open relationship, it's not a must anymore I don't think.
  13. I think that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is starting to reach it's end, and still none of the Mane Six has ever been in a romantic relationship with any pony. I'm kinda mad, since I wanted Rainbow Dash to get into a romantic relationship with Soarin.
  14. Who would it be? The person has to be a member here on MLPForums. (hehe, this is gonna be funny)
  15. I think they are perfect for each other. x3
  16. As a Human would you start a relationship with an alien MLP FIM Pony? Yes, even as Human if I like her personality and among other things. The MLP FIM are sapient minded aliens, that just so happen to look like Ponies. My rule, if your sapient minded and good looking. I might date you. Hey, don't be a xenophobe! It's xenophilia to date sapient aliens. Don't make Commander Shepard disappointed!
  17. I enjoy being single. I can't stand my parents bashing me for not having a girlfriend (in a nice manor) But it makes me feel uncomfortable even with their nice advice. But I'd rather stay single for a few more years
  18. Went through depression then to argument, from that point, everything went down. After finished this PMV, I felt a lot better and really inspired me to keep continue on, no matter what. Don't give up because you never know what's up ahead! Strive for another victory! Dedicated to special somepony and my best friend :'3
  19. Pez

    Ask Pez and Hope

    I'm Pez And I'm Hope! If you got a Question, then ask us here! We'll answer all your questions!
  20. Just wondering, how is cadence related. its says shes celestia's neice, does that mean she's luna's daughter, or is there more royal family out there. if it is luna's daughter then she must be over 1000 years old and shouldn't be married to shining armour
  21. So this is a relationship thread - basically to discuss your relationship partner, post pics of them etc. I will start This is my partner richard - we have been dating for 2 and a half years - he lives in albany ny and I live in hamilton ontario, so we have an open long distance relationship - consists of visits whenever time and money allows - it works He is german swedish and lebanese background. the pic below shows him 4 years ago when he was heavily into powerlifting - his last relationship went sour and he got really depressed, started drinking and stopped going in the gym and gained a lot of weight.. that's what the second pic shows since he has been dieting and had bariatric survery (had his stomach stapled) and has lost a lot of weight.. now he just has to go back to the gym and bulk up.. it's been a tough relationship - he has a lot of things wrong with him physically, arthritis, sciatica, bursitis, synuvitis, etc. He's often in pain - the weight loss has helped alleviate that somewhat fortunately. He is an aquarius so he doesn't open up much and I am a libra so I find that hard, but I know he cares, I just wish I could see him more.. eventually the goal is for him to move up here.. I am 32 and he is 52, so there is a big age difference too, but as you get older, age becomes less of an issue - heck when I was 18 I didn't want anyone who wasn't outside my age range.. but that changes hehe.. feel free to post relationship pics and discuss your partner here
  22. I have to announce that as of now, that me and LZRD WZRD do not have a re love relationship anymore. I am not getting much into the details, but i will say that it was all in good terms. I realized that we can't hold this relationship up by such a far distance and we both agreed on that. We both still remain very close friends though and we have no sort of hate toward eachother. We both respect each other for who we are and i consider LZRD a very talented young guy and very outspoken (even if i always don't agree with him. ) Do i feel sad? Maybe a bit. But LZRD is not unreachable for me. him some love and visit his Youtube page.
  23. There are some of us who would want to date someone in the mane six, or if not a girl like their best pony. So the question today is what kind of girlfriend would each of the mane six be. Twilight would be girl who tries to keep a date in order. She would also be a nerdy kind of girlfriend who would be suited with a guy who is just like her. Pinkie Pie would be the excited girlfriend who wants to do everything on a date. She would also be the girl who would make sure her boyfriend is always happy. Rainbow Dash would be the competitive type of girlfriend. One who would play a video game with you and competitively flirt with you. Fluttershy would be the girl who would let the guy take charge. She might take charge at some point but would be rare. Even then, she would still always be there for the guy. Rarity would be the romantic kind of girl. The girl whois like the excited girlfriend but a bit more reserved and romantic. She would flirt and she would take kindly to flirting. Applejack would be the girl who never keeps secrets from you. She would also try to bond with you so you two are closer than ever. So, discuss away!
  24. Do the Mane 6 / MLPFiM characters influence /reflect your choice of girlfriend / friends? Does anyone here have friends or want friends that have the virtues of the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Especially the Mane 6? I wonder if, what with the inherently feminist message of MLP:FiM, that there are dudes who have been influenced by the characters on this show to have a preference for girls who have friendly, personalities. Then there's physical appearance, to some degree in the form of mane shapes and human hair... if you want to talk about that... but I personally am not so into that. I, for example adore Rarity's cuteness and beauty as a pony, but believe that her mane shape, moreso than any other pony can't truly be translated onto a human head. And females, I ask you, do you ever relate the cute adorable girlfriend moments that the ponies do here? Mane 6 or Cutie Mark Crusaders maybe? Sacred sisterly-ness?