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Found 24 results

  1. I was feeling artsy, but didn't have time to start a big project. Plus I hadn't drawn dear Tavi in a while, and thus this vector was created WARNING: This vector is huge, so if your computer can't handle large files, I wouldn't recommend clicking full view.
  2. Not really sure what to call this one Original:
  3. A friend of mine over at flickr wanted me to vector his OC, and I agreed. Aren't I sweet?
  4. My newest vector! I saw Peach Palette's Java Bean drawing on DA, and I fell in love with the design. So I had to vector it myself! I actually work in my Dad's Coffee Shop/Music Cafe, so I can relate to this And once again, this OC belongs to Peach Palette.
  5. And yet she is still freakin' awesome
  6. I think it suits her well!
  7. A while back I posted my OC, but I looked at it once more and realized I didn't like it. So, round 2! Say hello to Cloudy Rhythm!
  8. Rezo

    Hula Shy

    Me and Fluttershy are on Spring Break!
  9. I fixed up the drawing from last time, and did major updates on Soarin's anatomy flaws. So, enjoy I guess!
  10. This is the second song I've ever completed! This time I added some Rainbow Dash for all you bronies I adore so very much. Enjoy!
  11. I made some music for ya! It's not pony-related, but I would appreciate it if you guys gave me some feedback!
  12. This was fun to make! Also, if you want just the table and CMC, it's on my DeviantArt. Support me on DA:
  13. Yeah, not much to say. It was fun at least. Then again, vectoring is always fun for me
  14. I'm very pleased with the results of this! Nothing like a little side-project to brighten up your day! **EDIT** It won't let me upload the drawing, so go here instead:
  15. This was fun to make ! Hopefully I'll have Ian finished soon, however I will have a group picture when I finish. Enjoy!
  16. I finally finished Ian! Hoozah! I'll have the group shot up in a minute. Enjoy!
  17. Since y'all like adorableshy so much, I made ya one! I still can't get over that face, I love her little crooked frown! Next up, Bon Bon!
  18. Well, samthelegoman wanted me to draw an evil RD for his fanfic. And thou hath received it!
  19. I heard you like Daring Do. So, I made you one! Also, Daring has that "WTF?" face goin' on :3
  20. A friend from DeviantArt ( asked me to draw their OC for them. So, say hello to Thundersong!
  21. I'm really pleased with how this turned out! Although, the mane took a while to figure out how I wanted to draw it. So I present to you fine people, Cloudy Rhythm! To see the full cutie mark, go here:
  22. I'm trying to upload my dignature, and this was the only way that worked for me