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Found 26 results

  1. So I've been doing this sort of research project now, and I've come to a question I need opinions on. I am not a worthy candidate since I am pretty hard to please. So I want to know; What Makes You Happy? (Please put down anything and everything that comes to mind, I need as much information as I can get)
  2. So ran across this article and story again recently, hearing about it originally back in 2016. Reviving the Brain Dead Bioquark (very mad scientist like name for a company BTW) is looking to use stem cell research and injections to possibly bring the clinically brain dead back to life. To specify, brain dead is for those who are still "alive" physically, but with no actual brain activity, and in most cases no hope for it ever happening, thus in many of those cases, just keeping them hooked to machines keeping them alive due to hope that they make regain consciousness at some point. In many of these cases the victims of such a predicament are already declared deceased by the state.... although this can very across different areas. In many cases death is only declared in the absence of heart and lung functions, but for some complete loss of brain activity is enough. There are very mixed opinions about this, with some feeling it may be possible, while others consider it is a flight of fantasy with no hope for success. Still, many families cling to the possibility that a loved one could be revived and whether or not this will succeed, it is still a small sliver of hope I am sure for many with the end result of having someone they love and cherish returned to them. For many scientists there is not enough evidence this has any hope of working, and is indeed really just built on a foundation of false hopes and is only tormenting families already dealing with a nightmare situation... and is in truth a cruel joke being played upon those holding out for some form of recovery. It opens up several doors into the future of course if this does end up becoming a success... since it could reverse many of the horrible situations families now go through who lose a loved one partially, condemning them to a sort of undead state neither fully alive, nor truly dead, trapped in a prison they cannot escape. There have been some tests in the past that have shown some improvements in patients dealing with comas, stroke, cerebral palsy and brain injuries... but brain death is a completely different beast altogether. Then there is the topic of laser therapy, which has had little if any effect on patients since its start. The biggest difference being argued is that in the cases of those showing improvements, they all have injured brains, but still very much active and responsive... where as those suffering brain death are completely unresponsive and have no activity at all. There are also some problems in that there are situations with patients that are declared brain dead, who are not truly brain dead, and as such recovery leaves much of the treatment suspect as to the true ability and potential. What do you think? Is this something we will see an advancement of in the future? Will people suffering from this be brought back, able to regain their lives.. or is it just medical quackery backed by desperate families and the dreams of doctors that truly want to help others, but are doomed to failure? Should we accept those suffering from this fate as deceased and let them go, or fight for their survival and possible recovery? I am always thrilled with the possibility of advances that can help people and treat those suffering from ailments most of us could never imagine. Sure it can sound very Frankenstein or outlandish... but many things in the early pioneering stages of certain medical treatments and recovery often are. We have to start somewhere in exploring such a concept, as it will never just magically manifest on its own without someone to start taking those early steps to what may or may not be possible. I hate the thought of families dealing with this scenario, and would love to see a future where it is no longer a reality. And yes, I know someone will be DYING to use the following joke so I am doing it for you to rob you of the satisfaction. "If this works, we can use it on Trump! (And a whole host of assorted politicians and world leaders)
  3. Hello everypony! I need people that can sacriface 10 minutes of your life (mostly on your feelings and thoughts). Recently, I have been analazing for myself a influence that cartoons, animated movie and TV series have, including their animating methods. We are talking about 2D vs 3D animataion (we can also generally say it about art and graphics). Which of them is the best in your opinion? I will be glad if you fill sheet below (it is anonymous), because it is the easiest way to gather all of your answers in one place, and draw conclusions from them, and additional own thoughts. Of course we can discuss it in a comment section below . Link:
  4. Hello everyone! I hope it is allowed to post this. I need as many responses as I can get for my anonymous servey for my research project for college. It is regarding prescription medicine and sleep. This is the survey: Prescription Medicine and Sleep ! It is completely anonymous. I will use the responses for my large scale research project for my college class. Thank you for reading this and considering to help me. Have a great day!
  5. Hi ! My name is Mary & I am a final year student from Ireland. Im looking at the popularity of My little pony and how it's revival saw the formation of the Brony fandom. Also interested in questioning the misrepresentation of them in society. I'd be very interested in looking to interview anyone who is willing to share their thoughts? I would not identify you by you real name ( username only). Please comment or PM if interested. I can email you any questions in advance should you want to read them.* Have sent a copy of proposed questions to the moderator who approved them* Kind Regards Mary
  6. hey guys. I'm working on a new My Little Pony video and I need some help . it's a pony analysis on the magic of Equestria (so original) and I need a list of strong instances of magic explained, demonstrated, exemplified. examples I have so far ~ Sombra in general Twilight using dark magic after Celestia showed her Twilight using dark magic as alicorn Twilight's rant in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" the Trixie episode the princesses transferring their magic to Twilight Tirek in general the little ponies in general the Everfree forest all the stuff Starlight Glimmer can do​ Cutie-marks in general.. if I missed any I'll appreciate it if you help me find more instances of the behavior of magical in the show.
  7. So I am writing a story and one of the main characters is of Mongolian descent. He is particularly proud of his heritage. The problem is, I don't know many names used by the Steppe people. I've done some light digging and behind the name gave me a list of like nine names and I don't know if they are surnames or proper ones. Name Generator was no help in that regard either even when the selection was greater and I'm not sure it's as authentic, not even mentioning it doesn't give a description of what the names mean. Call it forcive habit from starting writing with fanfic for this show, but layered meaning with names has become a large part of how I inform character. Plus I don't just want to plop a random name that "just sounds" Mongolian with no regards to accuracy. So if anypony has any knowledge of traditional Mongolian naming scheme or a site with information on such, I would appreciate the help.
  8. Ok, I'm not sure if this is even suitable for an actual thread, or rather a status. Either way, I just need some help real quick-like For the last big essay of my college English class, we are to choose opposing viewpoints. Being the slightly edgy lad I am, I decided to talk about Hitler, and how he did so many good things for Germany, yet his name is pretty synonymous with evil, so far as most people are concerned. Lo and behold, I start doing the research, only to find that the sole database we are allowed to use has virtually nothing on him aside from the standard biographies. I'm debating whether to just scrap the concept completely and switch to a new topic, or just ask the professor if I'm allowed to delve a little off the database to get some solid research that isn't being padded with filler information. Any idea for new topics, or should I just try to reach out with the professor's approval?
  9. Hi there! I'd like to do some research on if there is a correlation between things as age and gender, and who you think best pony is. Also I'm curious who the most people think is best pony in general... I haven't really seen any threads here that give me these answers, so I'll just do it. Please answer to these questions in a reply below: 1: How old are you? 2: What gender are you? 3: Who is Best Pony? (Mane 6 only!) I'll put all answers in an Excel sheet, and I'll work with percentages to get some averages so that I'll have some cold hard DATA!! So, please contribute. Ohke! Here are the first results! Graphs: I hope this makes sense to you guys... Oh well. I hope more people would vote though...
  10. Hey everypony! I was pondering in my bed, and then I started checking random things and then I noticed that my index finger is just as long as my ring finger. I remembered a video from The Game Theorists where relative finger length could tell one how much testosterone one had gotten in the womb. So now I wonder, how many people here have an index finger that's just as long as their ring finger. (That means less testosterone. :3) If I have enough data I'll make a nice graph that I'll post here, and maybe I'll research this as well on reddit, and compare the two! Also, if you check the lengths, keep your arm and hand in a straight line so that your wrist isn't bent. :3 Otherwise it screws up the results. :3 Please help with this research, I'm really curious. :3 Thanks! EDIT: Someone said they were confused, so here's a picture:
  11. Hello! I need as many people as possible to think of a good 4-numbered code, so that I can crunch some numbers and get results! (I have got too much time, I know. ) I want to know what people think is a safe code. Once I have some data I'll put up a link to a document containing all the data and the results, which I'll try to update frequently. So please, gimme some numbers to work with! Yeah, I'm a data-freak. Yeah. EDIT: The results are now online here.
  12. I am doing some research on how sound effects things. Does anypony know what frequency a bass drum vibrates at? I would test myself but i don't have one at my disposal. Also, does amypony know the frequency at which aluminium resonates at?
  13. Only do this if you are familiar with the eyes of the Mane Six. Answer which pony you associate with each eye at first glance. Don't overthink it. The answers should be a Mane Six Pony. There are two correct answers, but you don't need to list both. Just the first one you think of. Reason I'm doing this: (If you want to know)
  14. Hello! I am trying to learn more about the Brony fan base. I love my little pony, I have since I was a child. I am new to the Brony culture and wanted to write about it for my research paper. I am here to learn more about this amazing group of people, not to judge! If you are able to could you answer any of the following questions? Also please state your gender and age if you would like. 1) What is the best thing about my little pony? 2) Are you sexually attracted to the ponies? If yes, please explain what attracts you to them. 3) Why is My Little Pony better than other shows similar to it? 4) How would you describe your fellow bronies? 5) What is the best thing about being a brony? 6) How did you first hear about bronies or my little pony? All answers will be anonymous and only done so I can get a better and more appropriate understanding of the fans. I only know things that I hear or read, not anything directly from the viewers themselves. Please help me if you can!
  15. Well at school, my teacher said I have to make a research, its what she calls a 'free style' topic.. So I get to choose what I'm going to be researching. But I have been thinking, what if I make a research about bronies? My teacher is quite interested in what the fandom is since I mention it a lot during class and she's okay with it so...any ideas?
  16. I've noticed that a lot of users have been telling me stories about famous members disappearing, never to be seen again, as well statuses implying that there have been a disproportionate number of bans. I thought that with 2-10 banned friends of my own, it would be interesting to create a short survey. Simply do the following to participate: Brohoof, if you believe that bans and ban reasons should be dated and publicly listed Answer these in the comments: Do you have or have had friends that were banned? If so, how many? Do you know why they were banned? If so, did you agree with the decision? If you are a mod, do you believe that bans should be publicly listed? (I plan on posting this as a recommendation.)
  17. I have been acquainted with the fanbase/fandom itself, and I enjoy researching things from their drama and behavior. Is this fanbase a good one to research about other fanbases?
  18. Ahem, okay. To start off with this topic, I would just like to say that I did this out of curiosity and I want to know more of it. Kinda like a small research on the subject. All I ask if I could get your opinions about yourself and how does it connect to any of the MLP characters story or attitude. If you're don't have a clue on what that means well let me give you all an example. It's a long explanation though. I am a half-Fluttershy, because of my doormattish ways(yes, doormattish is a word in my vocabulary) I could really see myself in Fluttershy in almost everything she does. Well except for the 'I love all animals' thing, I do love them but just not in that way of caring them. And the number one flaw of Fluttershy was being shy. Ever since I moved into a new city, my social life to the outside world slowly diminished. Slowly and stedily it was far off my grasp until I became an introvert and started talking to myself, pretty much all the time. lol Which included me being shy when I'm around many people I don't know. My fear, like Fluttershy's, of getting their cold stares would leave me dejected and also would make me cry to sleep. Headcannons are the best. Going a bit too personal, but it's all for the sake of science!! My brony friend even approved that I'm a...doormat. Surpruse, surprise... The other half is brony pal told me that and...I don't seem to find any connection with her. But when I thought about it more, he was 20% right! I hope your happy.... Octavia's etiquette manner is like mine, check. Talking to herself, check. Loves classical music, check. Always annoyed when Vinyl (a.k.a my brony pal I've been telling you all about) pranks and jokes me around, check. And gullible at times, check. Uh-huh, that's all I got. I know this may somewhat looks ridiculous, but I was just curious and wanted to know your opinions about it. (See in that gorgeous sentence, Octavia match-up) P.S Not forced to say that sentence. I would really appreciate your help to know more about this phenomenon. You may get personal or not, if you want to. I'm not forcing any of you all. This is just for education....and science.
  19. I wrote this paper in 2012 for my media studies class. It's a 9 page Word doc I wrote on the study of Bronies as a subculture and as a fan culture. Brony Analysis Paper.docx
  20. My name is Samuel Miller. I am communication PhD student from the University of North Dakota. My current research focuses on the Brony fandom and I am conducting an anonymous online survey. The survey asks questions related to demographics, media consumption, and fandom behaviors. This is an extension of my previous work that sought out some of the same data, but this one has an emphasis on the growing issue of Brony bullying. With the recent media stories of Mike Morones and Grayson Bruce, this matter of harassment becomes more important to understand. Recently, there have been a number of videos produced by big name fans like SaberSpark that discuss how a Brony should handle relationships between their fandom and their family and how Bronies should conduct themselves at McDonalds while asking for the "girl's" toy that generate a number of gender based questions. Because of this latest trend, I am also concerned with the notion of the "private" Brony and how they monitor themselves to reduce the risk of being "discovered" and putting their masculinity at risk. The reason that I am researching all of this is to hopefully understand what this fandom may mean for masculinity and gender studies because it is one of the first popular movements in which men are openly embracing perceived "girly" imagery and the consequences that it may bring. I am looking to gather as much data as I possibly can and the survey will be open until the end of the year. There is also an incentive for individuals to participate by offering them a chance to win a pony plushie. A plushie maker by the name of Xsjado78 has agreed to make a pony plushie for the random winner. I have enclosed all of the links associated with this study and I hope that your forum as well as other fans will share all of this information with with other fans. The more information that I can gather, especially from the fans who are too shy to outwardly express themselves due to these external pressures will be a great contribution. The Study: Facebook: Twitter: @UNDBronyStudy #UNDBronyStudy Plushie Maker: Thank you for help and support in this project. Samuel Miller University of North Dakota Communication Program
  21. With the internet such an easily accessible commodity, there is no excuse for making a comment in a debate and then not be able to produce evidence for it. If you are making a hearsay comment or stating speculation, say so. Speculation shouldn't ever be part of your scientific process. There are facts, there is educated speculation that can be made from the evidence in accordance with the facts, and then there is pure speculation. The last one is never permitted to be passed as any form of fact in the world of science. If you need help distinguishing if a person is attempting to represent their own speculation as a known fact, and has not produced evidence for it, or produces questionably reputable sources, then consult Dr. Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detector Kit: This is a helpful tool for any person wishing to conduct debates while still adhering to the scientific process. Evidence in your argument is vital. However, not all evidence is created equal and you must be wary of your sources. Sourcing Sourcing your argument is important. It not only helps provide evidence for your statement, but allows others to understand what you are stating in a debate. Sources and evidence should be provided as much as possible, as you will find in any real life project. However, you should also be wary of what evidence is being used and what the source of this evidence is. Primary Sources These would be the evidence themselves. In paleontology, this will include the fossils themselves along with photographs or other first-hand recordings of the fossils. Primary sources are THE source. There is no source that can be produced that is more accurate than the primary source. It is the most accurate source you will ever use. Unfortunately, primary sources are also the rarest. Because of this, there are other sources that can be helpful to use. Secondary Sources -Secondary Scholarly: These are the next best thing to the primary source. Documentation such as published, peer-reviewed papers and/or books are scholarly sources. They’re trustful to use due to their small margin of human bias injected. However, that does not mean that the source lacks bias completely, and therefore you should be mindful in using this type of source. The advantage of Secondary sources is the fact that they’re far more common than a Primary source. These will likely be the sources you use the most when not using a primary source. -Secondary Popular: These are still very useful; however often lack the detail and depth of a scholarly source. References such as National Geographic Magazine (or other popular educational magazines, pamphlets, etc.), blog posts, TV documentaries, non-peer reviewed papers, or other such popular sources. While these can be helpful and are advantaged by their frequency, however are severely disadvantaged by their susceptibility to bias and inaccuracy. Use of these sources must be made with scrutiny. Do not always trust to heart these particular sources. It is always a good idea that if using a popular source, you link to multiple in the same topic in order to present clearer and far more accurate evidence than merely using a single popular article susceptible to inaccuracy, bias, and other restricting qualities. If you are met with skepticism on your statements, do not fret. Skepticism is a pillar of science. General musings and word of mouth are never scientifically recognized, and never will be. Such are the workings of science. Scientific knowledge is based entirely on documentation, giving that up would lead to the entire decay of the scientific process. Scientists don't go chasing Krakens unless there's a body of a giant squid to show them a plausibility. Science deals with cold, hard, proof, not in idle speculation. If you feel yourself getting flustered, take a break. Step away from the debate in order to gain a level head. Don’t force yourself to continue while angry or frustrated and risk saying or doing something you’ll regret. Do what you need to cool down. Get a drink of water, grab a snack. Then come back with a clear mind ready to continue the debate in civil manner. A scientist uses their knowledge for the betterment of humanity, not to be hoarded and have people be told that they should go off and learn it themselves. Within that lies greed and selfishness and is the very reason why so much scientific knowledge available to the world hasn't expanded beyond the journal and into the public where it belongs.
  22. Here's a link to the article- But the basics are that through studying a mutated molecule in a worm scientists could discover a way to extend human life by 30%, which when combined with insulin-signalling mutations would double the time they live. Or something like that. So, what are your opinions on this? Would you want life to be extended by that much? Do you think this method will really work as well as they say? And, if so, when do you think this will be available for human testing? Discuss.
  23. Hello, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am doing a research project for school regarding the prices of digital art and how people feel about those prices. If you would please fill out the following survey I would be grateful. It is only about six questions long and shouldn't take more than a minute. If you consider yourself primarily a producer of art, please take the top survey. If you consider yourself primarily a consumer of art, please select the bottom survey. They are exactly the same, it is just part of collecting the data. For the consumer survey assume the artist and the quality of art to be about average. Thank you, ~Calleyar
  24. It was a few weeks ago when my professor introduced me to my independent study topic. I was to look at the reproductive system of a highly studied insect: the Rhodnius prolixus. It's an insect that's found all over Central and Southern America. They are the main carriers of a disease called Chagas. With the research I'm doing, we're aiming to delve deeper into understanding the reproductive system in insects like this one and eventually find better methods to control Chagas disease in South America. The entry image is that of the Rhodnius' circulatory system. What looks like a thin tube moving in the anterior-posterior direction is its vascular system. The dorsal vessel is near the insect's front end, and the aorta is nearer to its back end. All the white stuff attached to it are the insect's fat bodies. All that stuff I have to remove, along with the digestive system below the circulatory system, in order to get a closer look at the insect's reproductive system. However, what makes my independent study exciting is that I'll be the first person in the world to look at the reproductive system of the Rhodnius in its LARVAL form. Apparently. these insects develop their structures only if you feed it enough blood. My job eventually is to see how the reproductive structures develop from this: (just the testis, the transparent blob on the left and right side of the middle section of this picture): Into this (what you see there's just one of the accessory gland complexes that comes with the testis. Every Rhodnius has 2): This is just the preliminary work I'm doing for my independent study. There's a lot more to come over time and by then, I'll have a much better idea of what to write for my 50 page thesis!
  25. Searched and found nothing. I'm interested. What are your thoughts and/or opinions on the research/overall use of embryonic stem cells. If it's allowed where you live, do you want it to be outlawed? If it's illegal where you live, do you want it to be legalized? Why or why not. In America, it's been outlawed to research them with funding from the government; so you either have to be super rich, or willing to go to prison. Personally, I feel like this is ridiculous.