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Found 4180 results

  1. VoltWrecker

    Request Request: OC Family Photo!

    Hi there anyone who decides to read this! I've recently been given art of all three members of my Dracony family. I'd love to see a group photo of them all together if possible. Pearl Blossom and Cirrus Refin should look as they are in their reference pictures, and Lazuli can either be in her combat suit or out of it (Lazuli being the blue and white one). If anyone wants to take a shot at it, thank you so much! The reference images of the characters are attached to this post. The formatting was odd when I tried to insert them so if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask!
  2. lordvaltasar


    Request i made for @Script Chime
  3. Hello there everyone. Thanks for taking your time to look at my topic. I'm looking for art of my oc Ocean Whiplash and made ship art of her and her mate. Ocean Whiplash is an geologist pony that travels all over equestria and past equestria to look for rare gems and rocks. Her cutie mark is an old looking piece of paper with an gem and information of the gem on it. She got her cutie mark when she found an special stone as filly and was the first to find it. Ocean Whiplash is married to Prince Regal Shadow by //@Regal Shadow//. I will post pictures below. //Ocean Whiplash// (( In events of ship art)) //Prince Regal Shadow//
  4. lordvaltasar

    Request for a fanfic project

    a request from @Nye's fanfic,hope you enjoy it as mutch as i enjoyed making it. i tried to adjust my style to look a bit more like the show in this one
  5. I would like to see others interpretations if Script Chime so maybe if your interested I would like some art but if not that's alright thanks for looking and have a nice day Here is a reference sheet
  6. -Juniper-

    Request Shop Juniper's Salon (OPEN)

    Welcome to JUNIPER'S SALON! Here you can sit back and relax while we give you a new look! We can dye hair/fur, style your hair, do makeup, and even have accessories. We do Ponies, Griffons, Humans, Seaponies, Breezies, Changelings, Hippogriffs, And More! If you are not sure, just ask! examples of my art: Basically, this is an OC re-design Shop. It's 100% Risk-Free. If you don't like the re-design, by no means do you have to use it, but you can if you want. Plus, it's free! I just want some practice. To get your OC redesigned, Reply with: 1. An image of your OC (the more the better) 2. Your favorite thing about your OC design currently. 3. A description of your OC (Explain their cutie mark if they have one, explain their personality etc.) -Since this is free, your OC will be a flat color, with little to no shading and no background- Wait List: 1. lord swinton 2. Dust Shot 3. Beryl Emyr 4. Star Sproket 5. Strawberry 6. Sinfalair 7. Berry Bliss Sundae 8. Blue Thorn 9. lunar glow 10. rosebud 11. sav
  7. Hi there everyone. As of late, I've been developing my Dracony OC quite a bit, and one of the major turning points for her character is when she loses one of her limbs. I've attached the current ref for her both in and out of her combat suit to this post, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to perhaps try to draw her with a cybernetic hind leg. Her left hind leg is the one she lost, and it's replaced with a cybernetic limb that functions just about as well as her normal one. If possible, adding in some scars around her back/legs would do wonders for her as well - but of course, I'll be abundantly happy and grateful for anything, really. There are also two characters that I would love to have some sort of art or reference for - maybe even a picture of all three of them, if you'd be willing. The first is Lazuli's wife, Cirrus Refin. She has the same white coat as Lazuli, but with green and white hair. Her wings are also green, as are her eyes and the bottoms of her hooves as you see with Lazuli. Cirrus' eyes are slightly glazed over due to the fact that she is blind. Like Lazuli, she's also a Dracony, so her body type is similar (just without the notched ear). The second one is Pearl Blossom, their adopted daughter. Her coat is a gentle, light green and her mane is light blue. Her wings, eyes and hooves match the blue, and she is also a Dracony, so the same body type applies, except she is a young filly, about the size of one of the CMC in the show. Thank you for reading, and if you consider drawing any of them, extra thanks!
  8. Jade The Pegasister

    Request Can you please draw my OC for free?

    Can someone please draw her? You can decide on position and what not and get creative, thanks
  9. Sky Gamer

    Request Will somepony draw My OCs?

    I have never requesting every artists who is willing to draw my OCs instead of request shop before, but will somepony draw one or both of my OCs? Icon, avatar, picture, etc.. I won't mind either those. Plus, any pose and/or background is alright. I'll be glad if somepony are willing to. *smiles* Although, still looking for more suitable artists. So, feel free to have my OCs drawn. *smiles* Sky Gamer: Minty Gamer:
  10. Twilight Sparkle is best

    Request the train six

    I need a drawing the train six that I create and their cutie mark
  11. Moonlight Dusk

    Request Need a cover drawing

    I ask some brave soul out there to take on the daunting task of creating cover art for some stories I have on FIMFiction! PM me if you are interested. Or just leave a comment here and I will PM you. Take on all three if you dare! Or just do one if you want, that's fine too. Thank YOU! Check out the published one HERE! One is completed, but two others still need to be done.
  12. AzureDreams

    Request Shop I want to draw your OC!

    Hey guys! I'm running out of inspiration and I miss drawing ponies. Can I draw your characters? I believe that creating OCs is all about having fun, so don't worry about your pony being 'too op' or whatever some people might say. Pegasus, unicorn, earth pony, alicorn, or something in between, I can draw it! Just ask me and send a reference or describe your character. Here's a picture of an OC I've drawn for a person on Deviantart so you can see if my style is tolerable. I do like to experiment tough, and I've been improving since this drawing. I don't need anything in return, but if you decide to use the image for something, I'd appreciate getting credit. Just a warning: I'm not very good at this! Edit: I'll mostly get to the requests in order except for if I have a sudden inspiration to work on a specific OC immediately. Thanks for being patient!
  13. Earlier in the month we launched a nearly year long tournament, the second of its kind on MLPF -- the 2018 MLPF World Cup. You can read about it here. The first few legs of the tournament are focused on setting up teams for the actual world cup, choosing team captains, and setting up a humorous and creative narratives in RP and Fanfic formats to explain how all these characters would wind up in a contest like this. At some point in the summer, the set-up phases will be complete, and the World Cup will commence. This is where you, amazing reader with some talents, come in. This is a community run event. Some have contributed to the project as they see fit, such as @KH7672 and @Batbrony and their hilarious comic and RP commentary. Others like @Frostgage will be contributing their talents to create iconography such as Team Jerseys. However, there are some other creative elements that the World Cup could use to truly make it the event that it could be. When the World Cup event kicks off this Summer, I am hoping that we will have the following in place: Banners for MLPF Several banners to showcase the tournament, and perhaps some of the more intriguing match ups. Match header images Most matches will be 24 hours in duration, and to kick off the match, I would like the post to feature some imagery invoking the teams involved prior to the text. Signatures As I mentioned, Frostgage has the jerseys covered, but some people may like to wear sigs instead. 32 signatures focused on each team would be ideal. Flags for each team Similar to the sigs and jerseys, each team will need a flag. I have attached some examples from last World Cup An editable group bracket (see attached image on what was used four years ago) The last tournament had a PSD file made that allowed quick editing of teams as they progressed through the competition. I have also included the ones used last time to give you an idea. Video editing assistance This is where I really have no idea what I am doing, and is the most time consuming element. The World Cup needs a kick-off video showcasing each of the teams, a few quotes, some shots from the show. Each team will have also have an anthem and it would be awesome to have something small that could be put together for them. There is also a closing ceremonies video that captures some member highlights from the tournament. Again I included some examples of what we had previously to give you some idea. Live hosting The PC that I have that can do live hosting is used exclusively for my business, so tax and accounting depreciation rules and all prevent me from using it to stream. If you can host a stream on Equestria.TV for the prize giveaways, special event reveals, please let me know. RP'ers As this started, I have hinted at a more narrative element to this tournament than last World Cup. I have laid a foundation of that story and as the tournament continues, that will start to come more frequently and the story will start to pull together. What I need to make this amazing are individuals who would like to jump in and whiff some RP based elements before, during, and after a match. Other Stuff Basically, this is the part where I admit that someone may have some great ideas on how to support this that I haven't considered. I'm open to suggestions on how to use your talents to make this more fun. Cause ... fun. To give you a general idea of what we are looking for, here are some examples of what the community did to help out last year. @Batbrony @Frostgage, @Stellafera, Flipturn, @Shift and others were instrumental four years ago. Example of the last World Cup Bracket Poster for the Top 32 Example of Flags used last World Cup Example of Jerseys from last year created by @Frostgage (He has this covered this year but I think its cool enough to post then to give you an idea on general design ). Example of MLPF Banner used to kick-off the last World Cup Example of Music and Video used for last World Cup Again, the teams and their respective captains will not be set for some time, so this is still a bit early, but some concepts and ideas can be fleshed out early. Also, live streaming help could be something I can use right away. Anyway, if any of you can pitch in ... definitely drop me a PM. Any questions, post them here. Thanks for reading and thanks for considering to help out with making this a phenomenal event.
  14. BlueBook

    Request Draw BlueBook?

    I was uploading some newer and older art of BlueBook when I realized that I don't have as many art pieces of her as I thought I did ^^; Please help me expand the collection of BlueBook art and draw her >~< It doesn't even have to be good honestly anything is welcome Link to her page Note- If you do draw her, please, please, please, please, don't just use her about page as reference. Look through her gallery, it has a color swatch for her and her cutie mark. edit: here's her CM png and color swatch
  15. Hello, I posted a rather ill-conceived request in the wrong place a few days ago. So I'm trying again here. I would like to get a background image (lecture hall, outside doors w/ program sign on stand next to it), set pieces (podium, rolling chalkboard, table with stuff on it), and OC character sprites (walking, at the podium talking and gesturing, using unicorn magic to move things, etc. Here is the concept work I have put together, I'm a drafting student so... yea.... The main background: Set pieces: I'll post some sketches of my OC for the sprites soon, all I have right now is a rather inaccurate version made in Pony Creator... Any Assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  16. In this thread over in the games section, I'm working on a 2-player Buckball game. The gameplay itself is practically done (I may be tweaking it a bit, but it's otherwise fully playable), but right now all it has is placeholder graphics where the sprites would go, as you can see here: I need to find someone who's good with making sprites that can help me with the graphics for the game. It may get a little complex, because my plan is to try to make the characters able to be customized. This means each sprite will need to be divided up into different pieces that are assembled in-game. For instance, each frame of the animation will need both a mare and stallion body, a few different mane and tail styles, and different cutie marks. (These will not be based after any of the main characters, but will just be some basic choices that the player can pick from.) In terms of how many total frames of animation are needed, there is a minimum amount, but I'll put in as many as the artist is willing to contribute. For instance, it would be nice to have different animation sets for the Earth Ponies for looking forward, up, and back, but ultimately it's not required. Separately from the sprite work, the game will also need backgrounds and menu art (it doesn't necessarily have to be the same artist). If anyone's interested in helping with this project, send me a PM!
  17. Greetings to all of you talented Ponies! My name is Stella Star and i'm making my comeback to MLP Forums and im kick starting that by re-designing my OC... So what I am requesting is if any available (and bored) artists out there would be interesting in drawing my OC! This will be a great way for me to restart my blog and to kick start the development of my newly designed OC. Post your submission in the thread! Accepting ANY and ALL submissions! No huge amount of effort or talent needed! Just want to see someone interpret my design and bring the OC to life! Feel free to watermark your work! Will follow back all individuals who submit, repost their drawing and of course give appropriate credit (as I always do)! Direct message me for more details or if you have any questions/requests! Heres some pictures of what she looks like: And here is her Cutie Mark: Description of Stella Star: Stella Star is an Alicorn known for her psychic abilities and her extensive knowledge and skill in magic, witchcraft, astrology, spells, potions, healing and much more! Mane: Two toned Flutter Shy styled hair. HEX codes for the exact colours: 5C00A3 / FF0084 Tail: Same colour scheme as the hair, no particular set design yet??? Just a long and voluminous tail with a light curl/wave Body: Stella is slightly taller and thinner than the average pony...Midnight blue for the main body colour (HEX code: 080061 ), gradient type snout and exposed hooves, both the same light blue colour (HEX code: 9EA9FF) Eyes: LEFT eye neon green (HEX code: 9BE835), RIGHT eye baby blue (HEX code: 66FFFA) wings: No preference on the wings! Just as long as they are there LOL Horn: Pointy, Alicorn styled horn - not too long but longer than the average unicorn horn. Other: 2 gold leg rings on the upper back legs, green jewel the same colour as her left eye. And bunch of white freckles between her eyes pretty much on her forehead. I look forward to see what you guys can put together for me!! Thanks!
  18. Hey! Long time no post! So, I made this new OC and I really love them, and I was wondering if anyone would be up for a challenge to draw them for me? Cutie Mark: A Mocha in a cup with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top and layered on top of a cloud Wow my OC seems really weird.
  19. Ezerona

    Request Want art of adopted Mare

    I adopted this sweet heart today Her name is Penelope! >w< Was hoping for some cute art of her!
  20. So, I've been thinking of a slightly new mane style for Ezzy, but I want ideas on other ways to draw her mane it's cute the way it is, I don't want it completely changed, just tweaked a little.
  21. Ezerona

    Request OC Singing

    Hello everyone, So I decided I REALLY want a pic of my oc Symphonia singing. She sings soft songs, she has a southern twang in her voice! I want her singing, could be half body or fullbody idc really, just want to see what you creative guys can do !
  22. Ezerona

    Request New Deerpony oc needs art

    Okay, so I know this thing is small as heck, but was hoping someone could make a decent few pieces of this new oc I just adopted! <3
  23. Ezerona

    Request CONTEST

    So lately I've grown tired of Ezzy's mane at times and she could use a few new designs to work with so I'm asking for everyone's help here! I just want you to draw a new designe for her mane, you can use bases as long as you credit them accordingly. What does the winner get? A headshot and full body from me for free! Here's some of my recent work! And yes it CAN be a custom if you're looking to have your ponysona made or redesigned. I will choose the winner by what I like the best, make sure to put some effort into it, this is just a mane contest, if I love it enough, you'll win, if I don't then sorry in advance. Really hope people will enter this, I really need some new mane idea for Ezzy GOOD LUCK! Entry end date is May 18th, thank you! Here's my ponysona's references :
  24. Pripyat Pony

    Request ~* Calling all writers! *~

    I have a rather unusual request to make. I would like to offer a challenge to anypony who fancies themselves to have an eye to drama. I'd like a dramatic retelling of these three stories. You don't have to do all three, but I would prefer if one is taken, then another is chosen; I don't really need repeated renditions of the same story!
  25. The Cerberus

    Request Avatar request.

    Hi, I'm quickly closing in towards the end of my mandatory military-service, and thus I would like a new avatar celebrating that, and I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to do that for me. Here's what want: Headshot similar to these And I want him to be wearing these glasses/spectacles Otherwise you'll hands will be free, here's the reference image