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Found 202 results

  1. EagleEye

    Request Requesting Art of a New OC

    Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying that I'm fairly new to the MLP fandom, and certainly to MLPForums. I've recently made an OC for myself, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in drawing him. I'd really appreciate it His name is Eagle Eye, since I figured he should fit my username. Looks: Light bluish-green with a black mane and tail. His mane is short, usually poofy at the front, and his tail is usually allowed to grow long. Unlike most guards, he is not especially muscular, and in fact can be considered ‘feminine’ with his mare-like hips and body shape. His cutie mark is a set of three arrows flying forward (towards his head). If it's needed at all, his personality is somewhat timid. He's not super shy, just not very strong either, so he's quite cautious. As his cutie mark and name imply, he has impeccable aim with ranged weapons, and extremely good eyesight. He's very accurate with spells and thrown weapons but he lacks any physical strength, stamina, or magical power. If anyone wants to take a crack at him I'd be super grateful, and feel free to take some liberties with his design if you think something might look better. Thanks for reading! ________________________ Edit He also has a partner I should have mentioned, named Rebar. Rebar is dark grey with a black mane and tail, a buzz-cut mane and a few scars around his face and chest. He's more bulky than Eagle, and very stern. His cutie mark is just a steel beam, as his name fits with it and it symbolizes his resilience and strength. In terms of personality, he's very stern, cold and almost mean to Eagle, but only because he wants him to toughen up. He'd do anything to protect the smaller unicorn, though, including laying down his own life. His resting face is always blank/neutral, or slightly annoyed depending on how he feels that day. Just figured I'd mention them both if anyone wants to make a two-fer. Not that I'm saying you should, just drawing one is already extremely generous. ^^
  2. Totally An Admirer

    Request I need a cover art for my story

    I need a cover art for my most recent stories. If anyone interested, inform me and I'll tell you the details.
  3. Hey! Sooooo~ I'll be honest, requests have never really been my thing (I've been taken advantage of a few times and it's really soured my grapes). However, I'm here, I'm willing, and I'm ready! In order to get some decent references together for my future commission shop, I need to put together a little portfolio and what better way to do so than to genuinely take interest in those I hope will commission me one day? I'd love to make a portfolio featuring the unique likeness of those in the community than the random randos I'd be drawing off the top of my head and/or pulling from my own pool of characters which currently consists of two... A N Y W A Y I'm looking to draw 5 OC's right now. I would also really appreciate keeping it super diverse so I'm looking for 5 unique races, as well. To streamline this a bit I'll make a list! CURRENT AVAILABLE SLOTS - First Come First Serve Pegasus - THETAZE / LORD VALTASAR Unicorn - GORDON FREEMAN / SUNSET ROSE Earth Pony - PR0M4NV14 Alicorn - Non-Pony - ALEX VAN GAMER Every piece will be different, however they will all be sketches/line art only and most likely will not be coloured (unless I'm really feeling it lol) as this is simply to showcase my sketches and the like. All I ask of you is a picture reference of your character (or a very, very detailed written description, however I reserve the right to interpret it as I see it in my mind's eye) and a short description of their personality/what you would like to see them doing! It may take me a few days (I tend to get busy) but I will let you know when it's done. I only have one pic of my OC and a single page of a comic I'm working on in my spare time as reference right now... ahhh...
  4. Yo, so like I'm doing a small cool thing at the beginning of my next D&D session (you may have seen it in below request, but just forget about all that), and I was wondering if any of you beautiful fillies and colts who like voice acting or acting in general would like to do a voice clip that my friends will be hearing at the beginning of the session. The clip does not have to specifically be a male or female, as I can twist the character around regardless of what you're shooting for. Only requirement is it has to seem mysterious, yet urgent. In this voice clip, I need somebody to say "No! You can't fall here.... Wake up... my Empire needs you..."
  5. Marble Feri

    Request A new signature please? :3

    Hey! I would like to request a signature I'd like to have my main OC, Blue Rain on it ^^ You can find everything on my page, but incase you need something, please PM me for details Pwettie pwease?
  6. I would like someone to draw one of my more recent human characters. I would be very thankful for getting artwork of her.
  7. Hello, my fellow bronies and pegasisters, boy, do I have a proposition for you! Alright I'll skip the cringe and cut to the chase. My friends and I are absolutely obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons, and have run many different campaigns over the last couple years. My career as a DM has not been fantastic, but I do believe I can take it all back with one final reach for the top. For a bit of background, the first ever campaign we did was DM'ed by me. It was fun beyond all belief, and I did not mind DMing it at all! But it got very convoluted with story stuff later on, and I didn't know where I was taking it so I scrapped it. Cut to now, and I think I can revive that campaign, revise it almost completely while also appealing to my friend's nostalgia. But I don't wanna just suddenly say "Hey guys... I'm gonna redo this campaign." I wanna introduce it with a bang. My first idea was to pay some animators to make my stuff... but then I looked at how much they cost and I almost exploded because I don't make that much as of right now. So that's why I am here. To get some help from the very talented people we have here, and I know that there is people with varying talent who could definitely help me. (Bold options are ones that I for sure need and as a whole take priority in my selection process) I am in need of: x1 Animator (x1 is not a demand, I just figure a lot of animators probably work alone.) For doing a 30 or so second animation that hypes the fudge out of my friends and gives a vibe of the somewhat dark theme. Style that I'm semi-thinking of is Darkest Dungeon's opening cutscene, but if you can't/don't want to do something to that scale it is obviously fine. x1 Voiceover Artist: For doing the edgy dark voiceover in the animation. It does NOT have to be a specific gender for this role, but just hit me up before with what you think your strong suits are so I can fit a script to your vocal style. Still has to be semi-edgy, though. x? Artists: This one is not mandatory, but it'd be for things like maps, NPC designs, maybe some custom weapon designs, etc. x? Musician: Of course we need some cool soundtrack to go over the trailer, but I am also wondering if by chance someone who is trying to get their start in instrumental music could help me out with songs to backtrack our campaigns to make it feel more unique. x? Smarty Writers: This one is less of a requirement and more of a bonus, as if I could have someone to not criticize my work, but critique it, and maybe give pointers instead of bashing it to make it better. x? D&D Nerds: Ok the name for this one is dumb but it's all I can think of. Someone who could help out with giving cool concepts for sessions, or cool weapon or NPC ideas would be awesome! Also I'm tweaking some of the mechanics in D&D so someone who could help me think of an effective way to do so would be awesome. I feel like a meanie for posting this and asking for people to help me out for free, and I'm sad that I can't offer more to compensate, but I think this would also be a pretty neat way to meet some new friends and such. The main draw to this is that I don't need it to be the most professional thing in the world, so if you're just getting started and don't feel like taking on extremely difficult tasks, this would be a good way to start getting into requests and commissions and such. Finally, I also do think that regardless of what you contribute, the final product would be an AWESOME reference for people to put in commission shops, or even if you're going into one of these fields professionally, you could use the final product there too! *Final note just in case it wasn't apparent, the only people who will be viewing this are the people involved, me, and my friends (in person). If you contributed there will be credits. ^^ I look forward to potentially meeting people!
  8. SkyPie

    Request Oc Family

    Putting this out there in case anyone wants to. I would like to see art of the ocs I made based off my family. You can choose any or all of them to draw. I will also reveal a bit of their personality in case anyone wants to portray that. I imagine my mother as a sunset orange colored unicorn with short, wavy ruby red hair. Her cutie mark is kinda like this the image below, but the quill is solid black, like a raven's feather. Her eyes are sky blue. She is a very sweet person that will try to help people even if they don't deserve it. My oldest sister I imagine sharing the same coat and hair color as our mother, as well as being a unicorn too, her hair being more long but still wavy. A couple of other differences is that she has hazel eyes that share the same features as crystal ponies, since she is half crystal pony. Her cutie mark is a simple blue book with a brown aura around it, like it's being levitated. She is a quiet, antisococial one that is bad at talking to strangers. My second oldest sister is a light blue unicorn, having bright green crystal pony eyes just like my other sister. Her hair is a darker blue, being more straight but still long. Her cutie mark is a knitted music note, like the image below but it is dark blue instead of light. She is good at taking charge and can be demanding sometimes. My half younger sister who is an Earth pony doesn't have crystal pony eyes, instead having normal sky blue ones because she is a full Equestrian pony. Her coat is light brown while her hair is straight, long, and dark purple. She is 11 so she might be small, but I don't how big ponies are at that age. She is still a blank flank. She has a tendency to be mean without reason but can be nice and play with others. Finally, my half younger brother who is also an Earth pony shares my mother's coat, hair, and eyes, including also not having crystal pony eyes, though his hair is short and curly. He's 10 (still don't know how big he would be) and also still a blank flank. He has a mean streak as well but not as often as his sister. He can be rough but is also energetic and playful. And if anyone wants to make a family photo, here is what the oc that represents me looks like. She has crystal pony eyes and her cutie mark is below this image. Ignore the dip in her hoof and just make it like the show. I hate being in pictures so maybe portray that if you want.
  9. Hello, I am looking for people that are willing to do some voice acting (character impressions) for my creepypasta MLP game called Dreamy Rainbow 3D. The game is still in development so not all the characters are final yet. If you are interested to voice act for this game, please let me and we'll discuss about it. Conditions: - No male characters - Microphone quality must be decent If you want to learn more about the game itself, here's a link to it on Gamejolt: Thank you very much!
  10. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step on up and get yourself a brand new CUTIE MARK!! All ya need to do is post a comment with: --- OC/Ponysona Name: Talent(s): Passions/Personality: --- Just throw those down in a comment and I'll try my best to create a unique mark for your empty flank (WARNING: THE MARK YOU RECIEVE IS NOT PROFESSIONALLY DRAWN. IT MAY LOOK CRAPPY, BUT THE POINT IS TO HAVE THE IDEA) I'll try to be as fast as possible with each request, but some may take longer than others. It all depends how busy I get, or how creative I am at the moment. Last thing to remember, don't come to me with a predetermined idea for a cutie mark. I'm not drawing existing ideas, I'm creating new ones from scratch. So go ahead, comment away, I'll be waiting(cause I have nothing better to do) Current Requests -ooBrony -Night Mist -PrincessLobay -That-Brony -Night Mist: Request 2 -Candy Star -Twistedgear -Midnight Frost -Arctic Sunbeam - - -
  11. Hey there! I know these sorts of posts are a dime a dozen, but I don't really have anywhere else to look right now. I have an OC that I made for Fallout Equestria that I'd like some art of. Normally I'd do it myself, but my artistic skills are... Non-existent, and I'm not in the position to really be commissioning to do it. So, I'm forced to come here. I did make her with an OC creator to give you a base to work on, though. She also has a revolver and wrench, put in a crossbones sort of pattern as her cutie mark. And you don't HAVE to do this, I'd be happy with her just by herself, I'd just consider this a bonus, but if you could put her in a vault suit and have her wielding a weapon of some kind, that'd be great. Thanks a whole bunch in advance! Have a nice day!
  12. Hi, I finally drew something again, and without further ado, here's Metus Efficio,one of @Scare Effect's OCs. It was fun to draw, I forgot to add shadow on part of the mane but whatever, that happens.
  13. Hello everyone, Sometimes I really do not know what I want till I see it, and I was hoping that some people could help me build a character, I have an OC who is really cute an cuddly, and he has a Infernal form, and I really don't know what I want it too look like, I'm requesting some help from artist and if they could make concepts for it and designs, if I like it, I may even pay you for it and the help The one with two together and the concept sketch were drawn by Surfer Velocity, you can look him up on deveint art and the one drinking a smoothie was made by Ulysses and you can find them on devient art by the name "Kidthebird" I decided I liked how Ulysses did the muzzle for the regular cute form, now, the form is a Laquine, which means its part Equine and part Lapin, they have a face that is sorta influenced by hoarseness but still is kinda bunny like, the dark form which I am requesting concept art or redraws of has fire on them that literally is like strands of fur and behave like fire as it moves, but is not hot and feels like fur or hair, they have dragon like/infernal like eyes, and the forehead gem is the same as in the cute form, they also (should imo) have the same markings, other then that, I am looking for redesigns and concept art for him, thanks!
  14. Catpone Cerberus

    Request Signature request.

    Hi, So, I decided that after years of using the same signature, it's time for change, but I have hard time finding motivation atm to do it myself So, would somebody else be so kind? So, what is must: 1. Size has to be so I can use it regardless of not being a donor/subscriber. 2. I want my Ponysona to be in there in some form. 3. Name "The Cerberus" must be somewhere in there. Everything have free hands. Thanks in advance
  15. I was wondering if someone might do me a drawing and it can be in any style! Just keep it PG! I was hoping for some art of my oc Akasha and Princess Luna, with him/her flirting with the princess and Luna not sure how to take this open boldness. Info: Askasha is gender fluid and had has a huge crush on Luna for a long time, so now they promised to "woo" and openly "court" the princess. Akasha Ref:
  16. Yesterday I got banned for telling somebody to search something scary. And today I got banned for misspelling "Bob" and accidentally typed "Boob." I got kicked again. I wasn't happy. Why doesn't add a word that you can click that says "It was an accident" and then when you click it, it leads you to another website that allows you to tell it that it was an accident. And a note that says that they have to be honest. And to say continue. and then there is a Captcha. After the Captcha, and it leads you to your email that gives you a code to enter to the site. And if you don't have an email, Then you have to enter one and a password too. Please add this.
  17. Something that I wanted for my profile back my favorite locomotive with my favorite character and my oc Twilight and sci twilight My oc And his cutiemark
  18. Ezerona

    Request Want art for new oc <3

    Meet my new batpony oc, she's so cute, but would love a couple pieces of art for her I bought her yesterday from an adoptable deviant on Deviantart, It took a good few hours to find the batpony for me, but here she is no one has to draw her, but I'd super appreciate it! You do NOT have to include her slippers!
  19. I have like no art of her right now. The only thing I have is of her from the pony maker... and it doesn't seem very practical. :c I figured I'd ask here, in hopes to find someone who is generous and what not. I'm currently broke atm. That, and my dad doesn't really like soliciting money to unauthorized sources... it's always so hard to explain to him where it's going, why and all that stuff. Anyway, this is her: I'll let you do what you want. I'm not going to be picky because I know this is a place for free art and stuff (unless you want something specific).
  20. DarkShadowPonY

    Request free OC to furry art ?

    So im kinda lazy at making a furaffinity account....ya im lazy i know that xD but i was wondering if anyone here is also a furry and does free art would anyone mind transforming my oc into a furry wolf/ dog type character ? ^.^ here is the oc look as of the eyes it would be green eyes and the wolf/ dog fur would be blue and purple. if anyone can do it i would i would love it, even if it doesn't look high quality xD ohh and have a dark blue shirt with pants just for fun thank you ^^.
  21. Twisted Cyclone

    Request Twisted Cyclone Art Request

    Okay so because of some decisions I've made in life, I changed up the look of my ponysona Twisted Cyclone because she is a reflection of who I am. I was wondering if anyone out there is interested in drawing her for me? Any and all artists are welcome. Even the beginners.
  22. Emerald<3

    Request I Need OCs for FimFic!

    The story is about a group of 6 ponies, heading off into an unwanted adventure. My OC, Conch Shell shall be in it. The point is...I need more ponies. Please reply, and if you have a character page, link it to me.
  23. Princess Lulu <3~

    Request Draw my Pony oc Midnight Moonie Star?

    Hello all now i have yet maked another Oc and this time it's not about a cannon Princess Season 1 Luna that i have actually redesigned it even further to a some different kind of OC and of course's there's alway's strawberry i also requested that i may ask for next request topic So here she is if one of you are interested in. :
  24. Hey all! A couple of years ago, I was really active in the herd. Slowly, however, my interests led me elsewhere. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I just began to "come to" in a way, remembering how much I like this show. Since I was a hardcore participator in the herd, I have gotten married and my wife is allowing me to show her ONE episode. She doesn't think I'm crazy or anything for liking the show, she just doesn't get it. She is dead set on remaining firm and not "falling" for the ponies. I'm trying to think of the best episode to start my wife off on. Normally, I would just start her off on the first episode, however, since she has agreed to only one episode (it took A LOT to get her to agree to even that), I would like to pick the best possible "hook" episode. Before I show her an episode, I plan on watching Season 7 (which I haven't seen yet) and what has come out of Season 8, so feel free to mention any of those episodes should you desire. My main goal is to get her to a point where at least she is like, "Okay, I get why people would like this now.", but if I get her to actually like the show herself, that would be awesome! Any suggestions are awesome! Edit: Just thought I'd add this little bit of information. I'm trying to find least stereotypically "girly" episode, or what one would consider as such. My wife is a tomboy and the reason she is so hesitant is the fact that she has that very common perspective of "MLP is a show for little girls."
  25. Lord Valtasar

    Ebony Breeze

    decided to take a quick request Ebony breeze belongs to @TheDragonflyArtShop