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Found 68 results

  1. So I was looking to submit a character here so I might be able to roleplay. It's a bit confusing here and the "RP" tab seems a bit... messy. Where would I submit a character to either of the roleplay sections?
  2. I know there is an area for Role Playing, but is there an area for posting information on pen and paper RPGs? I am working on a few designs and would to share them here and get some feedback.
  3. I don't know what the hay is happening but one day I am event team and the next I am a user and the next I am a Mod. What is this?
  4. Please help me I just went to find a link to some of the art of my character, and discovered something extremely scary. The section of character profiles called Other is completely gone. I can't see it nor can I edit it. Like gone, there's nothing below Backstory. No idea how long it's been like this. I had an extensive section on powers/abilities/equipment there, a head canon that is an extremely important part of the way the character functions, and links to roughly fifty pieces of art that I have no hope of finding I may have a backup of the information, but those links are highly likely gone unless I want to spend days or weeks scouring over 3 years of forum posts and other various sites. I also had a paragraph of Character Trivia, but that's not a huge loss really. The Other section was as long as the rest of the character information I'm hoping this is just a display error for us regular users and the information hasn't been purged from the actual character database, just made inaccessible to us *goes to sleep hoping to hear good news and for the panic attack to subside*
  5. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make a character sheet, I'm unable to and I wanna know why that is.
  6. I have a question. I am a huge and very open supporter of the idea of a crossover with MLP and either Sonic or Kirby. Would it be OK if I made a roleplay relating to one of these crossovers?
  7. I just recently joined Poniverse, brought in by the promising look of, well, everything about it. However, when I attempted to go to Canterlot Avenue and 'PV Connect' it brought me to page that said Canterlot Avenue needed to and had sent me a verification email. I went to my email and looked for it, but it was nowhere to be found not even in spam, trash, etc. I tried to resend it multiple times, but with the same result. I had this problem with the Poniverse verification email, however an older blog about the same thing fixed that problem. Does anyone know why I'm not receiving it? I would appreciate any help.
  8. Blood Drops BloodDrops posted a character in Characters Blood Drops February 26, 2017 Sorry, there is a problem That page does not exist. Error code: 2T251/5
  9. So, a friend @Sparklefan1234 and I are trying to roleplay in the RP forums, but there's this really annoying issue we're experiencing - there's this message saying that the content post is below the threshold needed to actually post a response. Is there a way where we DON'T have to post really big replies just so our responses will post? It's impeding our progress..
  10. Never mind, I was confused by something I saw. ^^ My bad, sorry!
  11. Whenever I wanted ro make a RP in Central Equestria, it wouldnt let me. Am I not a high enough rank? If so, what is tye minimum rank to post tyere?
  12. Would this ever be possible? Mostly an RP question, but also not. I'm very very often mobile, but I'm in RPs and also have PM going on sometimes that I check, but can't RP on mobile. I don't want people to think I'm posting in OOC or on the forum but ignoring them IC. Or in general ignoring them in threads having nothing to do with RP. Would it ever be possible for activity to show "Mobile: activity here" as opposed to just the normal way? This would easily tell people that this person is online but unable to make any major posts
  13. Hi I'd like to know how to create a link to my character and ooc. Thanks
  14. Hi I'd like to know how to create a character in everfree empire or equestrian empire and how to start a topic in them because I'm new
  15. Please help, I really want to get this rp up and don't know what this means.
  16. I am interested in getting involved in the RP forums but when I tried to use the character creation guides it sends me in an endless loop of links that say that this section is obsolete or something to that effect. So anyone that could provide guidance on character creation and some basic rules and such would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Also, so I am really new to this site and I have a few questions! How do I create a character? I've never been on a site that hosted characters and I can't seem to figure out how to actually upload a character. How do I post in the roleplay forums? I came here mostly to find people to roleplay with, but I am unable to post a topic in the ooc/planning forums to actually find anyone.
  18. So, it has been a while since I was really active or on MLP Forums. I have to say, a lot seems to have changed and I feel perhaps not all for the better. What of being able to mention, not only quote a member from their post? What have the formatting and layout of character sheets instead of just lines of text? Those are the two I have noticed right off the bat, though I am sure there has been other changes as well. The first thought that came to mind was that perhaps the membership simply became too large to support such features or too many characters created. Perhaps different servers or site design used which didn't have such features. I am simply asking for a bit of clarity, especially since as I mentioned above I am not sure if all changes are for the better. Thank you, for whichever mod or staff answers this. I have always appreciated you all.
  19. I'm curious about the limits of this genre of RP on this site, I know we can't do gore, but what about everything else? With NSFW it's always just been "If you wouldn't let your kids see it then don't post it" but with Horror I don't really know the boundaries of it, like... Is death allowed? How descriptive might I be allowed to be with the death if it were? How creepy am I allowed to write the monsters? Am I allowed to use blood? There's a bunch of questions I have on it and I'd like to know if there's any rule of thumb for it.
  20. Hi everypony! Long story short : i'm making a Roleplay server on minecraft base as a main carrier, based on Fallout : Equestria series. The main storyline \ LORE will be held before the main story of the book and if all goes well will be futuring the history that happened in main book and PH(Project Horizons(P.S. ok ok! Aaand other's) Main access area : EU (sorry the ping is popping by 100+ from USA and Australia to my hosting D: ) Cap : 10 - 20 (alpha - beta testing main cycle) more after if all goes handy dandy. Tech detail : (Will be here if any body want's them) Plugins \ mods : (also as tech details both consider that some stuff i'll keep in secret c: ) Site : (in dev) Roleplay stuff : Mostly text based actions that the game mechanics can't manage(*nose boop * <- like this ) Both the battle mechanics are all on the minecraft side . Ok enough said i assume .. Yie ya go *tosses the post to the waves of the forum* Bump for the greater good. Srsly? No one interested?
  21. I like to write in wordpad and paste into the text box if I am typing something long (Not MS word, too many annoying blue lines for creative wording and vocabulary and such), but for some reason, it gets pasted without any formatting(italics and such). Also, if I put spaces in between paragraphs after I paste it in this way, it gloms them together again! This confuses me, since text posted on here seems to work fine (see the space between these paragraphs). If I click 'edit', and respace them again, then it works, but it's somewhat annoying. I don't know if this can be fixed boardside, or what the best solution is. What text editors do you ponies use?
  22. I was curious why, posts in the In Character discussions are counted, but posts in Out Of Character discussions, aren't. This perplexed me, as one of them is a completely fictional discussion in between two or more fictional characters in which posts are counted, and the other, is a discussion in between two or more real people, in which posts aren't counted. So why are they not counted in the roleplay OOC, instead of roleplay IC?
  23. Title says it all, now I'm just going to keep typing until I have twenty words which should be now.
  24. My character was removed. So could you try to fix it or do I have to rewrite Smoky Gears anew?
  25. When first arriving in MLP Forums, I found the Roleplay World. I tried to make a new one, but all I got was: "cannot start a new topic". The question is: Why can't I post a new topic?