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Found 26 results

  1. Since season 9 is the final season, from what I've seen in the leaked concept art and vectors, it looks like things are not looking good for..
  2. I thought that Flim and Flam were really interesting characters in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" I like how they try to run the apple family out of business and are portrayed as stereotypical "con men." They remind me of a lot of characters from books I've read like The Duke and The King from "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Anyway, I've always thought that they should get at least one more episode. A lot of fans have wanted more episodes focused on Applejack, so maybe they could make an episode where Flim and Flam return to Sweet Apple Acres to get revenge on Applejack and her friends. Or maybe they could make an episode where they stir up trouble in a different town like Canterlot. What does everypony else think?
  3. I was actually going to post this in the thread about feeling weird for watching MLP, but decided it was too long and worked better here. About a week ago I bought a MLP DVD set, however upon getting it home and opening it up, I noticed one of the discs was cracked (not the first time this has happened to me, I had the same problem with Avatar), so upon discovering this I headed back to the store to exchange it for a new copy. Well the store was Fry's, normally a pretty awesome store overall... with one minor exception.. their return booth. I dunno how it is in other Fry's, but here you walk up right in front of the store, and pretty much stand in the open while they scrutinize your return for even the slightest hint that it might indeed be an alien shapeshifter disguised as a product they carry and it is their job to catch it before it lays space pods and abducts us all. So I hand them the case, and explain that one of the CDs inside was cracked and I would just like to exchange it for a new copy... however the gentleman assisting me only heard the words "Yes" and "I" and I imagine heard the rest as Charlie Brown teacher speak since he was staring at the cover as if it had just flirted with him and he could hardly believe it. He must have stood there for at least 5 seconds staring at the cover, before opening it and seeing the cracked CD inside, and then quickly shutting it again like it was filled with leprosy. He then asked me rather uncomfortably what I wanted to do with it despite me having already told him. I resisted the urge to tell him about my plans to get it drunk and hope for third base, and instead just informed him (again) I wanted a new copy. I kid you not, that if he had been wearing a top hat it would have completely popped off at this statement. So he walked over to the table, laid it down and very hesitantly informed the other two associates that were there I wanted to return this particular DVD. I was unaware that returning a cracked DVD was cause for getting the swat team on the phone and cutting the Presidents golf game short.. but apparently they take this shit seriously. I was then asked if I would like someone to go get me the DVD or if I needed to do any other shopping? I honestly could not help myself... I told him I wanted the new DVD, and was curious if they had the soundtrack in stock and if they could recommend me any other amazing shows just like this one... Now you have to understand, there are three basic facial expressions when it comes to disgust.... there is typical revulsion which all of us have done at some time or another, then there is nausea which makes you get that particular shade of green you only find on truck stop bathrooms behind the toilet... and then there is that face one can only make after walking in on your grandparents having sex in the light of day with no blankets on. Well, low and behold MLP merchandise makes that face to... who knew?? Not me, that's who. Needless to say he had no answer for me... he just mumbled something about not having that sort of information available followed by what i assume was a prayer to whatever deity he worshiped. I was given a stub for my return and allowed to go on my way to do my shopping. I was very careful to watch for falling nets and pay attention to step over any mysterious spots on the floor which were obviously pit traps designed for just such an emergency. I ended up getting a new copy of the DVD set as well as an anime I had been kicking around. I looked for the music CD, but no such luck. I went to check out and my cashier was a young teenage girl who made an aww with far too much vocalization on the w's. She then informed me she loved the show... and I replied i did to. I would have offered her a brohoof, but honestly I was just ready to get out of there by then, not to mention I was not entirely positive that they had not summoned the Avengers or the Justice League or somebody to deal with me at that point. You have to walk by the return table as you exit the store and I gave them such an awesome Cheshire cat grin, that I literally did think I had turned invisible, until the guard asked to see my receipt that is. I showed it to him, he looked in the bag and it was at this point I began wondering if being tasered hurt, and what was the proper gift to give your cell mate on the second date. But, he just smiled and handed me back both bag and receipt and allowed me to go. I like to tell myself he was a brony, so he totally understood. So... MLP... not just a lifestyle.... but an adventure.
  4. Whatever happend to best background pony? Eversince Season 2, we seem to have seen nothing of her? Did she move away?
  5. As seen in the trailer for the sixth season of MLP, Starlight Glimmer is going to be a character in the season 6 opening "The Crystalling". My question is: Do you think this is a good idea? Now, I for myself don't look forward to this. Starlight was an interesting character when she first appeared, and even for the most time of the season 5-finale, she was pretty dang awesome. But, you guessed it, my sympathy instantly vanished as soon as her backstory was revealed. Now, she is just a boring, overreacting and overrated character to me, and I would rather see the return of King Sombra or Queen Chrysalis (I know, the King got reformed in the comics, but those are not canon to the show, so it might happen). And I think most of us had this talking about rushed reformations at least one time too often. We will also meet her childhood-friend, who was oh-so-cruel to get his cutie mark and move away, and I'm not very curious about this reunion either. There's probably just gonna be a short scene about those two where they talk things out, but since they don't have much time, it's gonna be a very rushed scene. So, either Starlight does an awesome twist and becomes a villain again (but I guess the odds for that are at 0,001%), or she's just going to steal some time from the season intro. But hey, those are just my thoughts. What do you think? Did you want Starlight to reappear? Are you looking forward to her return?
  6. Hey guys! I'm going to start making blogs again, though reviews won't be very common this time around. I wouldn't expected much aside from the usual stuff you would find in a blog. Have a nice day and Flame out! Boring blog post I know
  7. That's right guys, i am back. I know that i said i would be off for a month, but it happend earlier for 2 reasons. 1. I finished my private business a bit earlier then expected. 2. I just missed you guys too much. I am now totally back and ready to go again. (Also, look out for another blog, that i will release in an hour. )
  8. Remember Iser ?, you know that ugly black eyed guy, from my last entry........ yeah me neither... ``Everything has to be done at it s time`` Everything has to be done at it s time like homeworks and projects something that Iser never did in his holiday weeks, soo dear Iser does it all in a day or 2. Iser is a simple man, he saw bed he woke up 2 weeks after for school. With a heavy load of food and `` clean plain not fizzy water``his brain is still fuzzy, life angel after a bath. ``I`m gonna start to do it right after this song/post/movie/dinner``, a phrase we use it everyday, it seems so useless, but it kills our own inspiration, our own motivation, initiative, something that Iser would have to learn on his own skin. Inspiration and motivation is so hard to find these days, not even taliking about moral support..... a very rare perk we have to dig very deep in this society. Everyone of us needs a quiet moment full of nothing, just take example of Rainbow Dash`s means of relaxation, standing on a cloud, if we all could have slept on clouds and recover our strenght of our mind...very few things could stand in our way. You might laugh or say it sounds like a doctor prescription, well laughing is good, so laugh and there is a reason why doctors recomend these breaks from society and from our daily routine, 5/10/15/20 minutes of sleep or any kind relaxation with your eyes closed is good for your mind, and thus for your friends mind. Anyone that can be strong enough to hold himself can hold a couple more friends with him, guaranteed... science, ohh and 70 or more of the information our brain procces everyday is through our eyes soo... you close your eyes everything gets cooled down, it`s that easy Iser understanded this, what he didn`t understand was the part with 10-15 minutes, he just did it for 2 whole weeks, so now he has to recover all his lost data.... bummer Next time maybe he will pay atention to a import lesson in life MODERATION. If there is a this we as humans don`t like to do is to take sides and balance things, with the few exceptions.... But to keep everything might look easy at the circus, not so easy when it comes on how we need to keep our time in balance. An example of a wrong balance: ``The day has 24 h right ?, so 8 h we play, 8 h we sleep, and 8 h we go to work/school, easy :3`` Quite wrong I must say.... our mind it isn`t set as a computer is set, we need to take in ecuation the recovery time, recovery time is needed when we change from a state to another, from school to free time, from playtime to naptime and soo on... At the end of the day we have our mind ...let`s say fragmented, and need to ``defragment`` it. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friend either case is good and it`s recomended, pushing our mind to extra information, could make us act weird and funny, like a drunk sailor after a battle with Davy Jones. Tired is my mind, sleep is what calls me For today this is my entry, hope you like it, if you did like it, post any kind of comment bad, good, weird, funny, Make things as you want to do it.... in a limit of your conscience.
  9. I want like her, but I don't, from her appearance so far. I feel like the reason is because during her two episodes, she was just this pony who was a braggard, ran her mouth, and tried to show up Twilight. Personally, I might take more of an interest in Trixie if she was shown trying to interact with one of the other mane 6, and putting her career as a show pony aside for a moment, and just having fun. Maybe, if she were to return and get a third episode, it could start off with her coming back to Ponyville, led back by news that a princess was likving there, and thinking she'd get to perform for royalty, only to be flabbergasted that the princess was Alicorn Twilight. But focus quickly shifts off Twixie, maybe with Twi saying she's too busy to spend time with Trixie, and having to do princess duties; and suggests that she spends time with Spike or Pinkie Pie. I'd like to see her trying to interact with these two, first. Thoughts? Does she need a third episode? Is she likeable, as she is, now? Who would you want to interact with Trixie, to give further development to her character?
  10. Sky Spark

    I have returned.

    Hey all. I have to say something. I feel I was a bit hasty with my farewell. I know this forum(and fandom)isn't perfect, but I think I can try and work to make it a good place. I've made a few friends here, and I'm happy for that. Actually, I've gotten a bit bored away from here. In short, I'm back, and I don't know if I'll leave again. I hope not. I'll still be on World of Equestria, though.
  11. I was just wondering if they are going they bring back Lightning Dust to the how again,since hey already did that to Gilda are they going to do it anytime soon?
  12. Hypothetically speaking, if the Dazzlings were to make a comeback, what kind of revenge plan do you think they would try to carry out against Sunset Shimmer and the Humane ponies? It'd be pretty hard, given they lost all of their power and now are very weakened, but, knowing Adagio well, she's the most evil of the trio, and I bet she'd be totally willing to "teach a lesson" to Sunset and the girls who defeated her and her band. Plus, since Pony Twilight is back to Equestria one can't help but wonder how could this affect a revenge plan.
  13. Hey guys, have a seat, have some refreshments. If you remember me, hey, nice to see you again. If you don't, its always great to make new friends. It's been a long while since I've been on these forums. Two years?, already? wow. Time really is relative. Anyways, what brought me back here is the fact that I took off without notice. I guess you could say I forgot. about this forum, got caught up in so many things that my brain pushed this all the way to the back. I got really lonely for some odd reason too. The newer episode, "Amending Fences", Is what reminded me... So I guess you could say the same thing that happened to Viva (Immatoonlink), happened to me: so uh hi again If you want to stay in constant contact with me, my steam is TheOneAndOnlyButtonMash, I think I have facebook stuff on my profile or whateverr , Im more active on that I guess. It's just that this forum became much less relevant in my life I would suppose. I kinda just kept to myself and my programming kinda like how moondancer did it. I guess.
  14. C'mon! We've had Gilda return, and that Steven dragon thing from Season 1 along with fancy pants and even a changeling. Do you think that trixie will return once again? I hope she does to make amends for last times mishaps now that she's redeemed. Maybe everyone in Ponyville will accept her. One can hope...
  15. So there has been a bit of talk about reviving older concepts and characters from older generations. Tirek was the most recent and notable example of that, but the latest upcoming episode Make New Friends But Keep Discord reportedly has the revival of an old friend: Yes that Smooze, but probably not as a destructive villain. Discord apparently feels insecure and rejected by Fluttershy so the Smooze will come by as his new friend to keep him company at the Grand Galloping Gala. I have never actually seen the Smooze myself, outside of pics and commercials, but it'll be fun to see the gooey creature make a reappearance. Remember, ALL HAIL THE SMOOZE.
  16. What gave you nightmares in courage the cowardly dog? Sorry guys, but king Ramses didn't really scare me, but one thing scared me sooooooo bad, I stopped watching the show for years. I was absolutely terrified of that blue fetus thing from the episode perfect. Fun fact: the blue thing could possibly be a manifestation of eustaces broken trumpet from earlier in the episode, but totally distorted by courages mind.
  17. On January 28, 2013, a new CG special titled The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed was announced to premiere that year, though it was later delayed to January 20, 2014. I just watched the episode and I LOVED IT Everything from the voice acting to the animation to the plot line, it was all close to perfect in my eyes! (Though I admit some parts were a tad rushed) You can watch the episode here What are your thoughts? Are you excited for this all new Powerpuff Girls?
  18. Alright guys...I need to ask a serious may not seem serious to you, but your answers will mean a lot to me. Confused? probably...let me explain. We all know the story of Discord... In "Return of Harmony" we saw him take away the very essences of our beloved ponies, we saw him turn the world upside down, ruin cherished objects of others, and just overall show no respect for people's boundaries, lives, or property. But then, in "Keep Calm, and Flutter On" we saw the reform of Discord...we saw a lot put at risk, to trust in someone's word of "I've changed...I'm good now." And to be honest, it kinda failed...Discord betrayed everypony as soon as he got the chance...He had a change of heart at the end of course...but here's the thing... Put yourself in the pony's hooves...if you had personal attacks done to you, by someone who only cared about benefiting themselves, even to the point of violence...and suddenly, he turns around and says..."I didn't mean it, you can trust me's something (money, promises, items) as a sign of friendship" Should you really trust that? I mean...I believe strongly in forgiveness...but also, in being intelligent... I'd forgive the individual, but avoid them, until I was absolutely sure there was a legitimate change... I am asking all this, because I'm going through a situation right now that mirrors EXACTLY what transpired in "Return to Harmony" and "Keep calm and flutter on"...and I don't know if I should trust this person who contacted me saying "I'm different now, here, have these things." Mainly because in "Twilights Kingdom"...Discord did some terrible damage after being trusted again...damage that included the destruction of twilight's house, loss of power to every pony in equestria, and possibly lives/civilizations at stake. Is it really worth to take such a big risk just based on someone's word/action? Especially if they're known to be devious and untrustworthy? What do you think?
  19. Ladies and Gentlemen...Lauren Faust will be the producer for Season 5!!!!! I am just flippin' excited right now!!! :D Thoughts?
  20. Okay. I'm back from last year post-season 3. As you all I'm sure are aware, many of us were upset at the time because (for some of us) Hasbro nearly ruined the show. Now I have no knowledge whatsoever about Season 4, how decent it is or weather or not it lives up to season 2. What I want you guys to do is (without spoilers) tell me weather or not this season is worth watching. I'm still recovering from when Hasbro psychologically raped me out of no where last year, and some good news would be appreciated. I have to know (for personal-social reasons) weather tomorrow I will still be a Brony, but I cannot watch the entirety of S4 all in one night.. So please, help me out. I want you to look at things from my perspective, (Someone who despised EQG, Twilicorn and the removal of Fighting is magic) and tell me weather or not you think that I should stay or go basically. I don't want sugar-coating, but I also don't want extreme pessimism. I just want the truth. I understand that weather or not someone will enjoy a season is (for the most part) subjective, but I'm running out of time and out of options. I was busy with school for too long, and it caused me to become an outdated Brony. Am I welcome here, and should I watch the show? I have remained completely dormant with respect to the show since post-season 3. Wish I could bump this thread :c
  21. The topic title clearly says what this threads about! Now that we know the show might go on for much longer, do you think that Trixie will ever be seen again? Do you think she will ever make a return? Will she ever be seen in an episode? If she was, what would you want to see her do; To have the episode about?
  22. I was just recently watching "A tale of one shadow ( ) by NatashaSolitude, and I was wondering, "What if Sombra wasn't always evil, and originally had a lover?" I decided to make a script for an episode, using the video, with permission from Natasha, as a background for Sombra's return and redemption....Please comment on what you think about this. Changes are on-going, so check back often. Also, be sure to look at my script "Thirty Moons Under Ares" here on MLP forums. Here is the URL to the script:
  23. Betez

    I have returned...sorta

    I don't know how many of you remember/know me. I took a break from coming here around September on account of many people I knew leaving, me being burnt out on MLP in general, and the quality of the community decreasing, at least in my opinion. And no offense, but it seems like the forums have continued to go downhill since. In my last blog entry, I said I'd be leaving for an indefinite amount of time. Well, I've decided to come back. However, I'm not gonna be on 24/7 like I used to be. I'll probably go on a posting binge every once and a while, and then go back to being offline. It's nice to be back, I guess.
  24. And here we have probably the most underrated game in the entire Metroid franchise. Metroid II: Return of Samus was released in North America in 1991 for the original black and white handheld Gameboy console. Considering that it was only the second installment in the franchise and that it was black and white... and a handheld game... Yeah, there are many more reasons why it wasn't very popular. Let us start the review. Story: Metroid II supposedly takes place sixth in the entire franchise. In the previous Metroid, bounty hunter Samus Aran ruined the Space Pirates' plans to use the newly discovered lifeform known as Metroid. To ensure that the Space Pirates can never obtain any more Metroids, the Galactic Federation sends several teams to the Metroids' home planet, SR388, to destroy them once and for all. However, when none of the teams survive, the Galactic Federation contracts Samus to finish the mission. Gameplay: Game play is relatively simple. You control Samus Aran through the planet 'SR388' from a side view (Side-Scroller). You have pretty much one main weapon which you can use to shoot enemies that get in your way. Your main goal is to try and locate all the Metroids on the planet and destroy them once and for all. The game features different save modules located throughout the planet. When you jump on one, the game will be automatically saved. Samus Aran strolling through the planet. Good/Bad? - The game definitely suffers from some poor graphics... even if it is a Gameboy game. The gameplay is pretty mediocre and could have been more fun. Even so, Metroid II is quite challenging and proves quite a task to complete. Serious fans of the series, or anyone looking for a challenging action game should totally give it a shot, though. Worth the Price? - You can download it through the 3DS Virtual Console service for $4.99. If you are really cheap and don't want to take the chance of playing it because you think you'll hate it... then that's fine by me. But I really think that for $4.99, you can't go wrong. (By the way, I got this game for free from Club Nintendo.) Final Score: It all comes down to the final score, which is: 6.0. (Which isn't really that bad. 6/10 pretty much equals 3 out of 5 stars. I hope you enjoyed this review of Metroid II: Return of Samus and check back for more reviews coming soon.
  25. So I saw the video of the brony panel, and the I watched the part where John de Lancie crashes it. And at about 8:10 he seems to spoil something, supposedly Discord's return? Remember, I'm just speculating, but if you have read the title of this thread, you'd know that already.