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Found 6 results

  1. i did some commission thingysss, imma drop these here :3
  2. Hey there. If you are at the end of High School (year 11) in the UK you will be getting your GCSE results on the 21st To our cousins overseas these results are very important for getting into college and future education. Are there any UK teens out there getting ready for their results? Im finding it to be an anxious thing to think about. After so much work put into exams you have to wait 2 months for the results that will determine your future. I ended up moving to london during my holiday so I have to take a train up to manchester and stay there for the week in order to get my results. On the plus side I will be going to BUCK while im there and I get a new computer if I have good enough grades to get into the courses that I wanted. What do you guys think? This can be a place to tell your thoughts about how you think its going to turn out or how your feeling to finally get the results you need to go on to college. You can also discuss other exam results that are being revealed soon if that is the case.
  3. The 2014 MLPF World Cup Groups have been set! Check them out here! I'll see you in June 12th when we start the World Cup!
  4. Hello! Recently, I have been sending questionnaires to some of the members here to get to know them better. It has been pretty successful, and I've learned a lot of new things about some of the members here. Anyway, one of the members I gave a questionnaire to, Pink Mist, came up with the idea for me to post the results in a thread (thanks for the idea, by the way), so here it is. I'll put the actual questionnaire below first (feel free to fill out the questionnaire yourself, and post yours in this thread), and then I'll leave the results from the other users (don't worry, I asked each of them for their approval before posting.) Also, the members put "N/A" for questions they couldn't or didn't want to answer. Bye! Questionnaire: Favorite Color: Favorite Pony: Favorite TV Show: What country do you live in? Favorite Pokemon: Favorite Musical Artist: Favorite MLP Episode: Favorite Movie: Favorite Fanfiction: Favorite Song: Favorite Superhero: Favorite Animal: Favorite Board Game: Favorite Video Game: Favorite Video Game Console: Favorite Book: Favorite Fictional Character: Favorite Sport: Favorite Instrument: Member Responses: @Batbrony @Chigens and Kay @CITRUS KING46 @Colt @Dsanders @Eureka Rainbow Hash @Sterling Crimson
  5. So the new Premier League season has started today and already there are some great results and some exciting games! So are there any other people here who support football?? Whoa re you supporting for this year? me?: LIVERPOOOOOOOOL !
  6. This topic should not concern you unless you're one of the people who've entered this contest. Anyway, after a month of the fics being written and then judged, we finally got out the top five! All of the judges have enjoyed your writing very much, but we got out the best of the best today. Most of you, I believe, have agreed to our terms & conditions: Do not be butthurt if you hadn't made it to the finalists. Please be encouraging to our contestants. You may PM/complaint to me about your judging AFTER the contest is over. You cannot vote for yourself if your fic made it to the finalists. You must read all five fics before voting, no matter how boring/uninteresting they are. Remember, only the eleven people out of the fifteen contestants who entered may vote. And ONLY them. The polls are public, so I can see if you voted for yourself or if you hadn't entered the contest, but voted. If you broke any of the rules above, you're automatically disqualified. If you saw your number below, you do not jump with happiness or anything, or else people would know it's you. Now, without further ado... *drumroll* The finalists are: Entry number 3 Entry number 5 Entry number 8 Entry number 10 ...and Entry number 11! Congratulations to those who made in into the finalists! Now comes the part where we decide the ranking! We need ALL eleven people for this. I mean ALL. Choose your two favorite ones after you read all five. You may NOT vote for the same entry twice. And remember, if you break any rules, you're disqualified. Here are the entries: Entry Number 3 - Bruised Apples Entry number 5 - She, and her Valedictory Victim Entry number 8 - Nonsensibility Entry number 10 - Enharmonia Entry Number 11 - The Apprentice of the Night Oh, I almost forgot. All votes must be due by next Saturday at the latest, or November 24th GCT+8. Please take the time to read the entries and vote.