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Found 215 results

  1. So I have two OCS that I would love to see in a romance setting of some-kind. Now they both are mares so if you feel like drawing anything, no worries!And lets keep it PG-13! Ill let the drawer pick what they want to do! Ismene Bonnie Nut
  2. Hello everycreature! For our server, we are having a Quiz. However, we would like to test this Quiz, and see if it is too hard or too easy. The test quiz is on Friday 03 July at 20:00 (CEST), that is 16:00 in New York. (EDT). You will need Discord, and be capable of using kahoot. Please not that when you test this quiz, you will not be able to compete in it on the saturday. And you are not to share any information about it untill sunday! (after the quiz) If you are intrested in co-operating please contact me. Sunamena#5628
  3. Hey, there! Anyone willing to draw me up an avatar I will use off-site? It will be of my pony OC holding a pride flag in her mouth. It will be similar to @Twisted Cyclone 🚓 avatar’s concept but obviously not the exact same same. PM me for details!
  4. I need a request done. I'm sure with all the people here there's someone who can also draw cars. I was wanting to know if someone can draw my ponysona Twisted Cyclone posing next to the car I own. A 2007 Ford Crown Victoria. Much appreciated if someone can handle this request for me.
  5. I just want to know if someone can make my Ponysona for me and i'll right down the discription of the Ponysona? here is my Ponysona from legends of equestria She is a Pegeaus who is very friendly and kind and helpful and likes fancy clothes and food.
  6. Hey y'all! I was wondering if anyone could draw a pic of this human character I have in her super awesome Sailor Suit? Thank you to anyone who accepts! (I've also included a pic of her bow)
  7. Okay, so I'm gonna do a mix of MLP X TWEWY art works and I have too many ideas. So instead of doing what is in my head (at least for now), please let me know what you guys want to see. I will be drawing all of it from scratch. btw for those who don't know TWEWY stands for The World Ends With You and it is a really good game! I played it on the DS it is fun the story is wild and you should check it out when you get the chance.
  8. I would like if a furry drew art of my new fursona! It can be headshot, full-body, whatever. I just want some art of her since she was just made yesterday
  9. WARNING: THIS REQUEST MAY BE TRIGGERING Can you draw a photo of my pony OC, Wolf Tracks, in front of the straight pride flag just like the characters in front of the flags in the current website’s banner? The text underneath it will read Don’t Back Down. Reference of Wolf Tracks: Straight pride flag:
  10. Hello Everypony!! It's been a while since I've made a topic, but here I am lul. So like, I have this Ponysona/oc that I just absolutely love to pieces and would love more art of her! I don't really care what pose she's in just make her cool looking UwU My girl Lightning Charge: OwO
  11. Can somepony please make me a drawing of a hungry-excited Windy Breeze, staring at a slice of blueberry cheesecake please? It needs to look like this: Screenshot taken from the animation And here is the colors just in case you haven't known Windy yet
  12. Edit: This request thread was originally for having my other sona Chaos drawn, but I decided to get more art of an adopt I had sitting around, but if anybody did draw a picture of Chaos then by all means post it I would love to see it. Hello everybody So I was looking to have art drawn of my female Kirin that I adopted late last year
  13. Okay, this is probably stretching things a bit but a dream of mine I've had since becoming a brony is to be able to spend a day with the Mane Six. My avatar was my attempt to visualize that but I wanted to take it a step further as well. So would anypony be willing to make some art of the seven of us in a group hug together? (Or eight if you'd like to put Spike in as well ) I hope it doesn't seem like I'm asking too much because I don't like telling people what to do. But if anypony out there can make a dream like that a reality, I'd forever be grateful.
  14. The thing at her nose is not a bandaid it’s part of an art style— she has a chin scar, bear paw pads underneath the hooves
  15. I'm writing a fanfic and trying to expand on my ILUNAnati characters, and I would love to have some sort of logo for the ILUNAnati Would someone like to have a crack at it?
  16. sooo i was wondering if anyone wants to do a human/ wolf like equestria girls version of my persona ? :3 idk any poses for humans so as for personality , happy smiles and goofy at times :3
  17. Hello there everybody I realized I don't have much art of my OC Daphnes especially since he did go through a slight redesign. Of course I will be placing any necessary info down below and a huge thank you to anyone who decides to take on my request. Now for the info Reference pictures: Color palette: cutie mark:
  18. So i was wondering if anyone can do a wolf pony in favor of furry and brony ? :3 ill try to give the best examples i can give ^^ Style:2D art Style Name : Loona Eclipse Sex: Stallion Age: 29 Oc : Reference: to the pony wolf style (what i can find lol) Cutie MArk : Paw with maroon red and purple with the claw marks out i done this in paint so please excuse being terrible for drawing a quick paw XD Facial Expression Example: happy. umm not sure what else i can think of but if i need to add something to help out let me know ^^ and i am patient which we all are now...anyways hope to here back ^^
  19. Would anyone be willing to draw a picture of Wolf Tracks and Gallus? I would like Wolf Tracks to have a serious expression in her face while Gallus looks at her with a smug smirk (preferably in mid air). Thank you! Wolf Tracks: Gallus:
  20. This for me is a massive oof because I hate asking for anything free, I never want to burden anyone without them being compensated for it. The only reason I am making this request as is, is because this month has already been a tad rough. With this coronavirus thing going on, I've tried to stock up on more than usual and I usually stock up a lot anyways. Me being on a fixed income, I am already doing bad for money this month. It is bothering me a lot... Enough about my woes though. What I had in mind was a digital art of Kyoshi and I can tell you the exact details in a PM, assuming you are okay with what might seem weird being included. If anyone is up for that, please let me know. If you instead know of an artist that would be willing to do this for me, guide my way to them.
  21. If it's no trouble, could someone make me a signature from this? Thanks.
  22. I have a pony oc I'd love to be drawn, but I can't afford commissions.
  23. Taking a shot in the dark here, but... Is there anyone that is comfortable with drawing armor? I have an OC that wears armor, and I'd really like more art of him. I'm accepting literally ANYTHING. Pixel art, B&W sketches, flat color, full color and shading, avatar-sized images, full-body images, head/bust only, etc. I realize armor is a complex thing that usually scares and intimidates people. Often, the only option is commissioning an artist who is skilled in that field. If that's the only option, that's fine. I don't expect to get any replies to this, I just thought I'd ask and see if it was possible that someone might be willing to make art of my OC. I have ref images, if you're interested. Otherwise, thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a wonderful day.
  24. I don't have access to digital drawing tools, and would love to see Lunar Glow come to life! There are so many talented artists on here, so whoever would like to take a swing at her, I would appreciate it! I'm so sorry she's blurry, I don't have a higher resolution photo... Her cutie mark is a roll of film with music notes around it (she directs music videos). Thank you so much <3
  25. The Obligatory Introduction Hello everybody, and welcome to the grand{...ish?} recruiting drive for the Golden Oaks Memorial Library Fanfiction Reading Project, hereafter referred to as just GOL because dang this whole thing is a hassle to read, let alone to write. - A bit of historical context - Get to the point already - That sounds nice and all, but I've never done voice acting in my life. - Okay, let's go with "maaaaaaybe" for now, but I'm not sure I can commit to this thing. - I’d like to help out, but I sound terrible. - What if I don’t have a microphone to record with? - What if I don’t want others to know what I sound like? - What kind of stories are we looking at here anyway? - So I can record a story on my own – or with others – to be posted as part of GOL if I wanted to? - If I’ve never heard of GOL before, what should I be looking at? - So, who are team leads? And that’s more or less it. If you have any questions at all, let us know and I look forward to working with you all. -Quinch