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Found 9 results

  1. I don't need to ask around to know at least half of these forums believe Starlight will return, so I'm going to put this question forward: what do you think Starlight's revenge will be? Personally, I believe Starlight will come across some kind of ancient Equestrian artifact that takes other ponies' cutie marks, but there is a price she must pay. Starlight must absorb the stolen cutie marks into her own being. In the process, she will begin to turn into a monster. She will lose her mind in the quest for Equality, and her powers will double with every cutie mark she takes. She even takes the Princesses' cutie marks, giving her power beyond belief. With her mind fully corrupted, Starlight decides to take her revenge on the Mane 6 by stealing their cutie marks and subjecting them to Equality brainwashing forever. She later goes on to proclaim herself the new ruler and Princess of a complete and unbreakable Equal Equestria. That is, until the Mane 6 find a way to escape their predicament and defeat Glimmer, reforming her and restoring everypony's cutie marks. Your turn!
  2. Hypothetically speaking, if the Dazzlings were to make a comeback, what kind of revenge plan do you think they would try to carry out against Sunset Shimmer and the Humane ponies? It'd be pretty hard, given they lost all of their power and now are very weakened, but, knowing Adagio well, she's the most evil of the trio, and I bet she'd be totally willing to "teach a lesson" to Sunset and the girls who defeated her and her band. Plus, since Pony Twilight is back to Equestria one can't help but wonder how could this affect a revenge plan.
  3. Hi! Me again! Curious question. Can a character justify revenge as justice? And if said character is the protagonist, does it make it ok? Yeah, I'm a little stuck on that. What do u think? -a~N Edit!!: I changed the title cause I typed the wrong thing, I hope before it didn't confuse anyone. >___>
  4. A lot of Bronies would mercilessly kill, as horrifyingly as possible, "whoever who made Fluttershy cry". But consider her own behaviour: if she sees you horribly destroy her enemies, she will not only cry some more, but she will be afraid of you. In rare cases, she might even attack you! In such a case, you are only continuing the cycle. Fluttershy will rather avoid humans as a result! Would you consider this?
  5. So for this thread, tell us of some stories/pranks/jokes that were played on you or someone else and how you GOT BACK AT THEM!
  6. Does anyone like reading revenge fan fictions? In general I don't like most of them. However, I do like reading Pro Human Conversion Bureau fan fictions, where the Ponies did succeed in converting every Human into Ponies on Earth. Only for the irony to come full circle as the Reapers from Mass Effect come to arrive afterwords and exterminate the Ponies. Harvest their populations, turn their own Ponies against them with indoctrination and create Reapers out of them. I think what the Reapers do, is more or less what the Conversion Bureau does to Humanity. Note: I don't hate canon Ponies, I just dislike some of their counterparts in some fan fictions.
  7. As one of the last Humans left a demon offers you a deal to give you a chance to defeat TCB Celestia and save Humanity. The Demon speaks in a deep cold evil voice as it's dark shadowy form flies in circles around you. Would you make a deal with a such magical being? (Since the Pony universe is a magical place, you may come in contact with such beings.) As in a being like the Devil, Discord or some other Demon? You will given great powers like that of the Lord of Murder (Bhaal from Dungeons & Dragons) to avenge Humanity (and bring back Humanity) after it was destroyed by Xenolestia. Among other powers you will also be able to summon angry ghosts of fallen Human soldiers that were turned into zombie Newfoals and or killed, whom would help you kill Ponies and have a fighting chance to defeat Xenolestia. As a side effect you will become a little bit of a psychopathic with an insane bloodlust and might just become just as evil as Xenolestia Poll: Make the deal with the demon. Refuse to make such a deal with a Demon, if Humanity is to die here then just fight to end without any help. Then just wish other help would come or in another universe Humanity would defeat the TCB Ponies.
  8. Do you like fan fictions where Humanity gets their revenge on the Ponies? As in stories where Humanity gets its revenge from beyond the grave on the Ponies that wiped out their species. Maybe, it's a little cruel of me, but I like stories where bad Ponies suffer for their wrong doing. Like a story where the TCB Ponies attacked Earth and destroyed all of Humanity, only for the Reapers from Mass Effect to invade and kill everypony, where only now the Ponies at the end of their species' time do they realize why the Humans fought them to the bitter end like they themselves against the Reapers. Or a story where the Ponies wiped out the Human race, but due to their actions the Elements Of Harmony shattered and gates of Tartarus opened unleashing monsters into Equestria, turning their world into a hellish nightmare. Or Discord returning (before redeemed) and not be able to be defeated due to the evil acts of the Ponies, with the Elements Of Harmony shattered.
  9. Hi guys. A couple days ago I woke up at 2 in the morning, with a dream fresh in my mind. It involved a water gun fight and ponies watching football. After laying there for a while, the story pretty much pieced itself together in my mind. I'm in the process of writing it all down right now, but I would like a little proof-reading help from the community. If you're interested, please drop a response in this thread, or just PM me. For reference, this story is expected to be medium-short-ish in length: about 5 chapters, or about 10,000 words total. Expect the tags listed in this thread's title. There will be blood, but no gratuitous violence is currently planned. The "mature" tag is for a somewhat graphic scene, fleshing out the "trust" and "betrayal" balance between some characters. This one will be a bit lighter, and will feature a lot more character development than my last fic. Thanks for your help. UPDATE: As new chapters become ready for proof-reading, I'll update the links in this post. For everybody else, please consider it a work in progress. I won't submit it to any major sites until I've had a chance to go over the feedback/recommendations with whoever is helping. And in case anybody is wondering, yes this story apparently shares a title with a 90's film. There is no direct connection, though they both use sports as a backdrop and metaphor for life's deeper challenges. My story isn't really about sports at all, though. Fair warning: the first couple chapters are fairly light-hearted, but shit gets real soon after that. Chapters ready for review: Chapter 1: A Game of Hoofball Chapter 2: A Game of Tag Chapter 3: A Game of Fire (almost ready)