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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone; I open this topic because I was curious to hear about your experiences (if any ) with having bad roommates to live, either now or in the past. It's also so I can share my experience with you guys and why not hear some advice to how I should act. So I finished highschool two years ago and began going to college ; more precisely EPFL, in Switzerland. Because life there is expensive however, and because I had little time to search, I needed to find a place where I can live with a roommate so the rent doesn't kill all the money I recieve monthly from my family. There were people from my highschool I knew for quite a long time, around 6 or 7 years, who were my friends, who were also going to study there; So I naturally told myself: "I'll just ask one of them to live in a shared studio, no biggie; I know these guys very well." So I settled with this guy that I was seeing everyday and I though to myself it was going to be great! One of my best friends living with me is neato, right? Oh god how wrong was I... he has the worst defaults he could fear with a roommate: NEVER cleaned any part of the studio since we got here, including bathroom, where we cook, etc... sometimes cleans the dishes days after he used them; hugely wasteful person too; I have to take care of everything here, he just doesn't fucking care at all. I did try to talk to him a LOT of times, but he just forgets every fucking time, and does the same annoying stuff barely days after I tell him; and it's really taking over my patience, as I became more and more angry all the time. We barely even talk anymore these days. I have been thinking of moving out for quite some time now, but the studies take so much time I can't concentrate on that. But next year, I'm sure I will not stay with him, I'll find a way to move out (without fucking him over either, don't worry I'll warn him). If I had one advice to give to those thinking of having a roommate? Choose carefully, not because they're your friend; find yourself a respectable and clean person, or believe me you're going to explode. Any of you guys had such bad experiences?
  2. Hello all! Bryan Chandler/Super Trampoline here! My roommate Sam and I have a room (at the Hyatt) reserved from Thursday night until Monday morning, and are looking for a few more peeps to share with to drive down cost. Sam is super chill, and I’ll be off staffing and partying most of the weekend. If you are interested in crashing with us for any portion of the con, you can respond to this post, email me at, or text me at (714) 496-3119. Hope to hear from you, and let’s get ready to Pony!
  3. read please... ... I have a room ( on a non party floor Thursday~ Monday morning) and am looking for EITHER more room mates (a Max of 5) OR somepony that has a room and had a (half queen bed) available. ... I am changing $125 per person per night. If interested PLEASE text me at 916-990-4054 With your name and/or your convention name. If you currently have a room then you may contact me and we can talk... Thank everypony ... Nicklepony
  4. You are attending a My Little Pony Convention, you are able to pick one character from the show as your roommate. Who do you pick and why? If you don't want to room with a pony, what about their EqG counterpart? Also; please make your choice known for a main character, background pony, and filly/colt.
  5. Looking for a hotel room to share with some / multiple ponies. I'm pretty quiet, and don't smoke. Flying in from Vancouver, Canada, so I'll probably be so exhausted, I'll just be passed out. Also going to be a vendor, so I'll be gone for most of the day. Definitely willing to pay a fair amount for the room share.
  6. If you had a chance to rent an apartment with a pony, which would it be? Remember that this isn't just a matter of who your favorite is. Just because Rarity is your favorite in the show doesn't necessarily mean she'd be easy to live with, but then again she might make you free clothes. Keep in mind each pony's positive and negative traits. Really ask yourself which one would be best to live with, even if they're not necessarily your favorite in the show. And no alicorns. You can't have it all. Besides, they're royalty; they don't have to live in an apartment.
  7. Looking for Roommates for Whinny City Pony Con. Send me a message if you are doing the same. Looking to join a group or person with a hotel room. Willing to get a hotel room myself if I need to and add people if interested.
  8. Hi people while i'm new around here, and to USA in general i'm going on 3 week trip to USA and will stop at Whinny Con to meet with a friend from USA on general i try to keep my budget low (3 weeks is a long time) so we are looking into finding people to share a room with on the 1-3.4 we plan to book 2 nights for the con. if anyone is interested we expect it to be around 50~60 USD for the 2 nights (as in 50~60 total)
  9. The game here is self explanatory. How would you react and what awesome stuff would you do?
  10. I've been at college for about 6 weeks now. Since I live in the dorms, I have to live with a roommate. His name is Kevin, and he's a pretty nice guy overall, but he's pretty close-minded when it comes to My Little Pony. I don't talk about the show with him, or try to get him to like it. I watch My Little pony on my laptop (with my headphones in, so that Kevin can't hear it), I look at pony art, and post in pony forums. I haven't publicly displayed my love of the show to him...until now. A few weeks ago, I ordered a My Little Pony poster from Ebay. It came in the mail today. The poster is pretty basic. It's a 22x26 print of a smiling Rarity, with a purple and black background. I hung it up over my desk, and thought nothing of it. A little while later, my roommate walks into the room. He sets down his backpack, then looks at the poster. He stares at it for a few seconds, and says nothing. His phone starts to ring. He answers it. I can't hear the voice on the other end of the line, but I hear my roommate say, "Yeah. it's still on for tonight. You can come over whenever, I guess..." I see him cast a worried glance at the poster. "Uh, yeah, sure. Bye." He hangs up the phone. I ask him: "So you're having friends over tonight?" "Yeah..." "Ok." Later that night, his friends come over. I had to go to my lab class that evening, so I wasn't there while his friends were in our dorm room. When I get back, my roommate's face is red, and he looks angry. (I think he might've been a little drunk too, so if his actions seem extreme, I think that's partly why) "What's up?" I say. He points to my poster. "'re just gonna shove it in my face now, is that it?" "Does it bother you or something?" "Hell yeah, it does! It's a f****** pony!" "You didn't have a problem with it earlier today..." "Who WOULDN'T have a problem with it?? It's a f****** eyesore!!" I shake my head in disbelief. "Look...I know you're upset right now, let's not make a big deal about this. Maybe we should get some rest and--" "F*** REST! Take it down, dude! It's freaking embarrassing!" "I'm not taking it down, I paid 25 bucks for it! Look..did your friends make fun of you about it or something? Just tell them it's mine. And besides, there's no reason for people to laugh at it, it's just a tv show I like." My roommate shakes his head and begins to laugh under his breath. "What?" I say. "No reason for people to laugh at it? C'mon, dude. You know it's wrong. Admit it. It's for little girls, and you don't want to admit it. I can see that." "I--" "Shhhhhhhhh...c'mon. I'll forget the whole thing, if you take it down right now. We can put this behind us, and--" "Oh my God, dude...are you seriously...are you f****** kidding me right now? Are you really flipping out about something this trivial, this stupid, this-- "SHUT UP!!" Kevin yelled. "That's it. I'm done. I'm leaving. F*** you." I said as I slipped out the door. "Fine! Get outta here!" Kevin yelled as I left. When I came back later that night, Kevin was gone. I found my poster ripped to shreds on the ground. I am SO angry at him right now. He had NO right to do that! I waited a long time for that poster, and he destroyed it! I have no idea what to do. I am really, really disturbed by his reaction to my pony poster. I know he was probably drunk, but I don't know if I can continue to live with a guy that will have that extreme of a reaction to pony-related stuff. Do you think I should file a complaint to the dorm supervisor and switch roommates, or do you think I should talk to Kevin about it first? He seemed like a nice enough guy before this happened. Update: He came into our room a few minutes ago, and apologized to me. He said that the main reason he got so upset is that his friends said that they couldn't be friends with a guy who associated so closely with a "gay fag". He tried to explain that it wasn't his fault, and that he didn't choose me as his roommate, but they wouldn't listen. I told him that those didn't sound like very good friends to me, but he said he didn't want to talk about it anymore, and then he went to sleep. I didn't bring up the money, because he seemed tired and upset
  11. So I plan on going. It'll be my first bronyconthing ever, and I will sleep in the back of my truck if I have to. .... But it I don't, I'm okay with that to. The hotell that everyone's staying at is out of rooms for those days (Gee, I wonder how that happened??) and I'd like to room with someone. I can fit two pasengers in my truck if anyone's interested in carpooling. Also, if anyone lives anywhere neer Fredericksburg, I need an alaby. My parants dont like MLP and me in the same sentance, so I need someone to go 'camping' with. =3 Anypony up for it?