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Found 14 results

  1. I've been a Roller Coaster enthusiast for 8 years. It's remained a biggest hobby/interest Anybody else here love roller coasters? or have interests?
  2. What roller coaster was the first one you ever rode and where was it? Mine was timber terror, which is a wooden roller coaster in silver wood theme park. What was your reaction to your first roller coaster? I am going to valleyfair in Minnesota for a school trip on the last week of school which is in a month.
  3. I was looking for a thread like this here, but I couldn't find one. Such a shame. I'm sure a lot of people here have played RCT, if not recently then in their youth. Planet Coaster is out on Steam now and it's something of a spiritual successor to Rollercoaster Tycoon (since the actual sequel is unfortunately pretty bad according to a lot of people). Thought I'd start up a thread like this in order to get people talking about parks that they've created, perhaps even link to assets they have for Planet Coaster or Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 that people can use! And, of course, show off coasters. I only recently rebought them so I'll be coming back into this thread once I've created something, but just so i contribute something in the first post here, here's a tutorial for those who are having trouble figuring Planet Coaster out:
  4. So, I love roller coasters. I've wanted to create this for a while and now I'm finally getting around to getting this put on. This is for all things roller coasters. Post ride memories, new rides, creations in roller coaster games, and other things related to roller coasters. So, anyone hear about that new ride coming to Cedar Point in 2013.
  5. Some roller coaster pov's I filmed and thought I'd share them with you guys Take a ride on Batman the Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain Take a Ride on the Boomerang at Knotts Berry Farm (bad audio) Btw. How do you post a youtube video on a forum post?
  6. OK, so, after the Smiler incident at Alton Towers last week. I was thinking, What about the future of Video Games and Roller Coasters? Could we, build our own rollercoasters like in Nolimits 2 Oculus Rift edition and make it as long as we like and yet have a simulated Rollercoaster by the 2040s? What about video games? Could making our own games become incredibly easy in the 2040s? I would like to be able to make my own Virtua Cop or FPS or Racing Game using that technology. What if you could create your own games? With Haptic feedback. Meaning you can feel it. What do you think? About future technology and roller coasters in the 2040s?
  7. Since some people one here have played this game and enjoyed it (Like me), I decided to make a master thread to it. Talk about the coasters you have made, your favorite game in the trilogy, some good memories of it, how someone needs to get of their ass and make RCT4, and other things related to this fucking brilliant masterpiece game.
  8. Ok, if anyone pays attention to anything and all thing roller coasters then you would now that Silver Dollar Cities building a Wooden coaster. You may say "So what, it's just a wooden coaster". Well that's where your wrong. The new wooden roller coaster will not only have the steepest drop on any wooden roller coaster ever, be the second fastest wooden coaster, and have nine moments of airtime. It will feature 3, yes 3 inversions. -2 Barrel Rolls -Outside banked curve And yes this is made out of wood. Imagine going through all this with just a lap bar. Or this awesome looking outside banked curve And here's what it's going to look like when it's completed. I honestly think this will be the future of wooden roller coasters. What do you guys think?
  9. So here's my new S coaster. If you don't notice in the video the track curls in on itself.S.wmv song is I will not Bow
  10. Well I think this is my all time best roller coaster yet. If you enjoy it I'll do more. Movie_0001.wmv Thank you..
  11. Here's the fifth installment (rarity). Her personality can be pretty Gregarious so I designed it literally. You will notice how most of the ride is really high. She can also be down-to-earth so i designed that literally as well.(notice the end is almost touching the ground). This one was really fun to do.Rarity_0001.wmv
  12. Here's the fourth roller coaster (it's Pinkie's). Now I tried to really capture her craziness in the ride. You can see it as soon as the first drop. I also added a part where you get shot out her party canon. I think this was the funnest to design because of the inversions and the first drop. I am also considering on doing a Derpy coaster. (after the mane 6 are finished of course) Pinkie Pie_0001.wmv
  13. Here is another roller coaster, this time for Fluttershy. She can't fly so I designed it close to the ground. She is shy in nature, but can become as crazy as Pinkie Pie. This is a small wooden coaster which goes through its structure alot. fluttershy_0001.wmv
  14. Twilight roller coaster_0001.wmv You may not know this but I love roller coasters. So I asked myself why no one had thought about putting MLP and roller coasters together. So i give the first of 6 coasters. These coasters have been specifically designed for the pony they are for. This is Twilight's coaster. It features calm hills and swooping drops. Much like how her personality is. The end of the ride was designed for her darker side which we saw when she went insane (haha). It includes extremely violent changes in direction. I hope you like my new take on pony art. I am sorry about the file type in how it's a download link, but you should be able to watch it.