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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all. This is the Maud Pie Fan Club. So whether you want to talk about Maud: Or her pet rock Boulder: Or maybe her wide range of emotions: You can do that here. So yay. Anyway, for serious talk, I think Maud was definitely a one-of-a-kind secondary character. I think she really expressed herself a lot for how little she actually did- she's a pony who knows who she is what she wants to do; be around rocks. She's probably the best rocktologist(er, petrologist, I think) Equestria has ever seen. She really loves her sister, Pinkie Pie. She's Maud!
  2. ~WELCOME TO THE MAUD & TRIXIE FAN CLUB!~ I've no clue if anypony here actually cares about this pairing, but I'm curious all the same. x3 Feel free to share anything to do with these two, whether you ship them as lovers or friends, or as anything else! Forum rules and commonsense apply, and please try not to just post about only one of them; there's a fanclub for both Maud and Trixie individually if that's what you're looking for~ ~FANWORKS~ ~Have fun!~
  3. I've always enjoyed the notion and the idea of the songs we know and love to sing have a pony twist to it. A Pony Parody if you will. I got this idea from watching "Heartbreakers". And the idea of Maud rapping about her love for rocks in her deadpan state was hilarious to me. I thought the name Igneous Paradise would a perfect fit for the work. Feel free to give me any feed back. Hope you like Igneous Paradise by Maud Pie featuring Limestone Pie (In the style of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, and Weird Al Yankovic’s Amish Paradise) (Maud) As I walk through the farm in which where I was raised I take a look at my rocks, and I truly am amazed Coz life’s just perfect for a pony like me Where the rock farm’s the pride of my family. We got Marble hitchin’ a wagon of slate And Limestone’s chippin’ fragments of conglomerate But I can only contain my excitement for so long, that Even Pinkamena thinks my mind is gone I’m a mare of sediment, it’s my discipline We got flint, marl, and even travertine… fool I’m the Pie-ist Pie the little fillies want to be like Rock farming day and night, scoring’ points in rocktorate (Limestone) Been spending most our lives Livin’ in Igneous Paradise We make quartzite walls and tiles Livin’ in Ingneous Paradise Its hard work and sacrifice Livin in Igneous Paradise We sell shale at discount price Livin’ In Igneous Paradise (Maud) They got the situation, the got me facin’ Can’t live a normal life, because rocks are my passion But I wouldn’t change a thing, because rocks are my love For me to turn my back, you know that’s unheard of Boulder is my homie, my sisters are my crew And my parents would agree that rocks are totally dope… fool If you come to our farm, you’ll be spoilt for choice We have rocks of all kinds to add to your invoice Would I choose chalk or chert, or even breccia too? With all the options here I don’t know? (Limestone) Tell me why are we, so blind to see? That the pony in charge, is the one you see. Been spending most our lives Livin’ in Igneous Paradise We’re just plain and simple Pies Livin’ in Igneous Paradise Holder’s Boulder’s the gleam in my eye Livin’ In Igneous Paradise But stay away unless you wanna fight Livin’ in Igneous Paradise (Maud) Diggin’ up the quarry, wagon on my shoulder Cuttin’ slabs of sandstone, getting’ food for Boulder You say that rocks are all the same, but I’ll be here to teach you That rocks are much more than what lies beneath you They so grey, they’re so round And your new pet rock will certainly astound… fool (Limestone) Been spending most our lives Livin In Igneous Paradise We’re all crazy geo-ites Livin In Igneous Pardise Our mine’s full of stalactites Livin In Igneous Paradise But don’t you ever think it bites Livin In Igneous Paradise
  4. ...Believe it or not, I think they might! Let me back up a bit. Some things I've noticed from the show are the gems in Equestria have some huge differences from gems IRL. Equestrian gems tend to be enormous in comparison with most gems on earth, they can be found in shallow soil, and they come out of that soil looking like they've already been cut and polished. Real gems are tiny (the biggest you'll find in most jewelry stores is the size of a man's thumbnail), they're found deep in igneous rock deposits, and they tend to look like dirty pebbles until they're cut and polished by human industry. So...why so many differences? I figure it's because latent magic in the soil causes ordinary elements like Aluminum and Oxygen to come together to form sapphires and rubies---and other elements to form other gems, e.g. carbon to form diamonds, beryllium into emeralds, silicon into citrines and amethysts, etc. The magic in the soil must naturally stimulate the growth of crystals, which explains the size, depth, and shape of the gems in Equestria. Also, if that gem-building magic waxes and wanes with the seasons (and it probably would), then there literally can be a "Sapphire Season"! (Remember Spike's line about Sapphire Season from Super Speedy Cider Squeezy?) Of course...why should that magic just affect gems and not other types of rock? Especially when rock farms are canon. It makes sense that, if latent magic in the soil can cause the growth of rocks, that ponies would find a place where a lot of rock growth is happening, and then they'd use that aspect of nature to make those rocks grow the way they need them to so they can be used for landscaping and building materials---which is, indeed, what Pinkie's family's rock farm sells rocks for, according to her chapter book. All this make a little too much sense to me. Even if these thoughts never passed through any of the writers' minds, it just adds up a little too well. I'm hoping I can get to use this worldbuilding in a game I'm working on. Anyone else agree/disagree with this?
  5. Hellooo! I simply loved Maud Pie last weekend. She was awesome. So, anyway- I finished a soft acoustic/alt rock track inspired on her a few days ago, and I'm glad to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, and thanks for your time!
  6. Brand new remix! Please let me know what ya think, and share it around if you like it! -BV- FREE DOWNLOAD! : UPDATE: Sweet Celestia!!! I just got featured on EQD! My day has officially been made.
  7. Thank you Onion Sing for the lovely image ^^ (whelp, I change it up and post it again but the image reverts back to Silver Spoon everytime LOL) This is my newest track that I hope to be many and I hope that you all enjoy it! It's an Electro track using samples of Maud Pie that I put together using FL Studio 11. I had a lot of fun mixing this one XD Remember, if you download it you can do whatever you want with it just give me credit if you use it in something and link it to others so they can download it. Just want to share my talent ^^ (I had a Rarity song I was gonna upload but this one was freshest so I'll wait til some other time) Hope you enjoy!
  8. So I'm definitely not going on premiere day, September 27th is Homecoming for me!! But will I have to go in order to see it any time soon? Are you going? Also: Is anyone planning on having meetups at different movie theaters? I would love to see some of you guys, but I'd probably have to stay veeery close to my area.
  9. Hey guys! The first Brilliant Venture remix is now officially up! Enjoy!!! DL HERE!
  10. Lets try and see how many poems we can make up about rocks. Rocks are cool, they do not float when you throw them in a pool,rocks make nice tools,rocks
  11. Spoiler: Ponies eating rocks? Wat?! Okay, if you write a fan fiction you can merely dismiss that Ponies eat rocks. Canon Ponies teeth don't look sharp at least, but what kind of crushing strength are we talking here to be able to eat rocks? Are Ponies teeth as hard as diamonds? I guess you can use cartoon logic, but this. With MLP FIM Ponies having these kind of teeth I would be worried about kissing them, (Hey! I'm Commander Shepard if the alien is sapient and pretty I may love it!) if I were teleported into a saucy Human in Equestria fan fiction universe, where everypony loves Humans. I guess, the Ponies wouldn't hurt me, but this has added a worrying issue for me. I mean a Pony could easily kill me with those teeth. But then again cartoon logic may save me and make my body just as strong as theirs.
  12. So, I guess this is where other ponies can ask me questions. I don't...well, I don't normally do things like this so, I don't really wanna answer anything that's too personal. Well, maybe. It depends on what it is, really. My name is Repulse, and I'm a unicorn from the Hollow Shades. For those who uh, don't know where that is, here's a map that'll help you out a little bit. To a lot of ponies it's kinda creepy and reclusive, but I really enjoy it there. It's quiet, secluded and protected, and the community is really close-knit and friendly. I used to live in the big city, so, I can definitely say which I prefer. Asides from that, well, I like physics...and, to that end, I have magic that alters gravity around me and on objects, so, there's that too. But I don't wanna go too into detail about that, as it's sorta already talked about a lot on my info page thing. If you wanna read more about me ahead of time, you can read this, here. Otherwise, that's about it. You can start with the questions now, if you want.